Who’s Having The Last Laugh Now Arsene?

I’m sure you’ve all read the so called interview with Arsene Wenger, where he states that he intends to continue selling Arsenal’s prized assets in order to make a profit in the transfer market. This is apparently because of the costs involved in the Emirates Stadium.

While it’s highly unlikely Arsene actually said these things, it would be fair to say that Wenger’s policy in the transfer market much more prudent that most, especially when we’re talking about the top four clubs in the Premier League.

Every single summer we’re linked to players who are valued at over £20 million plus, but the real Arsenal fans know these rumours are just hot air. Partly because of our specific transfer policy and also because Arsene has always said it’s better to work with players who are hungry for success and have something to prove.

We say it time and time again but look at Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, Freddie Ljungberg, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Gilberto Silva et al – when Arsene introduced these players to the first team they had won nothing (except World Cup Winners Gilberto and Titi).

The policy never changes.

And the players that have come in afterwards are of the same ilk. Alexander Hleb, Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy, Bacary Sagna, Theo Walcott – quality players with massive potential who have yet to win any major honours.

And now we’ve got Samir Nasri.

But after 4 seasons in the Premier League wilderness the big question now is are we being left behind?

It does seem like the transfer policy gets tighter and tigher as the seasons and years go by.

When Arsene first arrived he brought in players like Marc Overmars and Emmanuel Petit to lift the team to another level and we achieved the double in that season. He then brought in Thierry Henry and Freddie Ljungberg to strengthen the side even further the season after.

Don’t forget an injury-prone Overmars was £5.5 million and Henry was £10.5 million, which 10 years ago was a significant sum of money. Especially when you consider in roughly the same period Manchester United bought Andy Cole for £7 million, Dwight York for £12.6 million and Teddy Sheringham for £3.5 million, while Chelsea purchased Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Di Matteo for £4.5 million and £7 million respectively.

So it wasn’t as if we couldn’t compete on a similar level.

But today it seems like the gap is bigger than ever.

Manchester United spent a staggering £33 million on Rio Ferdinand in 2002, and only last year spent a combined £31 million on Owen Hargreaves and Michael Carrick. We know what Chelsea’s transfer budget is like and Liverpool spend big amounts too, like they did for Fernando Torres who was £20 million.

Arsenal just can’t compete with that.

We always point to how players who have left the club never reach the same levels of success they did with Arsenal. Vieira, Pires, Henry, Freddie and Edu are just a few examples of ex-players who fit that mould.

But is that really the case?

Because since they’ve departed we’ve hardly been racking up the trophies.

So when Myles says Arsene Wenger is the greatest spin-doctor football has ever seen you can’t really disagree with that. He has been selling us the future for the last 4 seasons and the bottom line is we have to yet again qualify for the Champions League.

It’s funny, because over the last few years I’ve always said that Liverpool don’t have a chance in hell of winning the Premier League. They rotate too much, drop to many points against the lower sides and play one-dimensional football. Don’t get me wrong, they are a decent side but when compared too Manchester United or Chelsea they don’t seem to have that something extra.

And I used to think Liverpool fans were delusional when they said they could win the league.

But maybe I’m the delusional one.

We would slate football pundits like Alan Hansen for writing off Arsenal’s title credentials but he wasn’t wrong in the end. It’s easy to see Arsenal through Wenger’s reality but the fact is my belief and hope is wearing thin.

I wrote a piece in April which expressed the soul crushing end to the season with a month of football to play. It talked about the massive desire from the team, the run of bad luck since Eduardo’s injury and Wenger’s unique vision on how football should be played.

I painted Arsene and Arsenal as some kind of victim and that’s how I felt at the time. It was as if we couldn’t have done anything to prevent the demise of our title challenge but looking back on it all the bottom line is Arsene could have – brining in some experience in the January transfer window could have made all the difference. It’s obviously easy to look at things in hindsight but a complete squad is essential in today’s game.

And ours just isn’t good enough right now.

A youth policy like Arsene’s used to have a future years ago but nowadays with big clubs buying established and experienced world-class talent the gap is just going to get bigger ang bigger.

Chelsea have brought in Deco, who despite his age is such a quality player. And what if they manage to prise Kaka away from AC Milan? No amount of youngsters in the world could compete against that team.


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  1. We won the FA Cup in 2005. Thats 3 years ago.

    Before 2007 how many years did MU go w/o a majory trophy? 3 years.

    Calm down son.

  2. So what you’re actually saying is that we should either sell out to some Russian oligarch and then spunk massive wads of dosh in the transfer market?

  3. Chelsea have brought in Deco, who despite his age is such a quality player. And what if they manage to prise Kaka away from AC Milan? No amount of youngsters in the world could compete against that team.

    they said the same about Sheva

  4. Excellent piece!! AW has spun this one to the end, the only people who are happy with his speil are the board who are saving loads with a manager who manages to fill up the most expensive tickets to a 60+ stadium with supporters who never fail to show up to watch an always promising, underpaid perpertually learning (you learn you leave for a better paying side) team. he’s a great spin doctor alright, but now I think he’s begining to sound like Tony Blair.

  5. Don’t need to click on the link site again on NewsNow because it talks rubbish.

    We should bow at the feet of wenger for what he has done for our club and will continually do for it. Last season was magnificent for the way we played and we were so very close. Had we beaten United at OT when 1-0 up, we’d be Champions, it was as close that. Despite a massive blip during Feb-Mar, we were just 4pts behind.

    You guys clearly weren’t around pre-wenger and the football we played. You are very misguided and foolish.

  6. What’s your point? There isn’t a big pile of money we’re not spending. Abramovich came out of nowhere just when we had ManU on the ropes. Henry didn’t cost as much as that and we were flush with the Anelka money.

