UEFA To Charge Messi Over Headbutt

After reviewing the Lionel Messi and Darijo Srna incident, UEFA have decided to take a second look at the alleged head butting and could punish the Argentine with a 2 match ban. Like the Eduardo incident, UEFA deem this aggression an unacceptable part of the game and will be clamping down on this kind of behaviour for the good of football.

UEFA hope that their tough stance will act as a deterrent to other players looking to lash out unnecessarily and improve the image of football throughout Europe.

A spokesman for UEFA had this to say:

“We will not accept any negative actions in our game, whether it be diving, cheating or unnecessary aggression and will always take the appropriate action.

“In cases like these, the most important thing is to keep our punishments consistent.

“Otherwise we would just look like idiots and be accused of witch-hunts.”

Personally, I would like to congratulate UEFA on their balanced and well thought out approach that will give football and the governing bodies a lot more respect in the future. Clamping down on all the negatives will improve football tenfold.


UEFA have just produced a video which Steven Gerrard has generously volunteered to be featured in, showing fellow footballers how to dive without being punished.

I’m not sure why they would do this, but that’s UEFA for you.



10 thoughts on “UEFA To Charge Messi Over Headbutt

  1. It’s strange but how come Uefa have never gone back and given charges to serial divers such as Ronaldo, Drogba and Totti to name but a few or is it that they never done it to a scottish team. It’s ridiculous really because it has taken away the fact that we comfortably beat a poor Celtic team and all that they’re focussing on is one bad incident. Funny too is the fact I’ve seen McGeady and Maloney dive before but anyway it was bound to be blown out of proportion.

  2. Yes, yes Alec. Now jog on, you’ll soon be watching your beloved Hoops in the Europa League playing the Estonian 2nd division’s 8th placed team who only qualified because they commit less fouls than everyone else. No place for you with the proper football I’m afraid.

  3. Many non-gooners might have argued that Arsene has blasting other players diving against Arsenal, but the main difference is that he rested the case after that despite not agreeing to the referees decision.

    And he don’t go as far as influencing the Main Governing Body to hand out bans. Like what Arsene has mentioned before, this case opens up a door to every European team. Meaning, we could debate and refute ANY controversial decision made by the referee in a match. A “DANGEROUS DOOR” to open by the Governing Body indeed.

  4. I watched the Barcelona / Shakhtar Donetsk game on ITV and I think they are pathetic and a disgrace.

    During the Arsenal game, all the concentrated on was the dive. They wouldn’t stop harping on about it and it was like they were obsessed with it. And then tonight, Messi goes well over the top and Srna did well not to ‘dive’ and get Messi sent off.

    But instead of talk about the incident, they start wanking over how good Messi is! Literally, just because he’s one of the best players in the world he’s immune from any kind of criticism!

    I never thought I’d hear the day that I’d actually say Sky Sports’ coverage is much better. And they have cunts like Jamie Redknapp and Richard Keys on their panel.

    Oh and Smudger, I owe you a pint!

  5. Gerrard’s dives aren’t something very new. UEFA are just afraid of offending powerful members.If it’s Gerrard who dives against Celtics,i bet the Scotish FA and UEFA wouldn’t even dare to make a sound.

    That’s the difference.

    Eduardo,you can only say…you’re under the wrong FA.

  6. We all know that the consequences of Babel’s dive, for example, were much more significant yet nothing was made of it and Arsene himself has mentioned the incident.
    Another even more significant one was Gerrard’s dive in the CL final no less. That dive, incidentally, is the only thing that comes to mind whenever I hear the phrase “that night in Istanbul”.

    But perhaps another even more ironic one was Rooney’s dive to end arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten run.
    Shrekface after the match actually CONFESSED and gleefully told the press that he had dived to win the penalty. The fact that a player can cheat and then unabashedly laugh in the face of the authorities is the clearest and most blatant form of disrespecting the game and “bringing the game into disrepute” – to quote a favourite phrase of uefa and the fa. Why wasn’t any retrospective punishment imposed then?
    If a hearing and trial can even be set for Eduardo’s case just to determine if or not his dive was deliberate, why wasn’t anything done about Rooney? No trial or hearing would even be needed there seeing as he admitted to his own deceit.

    Another thing – why is video evidence being used now to crucify a player when if anything, the body MOST resistant to any form of video aid has been uefa. In any case, the most recent piece of “video evidence” I’ve seen features a certain scouser assaulting someone just because he didn’t like the song that was playing. I wonder what the verdict was there.

  7. Well done UEFA for over turning the decision, idiots. If they weren’t going to punish Eduardo, they shouldn’t have made him out to be a scapegoat in the first place!

    Hopefully Dudu can get over this debacle and start scoring goals.

    Did anyone see the dive against Real Madrid the other day? Now that was blatant cheating!


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