Do You Actually Think We Can Win The League?

What a rough month.

It all started on the 23rd February, and we haven’t really got back on track. And in retrospect Eduardo’s horrifc injury has cost us so much more than one of our main strikers.

We lost 2 points in that match, because without that incident to Eduardo we would have won the game. Because of what happened we were lost in the first half and by the time the boys got their act together it was half time. The team did exceptionally well to claw the game back but we conceded to THAT last minute penalty.

If we won that match I’m sure we’d still be top of the league.

But what followed was 3 more draws in the league – to Aston Villa, Wigan Athletic and Middlesbrough – all teams we should be getting 3 points against.

And now we stand level on points with Manchester United, who have a game in hand. The hardest thing for most Arsenal fans to except is that only a few weeks ago we were 5 points clear.

But let’s put things in perspective.

Apart from the early part of the December, we haven’t really suffered a rough patch in the league.

And to be leading the Premier League for as long as we have has been nothing short of exceptional. We are currently unbeaten against the Top 4, who we still have to play before the season is over. And despite being in second place in the league, the destination of the Premier League Title is still in our own hands.

Wouldn’t you have dreamt of that before the season started?

It’s better to have a dip in form now rather in April and May. Manchester United and Chelsea suffered a loss in form earlier in the season but now look to be back to winning ways. So I suppose the question is when can Arsenal get back on track?

We face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and in one game we can dent their title hopes and re-ignite ours with a win. And a win at a place where Chelsea haven’t lost since we played them there in the 2003/2004 campaign would provide us with the catalyst to push on with our season.

We’ll find out on Grand Slam Sunday.

As things stand, the title race is tightly poised.

Arsenal and Manchester United currently sit on 67 points, with the current Champions having a game in hand. Chelsea, who have quietly but impressively won 8 of their last 10 league games now have 64 points, with a game in hand on us. So Sunday is a massive game because if Chelsea win (by 3 goals) they will be above us in the table on goal difference – and if that happens the boost they would get from that would be very damaging.

But we’re still very much in the race.

Even with our bad form, even with some seemingly shocking refereeing decisions, even with some really sh*te football pitches and even with some terrible injuries to the squad.

What Arsene Wenger has done so far is nothing short of amazing.

I do worry about the state of the squad though at the moment.

Clichy, Sagna and Fabregas are simply irreplaceable. If one of those men gets injured we are in serious trouble. Who is the cover for our fullbacks? Emmanuel Eboue and Armand Traore? God help us if those two have to fill in at important times of the season.

And Adebayor has become undroppable. There’s no doubt that playing as a lone striker is one of the hardest jobs in football, and he has done it well earlier on in the season – but right now he is playing badly. Against Wigan, or even against Middlesbrough, it wouldn’t have been a terrible idea to start with Walcott or Bendtner so the striker could have a rest. Playing Adebayor when he is clearly not on form is not the answer. Besides, Walcott and Bendtner have been scoring recently when they’re been playing so deserve a shot.

But despite all this, it would be safe to assume United and Chelsea will drop points before the season ends. After all, they’ve still got some of the Top 4 to play yet. And as we’ve learnt recently, 3 points in this league isn’t something you can take for granted – especially as the teams lower in the league will be fighting for their lives. Every point for them could help them survive in the Premier League so expect United and Chelsea to have some really tough games ahead.

So is there anyone left out there who thinks we can still do it?

Because I do.


33 thoughts on “Do You Actually Think We Can Win The League?

  1. Thanks for showing some perspective and actually being analytical instead of shrilly hysterical like so many other Arsenal blogs.

    I think we’ve blown the league. I still hold out hope though since we’re slowly getting a full squad back and know we just need to win our last few games to take the league. It can happen. I don’t see why not.

    Man United and Chelsea simply are not invincible and will drop points. Will they drop fewer than us is the question.

    But Arsenal have done very well!! We have had even up till this moment as good a season as any other team in England. And why shouldn’t we be proud of that.

  2. I have to admit, I was fuming after the Boro’ game, but I remain optimistic. Im aware that we were 5 points clear, everything was great, but also, its not long ago that we were 2 points behind United, and we beat everton and they lost to west ham. Trust me, i was angry, and thinking of how we lost 8 points was driving me insance. But its still possible.

