The Eduardo Situation Is A Complete Disgrace

What the hell is going on here?

If Platini had a vendetta against Arsene Wenger then this is surely it.

As well as being a complete disgrace, it is extremely sad. It’s as if this is the first dive ever made in football.

And I hate to bring this up, but if this was an English player – I don’t know, someone like Steven Gerrard maybe, or Wayne Rooney then I don’t think this would even become an issue. Michael Owen is another player who is a saint when it comes to these things. But it’s okay if he’s ‘winning’ a penalty against Argentina…

It’s just a huge amount of hypocrisy from everyone which is just pathetic.

When I think about the punishment Eduardo might face, along with the already high-profile incident then I’m just so riled. And here’s why…

It’s Unfair

The fact is diving has been in football for years now and nothing has been done to stop it. Disgraceful acts of diving from players like Gerrard, Rooney and Owen have happened in England internationals yet these instances were swept under the carpet. I remember one from Gerrard (against Estonia was it?) which was one of the worse dives I had ever seen. But hey, they’re English so it wasn’t a dive, it was being clever.

It’s a shame Theo Walcott wasn’t on the pitch and dived on Wednesday night.

We’d have a peaceful life then.

The Bigger Picture

I’m not condoning diving but let’s look at the bigger picture here. This was a 5-1 aggregate win over Celtic. The penalty didn’t make that much of a difference overall and certainly didn’t effect the result, however hard you want to argue to the contrary.

But how about going back to that faithful night at Old Trafford when Shrek dived over Sol Campbell’s leg to ‘earn’ a penalty and effectively end our unbeaten run in the Premier League. That incident still makes me sick to my stomach, and was a much bigger game then the Champions League qualifier. That one dive essentially ended our title challenge that season.

We could even talk about the valid tackle Gael Clichy made in that Birmingham game where we conceded a last minute penalty and Eduardo broke his leg. That decision f*cked us over as well. In fact, there’s been a lot of big and important games penalty decisions have gone against us, but nothing was done about it.

It’s Eduardo

I have to say that the incident against Celtic was the first time I’ve seen Eduardo do anything like dive before. So why is he being singled out now for it? If diving isn’t acceptable in the game, then the authorities should have done something a hell of a lot sooner. If diving was punished then Eduardo would have thought twice about doing it.

If this whole thing was happening to a serial diver like Cristiano Ronaldo or Steven Gerrard then fair enough, but Eduardo? Come on! What has he done to deserve this treatment? The guy’s come back from a horrific injury and been out of the game for almost a year.

And the guy who did it to him got off scot free.


Arsene Wenger’s Stance On Cheating

Arsene has always been an advocate of helping referees.

He says that technology should be used to help officials who can make mistakes. That’s not a criticism, but a fact of human nature. Referees will make mistakes. Surely a guy behind a TV screen who has a benefit of a replay can instantly tell the referee on the pitch if it’s a right or wrong call.

And if this was implemented and players knew that every decision was based on replay evidence then they would stop cheating and diving, because they would know they wouldn’t get away with it.

UEFA and FIFA govern football, the richest and most popular sport in the world. They have a responsibility to ensure the game is played fairly and in the right spirit and they have had the means to enforce this. Other sports like Rugby and Tennis are light years ahead of us in this respect so the governing bodies have absolutely no excuse.

What’s the point of retrospective punishments when ‘the damage has been done’ so to speak?

Surely it’s more important to eradicate the problem rather than punish it?

There is absolutely no point in what UEFA are doing. Because if it’s the Champions League Final and a player goes into a 50:50 with the goalkeeper then he doesn’t give a sh*t if his dive wins the match is he? If it’s the choice between winning Europe’s biggest competition and a 2 game ban then I know what every player would choose.

People only remember the winners.

If you want an example of how UEFA shouldn’t be run and how stupid they actually are, then this is it. Common sense just goes out the window.


