Sell Adebayor? Only If We Get Kaka’ In Return…

Last week I asked if any Arsenal fan wanted to see Hleb in an Arsenal shirt again.

The response was surprising really, with the majority saying they would like to see Hleb next season. I found that confusing because while I have been one of his biggest fans over the last 3 seasons (and would always back him when others would slate him) the shenanigans he and his agent are getting up to are just completely unacceptable. His agent is obviously hoping to cash in on Hleb’s last big money move and the player himself is doing nothing to stop it. Which to me is as good as sticking two fingers up to Arsene Wenger, the man who put Hleb in the spotlight.

What happened to players like Bobby, Henry and Dennis eh? Obviously you can’t buy loyalty these days.

And now we come to Emmanuel Adebayor.

AC Milan have officially confirmed that Adebayor is their sole transfer target this summer, and if they can’t get him then they won’t be bringing anyone in at all. I find statement complete b*llocks to be honest but whatever.

Arsenal have been quoted as “unwilling to sell” but with Milan making it official and public like they did a few weeks ago then obviously they just want to unsettle the player and see if Adebayor makes any favourable comments towards them. To his credit though, the Togan has always committed his future to Arsenal.

But you wonder what’s going on with all the speculation around Adebayor and Hleb. It’s been going on for months and the fact is you just feel something might happen. Why aren’t big players from other clubs being speculated about? Is there smoke without fire? I’m not sure.

Would selling Adebayor be that much of a loss for Arsenal?

He’s had one good season and if AC Milan offer a fantastic price then I’m not sure if Arsenal would turn it down. But at the moment although there seems to be some sort of conversation between the Italian club and Adebayor then obviously the offer from Milan is far too low.

Why don’t we ask for Kaka’ in return?

He’ll want to play Champions League football, he obviously likes playing at the Emirates (remember that awesome goal for Brazil against Argentina?) and Arsene Wenger is one of the best coaches in the world to play under. We also play the beautiful game like it’s meant to be played and the Premier League is far more exciting that Serie A.

Thinking about it, we should start some rumours of our own for a change instead of always having our players being linked to other clubs!

We should also swap Hleb for Ronaldinho. If anyone can get the best out of him again it’s Arsene.

Although a player who will be with us next season is Samir Nasri, but you already knew that.


9 thoughts on “Sell Adebayor? Only If We Get Kaka’ In Return…

  1. I heard recently that Kaka is not happy – he doesn’t like the traffic in Milan – and sources say that he feels it would be an absolute honour to play for the mighty Arsenal. He says that he has always admired Arsene Wenger and he loves the weather in London.

    Now, how can we get that spread around the internet?

  2. no other clubs big players being specualted about,,,,, errrr
    lampard, essien, drogba, carvalho, ronaldo, torres all just small frys eh….

  3. Are you insain or simply mad? Adebayor and Hleb in exchange for Ronaldinho and Kaka? How are you thinking? Two divas will work awesome with our playing style….

  4. The Milan report comes from the BBC which for as long as I can remember has been the media wing of Spurs. Every summer they try and undermine us so take it with a pinch of salt.

    Remember a couple of years back they trumpetted some story about us funding Beveran as if it were news or even against the rules (the event happened 5 years previous and has become standard practice for larger clubs to sponsor feeder clubs). They screamed for three weeks yet couldn’t identify one rule we had broken so they attacked by smear and insinuation. Every year they have a dig at us of course its only a coincidence their Sports editor is a self confessed Spud.

    Although it seems its only us who get all the rumours about players leaving if you look around you’ll see that isn’t the case.

    Man U – Ronaldo has been tapped extensively by Real.
    Liverpool – Torres was approached by Chelsea.
    Chelsea – Drogba (AC Milan), Lampard and Cole (Internazional)

  5. Let’s flog him for whatever money we can get. He’s good but not great and I think he’s holding up the progress of another great striker in the making who will shine and I believe become an even better striker called Bendtner. Ade scores goals but he misses lots of easy chances as well. I think if given a proper good run, Bendtner will be even more prolific and clinical in front of goal. Same for Hleb; let him go at whatever price we can get; Nasri is loads better anyway.

  6. Kaka spotted wearing an “I belong to Arsene” t-shirt… pass it on. It might make up for the loss of Flamini – but I would not want to see Adebayor leave the club… he has ‘legend’ written all over him.

    Ronaldinho can piss off IMO – he’s washed up on his own hype… we don’t need players like that.

    Whatever happens – in Arsene we trust.

  7. i dont care if adebayor leaves hes a greedy shit and if its true what kaka said i dont see why we shouldnt try getting him. We dont really need ronaldinho though i dont think he would do that well


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