    My reasons for being Optimistic are because:
    -Man Utd aren’t playing exceptionally well at the moment, whereas Liverpool are on a good run of form, and they will be more fresh than Man utd on the weekend, because Utd have a midweek game.
    -When were under pressure in the big games, everyone is focused and motivated. There all huge games now
    -We seem to play better against such teams, so hopefully, we can beat Chelsea, and of course Utd is a must win game at Old Trafford
    -United still have to go to Chelsea away later in april, that’s a huge game
    -United have potential slip up games like Boro’ away, so who knows? They aren’t inconsistent, but they lose randomly, its possible.
    -I don’t look into the game at Old trafford when we lost 4-0 because our spine was virtually missing (Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Flamini, Adebayor, RVP) And we will be much better equipped.
    -Van.Persie coming back and getting another 60 minutes is huge for us. His record before his injury was great, and he can do it again.
    -Fabregas is so much better in the games where he is a little more free, and this will be the case in the games against chelsea and Man utd.

  3. It is always good to be optimistic but i really cant see us winning the league now. I personally think we are more likely to come third. I dont see how we can get a result at chelsea or united, the team have run out of ideas at completely the wrong time. It isn’t really in our hands either, I dont see us having a better goal difference than united at the end of the season realistically. I am just very depressed right now, i dont care about start of season expectations, the fact is we should not have thrown it away as we have. Some of our team already thought we had won it, adebayor being the worst culprit. I think the champs league is a better bet, and reckon we may well do it.

  4. Personnally I still think we can win the title but to do so we now need to beat Man Utd and Chelsea away to have any chance.

    I also feel we can win the champions league but to do both we also need more out of our squad. Hoyte, Djourou (since he’s been back from brum), Traore, Eboue, Denilson, Gilberto, Diaby, Rosicky and Bendtnar have all just not been up to standard required to win the premiership/Champ. Lge. We are too over-reliant on Gael, Cesc, Ade, & Hleb.

    Two positives to take from yesterdays game was the continued improvement of Theo Walcott who made a huge impact from the bench with the inaffectual Eboue being pushed to (I think his best position) right back and the 1st start this year in the prem from V.Persie who will have a massive say on where the titles and glory will go come the end of the season.

    We must have faith, be positive and trust in Wenger.

  5. what im worried about is wenger saying hes not gonna spend in the summer…its blatenly obvious we need a bigger squad. our first team is better than uniteds and chelseas but not the bench…..if we do blow it this year and finish 3rd then there will still be positives to look at but if we dont improve the squad in the summer with some qaulity player then im sure some arsenal fans will be upset. in my opionin we should go for modric as cesc is being played too much and if he gets a injury whos gonna do his job plus another striker and a wide player….. i think senderos looks better this year and is good defencive cover.
    what do u think

  6. ha ha ha ha is laughable .you lot still to win the premier ? spurs have more chance at this rate.
    you be lucky to finish 3rd.

  7. Arsene Wneger has NEVER said he will not spend money. He said he will not splash out but will buy only a few players. In the last 4 years he has bought several players. So it’s not true that he won’t buy-

    I think our squad could be much better. But I ma sick of hearing this thin squad thing. Our squad is as good as any in the Premier League except Chelsea.

  8. Wenger is too “stingy” and unwilling to bring in top quality players because of the price when there is money for him to spend. Instead he’s trying to prove he can win with young and cheap players.Pride? maybe. Well, we just have to want another season or till they all gain more experience?

  9. Of course we CAN win the league…three pijts from each of our remaining games we win it…simple…but WILL we win the league? It’s a helluva an ask

  10. I will probably get a lot of stick for this, especially from the Ade & Eboue fans or those that think AW can do no wrong, but here it is:

    Eboue isn’t intelligent enough to play for Arsenal, in addition he’s a diver and a cheat. Sure he has pace and some nimble footwork – but a few great crosses per season does not a great player make. If you watch his performances – he almost NEVER tackles back or gives Sagna support. When he cuts inside and Sagna overlaps – he NEVER plays him in. He does one thing and one thing only – look for Ade. In addition he slows play down when it doesn’t need to be, i.e. on the edge of the box

    Adebeyor – what can I say – top goalscorer this year. Sorry but this guy is a joke, put Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov, Keane, Anelka, Drogba, Kalou, Henry, Ronaldinho, Eto’o – in the same situations and I guarantee you that they would have scored many more.

    Ade has missed so many important sitters it’s criminal.

    For a forward – he also has no brain – but more than that – he has no bollocks. When faced with 1 defender to beat, he invariably pulls back and tries to bring others into play (badly).

    When the defence is in trouble and they launch the ball to Ade, does he run it down the other end of the pitch to give them a breather (like an intelligent striker would for his team?) – does he fuck. (With one defender to beat) he simply hammers it back to the midfield rushing out and runs offside so we can’t play it back to him.

