I Love Roy Keane, What A Legend! (Watch Video)

We all know Roy Keane hates the Irish FA, we all know he used to play for United, and we know he’s not exactly the best manager in the world, but the fact of the matter is:

Roy Keane is f*cking hilarious!

But despite the hilarious way he puts his points across, you have to say he makes a lot of sense!

Finally there’s someone in football who isn’t stupid or sad enough to just agree with the extremely biased British media.

Roy Keane, we salute you!



29 thoughts on “I Love Roy Keane, What A Legend! (Watch Video)

  1. Even as a huge gooner Keane is so refreshing in his honesty, blame who you like but teams win games not decisions, well let me clarify that.If you leave a game in the hands of the ref then you did not do enough to win the game.Yes it is a bitter pill to swallow but lets not act like it hasn’t happened in numerous games by numerous players.Had the decision went the other way the world would not be in uproar.It would barely have registered as a blip.Keane’s resentment of the FAI is clear to see but that does not make him wrong.He has a winning attitude that leads him to believe you win games by playing and scoring, not moaning.I guess the whole of Ireland goes into uproar every time Robby Keane cheats?…………… no because if they did it would become a war zone.

    Move on and stop moaning

  2. Roy Keane’s opinion cannot be taken seriously on this matter, he confronted many a referee when decisions didn’t go his way during his playing career and quite often blamed everyone else. He has a personal grudge against Irish football ever since his fall from grace at the 2002 world cup when he was rightly sent home.
    Ireland and Arsenal Fan.

  3. poor old roy, bitter too the end and its great too see he still lets himself and family and country down. roy despite what a former manager used too suggest that you would be manager of man utd, it aint gonna happen roy and you will never manage the republic either, and after conceding 28 goals already with ipswich this season do the ipswich players not get fed up with you asking them,WHY DID YOU NOT BEFEND THE BALL COMING INTO THE BOX?

  4. brilliant roy. legend. them arseholes in the fai hopefully wont get to swig champers and prawn sandwiches in south africa. . we wont have to buy their cheap nasty fai world cup memorabillia that is a danger to kids. fai leeches. up arsenal. keane, a legend

  5. R Keane is a great man because he’s his own man. He’ll go against anyone and anything, whether right or wrong. And that does not happen often enough. And so his opinion is that the FAI or whatever it is, is crap. So is the FA. BIG time. There are no better than local councils. And Uefa make no mention of handball in there match report. Just that Henry squared to Gallas. Shameful.

  6. At least the irish fans reacted gracefully, not like someother fans who would have wrecked paris if it had happened to them,guess who!!!! if ye like that asshole roy keane so much why not make him the next manager of england

  7. to be honest, im an arsenal fan, and they way arsenal fans, cant accept that henry cheated, and his reputation will rightfully be tarnished, you are all pathetic… it was the same with the eduardo incident, you need to take your arsenal glasses off and when a member of our team, cheats and or does someting that reflects poorly or arsenal or on football as a whole, we should admit it! I notice that none of you have a problem with calling out eboue, when he dives and makes a fool of himself, but that’s because he’s an average player, and isnt someone the fans hold in high regard!!! lets be honest about it, your mugs end of, and roy keane a legend???? how some of you can even contemplate such a statement is beyond fucking ridiculous!

  8. have to admit tho, the thing with the phone ringing, is fuckin hilarious… still tho, he’s said in the past and in his autobiographies, that he hates arsenal, and their “smug” fans!!!! so absolute lunatic, who can be hilarious???? yes! legend??? abso-fucking-lutely NOT!

  9. Come on Jack, you’ve just contradicted yourself there.

    You say that we should take our ‘Arsenal glasses off’ and yet cite the Arsenal fans slating Eboue! Surely, if anything that shows everyone that Arsenal supporters are better than any other because at least they recognise when one of their own players is a cheat. And every Arsenal fan will admit that Eboue is a cheat – but they will also admit that it’s disgraceful.

    The most pathetic thing about all this talk about Henry and Eduardo is that they never cheat. You could literally point the finger at Henry and Eduardo once in terms of cheating, and for the rest of their careers they have been model professionals. Yet serial cheats like Gerrard, Rooney, Ronaldo and Drogba don’t get even half the kind of slating the Arsenal lads get.

    Re: the Keano video, he might be a massive tw@t but at least he speaks his mind, unlike most of these f*cking sheep in the media. I was particularly disappointed with what Lee Dixon said on the BBC Football website, considering he usually comes out with sensible comments.

