Thierry: It’s Okay To Cheat… If You’re English

I watched the France v Republic of Ireland game last night and although I’m not Irish I did get caught up in the match and I was more than happy when they scored, and was willing them to go through – even if the goal did come from a Spurs player.

So when Thierry Henry did that in extra time to set up William Gallas’ goal, I was enraged. And I was even more wound up when my Dad came out and said:

“All footballers cheat”.

My response was along the lines of “what the hell are you on about?” as I was still in shock that the goal was actually given.

And as the game ended, I received a barrage of text messages from friends telling me how Thierry Henry was a complete disgrace and well, I couldn’t really repeat what some of the messages said on here.

But after I took a step back I realised how amazingly hypocritical football supporters are, and how my fathers initially nonsensical statement was truer than I first though.

If you look back, most footballers (even the greats) have incidents of cheating on the resumes. Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Didier Drogba, Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard… the list is literally endless.

It was amazing the abuse Thierry Henry was getting.

When a foreigner does it, they’re a disgrace but if Michael Owen dives to earn a penalty against Argentina in the World Cup then it’s not cheating, it’s being clever.

It’s funny how it’s all reported in the media.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Didier Drogba but if you actually put all of his, frankly laughable, dives into perspective, he’s actually no worse than England’s very own shining star, Steven Gerrard. Now like me at first, you would think comparing a ‘cheating b@stard’ like Drogba to a roaring and inspirational leader like Gerrard was completely farcical. I bet you still think it’s ridiculous even now.

Well take off your blinkered glasses and take a look at this video:


It doesn’t seem so crazy now does it?

How often do we read in the papers that Gerrard’s a cheat or a diver? Exactly, never.

Hell, I’d even bet that most football fans talk about how much Drogba is a cheat more than Gerrard is. Even the Everton supporters.

So I’m sure that Thierry will be crucified in all the newspapers this morning, and I suppose a good witch-hunt sells newspapers.

I’d like to think Arsenal supporters are from a more intelligent breed, and realise that it isn’t just always an opposing player that’s been guilty of cheating. Whenever I see anyone cheat or dive (whether it be an Arsenal player) I’ll always say that’s a disgrace.

Cheating is cheating, not just when it’s against your team.

I’ve had it all tonight, “Henry’s a dirty cheat”, “I’ve lost all respect for him” and “Your hero is a scumbag” being some of the regular messages aimed in my direction. Funnily enough, I’ve also had a lot of people saying that Henry must have learnt how to cheat from Arsenal, which is a personal favourite.

But you know what, Thierry Henry will always be a legend in my eyes and he did so much for our football club. Whenever he was at Arsenal, it would be fair to say he was a role-model, on and off the pitch.


71 thoughts on “Thierry: It’s Okay To Cheat… If You’re English

  1. How about the penalty that France should have had in the 1st leg…….nothing said about that. The Irish should have won their home leg. No good crying over spilt milk now.
    Stop blaming The Arsenal.

  2. you left eduardo off that list by mistake did you?
    funny you singled out gerrard…..
    it is football and thats true but thats a fairly flimsy link you are failing to make between diving and blatant handball.
    mark my words…france will be embarased on the world stage and henry will regret the shadow he just cast upon his until now wonderful career.

  3. I’m gutted with the result. I’m gutted that Henry did that. Also, I’m gutted that I’ll have to support Spain in the world cup.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that “all” footballers cheat. It is really very common in the game but there have been exceptions.
    Remember Arshavin trying to turn down a penalty?
    Remember Fowler doing the same?

    If I was Henry I’d do almost anything to play in what will probably be his last World Cup.


  4. Gutted to see a Gunner legend win with such controversy. But a few points:

    1. The refs botched it, not Henry
    2. Henry was not obligated to report what happened to the refs
    3. Even if that goal was disallowed, there would still have been PK, so don’t say Ireland “was cheated out of the WC”

    Still gutted for Ireland though.

  5. coogo what has Eduardo got to do with it? He’s dived once in his entire life when Gerrard dives once every 4 minutes so I think it was fair to pick on Gerrard.
    As for handball/diving. I think diving is far worse than getting away with a handball ffs. Have some perspective you retard.

  6. Oh I love the sensational British Media. They are so quick to point out cheating when it’s done by a foreign player and when one of their own snap a players leg in half, all you get is articles from his primary school teacher telling the world what a good boy he is and blah blah blah…
    They are a joke that no one takes seriously. Well done for a good article.