    We finished above Pool in the league despite years of heavy spending on their part and would have beaten them in the Champions league but for some very dodgy reffing. The various sites that track results affected by dodgy reffing have us second or joint first in the league and the competition are the Champions league finalists.

    You should come out and say you want Usmanov to take over and spend £100m a year on players or accept that we don’t have as much coming in as ManU or a sugar daddy like Chelsea and that being competitive even so is a bloody miracle. Three seasons ago we were a dodgy lasagna away from 5th. Two seasons ago we were behind Pool, This season we were in the running almost to the end despite dreadful injury problems, diabolical reffing and the loss of Henry. ManU are struggling to hold on to their best player and Chelsea are on their third manager in a year. Why so gloomy?

    I’m not that interested in seeing if unlimited money can buy a championship and Chelsea’s drive towards more attractive football suggests I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

  7. No what he is saying is that we should accept the reality that our belief in the club is strikingly different from the reality of the club. I cannot believe we are starting pre-season training with less numbers than we had to begin with. I do not know where the money goes, but I fear that this season we will not win any silverware again.

  8. I think the articles an interesting one – it’s true obviously are spending hasn’t kept up with our competitors.

    However the investment and promotion of youth isn’t just true of Arsenal – Man Utd’s spending has been concentrated on building a young team. Abramovich’s spending in the first couple of years changed the goal posts – even Ferguson’s spending was dwarfed and he too decided the only way to keep up was buying young.

    Deco managed 18 appearances for Barcelona last season – he’s injury prone. People think Henry’s struggled to play for Barca – but he”s notched up 30 appearances. The Kaka that will make Chelsea unbeatable was playing for AC Milan when we beat them this season. Every strategy has it’s drawbacks – spending big is no guarantee – for every Drgoba there’s a Kezman.

    Some perspective is needed. Maybe don’t write the season off before it’s even begun.

  9. Well, strangely I believe in Arsenal as a club run in a decent way by a passionate committed team headed by Wenger who want to win while playing attractive football based on an economically sustainable strategy. A lot of gooners right now seem to think they’re supporting feckin Chelski and that winnng at any cost, even the long term viability of the club, is what it’s all about.

    It’s astonishing that Wenger’s still the manager at Arsenal when so many genius blog authors could do the job so much better.

  10. I suggest you stop reading the media scaremongering – that might cheer you up a bit. Spending money is no guarantee of anything – ask the many clubs in the league who consistently outspend us and yet consistently finish below us in the league.

  11. Wilderness?? Last season we were one win away from winning the title – if we’d beaten Utd at old trafford we would have been champions – do the maths. We got 15 points last season more than the year before, with a whole host of injuries, so don’t underestimate how much we can improve again. The trouble with pundits is that they lack vision – if you ask 99% of them what will happen next season they will say the same as what happened last season (unless big signings have been made which brings out the old phrases like ‘last piece of the jugsaw’ etc – remember how many people fancied LIVERPOOL at the start of last season?).

    Chelsea are in debt
    Utd are in debt
    Liverpool are in debt

    OK so we didnt end up lifting the title last year but come on given how close we were and how much money we spend I think it was an amazing achievement by Wenger, and I’ve no reason to believe that we wont go one better this year. Who on earth thinks that ANY other manager, including Furgusen, the ‘Special one’ or whoever else, could have had Arsenal where they were last year. Essentially, in terms of the money we spend on transfers, we are a bottom table team (not that we are in stature or history or results of course.) Only one other premiership club has made a profit in those 10 years on transfers….. and while lots of these other clubs like to talk big about building new stadiums (Sp*rs, Lpool, everton etc) only Arsenal have done it. In future we WILL be able to spend more, but for now I am just grateful that we have a genius like Wenger in charge who chooses to do things the hard way and in doing so, lessens his own chances of short term success, in exchange for the long term growth of our club.

  12. The only reason why Arsene spins is because he knows that fans of today, especially the younger ones, have no patience and perspective. He is not wrong when he says that ‘Football reflects Society’ and British football at this moment in time is loud, aggressive, confrontational, has no respect for authority and consequently the law, its all about money and greed and hype and if you need proof of that just flick over to channel 4 every evening. This is the culture created by the media of this country and we have to accept that it has seeped into football too. I love being able to shout ‘cunt’ ‘wanker’ etc etc at the top of my lungs to footballers but there is a limit to my aggression and level of confrontation.

    Maybe if all the fans take a step back, think of the good times under Wenger, and give him the time he needs to fashion another title winning team none of this would matter. But we know that this will never happen as long as kids who play pro evo and football manager and look at youtube clips continue to blog/comment

  13. i agree with all that are sticking up for wenger, he is a great manager and there is no one that can deny that. all the things he has done for us. maybe we would get some better players if we had a fancy russian take us over, but im quite satisfied with our team and would only change a few minor details. i am confident we will win some silverware this forthecoming season

  14. The fact is the best club wins the league, that’s a fact. If Manchester United finish top then they’re the best that seaon. The same thing can be said if Chelsea finish top. The funny thing is people always point to how teams have ‘bought’ the title. United spent loads on Carrick, Ferdinand, Tevez and Hargreaves as you pointed out, but no-one says United ‘bought’ the title do they?

    Saying teams buy the league is far too simplistic. Ranieri for instance had millions at his disposal and won nothing. Mourinho came in, and despite the fact I think he is a complete cunt he was a hell of a manager.

    Money isn’t the be all and end all of being successful, but it helps.

    After 4 years without the league I’m not surprised that fans belief is starting to waver. Do we look any closer to winning the league? Only the most hopeful Arsenal fan would think we stood a chance.

    In my eyes, we’ve become a Valencia, Liverpool or AC Milan. We used to be or there abouts but we’re just not good enough any more.

