Have Arsenal Ran Out Of Steam?

Arsenal (1) – (1) Middlesbrough
Kolo Toure (85′)
The Emirates Stadium, London

Even before the Arsenal game kicked off, the Premier League showed us exactly how close things are in this competition. Manchester United visited Pride Park to play Derby County, a game you would expect a guaranteed three points for the visiting side. As it turned out however, only a 75th minute goal from Ronaldo seperated the sides.

Unfortunately for us that could be one of the most important strikes in Ronaldo’s season.

It doesn’t matter if you win 1-0 or 4-0 at this stage of the season, it’s getting those three points.

And when the game kicked off at the Emirates tonight, things looked to be going against us. After only 5 minutes, Adebayor had a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside. The ball was clearly played towards the Arsenal striker from George Boateng so how the referee gave offside was beyond me. And the worse thing was that the official Mark Halsey was only 5 yards away from the incident! I can understand the linesman giving the decision as he’s looking through a crowd of players but the man in the middle could clearly see who the ball came off so there really is no excuse.

Then when you think things couldn’t get worse, they did after 24 minutes.

From a throw in deep in their own half, Middlesbrough played the ball over the top for Tuncay who was onside. The other runner, ex-Arsenal man Jeremie Aliadiere was just offside, but play progressed and when Tuncay played the ball square then Aliadiere smashed in the opener from 5 yards. The whole offside rule is confusing at the best of times, but I always thought you were deemed offside if you end up ‘interfering with play’, which Aliadiere obviously was when he scored. But then again there’s all this ‘second phase’ bullsh*t so he probably wasn’t offside.

Arsenal were having all the possession but couldn’t really cause Mark Schwarzer any major problems in the first half. A couple of shots went straight at him and he only really had to called into action when he punched away a few corners.

We went into the break 1-0 down. Talk about a massive 45 minutes in the season.

Arsenal dominated the possession as expected in the second half, but with the goal lead Middlesbrough sat behind the ball and we found it hard to make any real clear chances.

Fabregas had a great chance when Hleb played him in with a sublime through-ball but his left-footed shot was tame and Schwarzer made an easy save. Cesc also had a good header hit the outside of the post.

Could Arsenal ever make the breakthrough?

Mark Halsey, who had been having a shocking match gifted Arsenal a corner kick in the 85th minute, which was finished off well by Kolo Toure. After that Middlesbrough were holding on, and in the midst of attack after attack Mido was sent off for a high boot against the temple of Gael Clichy who had to be stretchered off. Hopefully he will be okay after that nasty challenge.

Near the end there were a few decent moments in the Boro penalty area from Walcott and Bendtner, but we just couldn’t get through. And just to really p*ss off the Arsenal fans Halsey decided to blow his whistle early and deny Arsenal a corner in injury time.

So Arsenal draw another game in the league.

What’s going on?

Are Arsenal just out of steam? I’m not sure. You see the performances against Villa, Birmingham and City and they seem like the displays of last season. Against Villa, Birmingham and today against Middlesbrough, we conceded the first goal and then had to chase the game. We did that a lot in the last campaign but it seems that part of our game is creeping back in and costing us valuable points.

Emmanuel Adebayor has been poor recently too. But then again that could be said about a few players. Hleb is off the boil and without Rosicky in the side we struggle on the other flank. Eboue can be excellent or really poor, and I don’t know why Walcott didn’t start tonight. Maybe he’s not 100% fit but he is one of the players who seems to be coming into form at the right time while others are struggling.

The performances are harder to take when you look at what happened at the San Siro. Everyone was on fire that night, so why can’t we do the same in the league?

Fabregas is finding it hard and we rely far too much on him to make something happen. Adebayor isn’t taking enough responsibility and hasn’t for a few games now. His touch and passing seems to be getting progressively worse! He talks a good game to the media but should probably just concentrate on his performances on the pitch.

Apart from the back four and Flamini, I don’t see any fight in the team. Flamini always gives 110% and you can always rely on him to put in a performance, but we need that desire further up the pitch.

I guess it comes down to the depth of the squad. You can’t legislate for what happened to Eduardo, who I’m sure would have made a big difference in the last 4 league games which ended in draws. This guy is ruthless in front of goal and is exactly what we need as the season comes to a close. Unfortunately we’ll have to do it without him.

Van Persie is back, but understandably looks rusty and could take a few weeks to get into the swing of things.