  7. Clearly the fairness of sport has been broken on numerous occasions throughout this World Cup qualifying campaign. It could be branded under match fixing. It is not only the goal that is what has cheated us, it is the overall underlying favoritism within the seeding process that is the real CHEAT. FIFA / Blatter and Platini have got their way, and that is not what football is meant to be all about. Is it illegal to change rules of a tournament half way through to suit your own country, or even other (larger) countries if you have a vested interest? Was there ever a reason provided by FIFA for this besides: Blatter: “We have decided to seed the playoffs”. WHY ?? The goal and Ireland getting knocked out is the sickening end to the disgusting manner MY SPORT is being run. Congratulations Blatter, Platini and Henry… How dare you taint a sport we love and embrace. I demand both Blatter’s and Platini’s resignation for throwing our game into disrepute. How dare you take away our love for a game. Who are you to destroy something so pure to us? Please read the review of the match on “”. No mention of a handball incident. Cowardly, and disgusting. Today I am embarrassed for football, and this time I am not sure of the damage can ever be repaired



    i personally think there is a reason they will not use video technology – it gives the officials the power over games meaning more ££££. Think about how much money is involved in football nowadays. There are so many good reasons to use it and when they defend not using it they make lousy excuses. Every other sport uses it. Its a joke they can get away with this!!



  9. That was a stroke of genius & will be aired for years to come – only the best can do it so blatantly. this is what football’s about – moments like that make it the best game. Thierry took the captaincy there & used initiative {calcultated risk}.

  10. What is it with you Gooners and you’re love for Henry? You know he doesn’t play for you lot anymore, right?

    He cheated. Plain and simple.

    Don’t give us any of that “its up to the ref to catch me cheating” cobblers either, the ref was clearly unsighted as theres no way he would have given a goal if he’d spotted such an obvious handball.

    As for the tired old Michael Owen excuse you lot always trot out when one of yours (or in this case a former hero) cheats its irrelevant as Owen is ENGLISH and last nights incident happened against the IRISH for Christsakes. They’re the ones who have been screwed over. I also notice that your list of recent footballing cheaters you list there isn’t a mention of Eduardos dive at Celtic or any Arsenal player at all. That’s strange, seeing as “all footballers cheat”.

    Its true that there are no guarantees in football, so it’s a stretch to say Ireland would definitely had won. Lets face it, had France scored a “straight” goal or won on penalties, the football world would not have been surprised in the slightest. But that’s not how they won, is it?

    Henrys football career is a glittering one, but to the neutral he will always be tainted with his actions last night and on this issue, any vilification he receives in the press (especially the Irish press) will be well and truly justified.

  11. ‘That was a stroke of genius & will be aired for years to come – only the best can do it so blatantly. this is what football’s about – moments like that make it the best game. Thierry took the captaincy there & used initiative {calcultated risk}.

    = GENIUS


  13. at the end of the day if an english player done this the media would be looking at the funny side. And dont deny it. The media would blame everything else apart from the player.

    The ball bounced unexpectedly and hit his hand
    The ref should of seen it
    It was miscontrol… an accident
    It was a lucky fluke

    i have noticed in football there is always repeats…deja vu’s…

    In the coming weeks AN ENGLISH PLAYER WILL do a similar thing. Maybe not an international game, it maybe a league game or champions league game.

    And WHEN it does happen lets see what the media say?

    It will happen… mark my words!!!

  14. I do believe that Robbie Keane used his arm to try and gain an advantage on more than one occasion during the match, he wasn’t clever enough to get away with it because the raf. spotted his misdemeanors, he also does the same thing in the Premier league OK we all know that most players will do it but it is the Hypocrisy that shines through, if R.K. had managed to score due to one of the hand balls what would the press have said then, nearly every footballer cheats in one form or another, it is human nature, R.K. cheated when he stamped on Lehmanns foot to earn the spuds a penalty at WHL, they thought they had stopped the Arsenal from winning the league at WHL they were so wrong.

  15. Hey you gooners can love Henry as much as you want, thats your entitlement, but to the rest of us he is a dirty cheating scumbag-thats our entitlement. Oh and Gerrard is too.

  16. You lot just dont get it do you. This isnt about Paul Scholes, or Gerrard, or Robbie Keane or even Eduardo.

    The fact that “everyone does it” doesnt cut it. This was such a blatant act of cheating and the only reason you’re defending it is because it was an Arsenal legend who did it.

