Eduardo Would Have Killed Off Roma Last Night

Arsenal (1) – (0) AS Roma
Van Persie (37′)
The Emirates Stadium, London

Most people didn’t know what to expect before watching the game last night, but I knew Arsenal would be up for this one. The performances in the league haven’t been terrible, it’s just that we can’t put the ball in the net – like against Sunderland for instance.

We wasted chance after chance.

Eboue and Bendtner were guilty of the worst misses, and throughout the game I wondered if Arsene actually practised shooting in training, because the finishing really was shocking.

No-one watching the game would have argued if we won the game 4-0. The chances were that clear cut.

And if Eduardo was available last night Roma would have been dead and buried. Apart from Van Persie, Eduardo is the only player I would be confident in scoring if presented with a half-decent chance. Everyone else just can’t shoot.

And that might really come back to haunt us if Roma nick an early goal in the second leg.

Football is a funny game, and despite our dominance you wouldn’t be surprised if they still managed to get through. And quite frankly that’s criminal considering how sh*te they defended last night. Roma must have celebrated well into the night after last night’s game – for them to still be well in the tie beggars belief.

At least we kept another clean sheet.


14 thoughts on “Eduardo Would Have Killed Off Roma Last Night

  1. Eboue is nothing more than a glorified sprinter. He can’t shoot, pass or tackle. What’s the point of a footballer who can’t kick a ball properly?

  2. Thought Eboue played really good last night along with gallas,Denillson & Diaby..hang on..Aren’t these the players that have been critisized by so called arsenal supporters all season

  3. Besides the obvious miss, EBOUE was excellent last night, he was direct, he was getting pass people with ease and his passing was excellent for the most part. Bendtner on the other hand was terrible…WTF is going on with him, If ADE & DUDU are fit will he ever play for us again?

  4. Adebayor, Fab, Walcott, Eduardo and hopefully Rosicky could be back by the return leg. We should be ok. For goodness sake, drop Bendtner and E’poo’ue

  5. raj… Eboue and Denilson played really well last night?

    I fail to see how Eboue’s running around with no end product is playing well. It’s the same story every single time! He runs with the ball and then fails to spot a team-mate or misses a sitter from 6 yards.

    That’s good football is it?

    He is so ineffective it’s unbelievable. If he could shot or pass it would be different but it’s not.

  6. Eboue did a pretty good job Robert. OK so the shooting is defo off the menu but I saw him poke some really good passes thru to attacking positions. Credit where its due.

    Diaby was also much better than usual and push the attack on much more than Song.

    RVP is till hot but cant do it all himself. Bendtner did all the right thinngs but even the bounce was against him and he just cant get in the right groove.

  7. Robert Denilson played really well last night. Didn’t you see all of the tackles he made and his great passing? If anyone still thinks Denilson isn’t a defensive midfielder they’re fools. Diaby was great and then he got injured; I feel sorry for the guy.

    The most frustrating thing about yesterday was that it was clear we were gonna win but it was also clear that we weren’t gonna score more than one. We sat back too much at times (possibly understandable if the players became tired) but the finishing was just horrid.

  8. eboue was da best playa on field yday ? i fink so n tel me if hes shit ys he a footballer n y do barcalona want him inter? tel me dat son!

  9. The lads did a decent job, and sometimes in europe a clean sheet at home is the most important thing! we go away at the olympico and score a goal they will need three, with there attack i dont think its happening, especially with our defence. The only players that can hurt us didnt even come on for the first 60 minutes! watch out for pizzaro and vucinic…..

    another quick point… lets get off our own players backs. Its not on. I will be the forst to admit that we have high standards and we want to see good football. But when the confidence of the player is low the last thing he needs is our fans making ironic cheers whilst he is departing. Get over it!

  10. Adebayor – piece of useless shitte, Diaby – not good/consistent enough to wear Arsenal colour, Song – not good/consistent enough to wear Arsenal colour, Gallas – way past his best, Sivestre – way past his best, Ro-SICK-y – too injury prone, Bendtner – not good enough to wear Arsenal colour. This player’s hould be offloaded a.s.a.p. Ebue should be playing as a backup for Sagna at right back position, strictly. We should & must buy 1 worldclass striker, 1 solid defending midfielder & 1 tall/powerfull center back for sure. They is nothing can be done now as we need to wait for season end. I hope & wish we can finish in top 4 position for this season with some of those shitte player’s we have. Eduardo, Febregas & Walcoott to be back 100% fit soon to achieve that goal.

    Cheers 🙂

  11. I would prefer we dont qualify for champions league. Then the club will understand the gravity of its shabby transfer policy. we cannot keep on expecting to get results we didnt work for. we cannot start a season unprepared and naive and expect some form of magic. you must have a well tailored squad and good buys to start a season as winners. football is getting more competitive by the day. Denilson, Song, Diaby and Bendtner ARE NOT WINNERS. AW has to know this.


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