  15. And to twotouchmiracle, what have United done since then? They have won back-to-back titles and the Champions League.

    Has Arsene Wenger done that in his 10 years at the club?

    Even if we win the league I couldn’t see us defending it anyway. The Chelsea’s, United’s and even Liverpool’s would just spend big and be stronger the season after.

    It’s a dark day at Arsenal when we’re desperate to hold onto players like Hleb and Adebayor!!

  16. Wenger will never win another domestic title in England. that is my view.

    his comments made me laugh. hardly an inspiring speech from a man determined to return to the top is it. he sounded like a pathetic surrendering frenchman…. oh wait….

    im sure his top players read his comments and felt at ease they were with a top club!!

    Arsenal earned over £70m last season just on gate reciepts. what kind of a finance package have they got to pay for this stadium!? considering they whored the name out to Arab Airlines its a bit strange they have such a hefty debt to pay.

    wenger has signalled the beginning of the end of his reign.

  17. In all honesty, I really can’t see where you’re coming from with this article.

    The teams around us are spending more and more- and the gap between us has over the last couple of years just gotten drastically smaller, not bigger.

    I couldn’t give less of a shit if Chelsea and Utd piss huge amounts away. What is quite evidently the case is that they’re really wasting their money, because although they’ve had more success than us recently, their value for money for their success is atrocious.

    Utd won the league the season before last and were a country mile ahead of our boys. In the Summer they spent over £50,000,000 getting Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and Tevez on loan whilst we sold Henry and made a profit. Now remind me exactly what happened last season…

    Surely due to their massive expenditure compared with us and our selling of Henry should conclusively mean that we fell backwards and they moved forwards.

    Well let’s be totally honest here:

    Utd did improve… slightly. However for their brilliant succewss last season they depended entirely on a winger to carry the team on countless occasions, which even though it worked- fair enough- you can’t expect any winger to single-handedly give your team that success with 42 goals every season.

    Compare that with lowly Arsenal who you seem to suggest we shouldn’t realistically expect can win. Well we lost the league by a grand total of 4 points. 2 results from winning the league and you manage to get depressed about our chances next year because other teams are spending more? I’m sure you’re not silly enough to forget some seriously ridiculous results which cost us points, like the non-penalty penalty in the last minute against Birmingham after losing our THIRD major player to a serious major injury over the course of the season.

    I mean really articles like this I find so unbelievably short-sighted. One minute everyone is saying what a great looking player Sagna, for example is, the next they’re saying the gap between the top clubs is widening expenditure wise.

    SO? Sagna, Eduardo collectively cost us roughly as much as Malouda (who let’s not forget everyone demanded we sign last year (and what a flop he was)) and let’s compare them. Sagna was the best RB in the league and Eduardo was scaring teams with his prowess in the box bewfore he got injured. SO what does that expenditure matter? NOTHING. What matters is the quality of our team, which last year was seriously fucking good.

  18. Wenger is building something, in terms of football philosophy, style and adventure far, far more ambitious than any club in England, and virtually all Europe. Arsenal are unique. The reason that Wenger doesn’t just buy big names ‘off the shelf’ is that he cannot produce the level of football and team ethic he strives for with that approach. Wenger’s fast, intuitive, technical passing game needs gifted players schooled in that way from youth, playing together over many years. It is a systematic, deliberate building, not a one season ‘wonder’. For us, the fans, he is taking us an amazing adventure. I have no concerns with the coming season. Most players were virtually boys last year, and scared every other ‘big’ team shitless. As they mature physically and football wise, which many more will this year, it will start to produce a phenomeal team. Wenger always says one thing – keep the core of this team intact; this is the best gunners team since I have been watching (70/71 double). I feel sorry for other clubs, they all look the same with their big name cocky purchases.

  19. I’m so bored with people talking about the “squad” fact is if United had a bad injury to one of say, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney even Evra. They probabnly wouldn’t have won the league. If they’d had the luck of Arsenal (anyone see the referee on the last day of the season?) They DEFINITELY wouldn’t have won the league. Would their fans now be saying their squad was too thin? would they bollocks.

  20. Do fans actually care if someone is financing their success? I’m being serious here. When Abramovich took over Chelsea fan’s were more excited than nervous, and when United got taken over by the Glaziers all the hype was forgetten with two league titles and the European Cup.

    Most of you will say Chelsea were boring when they won the title but I bet you all love it when Arsenal show character, resilience and fight to grind out a result. Winning is everything and if the Arsenal players don’t go out with that attitude then we’ll never win anything again.

  21. Ryan. That was really well put. I’m so sick of all the doom merchants. The spuds always seem to spend more than us and they are total fucking wank. Same goes for the fucking bin dippers who must have paid that ref in the cl.

  22. Robert, saying something is a fact doesn’t change anything. If you are only in it for the bragging rights, and the simple ones at that, you should also know what to do. What kind of pussy doesn’t want to play good opposition? Star Wars wouldn’t have been any kind of success if it was the good guys that had the death star.

    Ranieri didn’t win anything but anyone who saw the three matches in a row we had against his team should know where the credit lies. Never seen such a committed and disciplined team. Mourinho just didn’t screw up what he inherited. Chelsea bought the title in the sense that the money they had wasn’t earned. When ManU do it they are throwing their weight around.

    In answer to your question, yes, we do look much closer to winning the league. Fancy a lasagna?

  23. Robert,

    If you have no faith in Arsene and Arsenal why bother supporting them. As to why they won the second time round I would say that got ridiculously lucky having no major injuries.

    4 pts. 4pts. Only 4 points.

    Keep saying that to yourself. Perhaps it will help you get through this tough time.

  24. Rob, the board do not say arsene should spend big transfer money to line their own pockets, they take no dividens from the club and blocked usmanov when he tried to implement this.

