What Does This Season Hold For Arsenal?

2 defeats in 4 games leaves Arsenal in a strange position.

The start of to the campaign couldn’t have been better. A fantastic 6-1 win at Goodison Park really did surprise a lot of people. We thrashed Portsmouth 4-1 a week later and in between the two Premier League games we managed to beat Celtic away, something which teams like AC Milan, Manchester United and Barcelona had failed to do in recent seasons.

And I was particularly excited about the currently squad.

Vermaelen was clearly a brilliant signing. Hungry, quick and great in the air – the Celtic game really showed us what he was all about. This guy was obviously a winner and his determination and ability were hugely impressive. Another great signing by Arsene Wenger.

But with that, it seemed that two of his young protégés were now ready to step up to the mark.

Denilson and Song looked a lot more mature and composed in midfield. Alex Song in particular has looked a far better player this season and his tackling ability has really impressed me, and along with Vermaelen has been one of our best players so far for me.

But the confidence and winning start to the season came crumbling down at Old Trafford, and again at The Eastlands.

I didn’t write after the Manchester United game because I was livid. Nothing I would have wrote would have made any sense, although in fairness I suppose you could argue that I’ve never made sense anyway.

But I was livid for so many reasons.

We were the better team by far but we had let United off the hook, big time. We should have inflicted them with their second defeat in the Premier League and emphasised our intent for the season but a combination of bad luck, quite frankly shocking refereeing and stupidity from our own team threw all the hard work away.

Remember, we were dominating the Champions at their own ground and United were so worried about our attacking threat they actually played 5 in midfield. At home!

After taking the lead into half-time with a wonder goal from Arshavin, we dominated the first 10 minutes of the second half – which culminated in THAT Robin Van Persie chance which for all intents and purposes would have finished the game as a contest. United were not a threat at all but with only a solitary goals advantage a single mistake would change the game completely.

And unfortunately, we had two.

Rooney was charging down (away from the goal) in the penalty area and for some strange reason Almunia decided to take out the fat scouser. It was a ridiculous decision from an experienced goalkeeper who should know better. United had nothing and to gift them a penalty was unforgivable and I still get angry about that. Yes, Rooney started to fall before contact was made but why give him an excuse to fall to ground? This is Wayne Rooney we’re talking about here. Pure idiocy plain and simple.

As you would expect, Rooney dispatched the penalty and the game completely changed. You don’t give a team like Manchester United any sort of encouragement and as expected the goal rejuvenated them and then another moment of stupidity gifted them the winning goal.

I know my criticism of players in the past has probably been over-critical but I honestly don’t know why Abou Diaby plays for Arsenal. I was cursing his performance well before he stupidly headed in that own goal because he is such a lazy player. And I was even more infuriated when he stayed on the pitch as Denilson, Eboue and Arshavin were substituted. This guy has no big game intelligence and might be good against whipping boys like Portsmouth but doesn’t have the desire and drive to be top class.

He’s been around longer than players like Denilson and Song but for me, Diaby never looks like improving. I’ve said this for years now and my opinion hasn’t changed one bit. He is a liability and the problem is these mistakes keep happening time and time again. I honestly wonder how Wenger has so much patience with the guy. If you thought Adebayor was a lazy player, Diaby takes the biscuit. There’s no doubt he has some ability, but unfortunately we only see it when he’s bothered – which quite honestly isn’t enough.

And we have to mention the refereeing, because it was disgraceful. We should have been awarded two penalties (on Van Persie and Arshavin) in the space of 2 minutes but nothing was given. And I couldn’t believe how many fouls Valencia got away with in the first half without even getting booked. Evra did get book eventually but it took around 1,274 fouls before his name was in the book. And of course, Arsenal picked up 6 bookings to United’s 2 even though the home side produced a lot more fouls over the 90 minutes.

We all know about the disgusting songs aimed at Arsene at Old Trafford too, and the ridiculous sending off so I won’t go over old ground again.

Then we come to the Manchester City game.