    How often is he offside ? More than Hartson – and that’s saying something.

    Once again – he has all the physical attributes to be a top player – but you don’t ‘grow a brain’ at his age, and the Wizard of Oz is all out of spares.

    Finally – Wenger.

    Selling Diarra was a HUGE mistake, selling him mid-season with no replacements and a number of players injured or in the ACN – sorry but that’s just fucking stupid.

    Selling Henry, Freddie, Baptista/Reyes, Aliadiere and bringing in only Eduardo (Diarra was a mid/def player) was suicide.

    We patently need more goalscoring and threat from midfield, Hleb scores very few, Eboue is a cunt with no brain and a clubfoot, Walcott has scored 5 goals in 3yrs, Rosicky is always injured.

    Where is the replacement for Pires ? for Freddie ? for Bergkamp ? for Henry ?

    Sorry – the only positive is van Persie (who has sadly been injured), the rest are either wholly unproven or not up to it.

    Did he go for Torres ? Babel ? Ibrahimovic ? Snieder ? Eto’o for Henry?
    Did he fuck..

    Will he go for Benzema ? Ben Arfa ? Huntelaar ?
    Will he fuck..

    The defence needs a leader and organiser, they need someone who will lead the rearguard line.

    The midfield need to FUCKING TACKLE rather than stand off.

    Wenger CLEARLY doesn’t know how to coach a defence – GET A FUCKING DEFENCE coach in to teach Gallas et al how to play offside. How to defend free kicks and corners.

    When AW inherited Adam, Bould, Keown and brought (previously coached) Vieira along with (re-moulded Monaco Centre Back) Petit and Grimandi – we conceded almost nothing from set pieces and corners. When they retired and we got Campbell alongside Keown with Vieira from midfield – we still we hard to score against.

    Now I expect Gallas and Toure (esp against Drogba or Carew) to come 2nd best every time against a striker even half decent in the air. Look at the goals we conceded at ManUtd in the FA cup – shambolic.

    Let Wenger concentrate on the forward play – and get a defence coach to deal with the back line and def midfielders.

    For those that still think we’re likely to win the league, please bear in mind we haven’t been able to beat Brum, Wigan, Villa or Boro and between now and the end of May – we have to win more than we lose vs

    Chelski (a) (PL)
    Liverpool (h) (ECL)
    Liverpool (h) (PL)
    Liverpool (a) (ECL)
    Man Utd (a) (PL)
    Chelski (n) (ECL)
    Man Utd (n) (ECL)

    amongst the other league fixtures. We are 3 points and what 8 goal-diff behind Man Utd when they win their next game.

    ManUtd, Chelski and L’pool have squads strong enough to cope and stand a realistic chance. We’d need a ridiculous purple patch, no injuries or suspensions and Ade, Hleb, Walcott, van Persie, Fabregas all to find magic golden banjos with which to hit the barn door.

    Personally – I think we will come up short – and I think Wenger’s insistence on playing Ade and Eboue, but far more criminally – NOT re-enforcing the squad will be to blame.

    I truly hope he proves me wrong, but his myopia is becoming too staggering to ignore any longer.

  11. Arsenal should play Bendtner more often and give Gilberto a second chance, Arsenal need a change. Also get Flamini off and bring Alex Song. Arsenal really need a change and the quickest way t do that is to change some players. Bring back Jens Lehmann as well.


    Eboue Senderos Toure Clichy
    Hleb, Song, Gilberto, Fabregas
    Bendtner Walcott

  12. Our beautiful football only works when the other team allow us some space – that’s why we were so tremendous against AC Milan. However nearly every Premier team we come up against now gets 10/11 men behind the ball and we are not equipped to break that down. It also leaves us open to a sucker punch as against Middlesborough.
    I dont really know the answer because these lower teams do not seem to play this defensively even against Man U and Chelsea.
    What would give us more of a chance is to have wingers to get behind these packed defences. I think Walcott made a big difference when he came on but did not have enough time and I do not believe he is destined to be an out and out winger.
    What we desperately need is someone to give us some width and penetration from the left as did Robert Pires. I believe a fit Rosicky could provide that, but when are ever going to see him injury free for long enough?
    I am getting a bit despondent about Wenger’s reluctance to spend any money, even though the club swear it is available to him. Just imagine if we had Torres finishing off all our magic approach work. I’m afraid we will end up with a ‘nearly did it’ season. The lads so far have exceeded what we expected of them this season; with one or two truly special signings we could give them all a big scare next season

  13. Am sorry to say this guys but i dont think we will win anything..We will just go cupless because we dont have reliable players.Ade is unreliable and the midfield provides no goals so what do u expect….another cupless season.