And our league programme doesn’t get any easier as we visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Talk about a make or break game!


65 thoughts on “Have Arsenal Ran Out Of Steam?

  1. very dissapointing draw. adebayor hasnt really been playing well at all lately and im not suprised at all. i made a bet with my friend before the birmingham game that adebayor wont score again until april, i lost the bet coz he scored againt milan but i wont be suprised if he doesnt score alot till the end of the season. thats the difference between being a world class player and not, i feel were gonna suffer in the next few months coz even if adebayor or hleb are playin really bad they are not gonna be dropped. walcott should have started for sure today. eboue actually was better than he usually is but theo should have played somewhere. if u draw 4 matches in a row that means theres something that has to be changed but until we find the answer for that im afraid its gonna be too late

  2. That’s spot on!!!!! They are definitely running out of gas. Their players are just talking crap to play a mind game off the pitch. On the pitch, they are inexperienced players who can’t deliver. Toure said that he still gonna win the Premiership. He’s got a screwed-up brain cause he thinks he is scaring off Man U or Chelsea by acting like Jose Morinho. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, I’m scared!!!!!! Adebayor stated that it’s the year that they gonna win the double. Think twice before you talk or at least do the talking on the pitch. Lucky win against Milan in the last 5 minutes and lucky equaliser in the last 5 minutes against Boro. Keep on talking from your ass, gooners but sson you gonna be caught by Everton…… bye bye to silverware…….

  3. We’re so close yet so far. We’re getting such poor luck. But some players are failing to raise their game at this crucial point. If you look at these four games, it’s hard not to feel hard done by by a false penalty at Birmingham, an own goal against Villa, A wrongly disallowed goal today.

    Just by the way, today’s disallowed goal is Adebayor’s 4th or 5th wrongly disallowed goal this season? What’s up with that?

  4. hehe makalele ure pretty funny u know….. but i only have 1 word for u BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARNSLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY

  5. When were Chelsea last beaten at Stamford Bridge in a Premier League match?

    Who will replace Clichy? Traore?

    This is a fatal blow, and this was really the last straw. This means we’re going to have to win all of our games.

    We don’t have an on form striker, our key left back is out, form has dropped and after three draws against bottom half teams the prospects of Arsenal winning look like they’re fading.

    I’ve been filled with belief since the start of the season, but the stats are against us. Our best hope of winning a trophy is now the champions league and this is not the form of a Champions League team.

    Best of luck to Gael Clichy, it had to be damage done by a former spud. That tackle needs to be assessed by the FA.

    We are now the underdogs to win the title.

  6. I thought mike riley was a cheat, but halsey must have been very well paid by someone (I wonder who) for his “performance” in this game.

    It was just downright blatyant at times, I hope he gets dealt with, but seeing as I suspect the idiots in the fa are involved, I doubt he will.

    We are playing very porrly un the final thrid.

    Ade has developed a first “touch” that sends the ball further than many people can hoof it.

    He also keeps passing the ball backwards when we are on the break.

    Hleb has been playing like a retard recently, he seems determnined to pass the ball to the opposition everytime he gets it.

    He, and one or two others, insist on dawdling on the ball too long as well, allowing the opposition to close us down.

    Someone tell them, the ball can move faster on it’s own than they can run with it.

    There must be a problem in our training regime. No-one ever wants to shoot, it’s embarrassing.

    Kolo is way too indecisive on the ball, and he gets closed down far too often for comfort.

    I said before the start of this season that we would win the league.

    Right now, I think there’s more chance of me falling pregnant, and if our players don’t throw it away, the refs will “help” us drop more points.

  7. I’m sick and tired of winning the FA Cup just like Man United. Im waiting for Liverpool in the semi of the CL cos I got a revenge to take…a score to settle…Bansley beat Liverpool by the way…lukily in the 91 minutes. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarnley is the lucky team like Arsenal… Without the last 5 minutes in Milan, you would have had 6 draws on the trot and Toure /Adebayor are trying to scare people with statements deprived of sense. PLEASE WAKE UP!!! DO THE TALKING ON THE PITCH LIKE REAL MEN!!!

  8. i totally blame Arsene wenger for the rubbish performances lately. Its so obvious that Adebayor is sh#t and needs to be sold off or at least sit on the bench – but wenger in is stubborn nature just wont drop him. He really needs to be sold off.