    He is not alone though. These games should have never been seeded, and were only done so to accomodate the likes of France and Portugal at the last minute.

    Henry cheated. However, FIFAs actions in moving the goalposts are just as bad.

    By the way, I dont support Liverpool and know Gerrard is a cheat too.

  17. Good, thoughtful piece. Your dad is partly right.

    A lot of players cheat. They are under pressure to do so. I am a Sunderland fan and have made it clear at that I deplore any of my team doing it, or feeling they are expected to, just as much as I resent losing games or important decisions when opponents cheat.

    Henry is a truly great player but has descended, in my eyes, into the Rogues’ Gallery occupied by Maradona, Eduardo, Ngog, Ilunga, McAllister, Drogba … the list goes on and I know some of you would add Bent, I am consistent on that; if he dived, and it looks as if he did, I condemn it even though his actions were barely in the same league as some we’ve seen.

    I want three points against you on Saturday but would be bitterly shamed if they came from an act of blatant dishonesty

  18. it is good to finally read some rational words about what happened. John Thomas said it right that Keane tried to use his arm and didn’t get through with it. If the referee would have ignored one his handballs or cheats and he would have scored the winner then he would have been celebrated as a hero by the press and nobody would be outraged because according to them the Irish deserved to win.

    Everywhere the press states how the Irish would have won if they would have used their chances forgetting how the French could have scored too if they would have taken theirs. Govou should have sealed the deal at the end but he didn’t. I didn’t read any single match report which stated this.

    If the Irish would have won, then the French could whine how they weren’t given a penalty in the 1st leg and how they were robbed for their place in the world cup. Nobody would care though and they would be simply labeled as whiners.

    At the end France won and Ireland lost. The result was unfair and I wouldn’t mind a match replay. But that would also open a can of worms.

    I feel sorry for Henry. The only reason why the press is doing it is because he is French.

  19. Like most Arsenal fans I’m quite disappointed to see an Arsenal legend do something like this. However, let’s get this in perspective, to my mind this is one of the few times where TH has ever cheated. There are people who continually bend the rules, diving, simulating, fowling and nothing ever happens to them. I guess there is one thing you can say for TH, at least he’s consistently great… even at cheating.

  20. Henry has only increased his legendary status. Now we don’t have to sit through drivel with the likes of Kilbane, O’Shea, Keane and Doyle in South Africa. Everyone on here is pot, kettle, black. As the article states people will see this situation as Henry cheating like Maradona did, however, if it was Gerrard or Rooney that does this in the world cup final, you look and see how many people are complaining. Or, shall we approach this from a slightly different angle so most of you on here can appreciate what I am saying… many of you actually wanted Arsenal, namely Campbell, not to score that header against Barcelona in the Champions League final? With 20 minutes to go, were all of you biting your nails wondering if we would hold on for a famous 10 man and first champions league victory ever, or were you hoping Barca would score so we didn’t win by cheating when Eboue clearly dived for the free kick? Honestly football is a professional game where professional sportsman want to win at all costs. Although Henry will be slated for how France went through, do you think the French public will care if they lift the world cup next summer? To think otherwise is total and utter buffoonery. With the likes of Rooney and Gerrard in the England team, we can expect some controversial incidents that will almost certainly go in our favour as they are so good at executing it…..and if you are wondering, yes I am 100% English but also a realist when it comes to modern day sport.

  21. Handling a ball is not “cheating” any more than a hard tackle or an offsides. It’s just a foul and the official missed it. Is RVP a “cheat” when he gets away with an offside run? Is Cesc if he wins a ball with a dubious tackle? To “cheat” seems to require something more than a foul (and it can’t just be the importance of the incident to the game): it requires an intent to deceive and Henry’s handball was so blatant he really can’t be accused of that. Unless we are willing to label every intentional infraction of the rules cheating, Henry is guilty of nothing more than anyone else who has ever stepped on a pitch.

  22. Wow, I’m amazed at the pathetic response of the British media today. It was like Henry was a f*cking rapist or something!

    If anything, the disgraceful treatment Titi’s getting makes him even more of a legend in my eyes now.

    And Arseblog made a good point when they said Henry doesn’t even play for Arsenal anymore, so the people that have come out and said ‘Henry has tainted his Arsenal legend’ are just retarded.