  14. ole gunner u living in dream land….er last year we made money in transfers when man u spent 50 million and liverpool nearly the same also chelsea spent loads and so did spurs….we was promised big names big signings now were in a world class staduim. wheres the big signings. we was told we could compete with rest of big teams in europe for players. listen if we dont win nothing this year this will be the 3 rd season without a trophy and that aint good enough im afraid. we need to replace gilberto if he leaves which i think he will and diarra. thank god flamini or cecs aint been injured else where would we be. sorry squad aint good enough. end of……

  15. No we won’t win the league period because we are listening to the usual bullshit. “We’re running out of steam” . Then how come the Chavs and Manure are not running out of steam.
    Because come the business end of the season which is now their panels are of sufficient depth and quality to sustain a sprint to the endline. On the other hand we are a tight arsed club not willing to spend proper money on quality players. Each year Wenger tells us every summer and January window that we will not be buying new players as we have sufficient quality and do not need to spend. That we have 70 million if we need to spend. Christ he’s been at it again this week.
    So if that is the case why can we not beat Middlesborough, Wigan, Birmingham etc, etc.
    How come the rest of the big four are not running out of steam but are instead going from strength to strength. Because they are not tight arsed like we are. All it would have taken would be two players per season to augment all the young players being brought through.
    Don’t forget we could have signed Torres during last summer but we didn’t. So watch painfully as the league title again heads off into the sunset and again for the same reasons as the past three seasons. Running out of steam my arse.!!
    What is the opposite of ” When the going gets tough the tough get going”? Because that is where we are at at this moment in time.
    I pay my money like everybody else at the Emirates. I know how bloody dear it has become. So no more poor mouthing and no more ” We don’t need players”. Running out of steam my arse”

  16. the day we lost the title wasthe day at brum when that greedy bastard ade refused to square the ball for bentner. i said to my mate ive afeeling we will pay for that. on the day eduardo nearly lost a leg greedy balls was still only thinkin of himself and the golden boot.

  17. By the way could somebody out there explain how you become tired playing 90 minutes of football a week.?? You get tired when the manager starts using it as an excuse. Then as a player you start believing it. If you have a strong squad, cover in every position good rotation then where is the tiredness.??
    Time to quit the excuses. If you make a mistake one season fair enough. Four seasons in a row, that’s criminal.

  18. I’ve asked an English friend of mine to help me write this post.
    We cannot control what the referee does but we really gave it our all like we have all season.

    We’re just as upset as you are and we still believe we have enough quality in the team to win the title and Champions League. We didn’t get the results we deserved against Birmingham and Wigan and sometimes that’s football, we have to accept it (grudgingly).

    We still have the ambition and the great spirit we had at the beginning of the season, we can do it, and we can all celebrate together at the end of the season.

  19. tiny you need to get some information man. Arsene has never said he won’t buy players. He has bought a lot of quality players in the last 4 years. What he won’t do is splash out unless it’s for a top player and not many of those are in the market.

    And enough of this nonsense really. Last summer he tried to buy Tevez, tried Torres, tried Robinho. It’s time for supporters to get real-

  20. Ok guys lets all calm down

    And thanks to Adebayor (if that really is him) for his reassurance that the team is up for the run in.

    The facts are that we are still in the race – It’s virtually in our hands.
    There are tough games coming up and we have droppped a few points.

    But why get so down about it all…
    Take it game by game –
    Next week we can win Manu lose and we are back on top
    Then we can beat them and go further on top..

    We are streets ahead of where we thought we’d be and need to get behind the team. This negativity by the media, by the fans filters through to the team and the manager..

    Lot of you talk about strenght in depth – We have lost 1 game all season in the league – that is pretty convincing evidence that the squad has strenght in depth.
    We have bad luck with injuries – RVP, Eduardo, Rosicky
    We were hit badly by the ACN

    But players stepped up to the plate and delivered and still are..
    Adebayor has had a great season
    Flamini has had a great season
    Eboue too –

    They need us behind them to finish the job…
    If that wins a league and champions league then great
    If not then lets get behind them more next year – we are the twelfth man after all and all this bitching and moaning makes us look like ashley cole or david bentley

    Time will tell if wengers got it right but can you really see the manu, chelsea, liverpool spending model working long term???

