Why Don’t Arsenal Go For Kaka & Ronaldinho?

With Alexander Hleb looking almost certain to join Barcelona and apparently Arsenal ‘offering’ Emmanuel Adebayor to AC Milan then why not try and prise the two Brazilians Kaka and Ronaldinho?

Obviously it sounds completely absurb but hear me out for a second.

Kaka is probably worth something crazy like £50 million (which would beat the world’s most expensive transfer of Zidane for £46 million) but with their debts from only qualifying for the UEFA Cup let’s face it AC Milan could do with the money. You can tell they’re hard up when they poach Flamini from us on a free.

Buying Kaka outright is out of the question but it becomes a different proposition when Adebayor is involved. The Togan is valued by Arsenal at around £36 million, so even if we drop our price to say £30 million then Kaka could technically be purchased for about £20 million if we did a swap deal plus cash.

And he really would be the perfect player for Arsenal. He plays all his football on the ground, is technically outstanding, has a fantastic engine and his pace is phenomenal.

Seriously, will we get a better chance of signing a truly world-class player again?

Arsenal have something Milan want so why not try and use that to our advantage? Hell, throw in Hleb and Eboue as part of the deal as well!

Unfortunately all wishful thinking, but we can dream can’t we?

And then we come to Ronaldinho.

I haven’t been following him as much as I usually do (the restraining order put a stop to that) but the impression I’m getting is that the player is all washed up and keeps on picking up injuries. He was at his peak from around 2003-2006 and since then has come off the boil. Apparently he’s been partying hard and we all know that in the 2006 World Cup he was anonymous.

But if anyone can get the best out of him it’s Arsene Wenger.

And a new challenge in a new league could just be what Ronaldino needs. You never really lose that kind of quality and although he is 28 years old surely he’s worth a punt. And I’m sure Arsenal’s valuation of Hleb is higher than Barcelona’s asking price for Ronaldinho (if there indeed is one).

His value has obviously shot right down since Barcelona have publicly announced that they want him to leave, but the main problem (as with Kaka probably) would be the outrageous wage demands.

You might baulk at the possibility of Kaka and Ronaldinho joining Arsenal but it’s no more far-fetched as the rest of the b*llocks half these websites are posting. If you’re going to start a rumour at least make it interesting…


54 thoughts on “Why Don’t Arsenal Go For Kaka & Ronaldinho?

  1. If we had a new manager, those are the sort of transfers that would be made to win over the fans. But AW has grown tired and predictable, sadly, and we will be lucky if we get Nasri.

  2. What a shite article.As if arsenal are going to give Milan adebayor and £20 million for Kaka when Fabregas is an extremley similar player. Dont you people take any notice of how Wenger works.

  3. I read ages ago that barca wanted something like £10 million for Ronaldinho. Hardly a fortune considering what an amazing player he is. he aint lost the talent, he just got fooked off with the big knobs at Barca! We would easily recoup any outlay in shirts sales.

    I’ve been wishing this one would happen all summer.

    But it won’t ! Boo hoo!

  4. dinho would be amazing, van der vaart, quaresma, huntelaar…. im starting to finally get pissed at us NEVER buying a big name….


  5. sorry people,arsenal couldnt afford my clients wages even if they did have the cash to buy them but dont worry because nick bendtner will score 30 next season and eduardo will rise again

  6. Arshavin is a cunt. He will never have a decent carreer anywhere but his cold shitty country. It seems that except seeing himin the game of his fuckin life vs Holland you don’t really KNOW anything about him, do you you stupid shit?! Well, apparently not. Thank God AW does…

    Aaron-Samir-Santa Cruz
    these will be the 3 additions that the Cunt promised us early this summer

    Fuckin Hell, i am Travelling all across europe to follow the Cunt and his stupid kids and he gets rid of his best 3 players to replace them with..the above
    It’s time to face. it we will be like the Scousers really soon… wondering where did 20 y of our lifes went…

  7. I am growing in concern over the mental health of Arsenal fans.

    Can the idiots not think for one second that Wenger buys the players he wants and they just don’t cost as much or have as big a reputation as you would like?