    All our bloody moves broke down immediately the c#nt called Ade got the ball – was wenger deaf when he heard defoe was on sale – right now i will take anyone other than Ade – he is starting to get carried away by the Golden boot talk forgettting that he is no way near the level of Ronaldo and Torres – and this is putting the team at risk – (the birmingham game when he could have squared to walcott to make it 3-1, two glorious chances against wigan – in short that Ade is out of his mind!!)

    I say give bendtner a chance!! The boy has a better touch and I am sure better finish than Ade.

    Hleb is obviously not effective on the left – he always plays better on the right but obviously wenger cant see that cos he is probably blind or something. Why not stick walcott down the left and hleb on the right!! (although i think eboue was how best player today – like it or not!)

    It looks like all we will have after may is memories and memories!! Big shame.

    I blame Wenger he is too stuborn for his own good – (talking about o not sure he will be bringing player in when we can all see that we need at least a decent striker and a bloody good winger).

    PS i think there is something wrong with the medical team as well too many people with too many injuries – question the prevention work!!!

  9. the game was simple boro got the goal….then what happen??

    they brought on taylor a leftback..downing moved into rightback..no strikers uptop for boro…they were basically not playing football!!!!

    so they were obviously playing like a 6-4/6-3 formation..they were defending like hell…teams like Aston villa.birmingham,boro…came here to steal a freak goal and defend.defend.defend!!!

    it’s a draw..yeah ok ..understand the frustration…but if our young guns were not to fight till the end….we would be at spurs position!!!

    i tell you. these young guys are special…they’ll achieve something great..
    the last time arsenal won the league they had 12 draws..remember??

    let that last 2 come with manu or chelsea………remember man u has not play woth boro..and neither have chelsea ….dont think they wont lose points along the way!!!!

    i thought flamini was amazing as always…adebayor hmmm…i dont know……i think he needs his hair back…we need rosicky back soon..
    i thought the only player made an impact was Eboue…i hate saying this but he did..!

    we’ll win guys,both of it!!

  10. Let’s make pissed off the manager. He’s actually Sir Alf Ramsley’s ghost and his brilliance makes Wenger a moron. pissed off for Manager of Arsenal FC!!!

  11. ha ha, i am just loving this, Arsenal will most likely end up third this season! to be honest arsenal are a great side they are just lacking depth, if anyone of the first team is injured or is off form there just isn’t any one to replace them.

    Manchester United forever

  12. Usual bullshit. “We’re running out of steam” are we. Then how come the Chavs and Manure are not running out of steam. Because come the business end of the season which is now their panels are of sufficient depth and quality to sustain a sprint to the endline. On the other hand we are a tight arsd club not willing to spend proper money on quality players. Each year Wenger tells us every summer and January window that we will not be buying as we have sufficient quality and do not need to spend. That we have 70 million if we need to spend. Christ he’s been at it again this week.
    So if that is the case why can we not beat Middlesborough, Wigan, Birmingham etc, etc.
    How come the rest of the big four are not running out of steam but are instead going from strength to strength. Because they are not tight arsed like we are. All it would have taken would be two players per season to augment all the young ones. Don’t forget we could have signed Torres during last summer but we didn’t. So watch painfully as the league title again heads off into the sunset and again for the same reasons as the past three seasons. Running out of stem my arse.!!

  13. This lacking depth thing is moronic really. In our whole squad this season not one of our players has gone through the season without missing at least 2 goals to injury. Yet we’re still second on goals difference. That’s not the mark of a squad that lacks depth.

  14. In any case, arsenal are a good side, but determination and mindstate matter. United grind games out because of belief. Belief comes from achieving something. Arsenal havnt achieved nothing but good football in the past two seasons. Like Everton, liverfool and so on, they are a good side. My squad unted are great, the 1-0 game was one of thw worst perfomances from us but we manage. keep going Arsenal and show some belief and maybe you could win the champions league but you hav def lost the league.

  15. jaks its too early to make predictions… arsenal to finish 3rd? maybe ure right but also maybe united finish 3rd and lose in the champions league to roma and end the season trophyless after spending more than 50 million in the summer. who knows

  16. Jesus Ole Gunner, what the hell was that post all about?? I would love to hear your explanation as to why you believe the wheels have come off our season again. If it is injuries that you allude to then that is … a lack of depth in the squad. Oh! and by the way you don’t win any league by becoming second in goal difference. “When the going gets tough the tough get going.” What’s the opposite of this saying? because that’s where were at at this moment in time.