  21. But exactly the same meltdown happened last year.Remember that fa cup game against Bolton where we almost achieved “Wengerball” Then only a few days later we were as transformed as sun/night against Blackburn,could only draw 0-0 the fixture list suddenly got congested big time and it all fell apart inside 11 horrible days losing a cup final to chelski,being spineless in Eindhoven,going out with a whimper in Blackburn and finally pounding Eindhoven for 90 minutes at the emirates with absolutely nothing to show for it.Now look at the current season allbeit a much better placing in the league.First we get trounced by spurs,then another spineless performance at Old Trafford and since then craptastic for the rest.But the general consensus is that too much tinkering in the above mentioned fixtures created an uncertainty and never gave us a stable ground to go from strength to strength.From the Bolton game and forward he never put out the same team and i remember walcott having a stinker against Blackburn.

  22. No, the manager had just 14-16 players fit for 3 consecutive matches.

    Why I get upset with this notion that the team is not good is that we really should have beaten Birmingham. Think about it. How different would our position be if;

    1. Eduardo’s leg wasn’t chopped off.
    2. The clear Adebayor penalty was given.
    3. The no-penalty against Clichy wasn’t given?

    I know that there is a fine line to walk between success and failure but I think you have to say a team can’t go from being good enough to just being dismal as some poeple are painting here.

  23. Furthermore i really do believe that the defeat against Barcelona had a much bigger impact on the squad then Wenger has ever told the press.If we would have won a big stone would have fallen from their young shoulders and they could easily have gone from strength to strength.They lost the final in acrimoniously circumstances and much balaver were made.But the notion of the fact that they keep failing over and over again cant be healthy for a young player.That is why i think Wenger should get his chequebook out this summer and sign some experienced player that will keep coming back when the going gets though.The dressing room needs an Adams more then ever !!!!!!!

  24. So if we’re robbed of points by illegal refereeing decisions, are we going to turn on the players and the team? Is that what being a gunner is about, when things go tits up and someone else is to blame, do we berate those who we claim to support? Cos if thats what being a fan is about to you, perhaps you should question your motives for being a fan. Is it to claim you are intellectually superior? How can you be when an injustice has been done and you perpetuate it.

  25. Last year teams bullied us and we drew or lost
    this year teams bully us and we win or draw

    Big difference

    We have lost 3 games in all domestic competitions

    We have shown tremendous spirit to claw our way back from losing positions to draw and win
    Last year we lost and drew from winning postions

    Arsenal are a club of great integrity – Wenger embodies that and to sacrifice the future of the club for a few quick wins is madness.

    Get the chequebook out? Italian Clubs are ruing that mentality at the moment and spanish clubs are about to soon.
    AC Milan have an old team of ready made players and no future
    Inter are the same
    Barcelona watch fabregas bloom at a club that gives him an opportunity to play
    Real Madrid are a joke – is Raul their last homegrown success story?
    Liverpool have no commitment to sustainable youth development
    Chelsea buy whoever they want? were is the satisfaction in that?
    Man U don’t bring players through anymore

    Wenger has a style of play that means there are no readymade players we can just go out and buy.
    Would Lampard be able to play the electric passing game we play? Would gerrard?
    No – they don’t have the technique

    Would eto? Ronaldihno? Messi
    Maybe but they would have to go through the same 6 – 12 month cycle that Adebayor, eduardo et al

    Chequebooks bring success if you are willing to sacrifice style which is all well and good but you must also remember if we start trying to sign galacticos we simply can’t compete with the chelseas, the manus, the reals, the barcelonas and we may end up with a team of readymade players playing dire football and finishing second to the team that can afford to outbid us

    When the dust settles Arsenal will always be there.. and maybe that will be a soon as may with one or two tropheys that we can all appreciate far more that supporters of the financialy doped clubs.

  26. I don’t really beileve that it was Adebayor’s post but if it was then here my french message to him(sorry for the rest of you who can’t translate this)
    mon cher ami togolais,si Arsenal rate le titre cette annee,ais en vue que c’est generallement a cause de toi et de tes chances manquees.En plus il devient de plus en plus evident que Wenger et sa logique se retrouvent vachement inutiles dans une Premiere League si competitive

  27. Bopnip Popdritso youre talking crap!!

    no use making predictions….wait until the end of the season

    rosicky has to come back ,once he’s back we’ll have more chances

    for those who think arsenal are not gona win the league..think again

    we are gonna win it…..!!!!

    so to all the arsenal supporters who thinks arsenal are a side which consist only of useless kids who does not have any potential whatsoever…

    MAY YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!


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