    Ronaldinho? i would rather have Dion Dublin.

  8. We could offer Ronaldinho a new lease of life. Keep his wages low and negociate some kind of annual signing-on arrangement or image-rights cash deal. He needs a change. Maybe ned to assign some kind of minder to keep him away from chipshops and nightclubs though.

    We could offer Kaka Champions League football. Surely he wants that. And if he wanted to leave, his price would come down. AC get Ade, Ade gets 120k, we get Kaka, Kaka gets CL stage, agents get plenty, Fab gets less responsibility. Everybody wins, why the fuck not?

    Are we a big club or what?

  9. Do you idiots think that Wenger goes on Le Grove and this blog etc to decide on his transfers? Do you think he cares that a certain amount of football amateurs want to see Quaresma tha spaz at Arsenal? No.

    He signs the players who would be great at Arsenal, not the players that the foolish new-bread of Arsenal fans want.

  10. when the rest of english football goes broke like the italian clubs did compared to 10-15 years ago we will be healthy still,giving ade or ronaldinho or kaka big money means they will have to pay toure cliche sagna cesc the same amount,we will end up like leeds united,just be patient folks

  11. Goofle;

    Are you not of having the piss taken out of you on every blog site?

    You try to portray yourself as some gr8 sage, but you are one the thickest twats about.

    Dion Dublin has retired! How tyhe fuck can we tempt him out of retirement??

    Think man!

  12. Has anyone noticed how many blogs (especially arsenal blog) are flyin around the net this days? has anyone also noticed that arsenal fans are losing their loyal identity? Am sorry but everyday I log on, I see more articles that make me wonder if the author is rlly an arsenal fan or just a glory hunter. Kaka & ronaldinho……what are pple smokin nowadays? thats a fking chelsea question not an arsenal one!! True gooners need to be more patient with Le Boss and stop making arsenal fans look silly, its articles like this that make the media chat absolute crap abt arsenal. STOP THE SENSELESS ARTICLES!!!

  13. I am available for free and I will take officially 1000 a week. The bitch ex missus gets half you see so a nice brown envelope with the other 2500 will be great thanks. I will light up the midfield and by next summer Milan will be begging to straight swap kaka for me.

  14. even if he did come out of retirement he’d score 20 goals in our team, dont overate adebayor

  15. simply what with the stadium we cant afford to buy players like that.
    i think AW is the best man for spotting talent and spotting what arsenal need, and its a good thing to because we simply cant do what manure and chelski do.
    AW has allways done the best he can with the budget he has, i would like a “big name” signing but lets face it, it aint gonna happen for a while. Lets just keep the faith that wenger can spot a gem, cause to be fair he’s done it more then once

  16. we have a choice,keep wenger and at the least be entertained,or lose wenger spend what most managers demand as a budget before takin the job,an watch chelsea spend treble,then we will end up like leeds with a bunch of old losers on our hands

  17. Erm, HEELO!

    Earth calling!

    This is an ARSENAL BLOG! Not a fucking serious effin debating society.

    If people cannot chat shite about players theyd like at the club or not, then where the fuck can they?

    Fucking pathetic twats with sticks up their arses giving shit to Gooners coz they like this players that player, etc.

    Fuck me

    get a fucking life!

    RonnieDino would be an effin amazing signing, IS available for less than fucking hleb.

  18. T Bag – You showed what a muppet you are with the Ronaldinho comments to don’t flatter yourself.

    I was joking about Dion Dublin, shame you really think Ronaldinho would be a “dream” signing.

  19. Goofle;

    The fact you had to say you were joking about Dion Dublin just about shows how effin thick you are!


