Does Any Arsenal Fan Want To See Hleb Again?

Because I tell you what I don’t.

The guy is pathetic, and I would be more than happy if Hleb wasn’t in the Arsenal squad for next season.

But unfortunately for all his (and his agents) games which quite frankly have been hugely disrespectful to Arsene, Arsenal football club at the supporters my worse fears maybe realised and Hleb might actually stay.

Because no-one wants him!

To be linked with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Inter Milan and teams of that quality beggars belief. His agent must be a f*cking genius (or a brilliant salesman) to get those sides interested. For a midfielder who doesn’t shoot, hasn’t won any honours and has scored 11 goals in 3 years at a team like Arsenal who create more chances than most is astounding.

It really is.

Why would those teams want Hleb? Well the truth is the probably don’t, because for all this speculation nothing concrete has actually come out.

Wenger should shove this fool in the reserves for his antics.

He thinks he’s better than he is. If he wants to leave then that’s fine by me. Arsene should tout Hleb out to the highest bidder and see how much he can get. I would be surprised if any side would pay more than £13 million for him. And that kind of money is worth so much more in the hands of Arsene Wenger.

We’ve had so many better players leave Arsenal so why would anyone care about Hleb leaving?

Even when players like Vieira, Henry, Pires, Overmars, Petit (who were past their peak) and even Reyes (yes, even him) left Arsenal they were more effective for Arsenal than Hleb is. When the hell was the last time Hleb scored a big goal for Arsenal? Hell, when did Hleb actually score a goal for Arsenal?!

The only (slight) concern I have about Hleb leaving Arsenal is his friendship with Fabregas. The midfield combination of Rosicky, Flamini, Cesc and Hleb were reportedly very close and with Flamini gone then you wonder how Hleb’s departure would effect Fabregas.

Despite that though I’m just praying someone takes Hleb off our hands.


49 thoughts on “Does Any Arsenal Fan Want To See Hleb Again?

  1. Hleb aint my favourite player and his agents scheming this summer and before have left a bad taste in the mouth, maybe thats why he needs the ice cream?

    BUT Hleb is a fantastically talented football, able to unlock the best defences, just like he did up at Old trafford in the league where he made 2 or 3 gilt edge chances only for Ade to miss em all!

    Sure he is very frustrating, his unwillingness to shoot is the main opne I spose? But if he goes he will be missed, on the pitch, although personally I dont want him at the club, but we will need a dam fine player to replace him.

  2. He has completely disrespected the club,manager,teamates and the fans.The sooner he is gone the better for everyone.

  3. i think the media has made more of it than it really is, which has turned fans against the guy when ever interviewed he says hes happy & wants to stay.

  4. Hes shite…. hes only scored a handfull of goals in three years…. you got to score at least ten goals a season on the wing…. hes shite

  5. the top comment is right. Hleb made plenty for Ade to miss em all. What I dont understand is the fascination with Adebayor. A striker who needs 5 chances to score 1 and then lauds it up when he scores against Derby. 32M – Id be biting their fking hand off. Any half decent striker playing in this arsenal team would score as many as he has. But hey just my opinion. I just hate the fact arsenal always seem to be a selling club when the get 60k support a week and another 50k support on the waiting list. Fucking joke. Wenger is a genius at most things but he should realise just how big arsenal are and stop being so effing stubborn. Eboue ffs….what an absolute joke. Almunia, Diaby all not good enough. Bentner – dont make me laugh – cocky shit f off. REALISE HOW BIG ARSENAL ARE WENGER AND THE FKING BOARD

  6. I rate him as a player, but he makes us play too much down the middle, and for the disrespect he’s shown us by trying to engineer a move away when we’ve already lost Flamini, I vote to get rid of him. Let him move to Barca and fight for a starting place with Xavi and Iniesta.

  7. The only problem i have is that he cant come out and say that he wants to stay or go? an interview addressing the fans would be nice.

  8. hleb wouldnt be one of my favourite players, but he is a great player. true, he doesnt score enough but he is important to the overall attack of the team. Also he is very good friends with cesc. cesc rates hleb very highly and i think hleb is a player we should hang on to.