  17. I wonder if Wenger has taken us as far as he can ? He isnt willing too spend money to remedy some of our ailments and he is stubbornly refusing too change his tactics.He refuses to acknowledge that our squad is wafer thin ….at best and that Bendtner and Walcott simply cant cut it at regular basis in the PL .He has made several mistakes this season starting with the infamous Sevilla game. He refuses to drop Adebayor even though his performances of lately stinks to high heaven.He plays with a weakened team when he shouldnt.He is generally bullish in the media but his team has absolutely nothing to show for it.He has started this very bad habit of constantly picking the wrong team like against Spurs and Manure…….can a team that has won nothing decide which games it want to win or lose ?

  18. Of the top 5 only Arsenal is losing momentum but I’m sure Eduardo is the man missing. Don’t blame Adebayor, RVP, Toure or anyone. Let’s hope we can buy a better striker next season. I can already sense damage is done to our hope of winning the League. If we can draw 4 games against middle-tabled English teams, how are we supposed to win the CL by beating the other top English clubs. To be realistic, we are in the Champions League for next season and Adebayor can win the Golden Boot against Torres and Ronaldo. I can bet on it…..

  19. The way Wenger disreguarded the fa cup made me angry it was a winnable tournament and we wouldnt have been left emptihanded if we had put in a decent performance against Manure.Wenger is great at creating a surplus but is he still a great manager or has he lost it ???

  20. The good news is Clichy didn’t need stitches and should be back for our next game. We have to keep focused because there is still a slim chance. A very slim chance. We need lady lucks help, and it doesn’t help that she has a heart of stone.

  21. Gunner, please calm down. Our squad consists of 28 players, same number as Manchester United’s. We’ve been unlucky with injuries thus far. This is taking its toll.

    Bad luck sounds like an excuse but I can’t help noting that at crunch time, events seem to be going against us.

    Danish Gooner>

    His team have nothing to show for it? Being top most of the season and still being in the race and quarter finals of the Champions League_ That’s nothing?

  22. Trophies is all that matter …….noone gives to bits about wonderfull football and then coming second for the 3rd straight year.

  23. You can argue all day long how wonderful football Arsenal play but as long as you dont win anything…..you are just spurs !!!!!

  24. danish gooner howcome man united went 3 seasons ( 2003-2006) without even comming close to winning the league or champions league? arent they like the richest club in the world and they spend so much on players. its simple every club goes through transition, arsenal are still not there yet. i dont care what people say but the fact is fabregas,clichy,walcott,denilson,adebayor theyre all still young. have we improved since last year and the year before? ofcourse we have no1 can deny that. we just have to be patient, wenger knows what hees doing

  25. go fuck with beautifull football and fuck off arsene wenger our chances in the league are definitely gone and in champions league we have to play second leg at anfield and stamford bridge then we are loser we will win nothing again this season and next season where we should focus now and arsenalfc is a loser and manu is a winner

  26. its just bloody typical that Arsenal lose points to bottom half teams. it will just like us to go and beat chelsea, pool and man u now. we always do things the hard way.
    having said that, if Ade plays like that for the rest of the season, Arsenal wont win another game let alone a trophy.

  27. I suspect that the Eduardo incident has had a greater effect on the teams psyche subconsciously than previously imagined. That was the start of the slippery slope, that’s where the evidence points to. The San Siro was a different story, two great teams prepared to play football and see who’s best.
    Middlesbrough only had a shot on target……………I still have a belief that we can beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Yes even after all this.

  28. To be honest, I see us finishing third. It pains me to say it but it’s the truth. Wenger’s stubbornness, as usual, has come back to hurt us. I won’t mind Wenger leaving us if at the end of the season we fail to win a trophy after all, he’s pride comes from only discovering young talents. Who’s to say that Fabregas, Denilson etc won’t seek greener pastures when they see the trophies ain’t coming in. It’s sad but I don’t mind Usmanov at the helm of our club. At least we know he’ll be desperate for trophies and interfere if he has to. I’m starving from a lack of trophies…


  30. Basically i couldnt care less if we win every trophy available i am not a silver merchant but i refuse to be told week in and week out how good this team is when it blatantly isnt.I refuse to be told that we are on the brink of something extraordinary when at the same time the wheels are coming off and i refuse to be told how much Fabregas reminds every man and his dog about Platini and how good he is.Bottomline…..end of the day…..etc win something and you can start bragging.

