How The Hell Did Germany Beat The Turks?!

What an amazing game.

How on earth did the Germans reach the final? I am completely flabbergasted. Only one team was playing good football and Turkey deserved much more from the game tonight.

In the first half, it was all Turkey’s and they hit the bar twice and scored the opening goal which was thoroughly deserved. The only problem was for all their attacking play they didn’t capitalise on it and find the crucial second goal which could have really killed the game.

Did Germany have 3 shots all evening?

Before the game I was reading various preview write ups and some people were talking about a massive German-bias, with a Franco-German UEFA with its Franco-German Axis apparently like the EU. Some points were made about how Turkey’s suspended goalkeeper Volkan received a two-match ban and Schweinsteiger only got a one-game ban for a very similar offense.

Although I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the said offenses happening in the Group Stages and Knockout Rounds and therefore hold different punishments?

Then people pointed out that in Euro 96′ Germany were granted special dispensation after having a similar injury crisis to Turkey in this years Championships. I personally can’t remember any of that, although the only real thing I remember was Gareth Southgate f*cking up that penalty. And that Pizza Hut advert.

I’m sure all conspiracy theories, but interesting going into the game.

Because I saw some dodgy refereeing tonight. How some of the Germans didn’t get yellow cards was pretty shocking, and when Senturk made a forwards tackle he got a booking when Germany had committed far worse fouls throughout the match!

And no, I didn’t forget the tackle on Lahm – and replays showed that initial contact was outside the penalty area anyway.

Yet again in this competition Turkey were excellent and deserved much better fortunes tonight. Even at 2-1 down you know they might do something and on 87 minutes Senturk scored a well-earned equaliser which looked to take the game into extra time.

But then the Germans nicked it. Literally.

On the luck-o-meter this result was one the luckiest I have ever seen. They played so badly and only fashioned 3 real chances and scored them all. What a shame that Rustu is such a sh*te goalkeeper, because the mistake for the Klose goal was shocking.

Think I’ll be cheering on Spain or Russia on Sunday night.


23 thoughts on “How The Hell Did Germany Beat The Turks?!

  1. This is Germany in a nutshell. They don’t always play well but they still manage to win the game and that is a strength itself. This is what they call German mentality and they are the second best national team in the world after Brazil in my opinion if you look at their championship record

  2. What a biased post!

    Germany were never really tested and were cruising for most of the game. Even if Turkey were leading 2-0, Germany could have easily beaten them. They reminded me of Arsenal. Never really jumped into a higher gear until it was really necessary. Germany played very conservatively to avoid suspensions… Turkey reached the semi-final because they played dirty football against Croatia and paid the prices for those yellow cards.

    Turkey played quite rough and I don’t understand how you can say that Germany committed worse fouls. That’s rubbish!

    Why don’t Turkey play a friendly with Greece now and entertain their supporters with mediocre football. A Croatia-Germany semi-final would have been so much better to watch.

  3. I’ll tell you how the Germans beat the Turks

    The same way Chavs beat us at the their sh*told

    The same way Manure beat us at old crapford (in the league)

    The same way the scouse beat us in the champions league

    They all have ties with the devil and will perish in hell.

  4. I am quite glad that the Turks lost. Now I can sleep tonight in North London, unlike the night they beat Croatia when the the Turks over celebrated until the morning with their bloody car horns. Talk about counting thier chickens before they were hatched…

  5. Lucky? Hmmm, not so sure. They played below their best, that’s for sure, but Germany always have goals in them and have the belief that they can win.

    In my opinion they have the best side in the tournament because they can play in a variety of ways.

  6. agreed with everyone who lives in North London. At least we can sleep easier up here.

    Also, I dont think the Germans were lucky. The Turks rode their luck to get this far and were due their comuppence.

  7. How on earth does Germany compare to Arsenal ????? We had zero bottle when it mattered Germany had plenty.Arsenal could be compared to the turks plenty of nice play but lacking in the final third.Wenger wouldnt be a complete nutter if he invested in that Schweinsteiger.

  8. hey gay arse fans are you washing your dirty asses.


  9. Hoe on earth Tureky manage to come to semis ? ? ? ? ? ask ur self cunt. 3 games in a row they were lucky in the last seconds and now for the first time the play good game and they should be in the final,fuck them and fuck you now the luck was on Germany they can’t have luck for the forth time cunt.

  10. hey mo tt senti are you washing your dirty uncle.


  11. Interesting that so many Euro 2008 games have been decided in the last moments, and have not been short on drama and entertainment (Spain v Italy aside). International football might be emerging from some kind of midlife crisis as teams start to actually try to win again.

  12. Oh don’t talk shit, Turkey are the scum of world football and most people are glad to see the back of the cheating cunts.

  13. Harry, you stupid pratt! Why don’t you shut you bitter mouth up boy!

    In all three games Turkey scored late goals, the opposing team didn’t play that well to say they deserved to win, last night Turkey out played Germany all over the pitch. The bottom line is Germany were more clinical and took their chances unlike Turkey but I’m very sure they made the tournament worth watching for all Turks all over the world.

    If anyone is “scum” and a “cunt” it is you Harry. so fuck off now! ; )

  14. Well well.

    Don’t know about the images blackout in England, but to me there was only one really noteworthy foul, the one on Lahm. Don’t know what you saw beyond that.

    I suppose you’re English.

  15. This is a question ive been asking all day, just how the fuck did Germany manage that.

    Still a win is a win, and you dont win anything for being nearly men, just like we learnt last season

  16. That Hamit Altintop looks like a bloody good player, but I think he plays for Bayern Munich doesn’t he? Would be worth finding out if he’s a starter or a fringe player, he might be worth looking at.

    All we need now is Spain to fucking lose tonight and Germany will be handed the Euros!

  17. I didn’t watch the game last night and haven’t watched Turkey all competition, but isn’t Altintop a central midfielder? We certainly don’t need another creative midfielder.

    According to most people here Germany were totally out played and are surprised they got through.


    Everyone should know by now Germany are one of the most unstoppable teams in tournament football. Unless you have a 2 goal lead with 5 minutes remaining at the most you’d be a fool to expect it to be over. Whether they wewre good or not doesn’t matter in their case, one way or another they almost always get the result.

  18. Fuck the bloody Germans.lucky against Portugal and now against The incredible Turks but guess what their luck just ran and they are fucked.whichever team gets to the final,they(Germans) are damned.Am so sure about this that even if neither Spain nor Russia made it they(Germans) still wouldn’t lift the trophy.By the way fuck you steven your comment stinks.

  19. Ryan, with Flamini gone and Hleb on his way a central midfielder might come in handy! Although Hamit has been playing wide right quite a lot in this tournament.


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