  9. Maybe Hleb has been saying he is happy to stay, but I seriously doubt he’d be letting his agent say what he has and do what he’s been doing, if he wasn’t in agreement with it.

    If we can get £15 miilion for him, then thats good business. If barca only offer £8 Mill, then fuck that!

    As for Ade. I think he has done fantastic this last season, he has improved 10 fold. His work rate and physical presence make him one the hardest strikers to play against. But like ccc above, some Gooners will never warm to him.

    Although if milan offer us £32 million for him, then I would take that all day long!

  10. Yes I still want him. He is a brilliant player and create dozens of chances. He assists the assister plenty of times which is why he doesn’t get credited. He may not shoot as much as he should but that can be improved

  11. he has never ever ever EVER actually said he wants to leave in fact he has said he wants to stay several times. it disapoints me that so many arsenal fans would jump on the media bandwagon as they have. at this rate he will problably decide he wants to leave simply because of the responce that these rumours hav provoked out of the fans

  12. keep him……his agent and the press have made all this up all summer for there own reasons. he has always said he wants to stay…..hes only gonna get better we would be mad to sell him

  13. I think Hleb is Awsome and i want him to stay he played far better than any other player for Arsenal last season and is an outstanding player in small sapces, also Arsenal fans are stupid i they say he has disrepected the club as im pretty sure everytime he interviews he says h is ngry with the media and specualtion and he wants then to leave him alone, if you cant see it the agents messing with the players you should be a football fan!!!!!!!

  14. dan2;

    His agent has been touting around European clubs for months, Hleb has let him do this and Hleb and his agent met with Inter officials before our CL game in Milan. Wenger wanted to report Inter to UEFA.

    That aint media bullshit, thats facts mate.

  15. I would be absolutely delighted if Hleb stayes!
    Nobody shows real “arsenal-style” technique better than he does!

  16. if forgett the anticks of his agent there no dought that hleb is a fantastic player,excelant ball retention,great passer but does not score goals but although he has put down as winger winger he is clearly central midfielder,i know enger wants to keep but if hewants to go wenger will accept any offers less than 15 million and barc want him it will have be player + cash or at leats 15 million or he stays

  17. remember that these stories linking him all over the place may be fabricated just to get readers to go to certain websites. I wouldn’t mind seeing Hleb turn out for us again, but I don’t think he will.

  18. Hleb has fantastic technical ability, but does he use it?
    I find when I watch him play I spend 30% of the time admiring his fast feet and 70% shouting and swearing at him to pass more accurately and, yes alex, the dreaded word… Sh**t.
    Although I like him, and clearly when he plays he is often good (take note of his perfect pass at anfield), but more often than not, he doesnt turn up, therefore I will feel no sympathy were he to follow his dreams of cornetto’s and 99 flakes…
    Is he comparable with Pires who got 20 goals a season and a hatful of assists?

    A wide midfielder at Arsenal should be scoring hatfuls and setting up chances. 3 seasons and 11 goals?

    Roll on Nasri.

  19. I would like the lad to stay.He is a great footballer,fantastic feet.Great dribbler and also his retantion of the ball is top class.But he doesnt score enough unfortunately like the great Robbie pires.

  20. going back to the original post…I think hleb is a great arsenal player and has the potential to be one of the best. But if you go back to my first post the whole attitude at arsenal causes this sort of problem with one player or another every season. Im sure Wenger and the board still think we are a small club and it infuriates me. Is it any wonder players want to go elsewhere when they can earn twice as much? Wenger lets it happen, every season without fail we have the same thing again and again. David Dein may be right, we need some bigger thinkers behind the scene. How can we let Flamini leave like that? Do Man U , Chelsea and Liverpool have to go through this every season?? And before you say Ronaldo might leave look at the response from Fergy – reports madrid and stands up for what he wants. Are Arsenal skint? Why build the stad to only 60k when only a few years before we were selling out wembley. It makes no sense. Last year we re supposed to be in for Ribery and Torres – Im sure they would have made all the difference. Micah Richards and Ashley Young have said they want to play for us and are english but no. Now their values have shot up. Villa the same thing. Start thinking big arsenal.

