Let’s All Get Excited About Samir Nasri! (With Video)

Finally, we have official confirmation that Samir Nasri has joined Arsenal for an undisclosed fee.

I haven’t really mentioned anything about him since you don’t know what can happen with transfer dealings these days but now he’s finally arrived here’s a video compilation of the kid in action to whet your appetite!

And what a fantastic compiltion it is as well. Although you’ve probably already seen it if you’re a regular user of YouTube.

Another great thing is apart from the fact he seems like a very skillful player, the guy actually shoots too!

Nasri said on his arrival at Arsenal:

“This is a very important step in my life as a footballer because Arsenal is a massive club.

“Arsene has a great reputation and he is one of the best managers in the world. He has proved that he puts a lot of confidence in the young players and he gives them a chance.

“It was very important for me to have such a great manager to work with and I’m really looking forward to working with both Arsene Wenger and all my new team-mates.

“I can play in the centre or on the wing. During my career, I have played behind one or two strikers or on the left, or the right hand side.”

I’m already excited about this guy!

It’s also been confirmed that the little Frenchman will be wearing the number 8 shirt, taking over from Freddie as the last person to wear it. Let’s hope the kid has the same sort of impact the Swede had when he joined the club.


Samir Nasri #22 Compilation [watch video]


12 thoughts on “Let’s All Get Excited About Samir Nasri! (With Video)

  1. “It’s also been confirmed that the little Frenchman will be wearing the number 8 shirt, taking over from Freddie as the last person to wear it.”

    I’m assuming that you are not classifying Diarra as a “person”, more of a half-man-half-dolphin creature….?

  2. I think he probably meant last person with distinction.

    Glad the signing’s been confirmed anyway. Wenger has a habit of wrapping up all his transfer deals in a short space of time so if anyone else is coming in then hopefully it’ll be soon.

    Great video as well!

  3. Agree with Wengers Immortals, we usually get our signings announced quite close together, I think that was why there was a hold up in the announcement of Nasri. We were probably tying up some other deals at the same time (ins and outs). I think we’ll see the helb and ade transfers go through after the weekend with their replacements being introduced shortly after.

    diarra is not a person, he is no more than a fanny scab.

  4. Yeah that’s what i thought iceberg.. He’s more of a amphibian if you ask me. Anyway that video is very very good indeed.

  5. NO NO AND NO!

    i am not going to get excited about such an anti-climatic signing.

    get me bitchoff or mark milligan and i will be coming in my pants, however, as both would be incredible, amazing and sensational signings that will definitely, DEFINITELY win us the league and champions league next season.

  6. What I love about this guy is that he is two footed. Though primarily a right footer, he doesnt always tries to bring it back to his right to shoot or pass; he is pretty good off his left foot too !! Not too many players who do that.


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