    Arsene is a great manager and i think that he is building for the future, and will actually keep the good players we have now. Look at the price tag that he is putting on adebayor, if the reports are true then it is a price tag to scare most clubs away.

    We need a trophy next season, a major one, or this article will be true.

    At the moment the article above is premature and it is not correct, this season coming will prove it right or wrong.

  25. Man utd and Liverpool both have taken European Cups
    Chelsea you have to admit are a lot closer to grabbing that European Cup next season than Arsenal are.
    Chelsea are equipped with a lot more experience, besides if we got to the CL final with chelsea, given that we haven’t beaten them for a while it would be highly unlikely.

    In conclusion if chelsea Win the champions league next year Arsenal will surely become the greatest team that never was period.

  26. I don`t beleive what I am hearing. AW is one of the best managers in the world. When he arrived we had no money and a depleted team. He extended the careers of some of Arsenals finest. He has now started buying some decent youngsters for the future.
    The reason I dont say that Man U brought the title even though they spend big is because they spend what they earn by putting “Bums on seats” which is the route Arsenal are taking.
    If it was not for the Russians there would be no Chelski because Bates had bled them dry. They have even set aside £500m incase anything hapens to him and his inheritors want to sell up.
    And I agree about the wage structure we are the only side that are sticking to it. Why should overrated and overpaid sportsmen earn more than the soldiers on the front line.
    Just stay faithful to the team and beleive

  27. A load of rubbish. You mention the fact that Liverpool spent 20+ millions on Torres, but did Liverpool actually WIN anything? Did Chelsea win anything? Well, no, and Liverpool finished BELOW us in the table. Alan Hansen talked rubbish before the season. His “predictions” were way off, because the relevant fact is NOT that we did not win the title. The relevant fact, which he did not predict, is that we competed very strongly all the way through the season with some marvellous football to boot. 4 points is nothing. You can’t put that down to bad management or lack of quality. Why won’t football fans learn to accept the fact that luck, good or bad, DOES play a certain role in deciding who wins titles and trophies. ManU is a strong and powerful team – I’m not denying that – but look at the way they won the CL final. We all know it might just as well have been Chelsea, if Terry hadn’t slipped. So to repeat: Luck DOES play a part. We DO have the quality to compete, thanks to our BRILLIANT manager. Now all we need, besides our quality, is a bit of luck – the luck all champions need. Don’t blame AW for every single coincidence in every single match we play. We would be far worse off without him. We would probably be a boring, mid-table team.

  28. ya’ll keep saying 4 pts. maybe it’ll make u sleep better but to be realistic thisarticle isdead on. Do u guys honestly feel like we were better than Manure or Chelski when we played them? it always felt like they had more power and class than we did. i tell u i’m a life long Arsenal fan but I don’t trust Wenger anymore. It’s time for change. I just dont believe in him anymore.

  29. PPV, I suppose that if you were a ‘life long’ gooner then you must rememeber the barren years better than anyone. Or are you just not old enough to remember them or dont know enough about Arsenal’s history?

    Fact is, Wenger has spoiled us. Like he said, its hard to go back to sausages when you are used to caviar.

  30. I certainly lost interest in the Club as well. Supporting a cunt of a manager and team with atrocious lies, propaganda, deceit and utter lack of ambition and bullshit. Sooner Wenger and the board of directors fuckoff, or possibly Wenger alone, then I can go back to the way I use to feel about them. Hard to feel passionate about cunts. As much as it pisses me off, I like it when they do lose, proves what cunts they totally are and a shame Nasri didn’t snub us for Spurs, tho he won’t do shit for us next season in a big way anyway. Club’s a laughing stock. Sooner it goes tits up, and Arsenal learn the hard way, the better. More cunts renew their season tickets etc and still complain, is the reason the board and Wenger get away with it continually. Like a drug addict, if he refuses help, the only way they’ll learn if they do, is to fuck themselves up and learn the tough way..
    People might claim that doesn’t make you a “true” supporter. Well, it might sound like that, but it does. Looking at the club’s best interests. Besides, it is like what RH once said, in regards to a takeover, how he’d stop supporting the club if it happened etc.