    Im sure the twats at le Grove could do with a larf right about now, off you pop…

  20. personally i think maybe we should sign a great forward name quincy owusu obeye cant remember the rest of his name,45 mill

  21. dino and shit agent – yes please. if you can get me an image rights deal befitting of my gorgeous flowing locks that would be top notch! of course keep the contract details hush hush to stop the ex hosebeast geting her mucky hands on it

  22. Im banned from that site because I said “Wenger is a great manager, give the guy a break” so that is not possible I am sorry to inform you.

    And I am not thick, I just tend to have to explain myself to those who need the hear something without the sarcasm added to it.

  23. Goofle;

    I was actually having a larf fella.

    I know the twats at Le grove ban anyone who tries to disagree with any of the rabid anti-wenger c*nts on there.

    Funny they never ban those twats innit?

  24. ray parlour,u gotta we can get u a new perm,some extensions a hairband, one season at the emirates an real madrid will pay u treble wages, an the wife we will get sepp blatter to warn her off

  25. Hello, any of you guys know if I’m still wanted this season. Please! I promise not to be a complete and utter cunt anymore

  26. le grove banned me for telling everyone how i saw ashley cole up to some funny business in a t-mobile shop

  27. eboue u are the secret weapon,next season you gonna play defensive midfield,prove to the world anyone can if matt can

  28. Popmonkey, where do you get off calling the article shite when you’re talking fanny scabs yourself.

    Kaka and Cesc are similar players? Fuck off you mug, you don’t have a clue.

  29. I heard on BBC TV that Ronaldinho is asking for 400.000 a week, he must be insane, so I guess that’s explain why he is not interesting Arsenal. The same is probably the case with Kaka, but what the heck we have Fabregas, he outshone Kaka last time didn’t he ?

  30. OK, so either this is the most tongue-in-cheek article I have read in a while, or you Arsenal fans are seriously over-estimating the stature of your club. Let me just put it like this: There’s a reason why Flamini left you for Milan, and why Adebayor is doing the same now. Arsenal is a big club, but this is AC Milan we are talking about. Milan have won more international trophies than any other club in the world. They have the best training facilities in the world. A stadium that holds 85 000 people. A famous shirt that has been worn by more than just a few of the greatest players in the history of football. Most players would jump at the chance of joining this club, even if it means playing in the UEFA Cup next season.

    You’d never have a chance of signing Kaká. He has rejected massive offers from both Real Madrid and Chelsea in order to stay at Milan, and states on a regular basis that he has no intentions of leaving. He knows how unique Milan is, and that as a professional football player, you can’t do much better than playing for them.

    Ronaldinho, on the other hand, I think would be a good signing for you. Unfortunately he doesn’t want to play in England though.

  31. Fabregas and Kaka similar players? Jesus you’re one delluded retard.

    The article only talks about Kaka and Ronnie since we just happen to be dealing with AC Milan and Barcelona with Ade and Hleb. Since it looks like the one season wonder is going to Milan then getting Kaka for 20 mill would be excellent business. Kaka, unlike half of our team seems to be loyal to Milan.

    And Ronaldinho is completely washed up now. If he can’t get motivated at Barcelona then Wenger has no chance. He’s like Thierry, he’s just past it.

    Keep dreaming, we’ll have to do with a completely over-rated and over-priced Arse Shaving.

  32. Oh Tom!

    Why don’t you just suck all the effin fun out of the blog fella!

    I’m sure the writer was taking the piss about kaka, although Milan’s debts are no laughing matter. Them fuckers are skint and only still operating coz they get bailed out by the corrupt twats in Italy (including their patron El Presidente Berlusconi), just as Real have been continually helped out by the Spanish Government.

    Ooh the dodgy bastards!

  33. Well all know Kaka and Ronnie are never going to happen, but there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun! And it would be nice to stir things for a chance instead of the cunts at Milan and Barca tapping up our players in the press.

    But then again Arsenal have class.