I always look to see who the referee is before an Arsenal game, and funnily enough I was confident when I saw Mark Clattenburg’s name come up. I’ve always thought he was a decent referee, but not yesterday.

I only caught some German highlights yesterday and obviously it only showed the major incidents, so excuse me if I am incorrect in my interpretation of the game.

What I saw wasn’t a white-wash from Citeh.

Their opener came from a lucky Almunia own-goal. Can you blame the Spaniard for the goal? Who knows. People have said that he didn’t shuffle his legs over enough and others just put it down to back luck. And it looked like Micah Richards was offside (not unlike Gallas was for our disallowed equaliser at Old Trafford). When it rains, it definitely pours.

Manuel Almunia hasn’t had the best start to the season, and has only kept one clean sheet in 6 games so far which was against Celtic at Parkhead. And to be fair, Gallas and Vermaelen were immense that day and he didn’t have many saves to make. The problem is should a top-class keeper be conceding so many goals for a side like Arsenal?

The second half saw Tomas Rosicky’s introduction and it seemed like his presence gave Arsenal the charge they needed, and Robin Van Persie scored an excellent goal after turning Lescott (not for the first time this season) and drilling the ball into the bottom corner with his weaker foot.

From what I saw from the coverage, the reason Arsenal lost was partly because they were unlucky and partly because they were hell bent on going for the win. And our attitude to never give up and always score is one of the reasons why were are were we are.

That’s not a criticism, but an observation.

It looked like Arsenal had a hell of a lot more chances than City did. Van Persie came close several times, including a shot which hit the post. Gallas had a header cleared off the line and Shay Given (as you would expect) showed his quality and was called to make several top drawer saves.

On the balance of play, a 4-2 defeat is pretty harsh.

But now to the encouraging news.

Yes, we’ve lost 2 games in 4 and in seasons gone by, I would be the first to criticise the team for a lack of effort, heart and desire. But that doesn’t seem the case this season.

The biggest problem I’ve had with Arsenal teams that have lost games (remember Fulham and Hull last season) was the lack of desire. I couldn’t care less how much ability you have, if you didn’t give 110% when you wore an Arsenal shirt then I found that extremely annoying. Regular readers will know that I loved players like Ray Parlour because he would die in an Arsenal shirt. Obviously, I don’t really want to see our players actually dying but determination is paramount for me.

And that hasn’t been our problem this season.

If we apply the same attitude over this campaign then I won’t be worried about what the season holds for Arsenal. For me, the reasons for our defeats have been down to a combination of bad luck, and the desire to win.

Leading 1-0 at Old Trafford, if we closed the game out we probably could have left with all 3 points. Even at 1-1, when we gifted them a goal we probably could have left with a point. But that’s not in our nature, and unfortunately we were punished for it.

It was the same story in the blue half of Manchester. We pegged it back to 1-1 but got caught on the counter-attack trying to score the winner. In both games, at the vital times we were on top but then got hit with a sucker punch. Don’t get me wrong, along with the back luck we have to eliminate the stupid individual mistakes from players like Diaby and Almunia, but we’re not a million miles away from everyone else.


15 thoughts on “What Does This Season Hold For Arsenal?

  1. I’m afraid Arsenal can’t win the title. no doubt its too early. The defence is still conceding goals from set pieces.Six goals conceded is not the stuff of potential champions. I know the gunners have scored more goals than chesea/Mu/ mc and others.If you analyse the stats,you will find tht a strong defence is the cornerstone.
    Unless there is significant improvement in the defence the best hope lies in the cup compettions.



  3. Good piece but i have to disagree with you on Diaby, i thought he was poor yesterday due to him being played on the left which is not his best position but i thought his performance against United was very good, with the exception of the OG. Also agree with you that we are in a good position for the season ahead, people forget we’ve still got Nasri, Walcott, Vela and Rosicky(who was fantastic yesterdat btw) to come back as well. We’ve got to remember that we played Man U off the park without Fabregas and were the better team against City but were caught out by three good City counterattacks. I also feel that we may have played 2 of our 3 toughest games of the season already with Chelsea away being the 3rd and i now feel a lot more confident going to Stoke and Villa away etc with a more solid looking team. The futures bright.