    Fucks me off something chronic when diehard idiots defend Wenger because he changed that, because he changed this. Errr. One major flaw with that. What has a successful past got to do with a shite present? Brian Clough bought success to Forest then got them relegated. Prime example of making and breaking a team. If Arsenal win nothing much within the next 5-6 years, you’d still get wankers defending Wenger because he changed the dietary methods 20 years ago, and won league titles 15 years ago lol. Remarkable.
    I used the same scenario once before. If your married for example of 20 odd years and your wife has bought you so much happiness and changed your life etc etc, and one day you found out she was fucking other guys recently, you gonna defend her and keep ahold of her because of the happy past? Or are you gonna consider the present and cut your losses? Maybe work something out, Wenger has had 3/4 years. Plenty of time to deliver but hasn’t. In football, you judge someone in the recent past and present to be fair. And Arsenal’s last 3/4 seasons have been in general shit and trophyless.
    Oh, and maybe stability breeds success, after all, look at the incredible success and trophies Dario Gradi bought to Crewe after so many years of being manager.
    People also wonder why on earth Wenger plays Diaby and Eboue etc all the time, and call the man a genius. Answer is, the bloke is an idiot. Why would a genius make the same old simple mistakes eh? Bunch of Wenger asshats. And does a so-called genius go a total since they have been at a club of around 6-7 years without a trophy? And does a genius who has had such wonderful, world-class players at their disposal have such a shit general record in Europe and never won a CL and back-2-back league titles?
    Bloke wants to admit defeat, gain respect by fucking off to Japan or France and take the board of directors with him. Prove how “good” he is by building a youth/young team with a small club over there for peanuts. Then if he makes them worldclass, then we can say he is a genius. What a prick.
    The joke is. Wenger’s glass is always half full when it should be half empty. The idiot thinks because they were top for long periods, they were just unlucky etc with injuries and whatever. Thinking theres’a conspiracy against Arsenal is typical of being a cunt and decisions etc go against him. Should take a long hard look in the mirror and closer to home. Always someone elses fault.
    He reckons with this squad, players be back from injuries and be better next season. WRONG! Yes, Arsenal will be better, but it isn’t about that, it is the fact United etc, will be EVEN BETTER next season. They won’t rest on their laurels. Wenger is an idiot and doesn’t realise that. Even if we had a fit first 11 all season, we still aren’t good enough. It amazes me why people continue to defend this man to the death. He is seriously fucking up Arsenal, to a point, if he did leave, no world-class players would want to join Arsenal anyway. You lot must like seeing United/Chelsea etc win the league and stuff and/or be crowned European Champions. Get used to it. Won’t ever change under Wenger. All true and the truth hurts. With a French git who speaks such shit and thinks the World is against Arsenal. That is why I dislike Wenger, not just because of the lack of success recently, it is the refusal to learn from the ultimate, simple alot of the times mistakes, and the constant “bigging” up of his team when they aren’t good enough, and the repetitive shite he continues to spout. Whatever he once achieved at Arsenal is history. He will be remembered as the maker and breaker. Most successful manager, but also the most underachiever. Fact!
    Plus, although I am not particularly bothered by the lack of British players in our team/squad, BUT, Wenger goes on about how wonderful our foreign kids/team is, well, what have they actually won eh?
    Maybe I was quick to jump the gun by slating Wenger in 2006. But in 2007, and 2008 same old shit. Slating is justified. Nuff said.
    Wenger said in the summer of 2005, when he sold Vieira, he had a “Masterplan” and “Trust me”. I guess that the plan and the trust in him, was to finish with fuckall 3 seasons on the trot, whilst watching your fiercist rivals sweep the lot between them. How wonderful. The cunt’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash (lmfao “Top Cunt”) and he is a skinny fucker too. Starved of success. Whilst everyone else involved with The Arsenal (mainly the fans) has to suffer.
    Seeing United/Chelsea etc win shit, you’d think would agonize and make Wenger etc more determined to do something about it.
    Wenger apologists always point out we were “shit” before Wenger came along and were a “mid-table team”, which in parts is utter shite, because it was only around twice (1993 & ’95) we were mid-table.
    So, where’s the people who are gonna try and shoot me down with facts I have proved about us being a mid-table team prior to Wenger eh? 1993 and 1995 was the only real time in recent years prior to Wenger we were mid-table. Yet, in 1993, we still won a cup double which was a first in those days, so not at all a bad season and was a fantastic triumph when the League Cup meant something back then. So in fact, 1995 and 1996, was only 2 shitty seasons we had until Wenger came along. In fact, Graham only finished outside the top 4 like 3 times in his 9 seasons or so he was at Arsenal. And 1995 would of been different if it wasn’t for a certain cunt named Nayim from the halfway line.. Could of been the first team to win back-2-back Cup Winners Cups.
    People are also quick to harp on about how we wouldn’t even be where we are today without Wenger. Damn right about that!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    Same people, however, aren’t as quick to notice that the past 3/4 seasons, which have been shit are also thanks to Wenger. After 2004, it is sure shit to be an Arsenal fan. But hey, of course, why shan’t I go support the Mancs or Chelsea, or even Liverpool eh?! Maybe as well, we don’t have the funds to get players in because the new stadium etc. Well, if that’s true, sounds like a right hash job and not thought through enough, with crippling debts. Might be good for the future, but by then, probably be a lower division side. Yet again, you can blame Wenger, seeing as he was the one behind the new stadium.
    Thing is as well, I wouldn’t want Mourinho at Arsenal, but Arsenal fans speak shit anyway. If we had him or some boring cunt like Koeman, and we won titles every season etc, noone would complain because we were winning things. Then again, some idiots would probably say they didn’t want trophies playing less attractively and would rather win nothing under daddy Wenger. Brilliant times tho eh? After we won the FA Cup (undeserved) in 2005, we have had to watch Liverpool win the CL, FA Cup, Chelsea back-2-back titles, an FA Cup, and Man United back-2-back titles, and also being crowned Champions of Europe in the same season. What a wonderful place to be in. And people reckon us Arsenal fans are spoilt lol. What the fuck does that make United fans then eh?! Them not wanting a takeover from the Glazers probably been the best thing for them! Dominated the 90s, and now the 2000s and probably do it all again next season and dread to think who they’ll strengthen with!
    And who can forget Avram Grant reaching his first CL Final in only a few months, someone who is inexperienced and might not even have the right coaching badges etc. Something Wenger has taken a decade to do, and still not won a Champions League! Wenger also says the English dominance in the CL won’t last forever. Just a sore loser and jealous in which he won’t do shit about. Guess by him saying that, is no dominance writes Arsenal out of winning it lol. Such a cunt that bloke. Speaks so much shit. Moans at Chelsea for having unlimited funds etc, but Man United ended their dominance of 2 successive league titles by spending less. And thanks to their takeover from the Glaziers who all the fans hate. Don’t hear them moaning about them now. And Wenger is against a takeover. So it is his fault for not having funds. Then again, he knows full well he be out on his ear for not winning nothing! Wenger doesn’t even need to break the bank anyway. He even said himself he wouldn’t spend 100 million if he had it!! And if the club is broke, Wenger is the bloke who’s to blame for wanting to move to the new stadium.
    SACK THE BOARD AND WENGER!! It is the only way forward if Arsenal are to win trophies. They’re both fucking cunts. Lie to the fans. Just because Wenger wants to do it his way and bring on shit kids and basement buys etc. 360 million in debt is a hell of a lot. But not if you put into consideration Highbury being sold, overpriced season tickets, matchday revenue, merchandise etc, new flats being built. Absolute fucking joke. Plus, you pay off for loans with a small amount each month, probably what Arsenal make in one or two home games. Total disgrace and lies. Man United might be in debt, but at least their trophies and success will go a hell of a long way in paying it off. Campbell, Wiltord, Edu, Kanu, Pires and now Flamini all on a free and gone. A potential of at least 20 million lost inside 3 years due to the way this cunt of a team is being managed and controlled. Might get some anthrax and send it to Arsenal. Kill all the cunts. All spin and lies and propaganda, just like the government. 25 million on one player nowadays certainly for a big club, should be the equilavent of 7-10 million 5-6 years ago.
    Probably why Edelman was booted out because if I recall, he was the one who last year or so, claimed Arsenal were in a fantastic position financially and had 70 odd million to spend if wanted. Hill-Cunt and co, probably thought it blew Wenger’s cover and booted him out. In order to protect Wenger on his fucking shit policies and lie about having no money so Wenger has the perfect excuse when they come up short season after season.
    Plus, Wenger harps on about our fantastic improvement and points tallie and be better next season. Funny that. Seeing as they just lost key players (Flamini/Hleb) on a free transfer who played a key part in that. So in fact, they are actually WEAKER already! And they already needed at LEAST 3 top quality signings prior! Plus, like when he said Henry wouldn’t be sold, Wenger the lying cunt saying again how “We will only lose 1 player.” And now he has lost his midfield. All lying cunts at Arsenal it seems nowadays.
    And people defend Wenger (Arsene knows brigade and apologists) stating the board are letting Wenger down in regards to transfer money. Wenger is the fucking man behind it!! He wanted to move to the stadium and do things on the cheap and brainwashed the board to the point they are now BOTH to blame. Wenger wouldn’t even spend 100 million if it was all good and wouldn’t effect the debt at the club.
    Plus, Wenger said success can only be measured in time. Okay then. Have it your way:
    7 trophies in 12 years not bad. But add up a total of 6 years of not winning anything, no back-2-back titles EVER, no Champions League, 3 league titles in 12 seasons, and no title for 4 seasons, and a trophyless 3 seasons on the bounce.
    Overall, shit ratio. Well done Arsene!
    Once Fabregas goes, which will probably be next summer. Seeing as the team is built around him, Wenger will fuck off, and the Arsenal board because daddy left, leaving it someone elses’ problem to hire a new manager and leaving the club in the shit. Probably end up Arsenal having the best stadium in the Coca-Cola Championship lol. With sad fucking Wenger cunts with banners sat there saying “Arsene Knows.” “Bring back Arsene.” We are shit. Fucked. Finished. Back to mediocracy like the 80’s until Graham saved us and turned Highbury into practically a full house and not just 20,000.
    Funny too, how people say Ferguson is a “chequebook” manager and Chelsea “bought” success etc. True in parts, but still bullshit in regards to Ferguson, because he is a totally quality manager and a winner. Buying players doesn’t guarantee success, look at Real before they won titles recently etc. You telling me that Man United and Chelsea’s first eleven are better than that of Arsenal’s 2004 winning team for example?! NO! It isn’t. My point is, Wenger has never been good enough to win a title after another and a CL. So trying to belittle Ferguson’s achievements because of cash is bollocks. You still need to know what your doing. Plus, I bet if we splashed the cash and won title after title etc, what Arsenal fan would moan about that?!! NONE! Stop moaning. I bet if Wenger managed United for a season, probably get them relegated lol.
    The prick also claims this is the best squad he has ever had under him. What shit and a total insult to the players we have had. As if this bunch of shit would compete with the 1998 double and 2002 squad and that of the “Invincibles” of 2004. What a load of spin and shit. Typical of this cunt! And you got Hill-Cunt defending the man saying he is completely behind him and couldn’t give a shit if we win nothing ever again…Stating too, that winning the CL and title is a difficult thing to do. Yeah, but United and Chelsea seem to cope.
    People might wanna read this as well. Remember Leverkusen? That’s right. A team so close to glory once and now, are shit. Ring any bells? I am sure their fans were slightly optimistic after coming so close. But look what happened since lol. Lost 2 of their best players in Lucio and Ballack :

