I Just Can’t Listen To Arsene Wenger Anymore

Before all the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade jump aboard and have a go I do realise what the great man has done for the club, of course I do. He is the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history. He has transformed us into an mediocre side into one of the biggest four teams in the Premier League.

But some of things he comes out with are so ridiculous.

I’m not sure who his PR man is, but he’s not doing a very good job.

Arsene has come out and said he doesn’t know why he’s under pressure to buy a £40 million player.

Who the hell has actually said they want Arsene to spend that on a single player?

He said:

“It is not one player who makes a difference. It is up to us as a team to show personality, strength and belief. If we can find one more, we will do it, if not we will not limit our ambitions because of it.

“I do not know why we are always under pressure to buy £30m or £40m players.

“I am under pressure to buy good players – it is as simple as that. And good players are not always necessarily linked with the price.”

Talk about getting all defensive.

I’m sorry Arsene. We’re so sorry for putting you under so much pressure to buy a £40 million player. Because obviously the rumours of Messi and Kaka joining Arsenal won’t go away.

And talking about the team showing personality, strength and belief – I failed to see any of those things against Fulham at the weekend and the first match against FC Twente. Along with our paper-thin squad, we don’t have any desire on the pitch.

Am I the only one who thinks that a central midfield of Emmanuel Eboue and Denilson isn’t good enough to challenge for honours? Am I the only one who realises injuries are part of the game? Last January was a glaring example of how close the title was – just another player (no, not at £40 million) with a bit of experience would of helped.

I don’t want Robinho, I don’t want Ronaldo.

I just want half decent replacements for the players that have left, and Arsene can do that without breaking the bank. I don’t have specific examples, but with a scouting structure as good as Arsenal’s he should be able to pick out a few players. We’ve lost Gilberto, Lehmann, Hleb, Flamini, Diarra, Hoyte and Senderos, and the only player of quality that’s been brought in is Nasri, who is still very young.

And if you can’t get decent replacements, then why let them go!

You don’t have to be a genius to see it doesn’t add up.

I also don’t get the signing of light-bulb head. Arsene talks about bringing in experience yet he releases Gilberto, who has been there and done that. This is a player who won the World Cup and is a fantastic professional.

Let me say this though: I hope I am completely wrong.

I hope Arsenal fight for all the major honours and Arsene Wenger has the last laugh. I hope I look like a complete idiot as the season comes to a close. I hope come May I get put in my place, and get a torrent of abuse because I couldn’t see the forthcoming success. Unfortunately all the antics over the summer and the performances this season haven’t given me much confidence for the campaign ahead. And the signings of Silvestre and Bischoff just scream of desperation but Arsene will tell us all that “this season, we have the same numbers as last year”.

So that makes it okay then.

It doesn’t matter if the ‘numbers’ brought in are crocks and can’t even play for us. What the hell is going on?

The only saving grace tonight is that McClaren is completely shite at qualifying for major tournaments.

I’m going for a lie down.


137 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Listen To Arsene Wenger Anymore

  1. great blog. you arsene knows best brigade need to wake up and stop sticking your head in the sand. hes lied all summer to us we was promised some experienced players and weve got silverstre….wow. he said he was selling no one else has hes sold hoyte and senderos. weve lost 10 players this year and brought 4. with a small squad anyway thats a joke. were all arsenal supporters and love the club but weve all got different scales of tollerence and i dont see why we should have to put up with this crap any longer.

  2. I have to admit that I have been left totally flat by our transfer dealings so far.

    I have no problem with the players we let go, but everyone can see we are crying out for an experienced head in the middle of the park.

    It is a shame because I think if get the right person in we could really acheive something this year.

  3. I totally agree with this post mate…and no, you’re not the only one who is growing very tired of the constant stream of gibberish coming from the manager.

    If people are happy for us to constantly “compete” for 4th place in the league and annual qualification for the Champions League gravy train, then I suppose they don’t have much to complain about.

    For those of us who expect more from Arsenal, like perhaps a team worthy of playing in our stadium and who might challenge for honours more consistently, then IMO there is much to complain about.

    I too hope I’m wrong.

  4. As crap as Arsenal’s start has been, I am convinced Wenger can win this season. Arsenal have had rubbish starts before. In 2002/03 there was a home defeat to Leeds for pete’s sake. And with this being the 20th anniversay of the 88/89 season, remember that the second game of that was a 3-2 loss to Aston Villa.
    Remember also that Wenger has gone 3 seasons without winning anything before at Arsenal. Seasons 99, 00 and 01 were trophy-less but that ended with the double.
    It will be something to gloat about if all the kids, Bischoff, Walcott and all, win the league or CL when everyone else is spending criminal amounts of money.

  5. Maybe you should ‘reading’ Wenger’s comments and start listening. In which case you would know his response was related to jounos asking him about Robinho and Berbatov and how our biggest rivals are shelling out huge money for them. In this context his comments are fine.


  6. I completely agree with you on this. Bollocks to all the AKB’s, i am sorry but on this one it really looks like Wenger has actually gone mental. How can they say we don’t need to sign anyone else. We have signed a bunch of players either still in or just out of the huggies playroom yet this team is meant to challenge for honours? The only player, arguably, that we have replaced adequately is Hleb with Nasri. I couldn’t agree more with the Gilberto comment. We lost Flamini why didn’t we keep Gilberto at least then we would still have a defensive midfielder. Eboue and Denilson should not be allowed to play in the middle together ever again (it should be made illegal, for me that’s worse than drink driving) but wait a minute why was Eboue playing in the middle anyway, wan’t it Wenger that said he was a winger? Maybe now he doesn’t even believe what he is saying!

  7. I agree with the article one hundred percent. What I do not understand is why there still so many “Arsene knows” blind bats out there. Talk about delusional.

  8. Spot on “me” – we need to get behind the manager and the team.

    But have no fear, the team and manager won’t hear this internet warrior tonight as he will be watching the match from the safety of his home – another plastic fan mouthing off.

    The REAL fans understand the pressure that plastics like you are putting on the manager

    Support your team!

  9. As a lifetime gooner I too am worried about the statements Arsene has been making, mosy notably we were to have a new midfielder for “certain” before the Twente game. Can you see it???

  10. In previous seasons, I’d be calling you a pessimist right now; but this time i totally agree. Last season, we lost Henry and for a while there was a sense of it being ‘all over’, but there was optimism too. We knew Hleb could contribute well, and we knew that Arsene knew. Adebayor, Sagna, Eduardo and Flamini all perfomred brilliantly and not many a gooner expected it. But this time around, I cant see where these surprises will come from. Yes Nasri is good player and he really could be great before long. However I cant believe that a year ago central midfield was with out doubt the deepest area of our squad, now it is the weakest and absolutely nothing has been done about it.

