Turmoil At Arsenal Football Club?

Well, what a difference a few weeks make.

Only 3 weeks ago Arsenal lost away at Fulham. It was a gutless, pathetic performance from a team that showed no desire whatsoever. Things looked bleak since we had already lost a game with the Premier League season barely a week old.

Yet amazingly after 4 games we are 3rd in the table, only a solitary point behind leaders Chelsea and Liverpool.

Champions Manchester United currently sit 14th, albeit it with a game in hand. And the funny thing is that Team Manchester have to play Chelsea away on Sunday which could put a real dent in United’s title challenge if they lose. 2 defeats in 4 games could really make things interesting this early on in the season, psychologically if nothing else.

And our lovely neighbours have played 4 games and have only 1 point after Aston Villa beat them at home on Monday night. Sp*rs currently sit bottom of the league, without a win and have only succeeded in achieving their worst ever season in the Premier League.

Don’t you just love football? I do.

And just to make things that little bit sweeter this weekend saw Arsenal demolish Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park. Emmanuel Adebayor scored a perfect hattrick (left foot, right foot and head) despite not playing at the top of his game, Van Persie is showing the quality player he is with his scoring run and Theo Walcott finally looks like he’s got the confidence in his game Arsene Wenger has been waiting for.

The hattrick from Trio Walcott in midweek has done the kid the world of good, and it’s great to see he’s a typical Arsene player who is keeping his feet on the ground. When you watched him in games before you felt he lacked that killer instinct but that run for Van Persie’s goal was exceptional. Direct, powerful and deadly. We all knew he was capable of that and the early signs are that he could be a real player for us this season.

Best of luck to the lad.

I do have to say thought I almost threw up at the sight of c*nts like Ferdinand, Lampard and Terry hugging Walcott after he scored in midweek. They were retarded enough to really criticise a young, promising player a few years ago despite Theo not doing a single thing wrong. Did I mention they are c*nts?

And while things on the pitch are rosy, other clubs are in turmoil off it.

Alan Curbishley left West Ham United, KK departed Newcastle United and now it seems, Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has put the club up for sale.

He released an emotional statement, which said:

“My plan and my strategy for Newcastle is different. It has to be. Arsenal is the shining example in England of a sustainable business model. It takes time. It can’t be done overnight. Newcastle has therefore set up an extensive scouting system. We look for young players, for players in foreign leagues who everyone does not know about.

“We try and stay ahead of the competition. We search high and low looking for value, for potential that we can bring on and for players who will allow Newcastle to compete at the very highest level but who don’t cost the earth.”

Sad for Newcastle obviously but a nice compliment to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal and how we run our club.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the Newcastle situation but it’s amazing to see a football club in this position. And I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of Mike Ashley or what his background is, but for me to see fans protest against someone who paid over £250 million of his own money in only a year is strange. From his statement it’s clear he had the best interests of the club at heart but I suppose that’s not enough?

Most, if not all Arsenal fans understand Arsene’s whole philosophy at the club and what he wants to achieve, and it’s easy to take it for granted, especially in a league where money buys success.

I’ve already written numerous times what I think of Arsene and what he’s done for our club. You can read one of the pieces here.

So it seems like I need to sit down and eat some humble pie.


7 thoughts on “Turmoil At Arsenal Football Club?

  1. yeah eat your pie!!! eat all of it LOL
    but this was a great read though so keep up the good work

    and remember

  2. The title worried me until I read the whole thing. I agree, the negativity towards Mike Ashley is a bit strange but perhaps we do not understand what happened there. As for the compliment towards Arsenal, well, it is deserved and Gunners’ fans must take note. Stop complaining, the whole world wants to be you.

  3. when united and chelsea play each other I normally want a draw since then both teams drop 2 points. But its so early in the season I wouldn’t say any results is that bad for either team. there’s time to recover.

  4. yeah..i idolized AW so much..nobody can do the same thing he does at Arsenal..and you can only do that at this Great club of ARSENAL..keep up the good work Arsene..we always trust in you..The Professor is not magician but he is GENIUS! cheers

  5. Chelsea look infinatly stronger than Man Utd this season who will perform worse than last season as Cronaldo will not score 40 odd goals and the depth of their squad will be exposed as they will surely suffer more injuries and not be able to rely on Scholes and Giggs as before. Any team that finishes above Chelsea will probably be champions.

  6. Hey you make this blog boring – the last comment you made was about 2 weeks ago! We really enjoy this blogspot and we plead for consistency. There should always be something to talk about – whether the club is doing well or not, we are fans!

    The performance of our team so far assures me that there is a lot of hope for this season. I hope Rosicky, diaby and da killa come back in top form.


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