    I laugh when United complained about Real Madrid and Ronaldo, Fergie is the biggest twat of them all!

    Does anyone know how much Kaka is on at Milan? And Henry for that matter? I’d like to know whether Henry is earning more at Barca these days, because he was on a decent wage at Arsenal.

  34. I’m a Brazilian gooner and I always laugh at clueless gooners like you who type a sentence like “why doesn’t AW just go for Kaka and Ronaldinho?” like it’s the equivalent of saying “why doesn’t AW just go for a walk in the park?”

    The fact that there are gooners out there who expect this to even be a realistic idea just demonstrates how truly ignorant they are.

    You obviously know NOTHING about these players.

    What makes you think Milan would EVER release Kaka? For any price?

    Even if they did, Kaka DOESN’T WANT to leave Milan. He’s said many times he wants to retire there — you have NO clue how deeply and emotionally connected Kaka is to Milan. Ignoramuses of the world would say “oh but if offered enuf money” but those idiots know NOTHING about Kaka. You could offer him double what Real Madrid are offering Cronaldo, he won’t leave Milan unless the club themselves choose to release him. Even now, with Milan in the UEFA cup, he is totally committed to Milan.

    And Arsenal don’t have the kind of money that would ever induce him anyway.

    Kaka has turned down HUGE MONEY offers from Chelsea and Real Madrid, the kind of monay Wenger will never have — what the HELL makes you even think he’d accept an offer from cash-strapped Arsenal?


    We are NOT Milan or Real Madrid or Chelsea or Man United — WE DON’T HAVE THEIR MONEY.


    As for Dinho — there is NO way he’s coming to England (let alone the hilarious idea of him going to Man City!). He has ZERO interest in coming to England. There is a SLIGHT SLIGHT possibility that Felipao may use his influence to convince him to go to Chelsea. For that to happen, Chelsea would not only have to offer him megamoney (200,000 a week), but Felipao would have to work incredibly hard for weeks to convince him. And even then, he most probably would never come. Dinho does not find England attractive AT ALL. He’s holding out for Milan (he’d take Real Madrid or Inter but they’re not interested). He doesn’t like English football.

    Dinho wants 200,000 a week! WHERE DO YOU THINK ARSENAL CAN GET THAT MONEY for a 28 year old?

    Also, how can you possibly want a player known for his indiscipline, his frequent partying, his constant lateness for training?

    Geezus, you people are so totally out of step with reality it boggles the mind!

  35. Before you get your panties in a twist harper, read the article again. It clearly mentions the crazy wages both of these players would demand.

    Or did you miss that in your hissy fit?

    Why don’t you worry about more important things like world famine or war. Getting all worked up is just going to set off your angina.

    I do have to laugh that you explained the wage demands in length though, even though everyone on the planet knows it and the article even states it.

    And don’t make me laugh about loyalty! Would Kaka still be there if Milan got relegated? Loyalty doesn’t existing in todays game, and money talks.

  36. Saying you are Brazilian, is that to give the impression you must know how Kaka and your mate Dinho think?

    Jeeeeezuzzzz! What is it with people taking themselves sooooo dam serious?

    Do we really need internerds giving us chapter and verse about the logisitical nightmare of trying to sign some goofy teethed samba sap.

  37. Arsenal show time and again that all of the players who are so ridiculously expensive aren’t worth it.

  38. milans stadium might be able to hold 85 thousand but it rarely gets 30 thousand, apart from those who came to see arsenal last season

  39. Like some of your other bloggs have said:-

    A player may cost £20m and signs a 4 year deal at £5m a year. Therefore the player actually costs the club £40m. Too expensive IMO

    In Arsene we trust.

  40. the whole proposal seems like its written by a kid playing too much championship manager. Seriously? c’mon why even suggest sumthin like this, its not realistic, managers kno these types of players are 10000 times harder to land which is while deals of such callibre rarely take place. A deal such as this isnt even in question and never will be.


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