    The Almost Champions
    The team earned a series of top four finishes from 1997 to 2002 that included four second place finishes. The finishes of 2000 and 2002 were heart-breaking for supporters as on both occasions the team had the Bundesliga title within its grasp. In 2000, Bayer Leverkusen needed only a draw against minnows Unterhaching to win the title, but an own goal by Ballack helped send the team to a crushing (0:2) defeat, while Bayern Munich clinched the title with a (3:1) victory over Werder Bremen. Two years later, the club surrendered a five point lead atop the league table by losing two of its last three matches while Borussia Dortmund swept ahead with three consecutive victories in its final matches. The 2002 season has been dubbed the “Treble Horror”, as Bayer Leverkusen were also beaten in the German Cup final (2:4) by Schalke 04, and lost the UEFA Champions League final to Real Madrid (1:2). Still, the team earned the honour as the first team ever to reach the UEFA Champions League final without winning a national championship before.
    And who can forget Liverpool and Houillier? For the idiots who claim we are gonna win the league next season because of getting 83 points this term, are in fact, cunts.
    Liverpool got 80 points in 2002 when we won the double, and that other French prick Houllier said how fantastic it was etc and had it been another season, they might of won the league. Yet, 6 years on, no league title for them and haven’t finished runners-up since and no title since 1990.
    If it is true what Wenger said about how brilliant it is Arsenal qualifying for the CL every season, again, another cunt comment. He once said himself only the Champions alone should go in it, and he has only won the league 3 times in 11/12 years. Shit. The rest have been due to finishing second and of late, 4th (thanks to West Ham), 4th and 3rd. Again, pathetic and not saying much.
    When you got a manager and board of directors happy and content with winning nothing and finishing 3rd and 4th, you never are gonna be successful again.