    And this quote:

    “I guess there is one thing you can say for TH, at least he’s consistently great… even at cheating.”

    Is legen… wait for it… DARY!

  23. ffs lighten up rob base & co-the british media are dong the same thing to th14 as they did to eduardo & trying to sulley his reputation because he’e ex arsenal-& considering most irish fans are celtic supporters too you can see where all the bitching is coming from-as for the scum media-if rooney had done it there would be no problem trust me-they would probably justify it as karma to make up for the hand of god incident-yes,it is shit luck but until fifa,uefa get video technology in for replays it is gonh to happenagai & again&a agin-pictute this …world cup final,roi vs brazil,last minute robbie keane knocks ball back for richard dunne to get winner-mass hysteria-ireland world chamions hmmmmm

  24. Hey mate I couldn’t agree more. Rooney the little scumbag has been diving and cheating for years. He costs us our 50th game unbeaten by diving at the feet of Campbell then again recently his wobbly legs happened again when he was almost tackled.
    The media have a blindspot for any English player, especially those playing for England.
    I’m English but feel nothing but resentment towards the England team for their godlike status and inability to actually win anything.

  25. Forgive me for being stupid, but didn’t UEFA end up aquitting Eduardo on the charge of diving?

    It’s interesting how people were quick to slag him off day and night when he got charged, but no-one mentions how he wasn’t actually guilty of diving.

    Eduardo deserves an apology the way he was disgracefully treated.

  26. Hahahaha.. I cannot wait till an english player takes a dive or executes a deliberatley handball in the world Cup-then we will see real egg on face. I saw a replay of the goal and I must say that before I saw it I was under the impression that Thierry had caught the ball with his hand, scooped it on to his right foot and then played in Gallas. The whole episode was a milisecond and could easily ahve been instinctive/reactive.

    The furore in the press is flabbergasting and regardless of how well France perform in the world cup, the interesting thing for me is how the press is going to handle it when an English man is caught in the spotlight. It’s quite incredible that a country that brutally colonised a lot of the world has become so xenophobic in their sport, particulalry football, where if it had not been for the influence of foreigners, the EPL would not be the premier football league in the world.

    A lot of bollocks and hogwash!

    The english press have opened a can of worms with the whole cheating row and mark my words it will come down on them like a ton of bricks……wait & see.

  27. bollox. stuff the rest. hes a cheat. will always be a cheat. ask his wife. everytime i see this guy all i will see is cheat. arsenal legend my ass

  28. Agree 100%.

    I’m not Irish, I’m not French. I started following football 5 seasons ago and slowly slowly its all coming to me how these English media are a bunch of tw*ts. Micheal Owen’s dives were much more shameful than Henry’s handball.

    To them cheating or “being a winner” is all a matter of on which end they are. Seriously had it been England and not France and the same was done by Rooney or Gerrard they would been hailed by now of having qualities of real winners that they can “grind out results when it matters”.

    Its all political. Everyone knows what is there between France and England and its all playing a part.

    Henry is my hero and always will be, nothing these hypocritical media can do about that. The only thing that saddens me is the grumblings coming out of Gooners of accusing Henry.

  29. Matt, well said mate! Henry is and always will be a legend …. I see Gerrard dive everytime he is in the opposition’s box …. and always turn to the referee waiting for a penalty which he ALWAYS gets. If Robbie Keane stopped whingeing the whole match and put his chance away the Irish wouldn’t be in that position anyways, and in addition Anelka should have had a penalty. The difference between the British players and the rest of the world is that the apply gamesmanship at the wrong time and to not have the guile to win games at cutting edge moments through it …. whereas World Greats like Henry, Maradona Ronaldo et al win there countries big games through it! Unfortunate but true so if you can’t beat them (which you won’t) join them and beat them at their own game!

  30. I don’t understand all these people going on about how Thierry is this and that – if Robbie Keane did the same thing to send his team to the World Cup finals, do you really think he’d turn to the ref and tell him not to give the goal?! I can’t think of any footballer in the world that would do that.

    How many of us would give anything to play for our favourite teams? Well, when you’re at that level you’ll do anything to play in a World Cup. He did what he did and got away with it. This incident should highlight the need for video evidence, not to the start of a witch hunt against Henry.

    Week in week out there are these instances where footballers cheat. Take Fletcher’s challenge against Arshavin; blatant penalty. Did he tell the ref that is should have been given?! No; and rightly so. You do what you have to do to win!