12 thoughts on “The Eduardo Situation Is A Complete Disgrace

  1. just agree with everything you say. Its frustrating when the press in this country believe that we all must be kind to the jocks, when andy murry at wimbledon for example, i cant find the words im amazed at the responce

  2. Awww poor diddums, so persecuted against aren’t you.

    At least you didn’t stoop to the level of most Arsenal fans and start harping on about racism.

  3. I imagine this is the introduction of video assistance. i hope UEFA becomes consistent i doubt that is the last dive we are going to see, i think people are surprised by Aresnal football so they find excuses to explain their shortcomings, take for instance the Portsmouth Utaka plea against Gallas they had to find a reason, Celtics need a consolation something to keep their season running, like if it wasnt for that one goal they would have made a sort of comeback, otherwise they were swept aside like they have never played football. and as far as UEFA is concerned any complaint against a Wenger’s team will always get a hearing whether or not it makes sense. Arsenal makes money for them than most teams if u ask me. i have never seen a bigger qualifier game than our Celtics games. but no worries arsenal should stay focused keep an eye n the prizes this season. i cant help but ask why the hell are we not signing anyone else. in CM or CB i dread any injuries to any of ,song, Gallas or Varmalean and imagine if they were all sidelined for any reason it would be disastrous.

  4. You know i think the issue here is platini, since he never got a chance to have a say in French footbal and in footbal at that he decided to show off just how big he thinks his dick is by giving in to those cock sucking red haired scoots and punish saintly arsenal who give the game of football more than it deserves (beauti), go ahead platini punish arsenal and we’ll win the two matches without him and go on to win the competition, and while you hand over the cup we’ll spit in your face.


  5. I completely agree with you. This whole thing is an absolute joke. They’re treating Eduardo as if he commited a massive crime. It’s a bit sad. They’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

  6. I just can not belive this shit is going on (Drogba) hello my misses bumped the telly with the hover once and he fell over come on.

    And i tell you one more thing like Le boss said you get a broken leg like he did and you would get the hell out the way what ever the cost…..

    Please Please Please Edi bring home that prem & champions CUP.


  7. This is a good lesson for Eduardo and the team and Wenger. Eduardo dragged his feet and conned the ref and got a penalty and a goal. I don’t care what the press say or anyone really, I don’t want Arsenal known for having players that simulate.

    Eduardo is not a cheat but he’s not stupid either, unlike the ref, but I don’t want Eduardo developing a reputation and if a ban is the result then it’s lesson learned don’t repeat the mistake. We don’t like it when other teams do it to us and it doesn’t make it ok if they do. We are AFC, we have a higher standard. The team will learn from this and Eduardo can take it. Platini and Uefa are pretty much shyte all the time, but we got a good draw, and if Eduardo is banned the referee should be as well.

  8. This is the kind of thing that can push Arsenal into a siege mentality. Let’s win the cup and show them what we’re made of.

  9. The whole situation is very silly. Uefa are opening a massive can of worms here. This is setting a precedent for this kind of situation. It happens all the time. Uefa are going to have to follow this up with every niggley dive that happens. What’s the bench mark? Does a guy who dives in the center circle only get a 1 game ban?? It’s ridiculous to think that a guy boke Eduardo’s leg in two with an absolutely reckless challenge and got a three game ban and then the same guy after making a miraculous recovery gets a two game ban for diving!! Eduardo should have left his leg out and broke Boruc’s leg, it would have only cost him one more game.

    And why now? Why not when Rooney fairy dived over Campbell? Why not when Babel fairy dived over Toure’s leg?? Why now?????? It sickens me that they choose now and not one of the hundreds of times that Ronaldo/Drogba etc dived (and with much more theatrics i might add).

    I don’t codone diving, i think it sucks. Eduardo dived no doubt but this reaction and punishment is laughable. UEFA really have to be careful here. And i hope that when Drogba/Ronaldo etc start their antics that they are as quick to hand out similar bans………… I will wait with bated breath…..


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