  21. He’s a good player but he’s a cunt. He spoke to Inter Milan on the dawn of a massive Arsenal champions league game. FACT.

    Do you want a greedy, sneaky cunt like him at Arsenal? I don’t.

  22. I’m not too sure if I want to see him wear our colours again. His ability is quality, okay, he’s pissed us of, but all he is lacking is 10 more goals a season. He is a good player and on the link up you can see there is an understanding between himself, Cesc, Thomas, Sagna and it was his partnership with Eboue down the right flank which helped us to the champions league final along with outstanding defensive and goalkeeping displays from our side. If he stays, he’s gotta sack his agent, and apologise, that wouldn’t undo the damage properly. But it would be a start. I think he wont play for us again though, I think he will be sold. All thanks to his “good friend” and world class shit-stirring agent Nikki Spilevski (or something like that) Cesc had problems the other year and subsequently sacked his agent. Like Cesc said himself, his talent and his performances are under-rated. All these comparisons to Overmars, Pires, Ljungberg and every other Arsenal winger since the beginning of time are all wrong, he’s a different type of player. People count assists as goals, and that’s what Hleb gives us, creativity around the box, quick thinking one touch pass and move. Don’t worry about his goals to game ratio, he’s done well. At the start of the season he was one of our outstanding players, he’s just let all this shit, since february get his head down coz he’s thinking of different things.Okay he shouldn’t be, but it has affected him and he dropped off the boil toward the end of the season. If he stays- a big if, then I want to see him busting a nut for us this season. If he goes then good luck to him, I personally would wish him well at his new club.

  23. please say i never see that scumbag again hes not good enough for arsenal trust me…. there are so much better for us…. simple as that really

  24. bit over the top all this isnt it?
    his goalscoring record is poor but overall hes a pretty good player, probably our most creative behind cesc
    remember he played almost every game this year in the league even when he clearly needed a rest.
    u should also realise he is probably the most fouled player in our side which says something – but hes often the best player on the pitch in big games, esp against manu
    as far as im concerned he hasnt done anything wrong, people have been putting words in his mouth and a lot of fans have caused this to affect their opinions of the guy

  25. Hleb isn’t a bad player technically. In fact he’s rather good. But he is not efficient and takes too long to decide whether to release or hold the ball. If he was more direct we would see more product. Unfortunately for him the Arsenal crowd deplore the kind of behavior he has indulged in during the close season and I can’t help thinking that they will let him know about it, if he stays that is. Personally I think that whether we really missed his creativity or not depends entirely on who Wenger brings in to replace him.

  26. hleb is an absolute genius of a footballer. granted in terms of statistics he is not very productive, but i believe anyone who has any level of knowledge about the game will appreciate how beautiful a player he is. arsenal could perhaps be a better team if he goes and they replace him with a free scorer with less ability, but i for one would be very sad to see him go

  27. I don’t care who you are. If you meet with ANOTHER CLUB on the eve of one of the BIGGEST GAMES of the season then you are a complete CUNT. Meeting for ice cream?

    Don’t make me fucking laugh!

    His agent is a complete cunt but it’s obvious Hleb has let him do this for months and months. Also in an interview Hleb said that he would have to sit down with his agent for a talk before deciding his future.

    Deciding his future? Well fuck off then!

    I just can’t believe some of the dellusional fans on here! Ashley Cuntface meets with Chelski and we treat him like a judas yet Hleb meets with Inter Milan and he’s the Virgin Mary! Jesus fucking christ.

    Is it a co-incidence that Hleb’s time at Arsenal is one where Arsenal haven’t won anything at all?

  28. I,for one who will say”whatever,i don’t care.”Guys,we all know what he really has,if he leaves,so just bye and bye.But why he still in arsenal?Aren’t there many teams in a link to him??well,i don’t care.If he’s still a gunner ,then i think le boss will give him some chances to play for our talented reserves…

  29. No matter what I think I trust Wenger to make the right decision about Hlebs future. Hleb’s agent, however, is a prize c**t and should be told where to stick his commission. Surely the problem is c**ts like him touting their clients and filling their heads with tales of riches and glory to boost their bank balances. Perhaps Arsenal should insist that all new recruits are represented by the FA like James Milner is.