    King Henry, I hope you have a great last World Cup – you deserve it.

  31. Cheating is cheating: diving, handling the ball, deliberate time wasting and yeah even pretending to be hurt. Why is it that when Rooney did it to Sol Campbell in the 50th game Arsenal v. ManU it was cleverness? When when Gerard does it it’s also oh so clever. Don’t forget Michael Owen at the World Cup? Why when an English man does it it clever and when someelse does it it’s cheating. Nzog, McGeady didn’t get the coverage Eduardo got when they dived. Something is wrong with that picture. Wake up people!

  32. Great article. The press overreacts incredibly. Its amazing that so many Irish supporters and players blame Henry when they should be taking responsibility for the amount of chances they missed themselves. Duff and Keane should be blamed if anyone for missing sitters. Oh, and I would love to have seen Aiden McGeady get more game time and really show what cheating is!!

  33. SO many DEFENSIVE GOONERS on here talking shite. You would think they were sleeping with Henry

    -If a player had denied Arsenal the Champions league final in such a manner we wouldnt hear the last of it.

    Hypocritical idiots

  34. I actually wanted the Irish to go the world cup, largely b/c I like Roddy Doyle more than I hate Robbie Keane, and The Van f’in cracked me up when I was down in the dumps about a decade ago.

  35. wateva u call it ..Henry remains my no:1 legend.he did not cheat afterall there are refs so why blame him.@ least many of the grets did sure if it were an english maneg gerrard,rooney etc that would have been a clever deed.peace henry is still my hero.

  36. How come Eduardo becomes the face of diving in football after just 1 accusation?

    How come all you English fans complaining about cheat Henry dont remember the circumstances under which England beat Cameroun in the 1990 World Cup?

    The 2 penalties were the most blatant examples of cheating in sport, and that was in a world cup quarter final.

    I believe that the Republic and the home nations fans just love vilifying foreigners.


  38. Im French and i feel so bad for Ireland and how they got knocked out. Babel’s dive knocked Arsenal out of the CL and the way we lost to Italy in the WC06 i know how the irish feel and the feeling sucks. If Keane did wat Henry did then how would it be? Idk thats why i asked, and if people are crying out for Henry to be banned from wc10 then ban Ronaldo, Babel, Gerrard, Rooney, Drogba half of the Argentina team etc……. and if they want a replay then how many other teams would have to do a replay cause of someone’s handball or dive u know. Yes theres money involved but also lets say FIFA do sumthin like give Ireland a rematch and ban Henry for that leg, how many times after that will teams complain every single time and ask for re-matches or bans. FIFA dont want to come to a situation to where they have to give everything to all the teams everytime and the teams control everything, thats why FIFA wont budge cause it will save them the headache. This situation happens to everyone and Ireland i feel for u and u did deserve this game but u are no exception ur not some greater power team that because this time it landed on u that u have to get the replay or the player ban on Henry. It sucks it happened and now its behind us everyone moved on wen there teams got screwed over now u have to move on.

  39. Your father is a wise man you should listen to him,every footballer from Maradona to the local pub player will cheat to get ahead,it is human nature and as long as there are no penalty,I.e(Video) to punish the sinners it will keep existing.I do believe that the old fartds at Fifa and Uefa are never gonna introduce video unless a World cup final is determined by cheating,and then again they might not,they are a bunch of reactionary old cunts.

  40. im an arsenal fan and always will be, but more importantly im irish and henry did cheat in fairness he admitted it so i have some respect for him.I believe he was under enormous pressure from domenach and as a captain he resorted to the the hand ball incident to be honest if he were playing in the red and white i would be cheering him for being inventive, we will not get a replay so he should be banned and fined thats the only solution.He tricked the officials the same as eduardo did (apparently) so a small amount of justice could be done.look ireland should have won with all the chances created im proud of them and we look to have some viable future for the republic tiocfaidh ar lar and it will.

  41. stew i read your comment your a typical wanker, id have robbie keane in an arsenal shirt any day he is all time top scorer for the republic and nearly matching it at the lane so get over yourself, the fact is he can prove his quality even playing with a bad side .


  43. ***********” bono Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    stew i read your comment your a typical wanker, id have robbie keane in an arsenal shirt any day he is all time top scorer for the republic and nearly matching it at the lane so get over yourself, the fact is he can prove his quality even playing with a bad side .”************

    like liverpool?