    I agree with you, we are heading for unchartered waters, 4 seasons with out a trophy is something that has never happened in my life time (21 years) let alone Arsene’s tenure. If this is the case I still wont stop supporting Arsene, but i fear that he will ‘know’ when the road has ended.

  11. If you want to channel your anger. Do it at the Board.

    They will not give Arsene the money to do anything. Arsene knows if he admits what we all know Cesc will leave.

    No top player wants to play for a club which has no ambition. There will plenty of empty seats tonight.

    Danny Fiszman sell up to Red and White NOW.

  12. wenger has just this season to prove all his bs … fail this season and it will bring about his departure, and about time too the useless cunt – all he’s done since the invincibles is undermine the club and weaken the squad. bring back george graham.


  14. topgunpires…..no one wants 30 or 40 million pound players….we dont expect that but when we lose 3 players in midfield like flamini,diarra,gilberto and he dont replace anyone of them and gives us denilsson thats why we think wenger knows SHIT

  15. Good Article
    shame that the first person to answer is another in blinkers that feel that if you point out the obvious ,, it is Whinging

    all those who have nothing but praise and are puuting their heads in the sand when it comes to Wenger are living in a dream world

    Fact is you need supporters like me and the person that wrote the article cos if we had not supported the club through the dross of the 70’s , 80’s you would be now supporting Man Utd or Chelsea

    In fact it is supporters like you we could do without,

  16. Wenger is screwing us!!! The man has lost his drive and hunger to win trophies, he’s showing no ambition whatsoever to compete with the big boys for honours !

    He should move upstairs or just leave, we’re going nowhere the way he’s running the club.

  17. i do blame alot of this at the board but over the years hill-wood has come out and stated theres money for wenger and said they would back him within reason for anyone he wants….so whos to blame i dont think really anyone knows apart from wenger and the board.
    maybe the board know there eventually will be have a take over bid from the russian so there reluctant top spend alot of cash because they wouldnt get it back

  18. fair play m8, i must admit my first reaction is usually to lament people who just moan and moan but to be fair some good points.

    I know a couple of the signings were made for the right reasons at the time but looking at it now we never should have let diarra go. he could have come in during the difficult period and stabilized things. Also, looking back, paying flamini 70k a week seems cheap considering that we may have to pay millions for a midfielder.

    But overall lets not forget:

    Its only 1 lose and we had virtually the whole squad out all week on international duty so they had very little time to prepare. Lets not judge until after newcastle on saturday.

  19. I am in two minds about this as I believe our squad, despite being young do have the quality to achieve big things. The likes of Diaby, Denilson, Walcott should be stepping up their game and playing regularly. However, I think one good, experienced defensive midfielder would improve us no end. Why did we let Gilberto go for 1 million? Isn’t he what every arsenal fan is now crying out for, an experienced midfielder? But at the same time, whinging about arsene doesn’t help. We should focus our efforts on gettign behind the gunners. Come on the arsenal!

  20. Even Mr Wenger knows we need an experienced central midfielder, certainly one aged abt 25yrs and of better quality than Diaby. Wait just prior to the transfer window closing.

  21. wenger has made some strange decisions though.
    transfers have been his strong point in the respect that he can turn an unknown player to a class player but this doesnt mean he has to attempt it every summer!! we need class! look at when rioch bought bergkamp for then alot of money, did that work out???
    david villa has issued a come and get me plea and that was ignored, imagine villa up there with adebayor and van persie drifting in!?!!
    we actually gave steve bruce a tip off to buy wilson palacios after a trial at arsenal, did anybody see him against chelsea?!?! who would of liked him in the arsenal team – desire, aspiration to succeed – what we are lacking right now.
    problem is i think our players are letting it all go to their heads with constant praise from wenger, they need experienced quality players to look up to and in gallas we DO NOT have that.
    things need to change and i believe this season is make or break for wenger and a number of our players.
    i hope we get it right…

  22. im with you..good post…exactly what i wanna ASK wenger, he is the best we got though, and in any case i think…jus think, the board has something to do with it all…arsene would love to bring a 40M player, which manager wouldnt? its all to do with the board…they have intelligently made the ‘anger taking’ part of wenger’s job and role…do you lots not see it? they are jus diverting all the shit towards him…

    come on, if abromanovich was the owner of arsenal, and gave wenger 100million+ will wenger still be sayin…aww i love the kids…they will win the cup? not in this world…no…see it people…its the board

  23. were only whinging guys to get the board and managers attention to the fact they have let us down over the summer with fruitless promises. im arsenal til i die and i will behind them lads on that pitch all the way who ever plays. dont worry about that

  24. come on, if abromanovich was the owner of arsenal, and gave wenger 100million+ will wenger still be sayin…”aww i love the kids…they will win the cup?” not in this world…no…see it people… ARSENAL BOARD IS THE REAL CULPRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I have never come across anybody as bad as Wenger for talking so much and give so many sound bites to the tabs and at the same time saying absolutely nothing substantive. Bottom line since the year of “The Invincibles” we have sold a lot of seasoned pros and bought very little to replace them with. We have become a tight arsed club and are now starting to reap what has been club policy for the past five years.
    The type of players that we buy in are invariably weak and injury prone and our new signing Amaury Bischoff has made us a laughing stock altogether. We have been told that moving to a new stadium has left us cash strapped yet we paid Wenger four and a half million last year the top managerial wage in Britain. Might go a long way to explaining why he is toeing the line with the board. Time to earn your corn Mr. Wenger.

  26. ARSENE loves his ARSENAL, he wants to be here when a billionaire takes over to show the world what he can do…imagine with all the money, the best manager and the best players???? we’ll be back on again guys….support wenger and the team for now…stay with em!!!

  27. come on, if abromanovich was the owner of arsenal, and gave wenger 100million+ will wenger still be sayin…”aww i love the kids…they will win the cup?” not in this world…no…see it people… ARSENAL BOARD IS THE REAL CULPRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ARSENE loves his ARSENAL, he wants to be here when a billionaire takes over to show the world what he can do…imagine with all the money, the best manager and the best players???? we’ll be back on again guys….support wenger and the team for now…stay with em!!!

    im sorry i jus want people to know the truth…its not wenger’s fault…

  28. “Mark” – you’re either a troll or an idiot.