  30. Hleb and Rosiky came in as replacements for Bobby Pires I would say. They have 5 seasons between them for the club and their contribution in that time equates to 1 season from Bob. I rate Hleb and to be fair he hasn’t himself said he wants to leave but nor has he told his agent to button it. If he wants to go then we should take the money and run. I know Pires suffered another cruciate injury early in his time at Villarreal but I watched him loads of times last season and he was fantastic. He was offered the Bergkamp 1 year rolling contract and I wish he had taken it because I’m sure he would still be with us for next season. Fucking legend in my eyes and probably my all time favourite Gooner just edging our head of youth developement.

  31. Guys,

    I have read all the comments above.
    Yes, Hleb is fantastic player and it will be good to have him nest season–but I dont think he wants to stay..
    FACT: Hleb sais that London is too noisy,,,,his reasons for wanting a move,
    FACT: His sayys his agent is his ‘closest’ friend-but he does not shut his agent up when the busy body is touting him all over europe and making nonsense comments to the media.
    FACT: Hleb himself has not come out to speak passionately to the fans about his desire to stay. Henry used to do that, Fabregas did that, even Ade has done that recently…

    It seems like his desire to move is back-firing, that’s why he has asked Cesc to make the recents comments on his behalf….

    No one disrespects Wenger and gets his way….and am with Wenger on this one…
    TRIVIA: Has Wenger said he wants Hleb here next season??? one to ponder!

  32. Any player who talks to other clubs whilst under contract to Arsenal is not good enough for our great club.

    Some of these so called stars easily foregt where Arsene dragged them from, AdeB from a nothing position in an average club. Hleb from a very average German existance, to a name on the Euro scene.

    One of the saddest outcomes of AW’s policy of creating stars from potential only is that they believe the hype of their agents and the press. So its time that AW increases his stock of UK talent like Ramsey.

    I would love Kirkland or Hennersey plus Richards to arrive this season mainly because it will add to the loyalty and spine of the club.

  33. I am tired of the Hleb saga. This has gone on for far too long. I just wish he would get it over with and GO!

    He must be sore from sitting astride the fence for so long. His cowardly silence while his agent has been so publicly touting him around Europe like a common whore has consumed any and all good will I may have had for him. He has had plenty of time and opportunity to come clean and be honest with the club and fans, but his silence has been deafening.

    His actions are both cowardly and dishonest. I he wants to go, let him come out and say so. No, he doesn’t want to lose any money by putting in a transfer request. He is waiting for a club to put in a concrete offer for him so he can still claim his ‘loyalty bonus’. Only thing is that Arsenal have received few, if any, real offers and he is beginning to panic. Another player who has an inflated idea of his ‘true worth’ that has believed his slimy agent and the gutter press stories that are mostly rumours.

    If there are teams that are really interested in him they will have to meet Arsene’s valuation of the player. Are these teams really that interested or are they looking to see if they can a player on the cheap? Let’s hope they are for I for one just want him gone as he can and will be readily replaced, maybe by Samir Nasri.

    Alex – GOOD RIDDANCE! Your greed, dishonesty, disloyalty, indifference, inflated ego, and lack of moral fiber epitomise what is wrong with the modern football player.

  34. Hleb, you mean he his till at Arsenal? no no no come on.. I forgot about about him long time ago…when your lover engages to another man/woman next door of same hotel while you are there, just like Hleb did with AC Milan during the champions league, what do you mek out of that … he goes we are happy because we are Arsenal, never die spirited team…

  35. Thanks for your comments. Spot on!! However much I rated that forever open mouthed idiot Hleb, he has now bitten off more than he can chew, hence my wishing him, not farewell but cursewell.
    May the Arsenal curse follow him wherever he lays his head. He is now 27 and allow me to give him one season of mediocrity and we shall all be asking, ‘Hleb who?’

  36. I think his reasons for wanting to leave aren’t as bad as the other fella’s i hope he stays he#’s a very important player in our development as aforce.


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