  44. ol your probably a two bit scouse cunt so fuck off the arsenal pages, you should be moaning and complaining about rafa and how if gerrard and torres wre fit you would win the league and how aqua man will save you fuck off you havent and you wont win the premier league your just a cup team.

  45. Frankly, none of this has anything to do with Arsenal. Can we please get back to the Arsenal. One national side beat another. Who cares.? When our players get injured playing for national sides, there’s no discourse on the ridiculous unfairness of the supporters paying their wages while they’re out for months, so why should there be any more effort expended when any given player cheats or doesn’t for his country? Apart from semi-literate, lazy, talentless journalists tryijng to sell papers by manufacturing a story. Strangely, Rooney’s blatant dive aganst Slovenia, in the same week as his dive against Arsenal, merited no such opprobrium. Odd that.

  46. The funniest thing is why would anyone from England truly care????

    I see this all the time….in all sports….

    We all want Scotland, Wales and Ireland to do well and always support them….


    They hate us, absolutely hate us……they want to see us fail..

    The World Cup is better for having France and Henry there.

    And people really need to grow up and take a reality check……how many controversial (Cheated goals) have been scored by every team at some point……

    Our xenophobic media are the main problem here

  47. Alright Im irish but im a huge arsenal fan, and i knew that this would happen, Arsenal blogs defending Henry and giving Ireland, and especially keane, abuse and telling us 2 get over it.
    Henry is probably my favourite player of all time but what happened yesterday was ridiculous, and what angers me more is that you gunners blogs keep defending him. I know your proud supporters, but maybe your too proud, because when something like this happens its alright 2 say Henry was completely wrong, however i blame the ref more.
    But the context of this incident is just phenomenal. A small country like Ireland have been denied going 2 a world cup, one of the biggest things that can happen 2 a small country like us, because of a blatantly incorrect decision.
    please stop defending him, and hes 1 of my heros aswell

  48. What the British press is about is that it lacks prepective. Similarly, if the revrese happens, the French papers will go overboard. Anyway, It was a foul that the ref did not spot in the buildup to the goal. Happens all the time. The Chelsea/MU game, fouls were committed/not commited in the buildup to the goal. What do we do; replay the game; stop the game for five minutes and review the video tape? Did any of the Chelsea players go to the ref and said we foul so and so. Ridiculous suggestions by some quarters. Get on with the game.

  49. What is it with people in great britain when it comes to dives and handballs? why the hell are they so self righteous?

    The point of the article is that when a player from a different country does something you call them all sortof names including the disgusting british media but when its one of the good ole boys who never cheat or dive like Rooney most of you dont say anything, the british media goes hush, or its clever.

    Henry handled the ball, so what?! its happens in almost every football match! you wouldnt say anything if it didnt result in a goal. Mind you the foolishness of the matter is that Irelnad still needed to score regardless to go through, well outside of penalties that is.

    Can we also not forget that Anelka’s foot was grabbed by the Goalie.

    Some of you guys go way overboard, calling people names and all that crap. It was a reaction, IT HAPPENS!

    One play reduces one of the best players in PL History to a cheat. Give me a break!

    Very immature attitude!

  50. and people wonder why wales scotland and ireland have no time for the english its because your full of shit world cup you wont win a tea cup not with that bunch of overated players.

  51. A lot of people are speculating about what Robbie Keane would have done, well the answer lies in an earlier Qualifying round against Georgia. Keane deliberately handles the ball, it bounces of him and then played through to him again when he is in an offside position. Bizarrely the ref. interprets this sequence of events as a penalty to Ireland. Keane takes the penalty and scores and celebrates. Watch it on YouTube …

  52. Get over it-Shit happens! That’s what football’s about!.There are controversional decisions every week.Whether it’s a world cup qualifier,FA cup match,or a game over Hackney marshes!I dont recall the goverment getting involved over the Maradonna ‘incident’. Do you really think if Rooney,Keane,Miller,Ward or Giggs had of scored for any of the UK/IRL sides in Similar Circumstances,and qualified for the finals there would have been such an outcry? I think not!

  53. Good link Dave, Robbie Keane didn’t have any problems putting away the penalty when it was awarded to Ireland!

    The whole incident is just an example of how hypocritical the British media actually is. If Robbie Keane got away with the two handballs he tried against France (funny that no-one actually mentions those) then he’d be hailed as a hero!


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