Transfer Deadline Day: All Eyes On Arse Shavings

Well still no news on Andrei Arshavin.

At least today ends all the tedious speculation on the Russian. No-one knows if he’ll end up at Arsenal and according to the BBC officials are saying that they might extend the transfer window because of the snowy conditions.

That’s all we need!

I’d rather just know if he was coming or not.

Do I think he’ll come to Arsenal? God knows. I’ve tried not to read too much about the whole saga but I’ve read (as I’m sure you have) that there seems to be disputes among Arshavin’s agent and Zenit over money. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger and Arsenal left it last minute to force their hand and seal the deal at the 11th hour.

But we’ll have to wait and see.

In my last post I wrote that I hope we don’t see any signings in the transfer window, but now I hope I’m wrong. Over the last couple of months it’s obvious this group of players need a boost to kick start their season.

Because 4th spot is in serious doubt.

Anyway, I’ll update with news here if I hear anything from the various news channels, but don’t expect too much.


12 thoughts on “Transfer Deadline Day: All Eyes On Arse Shavings

  1. NOOOO!!! The Rusian, English and even Norwegian media today confirm that the negotiations are dead! Arshavin is waiting for a plane home to St.Petersburg. He wil not be joining Arsenal and yet again the gunners mis out and will now probably struggle to make ends meet in their attacking play….Good luck Arsene

  2. Arsene Wenger is a con artist. He only has one transfer target and leaves it all to the last minute so the fans don’t expect anything else.

    If the Arshavin deal was done weeks ago, we’d all be talking about who else would be coming but no, we’re only expecting one play in to our very lean squad.

  3. Arshavin] – in “the arsenal”! It was achieved! The saga on passage of one lasted half a year of the leader team Russia and St. Petersburg “zenith” into the London “arsenal” was completed for several hours for closings of winter transfer market in Europe. 27-year football player agree- after all the sum of his wages placed signature under the contract with one of the best clubs of England. Now to Andrey it remained for the last time before the appearance in the British fields to arrive into Russia in order to gather things, to take with itself young to husband, two fascinating kiddies and to be requested with the club, which made from it a football player of world class – St. Petersburg “zenith”.
    Commission As known our portal became, transaction was tightened in many respects because of the medical board. The first inspection caused in the physicians “of arsenal” several questions concerning the work of heart. Therefore today early in the morning For [arshavinu] again it was necessary to visit the training base “of gunners” in [Kolni], which is located not far from the hotel in [Khertfordshire] where it stopped Andrey and his agent Denis [Lakhter]. To the happiness for all, the repeated deep commission showed that the football player is completely ready to the stressed matches of English premier- leagues. Season After resting in all the pair of weeks after the stressed year, which brought to Andrey victory in the goblet of the UEFA, bronze medal of the championship of Europe 2008 and victory in the European super cup above the terrible “Manchester United”, For [arshavinu] again one must after squeezing teeth fight for the highest rewards, now already in the best club superiority of old world. – [Arshavin] must help us to conquer place in the troika, stated the head coach “of gunners” [Arsen] Of [venger]. – There are now in the command many traumatized. We were deprived of our captain more than for the month, and remaining players are too young. Experimental 27-year [Arshavin] – that it is necessary for us precisely now. Andrey conducted last two seasons during one respiration, resting only snatches. Even teacher “of zenith” Dick [Advokat] on the pre-seasonal collections was sorry one of his pets, after leaving him beside the stressed trainings. – In [Arshi] it was issued heavy season, explained Dutchman. – Now to him it is necessary thoroughly to rest.
    Pavlyuchenko After settling in London [Arshavin] will supplement the diaspore of Russian football players in the capital of England, thus far one Roman Pavlyuchenko’s counting. Ex-Spartacussheep it repeatedly noted that with happiness it will meet its comrade on the composite on misty [Albione]. However, the encounter of friends can occur in the manner that they did not expect Russians. Already eighth February the club of Roman “[Tottenkhem]” will meet with “the arsenal” within the framework of English superiority. The French trainer “of gunners” [Venger] calculates, which already from the first match Of [arshavin] will begin to bring to command result. Negotiations Let us recall that “the arsenal” interested itself In [arshavinym] even on the Euros -2008, when [Venger] together with the quite important shareholder of [londontsev] By [alisherom] by Usmanov personally visited several matches team Russia. After these encounters the Frenchman did not cease to praise Andrey. Close to the passage “zenith” and “arsenal” approached only in winter, when sequential time European transfer window was opened. However, could not be reached the triple alliance up to the last day. First “zenith” for its football player required almost the sex of reign and princess in addition, then [Arshavin] itself wanted to earn more than the sex of English team. Downy even to the fact that the richest Russian club forced its pupil from its own pocket to pay 2,5 million Euros for the realization of its dream. But, as the majority of fairy tales, this saga conceived its happy end. [Arshavin] in “the arsenal”! To there remained only wish to our small genius of success in the subjugation of misty [Albiona]!

  4. This could be a big mistake.

    Arshavin is 28 years old, the Russian season is long over (so he’s not match fit) and he’s just had one good tournament under his belt. No-one else was in for him, and Zenit wanted him gone.

    Hardly encouraging is it?

    £15 million could have been spent on a half decent striker to replace Adebayor, and a defensive midfielder who can help the team defend as a whole unit.

  5. Oh yeah, and we should have done what Petit said recently which was buy back Flamini with the £15 million we’ve wasted on Arshavin.

    Flamini knows the Premiership inside out and would take no time to get back into the pace of the English league. But how long is Arshavin going to need?

  6. It seems as though the deal went through [although it might have taken a wink from the FA to allow it after the deadline].

    I agree with you about Arshavin’s fitness. Lets hope his freshness and desire will make him lively enough and that his unpredictability will unsettle PL managers and defenders, giving us the edge.

    Petit is wrong. He is “projecting” when he says Arsenal needs a defensive midfield player [like Flamini] because:
    – 1st, Petit was our defensive midfielder. When he says we need Flamini he really means we need someone like Petit.
    – 2nd, Petit was a disaster after leaving us and always wanted a return. But Arsenal dont re-sign players. He regrets that.

    Flamini never wanted to stay at Arsenal. He’d wanted to leave since 2007, and only played well to attract interest and move. Now that he is at Milan, he is struggling to hold a place. Did anyone else notice that he’s been replaced by the admittedly good – but still 33yr old – BECKHAM!?

    We could have used a defensive midfielder at the start of the season, but I think we are past that now. What we desperately need is some creativity in the middle. Diaby is not good playing the deeper role, and moving Nasri in the middle kills the flow of our wing-game.

  7. Fucking gunners I hate the fucking lot of you!! You can all fuck off Ok I dont want to play your silly little games you fucking Bollox faces. I hope Ive made my-self crystal clear. KEEP WELL AWAY


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