  31. arsene wenger is a mouse he cannot handle big squad and we will win nothing this season because of that players like adebayor,flamini,fabregas,hleb,clichy,sagna looks soo tired after a long season where they played every game and you expects these players to be at peak against chelsea,liverpool,manu no way only a god can help us win something

  32. We need a firebrand down the middle(Benzema) and some decent wingers.Get rid of Hleb(Mr.Overelaboration),Rosicky(they can have his wheel chair too).

  33. despondant gooner you go and fuck yourself as well. If you want usmanov go and support chavski. you have absolutely no business using the word gooner so fuck off

  34. Boys it’s reality check time like it or not. We’ve been bargaining hunting for the past couple of years and like it or lump you get what you pay for. Surely we have unearthed some gems but others in the squad are not up to Arsenal standards and would not get into the squads of either of the other three top teams either. By all means keep hunting and unearthing the bargains but there is nothing wrong with paying top dollar for at least two players a season. Put these along with the young players and then you have got a powerful squad. As I stated in an earlier text ” When the going gets tough the tough get going”. We are opposite to that right now. There is not a right minded Arsenal fan out there but knows what the team has been crying out for for the last four seasons. The dogs in the f***** street know. But Arsene reckons no. So over the last four years he can see something that the rest of us can’t. Because Arsene knows. Yes he knows how to keep our money in the boardroom.

  35. i think our perfomance hass gone down of late. i just dont understand something here, our player just think any opposing team will let them play their sexy football and let them score. it aint gonna happen as all teams are there to compete. we have to learn to win even using ugly means. also i am now getting fed up with ade who seems to have achieved his target already as i think he is basking in the laurels he ahs been receiving form the press lately and has forgoten the art of scoring. the other player who seems to be doing nothing and getting preference is eboue as all he does is diving as i think theo deserves better. the strikers seem to think the ball has to be passed on their feet without putting in any effort which is a wrong mentality, only fabregas and toure seem interested in trying from long range. we nned more or we sell the likes of ade and eboue and get in some players who are more focused than these two. just look at alidiare whom we groomed and is now banging against us. we definitely need a rethink or else we will end up with nothing.

  36. Now AW will surely have to admit his squad is under strength.This has been going on for a number of years. When Arsenal were challenging for the title in 2002-03 a lack of quality caused the theam to lose the title to MU.Admittedly some referee decisions went agaginst the gunners.
    I have all along maintained that Arsenal are playing against 13 men. The linesman and ref.The Boro game is an example where a perfectly legitimate goal is disallowed and clear penalty appeals denied.Think of the Birmingham game where a dodgy penaly caused Arsenal to lose two points. You never know.

  37. I mean Chelsea and Man U won today but Arsenal played better against a better team. Sebn is right – it is hard for Arsenal to win these matches when the calls are not going there way: Birmingham – false penalty, foul on Ade in penalty area – no call; Today – Ade false offside goal, Ali’s offside goal allowed, Eboue was fouled in the penalty area – no call, then the ref blows the whistle when Arsenal have a corner after time had been wasted, somethings wrong.
    Todays game – we needed to shoot the blinkin ball more often, it seems that Arsenes way of how the game should be played backfires at times as right now the players are trying to pass the ball in the net with many defenders around them, and we know most teams do not play football against Arsenal. Ade did pass back slowing down the break. The passing by almost the whole team was atrocious. Walcott was Brilliant to me though!
    Arsenal fans yes we are not playing up to par but remeber we are still insecond place. We must be encouraged and get behind our team even in this dry spell, do u realize it would have been possible to get no points from these matches? but no this team never ever gives up, i love it!
    Come we all know the posts will be much different if and when we beat Chelsea.

    God Bless – we will do it!

  38. Wenger is a stubburn cunt, and will never buy proven quality palyers to supplement the team.

    ADE, ROSCKY AND HIELB , EBOUE are aweful. Man that Ade is driving me nuts. Useless cunt

    We will not win anything, as the other 3 big teams are better.

    we are sliding down fast.