    Wenger has on several occasions admitted that the Board has provided ample funds to spend.

    If you want primary evidence, have a butcher’s at the AST’s analysis of Arsenal’s accounts – the Club’s finances are perfectly healthy and we have money to spend if the manager wishes to spend it.

    If you want to support a Rich Boy’s Plaything, owned 100% by some dodgy oligarch – well, I suggest you take the district line to a station called “Fulham Broadway”.

    As for this article, I’m generally of the belief that Wenger’s teams eventually prove everyone wrong. However, at present I cannot hide some big concerns. After the partial collapse of the ’98 side, we were at least able to re-strengthen with Henry, Pires and Sol Campbell coming in – and, most importantly, STAYING. These days we lose players every summer and often fail to replace them.

    By all means let’s support our talented young side (and yes, I’ll be at the game tonight – Block 6 – come and say hello) – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have reason to be very concerned about the opening three showings of the season. Two may have been wins, but the performances overall were far from convincing.

  29. Whats happennin is, the board doesnt want to spend much on players/ salary to get maximum profits when they sell…any accountants/financial advisors here??? im…trust me thats what is goin on…thats why they dont spend…arsenal is RICH fellows…the shareholders want maximum profit and are happy to play with this squad….


  30. Let’s just go through who we’ve lost
    Gilberto – he just took stick every time he played last season
    Lehmann – you sure Almunias isn’t his equal?
    Hleb – the first sign of money and he fled a great example of the loyal player
    Flamini – the only real loss
    Diarra – what a joke, he moaned about being left out after three weeks Hoyte – you’d play him instead of who?
    Senderos – a player who almost on his own cost us enough points to win the title last season.
    Times like this we just need quit whingeing and get behind the team

  31. Arsene’s transfers dealim=nhs this close season are bollocks. He brought in 4 french players, 2 of whom are injured and 1 is in the reserves. Nasri is the only half decent player. Our squad is being weakened by the season. Only Toure and Clichy remain from the unbeaten season.

    Almunia isn’t good enough, Gallas is a wuss that can’t defend and the rest of our squad arn’t tring hard enough (with the exception of a few). Plus when a player gets injured he’s out for ages. Arsene needs to spend on a few new players ( no crocked ones or reserves)

    Great post by the way.

  32. what r u complaining about?? diaby will b back from injry,fabregas is back,song will b fit,bichoff will b fit in 6 weeks and rosicky will b fit soon along with nasri and denilson that makes 7 mids and im sure we’ll have a DM soon as wenger is no fool so i think, that all u niegh sayers should shut up and support the team already!!!

  33. JULIAN, well said, jus that the whiners love arsenal and want arsenal to win every season, we werent far away last season…if wenger can do that with kids..imagine once arsenal is sold and have huge transfer money what wenger can do?

    LET GO TODAY TO WIN TOMORROW (for loyal fans)
    if you wanna taste victory today, go to manure or scumbags…cheers, thanks for your support…(not pointed at anyone, jus those who want to taste victory today and now)

  34. Arsene is under a lot of pressure. we are not owned by a rich scumbag(thank god) who dosent bother about money and wants instant success(e.g shinawatra, roman et al) so having huge signings is really out of our budget but we’ll surely buy an exp player or two(i really do hope)

  35. Alot of you are missing the point here. This is not a criticism of Arsenal FC but of our manager. `Do I want success “today and now” – you better believe it!!! When I began supporting the gunners Bertie Mee was in charge – he too had to face his critics and he was first to win the double!! Our club is only loaned out to these managers and players for a short time – we are the real lifeblood of the club and YES we do have the right to complain if we feel something is wrong!

  36. fact of the matter is that if we trounce Twente 4-0 2nite with irresitable football all of u moaners will be celebrating how good a manager wenger is. ur all such fickle fans have a little faith.

  37. ABHISHEK, those who want success now and don’t want to wait for the kids to grow arn’t glory hunters. Although im pretty patient there comes a time (say…4years without winning anything) when we want some silverware. Many of the fans support the club, not just to watch the best football around but, for some success. Wining titles gets you better players, which in turn gets more titles. Its about damn time that the trophy cabinet is re-opened.

    Plus if a foreign investor buys us, which i think Wenger is against anyway, we will be in massive debt like ‘pool, mancs and chavski. We already have to pay for the new stadium as it is.

  38. if no-one else comes in then i really think wenger has lost the plot, he’s way to stubborn, makes stupid errors and won’t own up to it. Very good at moaning to the fourth official like its all someone else’s fault.

  39. we need to play a game best suited to beating our oponents.
    we beat west brom then went to fulham thinking we could play the same and get away with a win but it dont work that way.
    i think we will beat twente tonight but i hope we dont let it go to our heads and think we can just stroll past newcastle.
    we lack an ability to adapt to different styles of play, to beat those hard tackling ‘in your face’ teams.
    wenger is a great tacticion but needs to expand his intelligence to playing a style best suited to beating our opponents in each individual game.
    come on arsenal! realise your potential to beat teams in any style!

  40. So Harris we “should shut up and support the team”. I have been a season ticket holder for the past 30 years through thick and thin. But I will not blindly give my loyalty to a manger and board who have disgracefully let the best supporters in England down by being too miserly to buy two substantial players a year.
    Every year the Wenger Knows brigade spout the same claptrap about waiting for players to mature and waiting for players to come back from injury. Has it never dawned on you morons that we have been waiting for the starlets for the past five years (Walcott anybody!) that we tend to have more players in the first aid room than on the pitch( Rosicky and Bischoff anybody!).
    We lost the league last year because our panel was not strong enough. So what do we do this year? We reduce it substantially!. The reason we have had a shit start is because the likes of the much derided Eboue (who had a great first year at right back) was played last year wide on the right and this year in central midfield. The Fulham midfield last week wiped the floor with us.
    But of course everything will be well when Fabregas comes back. And what if he gets injured again. Reality bites!!!

  41. You pay your money your intitled to an opinion. I am absolutely pissed off with the transfers this summer and I am worried we are only going to finish top half.

    That proformance at Fulham was the worse I have seen since Bolton away 6 years ago. Abeybayor didn’t want to know. Double his wages we should have halved them. Eboue can’t stay on his feet for more than ten yards get touched and he’s over. Then he starts to overreact. Sale the C***. Should have keep Hoyte and sold him. Gallas is a shit captain could notivate himself let alone the team.

    As we sang to George Graham in the nineties ” Arsene get your cheque book out.”

    I don’t pay a grand a season to watch a nursery club for the Spanish teams.

