Good Luck Jens – Sagna Signs – Hleb Can F*ck Off

Well it’s been a while since my last post and to be quite honest nothing exciting has really happened since then anyway.

Flamini obviously went to AC Milan which is an excellent deal for him since he’s only really had one good season. You wonder if he will suffer a similar fate as other former Arsenal players such as Pires, Petit, Freddie, Henry and Overmars have but the guy is still young so he could be a success there. But quite frankly I couldn’t be arsed since he’s not an Arsenal player anymore.

Although I do find it mildly amusing though he’ll be playing in the UEFA Cup next season.

So Jens has officially left Arsenal and joined VFB Stuttgart back in Germany.

And all you can do is wish him the best of luck. Despite his antics he was an excellent servant for the club and will always be remembered as a vital member of the team that went an entire Premier League season unbeaten. He was a fantastic goalkeeper and I will always remember the save against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Old Trafford, the penalty save against Riquelme and his one-man show in the FA Cup against Manchester United.

The sight of Ronaldo and Rooney crying was priceless.

And Bacary Sagna has signed a new ‘long term’ contract with the club after a fantastic first season at the club.

He was arguably the best player last season and deserves his new deal. He really has added steel to our back line and from what I have seen seems to be the model professional. We suffered when he was out injured in the last part of the season and after only ending up 4 points off the top he could have made a difference, especially in the game against Chelsea.

Then we get to Alexander Hleb.

I was always a big fan of his and been impressed with his excellent ball retention, but 11 goals in 3 seasons tells its own story. Last season this was highlighted when we were relying too much on Adebayor as the goals dried out. He does add a unique creativity to the side but just doesn’t add enough to the side.

We have players like Fabregas, Rosicky, Van Persie and Adebayor who will always be a threat regardless of whether Hleb is in the starting lineup, and to be honest we might play more direct without him. I certainly won’t miss him after the crap with Inter Milan and the ice cream so as far as I’m concerned I hope he leaves. I can’t see him in an Arsenal shirt next season and to be honest I wouldn’t want to.

We’re going to have a summer of crazy transfer speculation which will probably involve every player under the sun so I’ll be keeping clear of that and only comment on completed moves and stories. I can see only 2 or 3 new faces coming in despite the fact that Flamini and Jens have departed (with Hleb and Gilberto possibly leaving too) because the fact is Wenger has faith in his young players.

Diaby is highly-rated at the club and could be given a chance in the middle. Gilberto might rediscover his form with Flamini gone and Eboue might actually come good out wide (okay, forget the last one). We have Djourou to come into the team, whether that’s in midfield or defence. And I’m not sure Wenger might even buy a striker – he’ll probably just hope Eduardo and Van Persie recover in time to play the majority of the next campaign.

So until our next big news story, I will bid adieu.


17 thoughts on “Good Luck Jens – Sagna Signs – Hleb Can F*ck Off

  1. With Aleksandr moving on, Arsene will finally be able to move Emmanuelle Eboue into the Bergkamp role where his sharp tactical awareness and uncanny eye for goal will result in 15 goals from open play and 15 assists per season. Soon he will be urged by his teammates to take all of the free kicks and penalties as Arsenal cruise to a previously undreamt-of double as all teams collapse before the mighty gunner power…

  2. Ok just give the guy a break all right?Eboue may dont have the skills of Fab, Rosicky, or the ice screamer but he is a solid defensive unit who knows how to defend and he is making a lot of km even if he hasnt a big impact..Lets not forget this was his first season at the wing.I remembered u were the guys that sing his name at Paris ( RB). just give him a CHANCE..Biog Phil has been given much more.Not to mention that his mistakes cost us CL..

  3. What the hell is this whole ice cream thing? Wtf? Did I miss something? Why the ice cream man?

    Please educate


  4. If all we wanted was someone to cover a lot of km and not make a big impact in the game, maybe we should sign Paula Radcliffe to replace Eboue

  5. D, I believe the references to the ice creamer are to do with Hleb meeting with Inter milan over an ice cream just prior to the Ac milan V Arsenal game at the San Siro.

  6. That Hleb must have a bloody good agent to get clubs like Barcelona and Inter Milan interested in him, the guy is far too overrated!!

  7. Robert, totally agree with you. he does have remarkable ball control i gotta say. just doesnt score enough for my liking. wouldnt be sad to see him leave.

  8. He must have the same agent as Richard Keys and Jamie Redknapp because I can’t believe how those two fuckers get work either. They must be the most annoying ‘experts’ on television today.

  9. i dond think hleb is going, i dont think hleb wants to go and i dont think wenger wants to go either,and if he wanted to sellhim he would have sold him months ago, wenger wants to get all the summer tranfers done asap, and remember wenger has stated that he wants to keep all of his players, with nasri,chantom,ramsy,vale already comming in i think will bring a keeper and maybe another winger,

    despite what people saying that we need bring in more defensive player i disagree in terms of DM we have gilberto,song ,dijouro,delison and diaby, and defenders we have clichy,sanga,hoyte,toure,gallas, and aboue, and troure, but in terms of wingers we only have risisky and wilcat,

  10. Leon man ur spellin is soddin atrocious lol i think le boss is only gonna bring in bout 3 players this summer which wudn’t b too bad seeing as we almost won the premiership and champions league neways. I think Weng needs to bring in david villa as we need a solid forward and yaya toure would cover for flamini nicely p.s. Leon, diaby is NOT a defensive midfielder he is more like michael carrick at the Mancs

  11. Hewliboi i know my is very bad, but evon without diaby arsean have so many dm and cm but arsenal ony has around three wide players that can score goals, but i dont thinkwe ned any more strikers we have vela,rvp,edwardo,bretna, ade thats around five strikers. i would not mind getting yaya but gain we have so many dm,maybe next year because gilberto will go in two years, but i do think arsenal need a keeper.

  12. Sagna, good signing, Lehman served Arsenal well despite his theatrics time to time so we wish him all the best but for that scarecrow known called Hleb, let him go to hell, we cant take such nonsense from an ordinary player like him he was notin rior to Arsenal let him go to d moon 4 all we care he can neva repeat all his pathetic good play like he did @ Arsenal.


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