    1 LB…1 CB AND 1 MORE ST….
    WAT SAY??


  41. Danish Gooner – spot on with everything you’ve said. Arsene has been doing the same thing for years now- he produces teams that play 5 a side in 11 a side games and mostly to win things you need to mix it up. If you look at our players and compare to ManU or Chelsea – how many would you really keep ? Cesc…..Clichy, Sagna….that’s it. Should be no surprise if we finish 3rd…we have the 3rd best collection of players (maybe even the 4th…Liverpool have better players man for man) You could argue that Arsene has done a fantastic job to be in the position he is…but since 97 there have been several seasons when we SHOULD have won the league…and Ferguson or Mourinho would have won the league if they had been in the same position as us…

  42. Are you serious?

    You would only keep Cesc, Clichy and Sagna? What about Toure, Gallas, Flamini and Van Persie? Hleb is also a quality player (although he has had a dip in form lately) and Eduardo is probably the most lethal finisher in the Premier League!

  43. We have over achieved this year given the age of the team plus terribly unlucky with Dudu and RVP’s injuries. No one expected us to do so well this year but next year we will rule if we can keep the same squad. Only people to leave shoul;d be Gilberto and Lehman. We will need a summer replacement for Eduardo who is unlikely to feature next year.

  44. arsene wenger do whatever he wants at the club and he is the god at arsenal mourinho is right he is under no pressure to win and that why we will not win anything this season get rid of this fuckin loser who has created the image of arsenal as the best team not to won anything around the world and bringing up youngsters make sense when you don’t have money but when you have it why not buy big players

  45. It is so sad that we have dropped points at a crucial stage of the season.It seems that our strength is also our weakness. I BELIEVE the will better against bigger teams that will try to attack us. What is the duty of a true fan than to believe. We should stop playing these me-against the world scenarios.THE TEAM WILL DEFINITELY BE BETTER next season

  46. Seems like you are fed up with it, believe it or not ever since spurs crushed you with the 5-1 defeat, might have been that you put a poor side on the pitch but you should take nothing away from tottenham as they were excellent in the match. however ever since that match you have been lacking in form, could it be after 22games the lads are so mentally shocked that they can not perform up to normal standards anymore…lol

    i love having right, told you 1 month ago when gallas was whining like a bitch he isnt much of a captain, never will be! arsenal are on the verge of a crisis and im loving it

    at the and of the day if you have to slam the ref for poor decisions it just shows that you were lacking in the game mentioned

  47. Dear Whatever, if the referee makes poor decisions against ur team on a consistant basis it is a fact that it can effect the outcome dude. Man U and Chelsea were crap yesterday and won by one goal but if a decision went against them it sould have been one all or something like that. Do u remember when i a goal went totally over the goal line against Man U and the ref didnt see it? did that no affect the outcome as Man U got all three points. Arsenal are not playing well but the refs decisions are not cool at all for a few games now!

    Arsenal have only lost once beat Milan and are in a “CRISIS”, really!
    We will win and trust me other teams are about to drop points.


  48. the day ade refused to sqare the ball to bhentner was the day we lost the title. greedy bastard put his own aragant and selfish ambition before the team oo the day a young and far more talented striker almost lost his leg.at the end of the season when we finish second remember ade lookin over and seeing bhentner with a simple tap in and tinkin fuck arsenal i want the golden boot. greedy loser.

  49. if he wins the golden boot he wont leave….we need him not to win it so he can claim his “dream” $100m transfer to real Madrid….in total club obviously.lol

  50. typical isnt it lead 4 nearly all season dont buy back up players in january, draw 4 games that we should have been winning, get tuff opponet in the champs league ,the point is the players are tired which i am not surprised, probably by a million player in the summer say we done a good deal, then finish trophy less again, bloody sick of it paying a season ticket

  51. This is an absolute reality check.The results earlier in the season were much better than the actual performances.We have only played really well in a handful of games and to compare this team with the teams of the last 4./5 years is a joke.Also for those who were so quick to rubbish Henry earlier in the season just becauase he left,then I would invite you to take another look at the simple chances that Adebayor has missed recently and I defy you to suggest that Henry would have missed them.Anyone seeing his immediate impact for Barcelona last night can only yearn for the individual brilliance that he has unlike any of our present team.

  52. Agree with Danish gooner. AW is stubborn and he has made big mistakes. Most of Arsenal’s players don’t know how to shoot. And our centerbacks are shit

  53. Have Arsenal ever recovered from being humiliated by manchester united???? Since the cup win the most exiting thing to happen was the leg break.
    Lets face it, Arsenal never had a chance of winning anything this year!!


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