  42. JD gooner, mate, fair enough, but we should also see whats goin on behind the screen, yea, wenger is in charge and has the responsibility…but i believe he is only the parrot for the board…they wont let him budge, why do you think dein quit? ’cause of the ‘board’…they are the M.Fcukers…Peter hill wood, is happy to have his chest filled with money…doesnt give a shit about winnin a league… as long as wenger finishes 3rd, he gets his profits, he is happy is peter. and so goes for the rest of the shareholders…why do you think our shares are THE most expensive?…i dont have to say more…

  43. STU mate, i see your point, but trust me, wenger wont let arsenal go into debt…he’ll manage us perfect and will have the freedom to buy, unlike peter’s and other shareholders’ restrictions now…

    they jus dont wanna spend as they can make higher profits by not buying… yea of course 4 years without silver is shit…but, we gotto make sure the BOARD hears this…they are fooling us by making us point at wenger… mate, if it was any other manager, he’d have said ‘fcuk foo’ and packed his bag

  44. Abhishek – the only problem with your thesis is that, unless I’m mistaken, the Board don’t actually claim dividends on their shareholdings.

    Oh and another problem – Hill Wood owns a tiny proportion of the Club.

    And another one – share prices increase with greater success and greater revenue.

    And finally – if they only cared about lining their pockets, they would sell out at huge prices to Usmanov. Let’s be honest – these people, H-W especially, are getting on a bit. Pure self-interest would lead them to sell out and buy a chunk of a Caribbean island.

  45. For the 1st time ever i am questioning Wenger, I hope we do sign someone and hope the preformance improve, squad looks thin, 2 big games coming up, come on Arsenal

  46. we lost to fulham because the players seems to be tired from international friendlies. Like he said he had only two players on training ground two days before the game. Stop worrying and just watch. Nothing we can do anyway. Anyway, it still early to say anything at all.

  47. JULIAN mate,
    Hill wood’s tiny portion will get him enormous profits and cash when they sell…how do you know usmonov is ready with cash to buy today? or anyone else? it takes time

    about dividends, they are not worried, dividends are only a small amounts…which arsenal didnt pay out last year anyway…they with held that money jus so if they decide to sell this year the dividend proposed to be paid will be included in the price, where in the buyer of arsenal will play…you understand what i mean?

    and share prises increase if you r ANNUAL report shows good business performance…doesnt worry if you have trophies…only depends if you are making real profits, your debt to equity ratio, current rations and other probablity ratios,

    i hope i have answered your query…

  48. JULIAN…did i say probablity ration? lol been doin engineering maths lately…sorry, profitability ratios…sorry for my typo mate…

  49. Oh! please Joel get real. If there is nothing worse than the usual lame excuses of our supposedly injured players and waiting for the starlets to come of age it’s the old chessnut of an excuse often trottted out by Wenger that the players are tired after the international tours of duty!!
    Most of them never broke sweat in these meaningless games. How come Chelsea and United seemed to have had no problem winning after the international break. But just like our constantly injured players we seem to have too many soft players whom it doesn’t take much to knock them out of their stride.

  50. The Arsenal Board are rubbing their hands. They charge the most and spend the least. We average just under a million pounds per year, less than club like Stoke. If we really want to be a big club and win things, we
    have to buy some class players, and mix it with some young talent. Not rocket science is it ?. All you Arsene Ass Lickers, you obviously are happy not winning things and you can all fuck off to another club, because us true Gooners want to be WINNERS !!!!

  51. i agree weve never asked them to break the bank just strengthen the team , yet they release two kits and charge a fortune for season tickets and tell us about new signings that wont ever happen so we will break the bank! maybe the russian business men are incharge already oh no its still hillwood

  52. AW’s biggest problem is that he has not adapted in a positive manner to the post abramovich era that we are now in. i think it has deeply affected his ability, his judgement and his confidence in the transfer market. he is a control freak who is in control of every aspect of the club from training (pat rice has admitted that he is the most overpaid cone and ball collecter in world football) to the cutlery that the players use to the transfer wheelings and dealings. this is too much for any man. in the past we had david dein handling transfers. now AW has/wants to do it all. i think this has affected his judgement in that players like diarra and flamini have been allowed to leave. flamini should never have been allowed to play in the shop window without signing a new contract. look how wiltord and edu were phased out and rotted in the reserves.

    it is very frustrating that we are told one thing only for the club and AW to go against their words. i would rather they said nothing. no-one knows what goes on behind the scenes. i have been told by a friend who works in banking and who handles arsenal’s finances that the AFC finance director told him that we are the most cash rich club in the premier league and can afford to buy anyone we want but that AW will not pay more for a player than he thinks he is worth. i cannot argue with that but to overpay a little to bring in experienced tough players to cope with the physical and demanding rigours of the prem league is a must as these kids are not up to dealing with the tough bully boys on a cold winter’s night.

    last year our problem was a lack of depth of squad and too many inexperienced players. this season we have even more younger and more inexperienced players. 4th place will be tough. and if this carries on then i will not blame cesc for leaving next summer.

  53. RAGGY, LMAO, ROFL…how old are you? 14? hahahaha….you can go support the scumbags and manure…you got no idea have you? lol…you are funny you poor ol’kid…come back to supporting arsenal in 3years…bye

  54. If you think the board want poor results, an empty stadium and the lost revenues that go with that, think again.

    If you think Fat & Orange are looking for anything other than an investment return think again. That fat russian twat didn’t get to be a billionaire by spending more than he draws out. He’s not Abramavich. He’s a self confessed Manure fan for gods sake.

    Sure Wenger could have brought into the squad and appears to be gambling with youth and crocked stars, but he’s closer to the team than anyone else. Sure I’d love to sign another DB10. Sure i’d love to see the apparent holes in CM and CB filled. But I trust the manager and I trust the board. If the season ends in failure, lets look again. For now, In Arsene I trust.

  55. One of the erroneous assumptions Arsene is making is that because last year was better than the year before, this year will be better than last year. Just because last year’s margin was 4 points, it doesnt mean that this year it will be closer. Every year every team starts on a clean slate. Arsene mustnt forget that sometimes we need to improve a lot just to maintain our position, not to mention that we want to better our position.

    Don’t forget other teams, even Man U and Chelsea, are also improving….