    Wenger has gone full circle. He made Arsenal and made them successful, and now taken them right back to where they started. Although they weren’t as shit as everyone made them out to be prior to Wenger. But as far as league titles are concerned.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to be an Arsenal fan. And some pricks claim “These are the best times!” Well fuck me…

    “It is unacceptable for a big club to go 4 years without a league title.” – Arsene Wenger on Real Madrid who have now bounced back and won back-2-back titles.
    No league title for Wenger for 4 years, and trophyless for 3 and counting…………

  31. This article is genuine. We can see the beginning of a problem at AFC in terms of future trophies. Now, Arsene knows what to do but, as he has stated, the transfer market has been ruined by the prodigious sums one or two clubs are happy to pay. Now smaller clubs are holding out and demanding ridiculous sums for un-established players. Huntelaar for example, is routinely mentioned by the media speculating a move. But his club is asking for the moon, and why not, they’re in a win-win situation. If he goes then they get a huge sum, if he stays they keep a quality player. The likely result is that he stays where he is another season, and contrary to fergie’s view there will be less transfer activity this summer, not more. Another example, Veloso, who didn’t feature for Portugal at euros are asking 20 million quid. Veloso has qualities, but he’s no scoring threat, he’s not the finished article, as such this sum is badly miscalculated. Now these clubs, who can’t make any sense, leave it to us to make some sense of what’s happening. Any club who grossly overprices it’s players, which include most clubs these days are telling the marketplace that their player is not interested in a move to Arsenal. Why? Because Wenger’s reputation and transfer policy are well established, AFC doesn’t pay stupid money, any self respecting club knows this well, as should any player interested in playing for us. If a player wants to join AFC two things must happen, he’s priced right and he keen to play and succeed at AFC.
    Now, to be fair and comprehensive, as Vieira has stated, we’ve had to review our pay structure and with our vital players we certainly have, but at AFC the players must earn their pay. It is entirely misplaced that Ade demand an Henri level salary after one good season. Henri was 29 and he earned it, Ade at 24 years is either developing a massive ego problem or is on the receiving end of some horribly bad advice. Ade, let me help you, one off-season at Milan and you’re on the bench, later to be shipped out to a smaller club with no ambition left to wonder where it all went wrong, someday, maybe you’ll make it back ala Anelska, but past your prime and not much to show for your ‘lost years’. Stay at AFC, stay humble, work hard, earn it, be a leader and help grow the club.
    Back to the main point. So now what’s Wenger left with? Well, a youth policy only gets you so far, and as he’s stated some time ago ‘the club could benefit from experienced proven talent’. What does experienced talent mean? It means world class players who can calm the youngsters, solid role models on and off the pitch, are not intimidated by other big players, can rise to any occasion, and are determined to win and likely have won a lot. Will these players cost extra, sure, because they’ve earned it as have their clubs by keeping faith and a sound relationship between the two.
    Things change, and to reclaim trophies AFC must also change and adapt to a market that is silly by paying a bit more but not compromising our principle beliefs. As Arsene knows better than most, if the price goes up the risk goes up and with all the ‘rotten mercenary’ players out there who exhibit little gratitude and loyalty beyond hollow press statements, the vetting process just has to be more than thorough. Which, I believe, brings us to where we are and why things are taking so long. Wenger can spot a talent, no question, but what of the players desire to play for AFC? Therein lies the major hurdle to signing experienced talent. Spending big sums and then players leave for whatever reason(Reyes got scared of rain), and far earlier than hoped. We must only sign such players determined to succeed at AFC, fact is such players are harder to find these days. If a player and club are just shopping around for money, ala’ Arshavin, Huntelaar, Veloso, and de la Red(who, btw, looks like my sister only prettier), these are not the ones AFC need. The player must have a dream to play at AFC. To players one and all, come to AFC with love for our football, come with class, and if you earn it, we’ll gladly pay. And if you’ve established yourself as world class we’ll pay for that too(we’re not poor just smart).

  32. I agree with everything Vivas said. Read his first comment again. Every Arsenal supporter needs to relax and let Wenger do his business without the crazy media spectulation. Both Sagna and Eduardo came out of nowhere last summer…

  33. some people talk a load of crap
    pre -wenger i remember standing on the clock end watching a 1-0 defeat to wimbledon, if anyone says wenger isnt a genius then they can fuck off to spuds where they surely spend a lot of time.
    the transfer merry go round hasnt even started yet and people have written the season off
    take a look at the accounts of the club to see what arsene is up against, sure he cannot say it but there is not an endless pot to spend, but spend he will.
    we were so close last season, a season that 95% of all proper supporters would die for for their team
    we are attracting some proper cunts to the emirates these days

  34. While I feel Gelbs views are over the top he does have a point.

    The opinion of Arsene Wenger in the eyes of Arsenal fans is quite astounding. Hell, I’ve been the victim of it since he joined; the man is a genius, he is a messiah.

    And he is. But that doesn’t mean he can’t do anything wrong.

    I hate Arsenal fans who get all defensive went people raise even the slightest question on Arsene’s ideas and policies. Surely Arsene would be the first person to say he wasn’t perfect, yet everyone seems to think he is.

    I know Wenger has been fantastic for the club. I know that he is probably the greatest Arsenal manager of all time. But that does not mean he is untouchable and doesn’t make mistakes.