  4. ok we are showing commitment but it isn t enough, we can never win any silverware with that prat of denilson walking and watching the game instead of focusing on the match or bossing the midfield and diaby ………..song has improved by leaps and bounds and he is the only reliable option and can yu tell me why bendtner starts as r.w. when he is a c.f.

  5. Good article. Actually Scousers have lost, Manure have lost, Citeh won’t last, the scum are not worth a mention. Only Chelsea have got off to a great start and they have yet to play anyone decent. Yes we have lost 2 but both hard away games where the other top sides will struggle. Diaby is hopeless agreed. Rosicky, Nasri and Theo need to be back, I also think Bendtner needs to be played through the middle to be effective. Wenger needs to keep their confidence up as that could be their undoing. For me the glass is half full. We have to have faith. I do believe we should have added a DM. I’m also concerned about our CB cover. But overall we can still do it. Keep faith.

  6. Season will not amount to much if Wenger doesn’t buy a couple of EXPERIENCED players EARLY in January because the current bunch r prone 2 consistent moments of madness (see Aluminum, Diabolical & Clichy), yesterday Almunia gifted City the lead with hesitant goalkeeping. The introduction of Rosicky for Denilson Arsenal rightfully started 2 chase the game. After we scored we went for victory but excitable Clichy stupidly bombed 4ward and promptly lost the ball & Diaby who was supposed 2 b covering 4 Denilson was busy strolling in the middle of the pitch & City used the extra man 2 their full advantage. The 3 goals were almost a carbon copy of each other!

  7. Good one mate. Pretty much what I make of our situation as well.

    However, Clichy deserves to be criticised as well. Where he runs about while neglecting his defensive duties has become laughable.

  8. In our first four prem games we have played 3 of the top six sides away from home and have been unlucky not to come away with all three points in the last two, disappointed Yes, worried No. Man U did not have a great record last season against the top sides and they still won the title.

  9. Wenger not buying anyone in the transfer window has blown up in his face, we have become a laughing stock with Wenger’s inability to accept Eduardo dived, he should have accepted the decision and moved on, we were poor against Citeh because we were not up for it,once again we looked lost, alas we will finish this season the same as the last four because Wenger can not accept he isn’t the manager he use to be, we need a fresh start.
    Wenger has been a great manager but every dog has it’s day, time to move upstairs as director of football.
    We are going backwards, the football is too predictable, players playing out of position, Wenger’s tunnel vision, the board’s greed is reducing this club to a shambles.
    We need to start again, the team has to be built around Arshavin, Cesc will go at the end of the season because I believe he has had enough.
    Alumina is a joke, how Wilshire and Ramsey are over-looked is beyond me, instead we stick with Diaby and Denilson, Clichy can not sustain ninety mins concentration.
    I believe we will finish six

  10. I think the criticisms of Gael Clichy are unfair.

    Yes, he makes mistakes but they were because Arsenal were chasing the game. He lost the ball for the 2nd and 3rd goals but I’ve just seen the goals again and the attitude from Diaby is a fucking joke.

    Both times, you see him stroll back, even though he’s only about 20 yards away! It’s clear the team are under pressure and yet he walks around the pitch. That is unforgivable.

    You said Diabolical is a liability, and that is spot on. He’s a fucking joker.

  11. wy you are crtisizing diaby i can say that arsena wenger was responsible for city defeat because he sabastutites song and denilson and brougth striker and attacking midfielder then who hold the midfield area , pull shit dont blame diaby you ar ewrong diaby is good but the fucking arsene is the proplem let him leave the club and bring wonderfull coaches like rednapp and morinho.

  12. lets stop making flimsy excuses for diaby. he’s good but not good enough for Arsenal. We have to admit that the club has a set of mediocre players (Diaby, Almunia – Bendtner & Denilson have potential) & unless they are disposed of, we’ll keep on being underdogs against the big clubs.
    i still cant understand why the club will get an unexpected windfall of 40M pounds and not have any good signings. its a suicide mission


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