  56. SLG in regards to the fulham game ermmm adebayor was dire but rvp or theo’s names were much more worth a mention ,all we had to do was put high balls into the box for ade but no one was interested ,theo stood on the wing fingering his own ass as usual

  57. guys, spending money is beyond arsene…do you lot not think he’d buy if he was given real money….the board jus sayin it all to keep our anger focus on our manager…

    dont think im arsene’s ass licker…its the truth…we miss the real culprit which is the board…and concentrate on complaining about our manager who loves arsenal…

    media loves this shit….

  58. the fact that AW keeps on talking walcott up suggests to me that he knows he is not good enough. i accept he is young but he came into the game late and does not have the one key thing to succeed, a footballing brain. his decision making is poor and he will never cut it at the highest level.

    RVP has shown glimpses of brilliance in the past but recent performances show he has not progressed. it is impossible to replace DB10 and PV4 but it is these sorts of players that we need right now. who would line up in the tunnel against us and be scared these days???

  59. I think the Alonso deal will go through after Liverpool qualify for the group stages. It’s not just down to Arsenal wanting to buy – Liverpool have to be ready to sell too.

  60. Is Arsene lying to us or is he playing a game with the press and other managers/clubs? Everybody knows that as soon as Arsenal are interested in a player so is everyone else and the price gets jacked up. This is why our signing are usually out of the blue. Silvestre for example, how many clubs in the premiership woud have been in for him if they knew he was available for less than a mil? Wenger has to be snide. We always do our business late to get the best price. I am confident we will sign someone in midfield but Wenger is just playing his transfer game, and I think by now our fans would have be aware of his tactics. Do you want Arsene to come out and go “we are buying….” like madrid do then look like a***holes when the price goes sky high and they don’t get their man? Thought not. Be patient it will come!!!

  61. i think arsene is the best manager in england but our chairman is one of the weakest performers over the last couple years compared to the broke yanks at liverpool and the russian and the yank manc

  62. Great blog & I too am distraught at events at my beloved Arsenal.
    Wenger is on a personal crusade that is seriously damaging our once great club – No CL qualification at the end of the season & where does that leave us. As for those labelling anyone with a dissenting voice as “plastic” need to wake up & get real.
    Saturdays performance was a disgrace & its been coming for ages. Your talk is cheap Arsene & offensive to the loyal followers of this club.
    Look in the mirror Arsene – BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.
    In Gallas we fail!!!

  63. Fans that agree with this blog are a disgrace… Lapping it up when times are good and slagging off the manager when it goes the other way.

    Shove it the lot of you

  64. If everybody with a single voice could let the club know that we absolutely reject the idea that we need anymore signings and that this squad will certainly win the CL and the PL this season. Write on every blog and to every sports news editor that this midfield of Eboue and Denilson is superb and an able back-up for Cesc and whoever AW chooses. State categorically that we DO NOT want or need any superstars at our club. How on earth could Kaka be an improvement on Eboue or Villa come anywhere close to Bendtner? In fact let them all know that we in fact have too many players, hence the cull this season. Then and only then will Arsene get his chequebook out.

  65. chelsea and manu players were also tired i believe. but they can win because they know how to. arsenal has somehow lost this ability. teams like wigan and fulham now fight harder and arsenal as a team, doesn’t seem to have a answer. are they even motivated to win in the first place? or have they already lost confidence in the manager or the squad? i sure hope that i will be proven wrong come the end of the season when arsenal is challenging all on fronts. but will they come short again? i seriously believe that manu with berbatov and the current chelsea squad are way too good. they have been there and done it. just giving my 2cents’ worth.

  66. what i love are these moronic fans that leave 5 mins early to avoid the rush and give every player being subbed a standing ovation. it is morons like this that comprise the arsene knows brigade. god forbid you moan about a player’s lack of hunger or criticise their shocking performances. i pay my money, i am entitled to cheer when we play well but i am also entitled to moan when i am not happy. that is what going to football has always been about. historically it was for the working man to get away from his life for a few hours once a week and take his mind off his troubles. if he wants to slag the players off he is allowed to. he pays his money. nowadays we all pander to the prawn cocktail brigade who know nothing of the history of being a fan let alone an arsenal fan. they follow the team blindly because we have had some recent success but cannot see the inherent problems the club faces in this day and age. shame on them.

  67. Although I agre with most points in your article, I really don’t care what Arsene says.

    What I do care about however, is what he does in terms of formulating a squad which can compete at the CL and EPL levels and challenge for trophies.

    Getting new players is no guarantee of trophies, but his lack of experienced acquisitions compared to the number of players who have left this year makes us thinner in terms of quality than last season.

    Arsene himself has said he made a mistake last season by not strengthening the squad during the January transfer window and that we lost because injuries decimated a thin squad. Having publicly recognizing his error, how does he justify repeating the same error this season?

    Has Arsene lost the plot? I don’t know, but his actions and not his words leaves me with great anxiety for the upcoming battle.

  68. Maybe having a shit start to the season might actually mean we are stronger at the business end, rather the other way around.

  69. his words are empty rhetoric and hold no weight when we can see how he has contradicted himself over the last 2 years. not sure if it is the board tying his hands behind his back but he is looking like a complete idiot these days and his actions need to be scrutinised and challenged

  70. Those who think the board is holding him back and stopping him strengthening the squad must be seriously deluded!

    Wenger IS the borad, he’s the real guv’nor and for the record AW staded numerous time is against the take over!

    Wake up people….WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  71. I am soooooo glad that there are hundreds nee thousands of fellow gooners pissed off out there……I feel like a complete knob after being conned by AW yet again this summer..he does it every year yet every summer we buy the papers, scroll cefax every hour, watch skysportsnews and get bugger all for the thousand odd quit we spend on season tickets.
    I have TWO questions for everyone out there:

    1) AW had teams that scared the opposition with the likes of Overmars, Viera, Wright, Adams, Seaman, Henry, Pires , Bergkamp etc…
    We had won many games in the tunnel i think Viera once said… Apart from Fabregas ( he is only 21 remember) , do we have ANYONE who scares Man Utd, Chelski or the Scousers? or even the Spuds?
    If anyone says Adebayor or Gallas i will check in to the Priory..lol

    2) We all know AW spending( or lack of it) policy….does anyone think he would have paid money to sign the greatest Arsenal player ( my opinion) , Dennis Bergkamp from Inter? Bruce Rioch signed DB!!!!!
    I think if we are all blinker free and totally honest…we know that he wouldnt have! That sums AW ego in a nutshell!

    I think the answers to these questions alone should lead to the depature of AW…Thank god for Arsene, we won the FA cup on penalties after being spanked by Man Utd in normal time or me thinks it would have been bon voyage Monsieur Wenger a while ago..