    The arguement gets even more pathetic when fans come out and say things like “well you couldn’t do better!”. Well that’s pretty obvious. You could say the exact same thing if Wenger got Arsenal relegated. I’m not a manager, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else out there who couldn’t do a better job.

    I just think Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as they can. Don’t forget, he has bought pretty big in the past to good effect (World Cup Winners Gilberto and Henry, Sylvain Wiltord, Marc Overmars, Lauren and even Reyes – he was excellent for 12 months) but seems to take less risks as the years pass by.

    And before everyone says Ferguson bought the title he’s won it with kids ages ago. The difference between Wenger and Ferguson is that Fergie has had sustained success while Arsene hasn’t.

  35. What EPL were you watching last year? Was it the one where Arsenal, with a bunch of nobodies, and several new players bought for not very much almost took the whole show? Or was it the one where Arsenal, plugging along under the verbal fog of Arsene Wenger, failed again to show anything? Was it the one where Arsenal passed and passed and played pretty football but could not score, or the one where Arsenal scored the second most goals in the EPL? Was it the one where Arsenal, having spent less than 20 million on transfers the prior season and having lost Henry and Ljunberg, failed to catch the dominant ManU, who spent like a “big” club, or was it the one where Arsenal improved 13 points while losing Henry, while ManU improved 2 points, spurred on by the most wasteful and profligate set of forwards in the EPL? Its easy to score 30 goals when you take almost 200 shots. Compare that with Arsenal’s chief striker, who scored 24 on 110? Rio cost 33M? How about Sagna? Who would you rather have next year, or, more importantly, in three years?

    Are you being deliberately opaque, or do you have a view of the world which ignores what really happened?

    Let me ask you, are Sagna and Eduardo world class talent? Is Adebayor? Is Clichy? Are they not all 20 million plus players? So why are you unhappy that Wenger finds a way to put multi-million pound world class players on the pitch who lack only one thing — the annointment of a big money transfer? How ridiculously stupid.

  36. Gelbs has a point and so do the guys who call Wenger a Messiah.
    My problem is that Wenger can teach/coach football at the top table but as a Manager he makes to many mistakes during gameplay. Arsenal always seem to play with one man short, Eboue in most cases and the likes of Hoyte and Almunia in others.

    We have the Chavs and Mancscum on the rack and then he makes a change that lets them overpower us, this happens time and time again. Brum away we were cruising and 10 before the end he goes defensive which we don’t do very well, this invited them on and we all know the consequences. Same at Chavski, Pool away CL ect. We gave the title away at home to Pool in the League because he gambled on the CL, he picked a piss poor team at a time when they had a second string out too.

    The Barca CL final was ours with minutes left and he takes off the knackered Cesc who was one of the few who could hold onto the ball and burn up time.

    I think the fans are fed up with the lies and bluff he plays on everyone. Would Gelbs be happy if Wenger appointed his successor NOW and tutored him to play the Arsenal way, this person could also tell Wenger when he thinks a wrong decision in gameplay is happening and give a second opinion.

    I think Wenger has given us a taste of the good stuff but it ends up being a tease. We all want to win and a couple of years is ok but any more and we will be back to starting again.

    I want new faces and they don’t have to be Superstars but good players who will make a difference.

    Wenger is losing the players and looks like he will lose the fans if he doesn’t get it right.

  37. We live in a superficial age, in which the President of France’s life is like a reality show, football players are disloyal and the press no longer care about publishing fact.

    That’s why so many can’t see the obvious: Arsene Wenger might not buy expensive but he buys quality. 4 Arsenal players in team of the year last season, the most expensive of which cost £7 million. United’s 3 cost £50 million and Liverpool’s two cost £20 million.


    We haven’t won a trophy in 3 years, but we could have won the league last year and had our first Champs League final 2 years ago. DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK WINNING THE CARLING CUP OR FA CUP WOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE DIFFERENCE, AND WENGER WOULD THEN HAVE BEEN A SUCCESS?

    Alan Hansen knows less about football about my dog and I take offense to you saying he was right. Only one team can win the Premier League, so if I say United for example won’t win the league, I have a 95% probability of a “correct prediction”.

    The fact is that HANSEN was wrong in thinking Arsenal couldn’t compete last season. They competed and lost by 4 points.

  38. GELBS-you are withoubt a doubt a complete & utter f***ck wit- a sad .depressing one at that-iv,e no doubt had wenger pulled off a miracle last year (against all odds) you would have topped yourself!shame!would have done us all a favour-listen to yourself boy!you sound worste than the most rabid neanderthal spud/manure fan & that,s as low as it can get….

  39. As a supporter of the club I’d love to see us win the Title again and it frustrates me that we haven’t won it in a few years, it also frustrates me that ( forget transfers ) we can hardly seem to keep hold of our best players, but !
    Man U, Choilsea, Liverpool and even Totenscum although they are spending ludicrous millions on new players, are also ignoring the international financial market place and that makes less sense than Arsene’s perspective.
    Arsene is forgoing footballing glory for the long term stability and inevitable success of Arsenal FC and that is remarkable in of itself, if only our players were as loyal to the cause as that. In the long run Arsenal will be the biggest club in the Premier League because we will be the only club running at a profit in the top 4.
    When the market crashes, and it will within two years, teams like Man U, Choilsea, totenscum and Liverpool will be lucky to keep their stadiums let alone world class footballers notwithstanding that the political freaks decide to reduce world numbers by manufacturing ( through behind the doors closed meetings ) world war 3 in order to reduce world population by half in order to preserve global resources and their vested interest in those resources, in a time where water can be used to fuel cars and industry and where zero point energy and the technology to utilize it is a reality the last thing that concerns me now is our transfer budget.


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