Arsenal v Liverpool: What Do You Think?

Well Arsenal face Liverpool, the Champions League specialists in the Quarter Finals.

Both sides meet after convincingly beating the Milan teams at the San Siro.

And in a twist of fate, Arsenal and Liverpool face each other at the Emirates in the Premier League inbetween the European games so will play each other 3 times in a week.

Depending what happens in the first Champions League game, that will have a massive impact on our league season.

The second leg is at Anfield, which we all know is a tough place to go. Saying that though, you would have to agree that Arsenal bossed the league game earlier in the season, despite only leaving with a point.

People say you want to play at home in the second leg, but I always think Arsenal perform better away from the Emirates. The great games that stick in my mind in Europe over the last few seasons are Inter Milan, AC Milan and Real Madrid – which were all away games. As long as Arsenal can keep a clean sheet at home, then the tie at Anfield is all to play for as far as I’m concerned because we are more than capable of scoring a goal.

And I know Liverpool have a fantastic record in this competition, but they haven’t faced anything like Arsenal in the Champions League before. If Arsenal can play to their maximum we should be too much for Liverpool. It’s a cliche but the first goal will make a huge difference. Look at the game earlier in the season. Liverpool scored first and shut up shop. If we score first, Liverpool will have to come out and that’s when we’re at our most dangerous.

The semi-finals were also drawn this afternoon, and whoever progresses from our tie will either play Chelsea of Fenerbahce. The other quarter-finals are between Manchester United and Roma, while Barcelona will play Schalke.

Did anyone else just know United and Chelsea would get the easy draws?

These are the games you live for, and I’m looking forward to the Arsenal v Liverpool ties. And after AC Milan and Liverpool repeated their final appearances in 2005 and then 2007, who says after the 2006 final Arsenal and Barcelona can’t re-unite in 2008?

Fairytales can happen in football and it would be amazing to get a chance to seek revenge against Barcelona in the final.


14 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool: What Do You Think?

  1. Every game seems like do or die now, there’s so many huge ones left. The whole season’s been a surprise and that’s why we could really drop out of the title race and europe, or go all the way. Let’s be honest, we’re one player off full strength, there’s enough rest time between games, and we have to be confident. We’ve generally had the meaure of liverpool in recent times, and they won’t want to play us

  2. As a Liverpool fan, Im reasonably happy with the draw for the simple reason that I couldnt stand losing to Man United and I would rather lose to Arsenal than Chelsea. Arsenal have got to be the favourites as they are the better side but this is going to be an unbelievable tie and anything can, and probably will (!!!!), happen. If Arsenal win, I’d want them to go on and win it. No matter what happens this Champions League is going to see a fantastic climax.

  3. Liverpool should not be underestimate. Liverpool are like AC Milan – they might not be fantastic in their domestic league but that counts for absolutely nothing in this competition. It’s a knockout and Liverpool know how to progress. Remember, they’ve got passed Chelsea a couple of times already, while we failed to do that in 2003/2004.

    I don’t think they will be high-scoring games, and one goal might decide it.

  4. Roma is not an easy draw. I think they have strong motivation to progress especially after several humiliations against United.

  5. Im very happy with the draw, we have players coming back and as long as they stay fit we will be ready for a very long and tough April. Question is how will Torres cope, Liverpool are relying on him 100% for the last couple of months, and he is going to have to be up for it. Granted the kid is unbelievable but its still a tall order to ask him to win it for them. And I think our defence is much better placed to deal with his pace and skill. We will have to score a couple at home to take to Anfield which will be the tallest order, the one bonus i can see is Rafa tinkering with his team for the PL clash so we might be able to nick an easy 3 points.

    I wouldnt say Chelsea have an easy draw, i think they are going to struggle against the Turks, and Man U will hopefully discredit Roma before the game, being the arrogant twats that they are, and with luck it will come back to bite them!

    I cant wait till April!

  6. At this stage of the champions league all sides are difficult, no matter who you play. I guess at some stage it was inevatable to get another premiership side. The next two games will determine whether we can go all the way in the premiership. As much as hate myself to have to say this, but it’s quite impossible for us to go for both the premiership and the champions league so the liverpool games will be more or less detrimental if we are still on top of the premiership then.

  7. this is going to be more interesting to see arsenal knock out the second finalist for last year..but i tell you the truth its not going to be easy at all but what will drive arsenal is patience & determination plus having all the key players fit then football will speak it language.GO.. ARSENAL..GO FOR IT

  8. just typical!the jammy bastard mancs draw “roma”if you didn’t know better you’d swear it was fixed-the only good news is that barca & th14 can stuff them in the semi!!

  9. I thought Liverpool and Arsenal were both superb against the Milan teams.

    It’s going to be some night up here at Anfield – just ask Chelsea – there’s nothing like it believe me. Whatever you might imagine, tear it up and throw it away!

    But if you beat us, good luck and I hope you go all the way and win it.

  10. It’s a very interesting draw, like somebody stated before Liverpool know how to qualify in this competition,so it’s not going to be easy,none of the games in the last 16 of Champions League are easy! I don’t understand why people wanted Fenerbahce…do you know how difficult it is to play in Turkey??? Have you ever been to a game in Turkey?? Put it this way,it’s not a warm wlecoming place,especially for English clubs!

  11. Hi

    Heads up – strong rumour going around about the UEFA Champions League draw being a fix.

    The Liverpool Echo is looking to run a story on how some of its forum members correctly predicted the full draw at 10.28am and how William Hill were refusing to take bets on that combination as early as 8pm the previous night amid rumour of a fix.

    Sky Sports, BBC, ITV, Sentana, most of the tabloids and many others have already been emailed on this story.

    If concrete evidence can be found, expect this to break in the next couple of days.

    Just thought Id share the info.

    Check the Echo for source.

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    Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:01 pm Post subject:

    The Echo are looking into it now but we can’t run a story without any concrete evidence.

    Did anyone on here see the post before the draw was made? Please contact Vicki Keelaway at the Echo on 0151 472 2541”

  12. it will be a fantastic tie…i just was thinking,the last time we’ve beaten an italian team in the knockout stage, we went to the final.thats one.another thing is that Liverpool met Ac milan twice in just two years…we met Barcelona in 2006 and why not meet them again in 2008?and beat them !!!

    Liverpool has great pedigree in this competition,but i think they rely too much on Torres ang gerard.but arsenal have to watch for crouchy,aurelio combination and babel ,pennant.

    i’m confident we can do it.come on we’ve beat teams like Inter Milan.Juventus,Real Madrid and of course AC Milan.we’ll go one better this time!!!

    Youngsters From The Emirates

  13. let face it, we have a piss poor attack and midfielders who cannot score

    we have no fucking chance, so dreaming you lot


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