  72. ZC. I think you speak sense. It’s too easy to divide people by calling them pro or anti Wenger. I haven’t met anyone at the games who is anti Wenger at all. But now that even those who somehow believe the man is incapable of a bad judgement call are agreeing that what he says bears no relation to what happens I am wondering. If we can’t believe what he says then the team’s results are really the only meter of where we are and where we are going. All I can say is, so be it as we will not have too long to wait to see how this all pans out will we?

  73. Lets face it we have no money. They have to pretend in public that they have money BUT they dont! Fact.

    Football is business – so think of arsenal as a company. It cant come out and say we have no cash, mounting debts, a stadium falling in value and a load of expensive flats that we cant sell (P.s. please buy our shares)!

    Ignore all the cack you hear in the media. We cant take risks and monney is too tight to do much in the market. Lets just hope we keep qualifying for the champs league.

  74. If a “sugar daddy” suddenly arrived at Arsenal with a £100 million war chest – Do any of you believe Wenger would spend it??? NOT A CHANCE.
    He is on a personal crusade to prove a point.
    As previously mentioned Wenger would never have signed DB10 in a million years.

  75. all this ‘Ive been lied to!!’ business is pathetic. When will people realise that AW makes comments in public not for the fans, but for his players and for other clubs. So when he says ‘Im not gonna buy another defender’, he’s telling his defenders ‘ I trust you’. When he says ‘Barry interests me’, he means ‘you other clubs like liverpool, don’t try and have me over a barrel about your player, because I have plenty of options so I aint gonna pay over the price.’ When he says ‘Im happy with our squad’, he means ‘I truth the guys Ive got here (but I have been trying to get someone in)’

    It is not, nor should it be, Arsene’s job to keep molly-coddling fans who seem to spend half their lives dissing him on the internet. Stop taking his comments are face-value, they’re not aimed at us, so get your head out of your *sses and for once try and read between the lines. It’s not rocket science.

  76. GOOnerP. Neither you nor I know whether there is any money so assuming there isn’t and calling it a FACT is not really relevant. I understand that you do not think there is any money and that you likely base this on the lack of spending. Yet the accounts including the figures for the property holdings do not bear this out. It’s always easy to back engineer ideas to fit a situation. I have no idea whether there is money or not. Edelman said there was shed loads of it. Arsene says he could spend £30 million on one player. PHW, after too much luncheon premier cru Claret most probably, says there is enough for one International player. I share your confusion.

  77. This is all so short termist it is unbelievable. I want a solvent club for my children – in 5 years time the chickens will have come home to roost at Man Utd (and hopefully Chelsea) while we will be solvent and have a top class youth policy.

    I would sooner we were relegated than sell out to Red & White Holdings. We have 122 years of history – don’t throw it all away chasing immediate success. In short, BE PATIENT and keep expectations realistic.

  78. If you have nothing to say. Then best say nothing. Rather than let fans decode who exactly who are talking to. I myself have no such decrypting powers.

  79. Romford Pele – Get real mate. Wenger’s had the whole Summer to sort out this mess.
    You were obviously happy with our performance on Saturday & believe we have a strong on field leader in Gallas.

  80. Arsen Wanger nows nothig!!!!
    Same with Hilwood!!!!
    You arsenal fans from England MUST DO SOME THING,AGAINST THE BAD PEOPLE IN THE BOARD!!!!!you must understand fallow gunners-our club is not going placess,unfortiantlly we are going backwerd,,,,sad so so sad!!!

  81. Paul – It was shortly after the accounts were made public that the c£70m cash balance was quickly reduced to next to nothing as it is all committed to future financing (the stadium financing costs / improvements, completion of the Highbury square flats etc). So we dont have any cash and that is a matter of public record. FACT!

  82. hehe, what i’m thinking is arsenal will be a superpower 10 years from now. after all the loans are cleared and when walcott is at the peak of his prowess. fab will be captaining the side. maybe that’s really the future wenger is working to. meaning…wenger will be the main architect to our unprecedented success. yep, not being sarcastic here. maybe it’s all really a long-term thing going on. we juz gotta bear with it for now. =)

  83. Ok remember this…..tommorrow Arsenal Football Club announces 2 new signings…..1 an experienced central midfielder (Edu or Alonso) and 2 a high profile striker (from abroad)….wait n see!!

  84. People people people. Lets all calm down just a bit. First of all, lets not forget who we are talking about here. I love Wenger to death, and believe he is exactly what Arsenal need right now. Though I agree, the signings he has done, the players he has let go and the quotes he has said in the papers dont add up. But you guys are forgetting the bigger picture here….

    Arsenal are in a transition now. Not football wise, but financially. We have taken a huge step in building a new stadium, one that will guarantee us a larger income over the years. We have to make sacrifices, that will take time. Give Wenger time, yes I know its been 4 years bla bla bla, but the board, as sometimes I think they are just tight arses and other times I think they are shrewed, have made steps to ensure Arsenals FUTURE.

    Forget now, forget 2 years. This is a 10, 20 year plan. Arsenal need our support, Arsene needs our support.

    Imagine if we had a different manager…imagine what that manager could do with a shoestring budget…

    We need Arsene now as much as ever.

    And he needs our support now as much as ever.

  85. I also agree with the post above, we dont have money. It is not Wenger but I wish he didn’t get our hopes up by saying he would sign.

  86. Anfield89… It’s not a caseo of having my head in the clouds, I’m just loyal to Arsene for all that he’s given me. Yep things ain’t great at the mo… and I wish they were but slagging off Wengers such a bitch thing to do.

  87. Gooner Bob and “Me” will you be saying “support Wenger” when we fail to qualify for the champions league in May ? (a very realistic possibility). I cannot argue that we should get behind the team its just a shame that Wenger’s arrogance and short sightedness has completely ruined any chance we had of challenging the likes of Chelsea or Man Utd, its like he actually believes his own hype. I want Wenger to say but also his transfer policy is very poor.

  88. GOOnerP. I bow to your superior knowledge but must have dreamed I head AW’s comment about the £30million player about a week ago. But, as I said, I am stupid and naive enough to believe what I am told so I will work on rectifying this flaw in my nature. But many thanks for the heads-up anyway.

  89. “a gooner” – You’re an idiot living on past glories. Have you not noticed the playing field has changed?? Go back to your sticker album.

  90. “Anfield89″… playing field certainly has changed and its glory hunting fools like you that have changed it it. Calling yourself Anfield89 and accuse me of living on past glories?? Go back to your ‘I like berbatov’ fantasy football selection policy.

