Congratulations Cesc Fabregas

Well it’s over.

Spain have deservedly won Euro 2008 by playing some fantastic football and although the score was only 1-0 in the final against Germany in truth they cruised through the game once Fernando Torres scored that decisive goal.

But credit to Germany, even though they have an average side to get to another major final is quite an accomplishment. Hope for England in the future if anything else.

As the final whistle went and the cameras panned out to players like Jens Lehmann and Michael Ballack, you wondered about the fortunes of different players. Michael Ballack marginally missed out on this years Champions League, Premier League and now European Championships. He also missed out on the World Cup Final in 2002 after single-handedly getting them there. He might be German and he might play for Chelsea but there’s no doubt that Ballack is a fantastic player. Could Lampard do what he’s done? Exactly.

And how about Jens. He’s now moved on to Stuttgart but he has been an excellent servant for the club, and after also losing the Champions League Final a few years ago he’s also just missed out on another major European trophy.

But tonight was a great night for Cesc Fabregas, and you can’t help but be pleased for him.

He’s only just turned 21 but he has been such a massive part of Arsenal and been through the highs and lows of recent times. He won the FA Cup in his first full season at the club but since then has lost a Champions League Final and been through a rollercoaster season this year.

So it’s great that he started tonight’s final and managed to come out a European Champion.

He is such an example to everyone and his conduct since being at Arsenal has been truly exemplary. You see players like Adebayor and Hleb touting themselves out and quite frankly behaving disrespectfully towards the club and manager but Cesc is just fantastic.

That’s why we love him.

Well done Cesc and we’ll see you leading out Arsenal once again next season.


10 thoughts on “Congratulations Cesc Fabregas

  1. Did you see how Cesc went out of his way to find Joachim low? He is such class, even in times of feeling like a winner he can be so magnanimous. I can’t believe he is 21…After his career is done, if he chooses to be a manager, he could be really great.

  2. Good Lord! A voice of reason cutting through the mire! I agree totally. Well done Jens, Ballack is mightily unfortunate whilst being an undoubtedly talented and influential player. And finally we are going to give Cesc the hero’s welcome that he deserves when he returns to the Emirates. Unlike the other unmentionable few who seek more money in other leagues. What a great tournament. With no Arsenal injuries! Bonus!

  3. why not give cesc the arm band for arsenal? he has everything from luck and class plus consistency. Wake up Arsene.

  4. Cesc Fabergas was referred as “a cool head on a young shoulder” for his brilliant performance during Euro 2008… the quality a new skipper needed to lead the young Gunners in the next season of EPL and Champion League!

  5. I think wherever this sterling strong mind will go God will just see him and cast his blessings on him.Cesc congrats and wish that you could do exactly what you did to you superb team to your loving team Arsenal team.This is apleadge”we pleadge to God that we will always love this great footballer Frabregas”You just rock. Your calm and loyalty will bring the heavens right to your doorsteps

  6. Yep Mastolo I really think that you just pouring all your blessing to this fellow including your own and that is exactly what I want to do this fabulous guy.and to my fellow Arsenal fans may you please follow suit?HAIL FABREGAS WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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