  91. a gooner – There you go spitting the dummy. Nothing to do with glory hunting mate – just honest & realistic. As I said get back to your sticker album. I know some kids who will swap with you.

  92. Anfield89 – you totally misunderstood my post. I was merely making the point that fans that get in lather over public comments Wenger makes should udnerstand why he makes public comments and who they are aimed at. Sorry you couldn’t understand a fairly simple comment. Maybe you’ll understand this – you are a total chopper.

  93. “Anfield89″- not many people like being called an idiot mate… – just got a honest & realistic view on arsenal and arsene that’s based over a longer period then yours.

    like I say go back to your fantasy football and I’m sure you do know a few kids there fella…

  94. “a gooner” There you go its the childish “ive been a supporter longer than you” crap that you & all your idiot mates spout. How do you know how long I have supported Arse?? You dont.
    Forgot to add – You’re an IDIOT.

  95. Anfield89. So is your dummy in low orbit now? It’s more a case of “ive been a LOYAL supporter longer than you” which you’ll never get…

  96. United we stand, divided we fall. We’re all arsenal fans I think, so why all the in fighting. We have to agree to disagree but all points are valid.

    For the AKB instead of cursing and slagging of those that are worried/angry, state why you think this squad is stronger than last year and where your unwavering optimism comes from. Or is it just the case that Arsene Knows, the same arsene who see nothing wrong with pairing eboue/denilson in midfield. No name calling, but that’s the defination of a sheep mentality to me!

  97. spot on article and i appreciate youre sincer concerns and GoonerBob ??? are you really a fan of Arsenal ???? or are you just an imported relic from the stasi times…

    run.run.and hide dont ever dare to speak youre mind ,and GONER Bob be an adult or just try to be either suits me fine,but adults discuss and have opinion ..and if youre opinions are youre own that would be great Bob…even though im not putting a penny on it…

    Best regards Tom.

  98. Brilliant article, I wish all my fellow gooners were like you mate! Don’t worry about the “Arsene knows” and in “In Wenger we trust” brigades…they are deluded and sad people.

    Wenger (I’ll start calling him Mr. Wenger when he regains some respect) says that signing players because we played s*** against Fulham is not a good idea, he’s right…but we should sign some players because of the huge number of departures from an already weak squad. It’s as simple as this, Wenger needs to pull his f***ing finger out, sign the overdue solid players we need and win a trophy this season or else you’ll start hearing “WENGER OUT!” at the Emirates (not just from me too). Oh and to all you idiots in the “Arsene knows” crowd…you should SHUT THE F*** UP!!! It’s been four years since our last prem title and you guys need to stop being so naive and recognise that our beloved manager has LOST IT!!!

    I love Arsene Wenger and always will, but something is going every wrong in this once great man’s head and maybe his future needs reassessing at the end of this season. Please prove me wrong Wenger!!!

  99. if we finished 5th half of you cocks would support chelski, we had a bad game at fulham, you can’t win every game. we should have given Diarra Flamini’s spot last season as he didn’t sign a contract. but if you were the managers then you’d never make mistakes or your players wouldn’t get injured and you’d win every game. two words to plastic fans… piss off. COME ON ARSENAL!

  100. Milan Gunner ??

    yet another great response ..please let people have an opinion and not be in a puppet show like yourself…one hint and this should be easy …how many players have left,and how many have come trough the doors at Emirates ? and then in a nice way tell me that the squad have not been build down ?
    i dont think that the Gooners that are worried and concerned about Our Beloved Arsenal….is either c…s or Plastic fans but actually really disappointed ..both in the board of moneygrabbers and of Wenger himself who in this times seems to be a walking selfcontradiction…

    but still milanGunner cheers mate..

  101. wenger not only changed Arsenal but english football forever. he did it by taking risks and trusting his judgement. half of you you have never taken a risk in your life and don’t even have any judgement to trust in just repeat what someone else has said. grow some balls. COME ON ARSENAL!

  102. tell me how should replace wenger tom? I don’t think you have the coaching cert? but really if poeple say wenger out then who will come in?


    Dein was instrumental in most of our signings
    Wenger clearly can’t do both jobs.

  104. I have been saying that we will struggle to win things under Wengers methods for the last 2-3 years, but I thought I would wait and see what happened. Guess what we won, NOTHING. He won things earlier on in his career because he took over a cracking side wiith CLASS players, but as he has slowly got rid of World Class players like Vieira, Henry, Pires etc and is now purely relying on buying young and cheap alternatives, we now look like never winning trophies again. Basically instead of building on what he had, he has ruined the whole core of the team. No-one is more Arsenal than me, but is anyone out there that agrees with me ?

  105. Raggy

    yes he did get a good team, but what about the midfield? Not he not bring them in and the three Class plarers you spoke of, did he not bring them in? and were they already world CLASS players before they came? Think about what you write. we will not win the PL this year but a cup, even europe might happen. I think there are a few holes in the squad but maybe a player might step up like flamini last year or how pires did after a bad first year.

  106. To ‘TopGunPires’ – No Arsene does not know….not anymore. He is a stubborn old fool who has taken us as far as he can go.

    You AKBs are so dilusional, its sad.

  107. MilanGunner, you must admit though, by buying 2 world class players in midfield and a centre half (plus even a class Striker) we would then be equiped to challenge for all trophies. You know we are going to get suspensions and loads of injuries throughout the season, and if you are honest, we are simply too weak a squad at present. At the moment we have actually made money this summer, so there is NO excuse. It is no good Wenger crying at the end of the season, because it would have been his own fault for thinking we are strong enough, when we clearly are not.

  108. Raggy

    which defenders? and which midfeilder? and which striker? think about Vela, Wiltshire, Ramsey. I would love to see a vidic type or an anderson type at arsenal or even try to get back diarra. but tell me who?

  109. To be fair, we do have all the key players either injured or off from. Rosicky is the player in arsenal who gets his team mates going with his runs and his passing, always active and working hard, he has been missing for a long time. Eduardo showed great promise, but some no good defender playing for a sonn-to-be-relegated birmingham ended that. Roin has been far, far off form with his misses on open goal and losing the ball a lot, and the fact that we let las t seasons best performers and key players go means we need competent replacements, now, nasri at his very best could close he gap rosicky left on the left, but walcott and eboue does not even come close to filling the absence of Hleb on the right. If u let important players go, than at least replace with some of same quality, at least someone better than Eboue and Denilson as they appear to be the worst midfield paring ever. I do hope Arsenal battle for all the major trophies this season, but I just can’t see that happend based on the performance I have seen so far.

  110. Dude, those comments are in reply to a stupid press question. Don’t be so dumb and react off these silly press quotes.

  111. Guys…..Arsenal simply dont have the money.

    Dont expect signings of 15m – 20m. We simply dont have the money.

    Wenger whether he is taking the heat off the board (which is probably the most professional act by any manager), or actually way too acute in his assessment on players, Arsenal simply do not have the money.

    I find is quite ironic that the man who has lifted the standard of football and competitiveness of this great club, is getting flack because the expectations is so high now.

    Its either dumb, short sighted or just down right weird.

    Like any player, or any person, a manager needs confidence, and we need to have faith in Wenger. Give him our undivided support. Hell have confidence, his players will have confidence.

    This is absolutely not the time for bickering my Gooner friends. Not the time at all.

    Arsenal dont have the money, when are you guys going to understand that?

  112. Yes, I watched us beat a nothing side 4.0. last night but what an inept performance. On this showing I reccon we are going to end up mid table. We won’t buy Alonso because he is cup tied. We have been linked with so many players, but there is no one who can cut a deal like Dein. and there is no doubt that the reason we have not replaced lost players, is because there are serious money constraints at the club. Bring back Dein, bring in an oligarth.

  113. I’m with you. I don’t ask for much, I just wan’t to win something again, and that will not be done with just a lot of talent, cause we’ve got alot of that, we also need a little cool and a little stamina. We needed Hleb, he went away, we needed Flamini, he went away. Just get two players to replace them, and don’t buy old Scum-players to fill out the bench, we’re better than that..

  114. “Bring back Dein, bring in an oligarch. ” yeah and throw away almost 10 years of developing the youth academy and moving to a new stadium for the future development of the club and making them self sustainable.

    Good plan Hanibal

  115. OK, seems everyone is set on complaining without end. I have a very simple question. Name the player that Arsene should buy before the transfer window closes? Who is this top class player you are asking…indeed, demanding for? I’d like to know who, because all I see is people asking for “someone.” But nobody can point out anyone good enough and available.

  116. Surely that’s what Wenger and his staff are paid very, very well to do isn’t it Kensai? It’s not mine (or any other Arsenal fan’s) job to pick out these players.

    Why have a scouting system in place at the club if we can’t even get some decent players in? After all, didn’t Wenger and his staff bring in Vieira, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Kanu, Clichy, Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Edu, Gilberto, Fabregas, Overmars, Anelka, Adebayor, Van Persie, Walcott. Do you want me to go on?

    We’ve brought in tons of quality over the years for decent money so don’t tell me there’s none out there!

    Arsenal fans in general are the most understanding in the league. We’re not like United, Spurs or Chelsea fans for God’s sake. But when things are bad then we have a right to complain. Who in their right mind would accept Eboue in central midfield? Nevermind he’s not even our first choice right back or right winger!

  117. We where not good enough last year, and since we have just sold players we won’t be good enough this year either, our squad is weaker and been padded with a reserve team players. 4th Place finish at best!!

  118. I’m sorry most of you just don’t get it … think creating the type of football Arsenal play just means “signing an experienced CM player” … yeah sure it’s like opening a can of baked beans you know, you just get Xabi, and then wow, man, gee whizz, win trophies … for god’s sake grow up.

    You can’t have both ways you dolts. Arsenal football – stylish, ambitious, original, young, unpredictable and acknowledged everywhere as the most exciting football in europe. And you reckon any old manager can do that, well good for you, it would be great to know which manager exactly.

    Arsenal is the most ambitious club in Europe already, striving for a level of football – the fast passing game – that other teams look on with envy and their fans look on with hatred, cause they cannot do it.

    The same goes for players. The way you guys get on Eboue’s case is sickening. Fans like that are idiots and know next to nothing about Wenger, Arsenal philosophy, what this team has already achieved in terms of football, and that includes Eboue.

    Arsenal may or may not win trophies this season, but what other team knows that it will be probably be the most exciting in the league and cause shock waves.

    In time Wenger will produce the team to dominate Europe, precisely by working with youngsters. And all you fair weather fans will shout hooray.

    Get behind your team in the long term or piss off to Chelsea and go ra-ra-ra for Michael Ballack, sounds like that’s where you belong.

    This is Arsenal and we do things our way, the way nobody else has the guts to even try. Yes there are set-backs, boo-hoo, mistakes, problems and issues, and you fuckin know when Arsenal get into gear, and they will, no team on earth can match them.

    There-there, you go for little lie down little fella, poor chap.

  119. Wenger’s Immortals – I feel your love for the club. I share it. I see you also know a thing or 2 about the history. I also was less than impressed with the game at Fulham (but who wasn’t, huh?). Point is, we are not miles apart here. We’d both like the club to do great this season.

    Having said all that, the thing is, one cannot recite the list of hidden gems Arsene found, and then in the same breath complain about Arsene being rubbish at signing the obvious top midfielder. If he can spot the near invisible, surely he can spot whats right in front of him. He said he’s interested…and we have money…therefore the only problem is NOT Arsene sitting on his arse about buying a top defensive midfield player, but that there are NONE available. Thats a logical conclusion, is it not? That makes sense to me.

    But, no. Thats not good enough. Now…all of a sudden…everyone knows more than Arsene: Its obvious; its right in front of him; he’s just being stingy. So…I say, OK. Maybe Arsene really is going senile. Maybe there is a player available at even 30M that we could use and worth every penny his club is asking for. I dont know him, and baring some 11th hour swoop, Arsene doesnt know him. So…I’d like to know who this boy wonder that Arsene cant see is? Please, lets at least get one name on offer. Can anyone offer anything?

    I didnt think so. Another thing to consider is that during the Wenger years, Arsenal have enjoyed a wonderful era of success, but its been spotted. I mean that we have not been able to win the back-to-back titles or a treble. Almost without exception it has been a case of building up to a great season where we win a title and then an off season where we do well, but not enough to win the title. Last season, we had what it took to win the title. The cruel hand of fate is the only thing that kept us from the top prize. I know its depressing to hear but ordinarily, this should be an “off” season for rebuilding. Until we finish paying for the Emirates and start reaping financial rewards from it, thats how it will be.

  120. “I Just Can’t Listen To Arsene Wenger Anymore” then f’off cause you and your anfield89 moaning whingers can go shove it… It’s just an offensive thing to say to someone that’s made sure we’re not a team like everton or villa (no disrespect to them)….

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