  10. Jack I aggree with you. I cant get over how fellow gooners simply dont want to believe what Henry done.

    The massive backlash to me is simply explained. When you see replays he not only stopped the ball with his wrist, which was an instinctive reaction most player I think would do, but then he reacted again to get the ball under control with his fingers. The first was a reaction the second was a choice. Simple as that!
    For a player who preached some much down the years about playing fair, been fair and showing a good example this action has put the heat up a lot of people for it’s hypocracy.
    No supporter following any team anywhere would of though he was capable of such an act as everyone would have thought he was above it.
    I would say he feels terrible now and his statement this afternoon was helpfull, albeit made after FIFA made their decision. He will always be an Arsenal legend and people should remember he never done anything lioke this before. But it will sadly tarnish his reputation from what I can see looing through some world media. I genuinely believe he is sorry.
    People talk about the sheep in the media but some fellow gooners are jsut as much sheep in their accessment. The truth is in between. As English based gooners dont care a hoot about Ireland they dont want to see their legend been attacked. Thats not objective either. As for Roy Keane he has a chip on his shoulder and was rightly booted out of Japan 2002. To use his words as ‘common sense’ and ‘truth’ is like asking Saddam Hussein about Kurdish healthcare. For these Egllish or whatever based gooners I suggest to show some understanding to Irish gooners who also love their club but have a national interest here which you dont care about. Some of the comments directed at the are awfull and I ask if it were Torres against England who did this would you be so forgiving.
    We are all gooners and have emotions. Henry alls forgiven let go for a pint.
    Hope you will all read this
    Arsenal forever

  11. @ wenger’s immortals… how did i contradict myself???? the point i made was that when someone like eboue, dives and generally acts like a complete tool, arsenal fans single him and although deservedly, he gets stick for it… but when its an arsenal legend like henry, his blatant and lets be brutally honest here, disgraceful cheating, by handling the ball not once but a second time to control it, there aint many arsenal fans that can be honest enough to admit that he cheated pure and simple… that’s all there is to it, there is no defending what he done…. and with eddy because of what he’s been through with having his leg broken by that fuckwit martin taylor, when he blatatnly dives against celtic (and if you say it was anything other than a blatant attempt to con the referee then you’re beyond reasoning) then it’s ok, arsenal fans come out and back him, try and make excuses for him… there’s double standards and it’s bullshit!!! i agree eboue is a serial cheat, and imo each and every time he play acts to get other plays booked, or dives when there’s no one within three feet of him, he should be dropped with the explaination, when you cut that out of your game you’ll be in with a chance of playing again… but dudu and henry deserve all the stick they got/ are getting and it’d be nice to see some honesty about it from arsenal supporters, you cant defend the indefinsible, yet every arsenal blog ive looked at in the past day or two, is making a dam good effort too!

  12. agree with what fin says, but also how can you slate lee dixon just because he didnt back henry???? bollocks to that… when someone fucks up, you acknowledge it, you dont start making excuses for it… i heard the interview he gave on bbc sport and he was nothing but fair…. he basically says that he didnt think henry was capable of something like that and wouldnt of belived it had someone told him before the match that it would happen, and that henry’s reputation would be tarnished permanently by this…. that’s about as fair an assessment as you could get…. he also even mentioned, the fact that it was so suprising because of the way henry always spoke about fair play and sportsmanship, and how he’d always been a model professional…. what more do you want?

  13. by the way… henry has always been a favourtie of mine, and will continue to be, he was imo, the only player that’s been at arsenal, that could lay claim to being the best in the world… although he didnt win it, he was robbed on at least two occassions, when nedved won european, and ronaldinho won the world, and henry came second in both springs to mind… however, he has gone down in my estimation, something i thought he couldnt do barr joining spurs, utd or man city, and that will always be there in the future!

  14. yeah Keane has bitternes towards the fai and some of the senior irish playes[given] but what he is sayin is right, Ireland had 5 clear cut chances to win dat game and totally dominated, France and not even a half chance until da gallas goal. To have 5 chances in a game so huge and only take 1 is criminal and not takin chancse when they come you leaves it open for a stupid incident like Henrys to happen, It shouldnt have even gone to extra time we were so dominant and dats why im pissed off and its embarassing as Irish supporter who goes to international matches to hear all this petty talk about being cheated and replaying the game when we have no one to blame but are poor finishing

  15. Arsenal fan, from Ireland who happens to live in London. Season ticket holder for past 8 years.

    Always been a great fan of Henry. I’m still grateful for everything he did for our club. However, how anyone can defend what he did on Weds night is beyond me. The initial handball was most likely instictive. The second handball was premediated. What really galls me is his celebration after. Having admitted he handballed, how did he celebrate the way he did? I lost a lot of respect for him and nothing the blinkered Arsenal fans, Roy Keane or the mind-numbingly annoying Arseblogger will make me change my mind. As someone else mentioned above, imagine if Torres (or Henry) did that against England.

    As for Roy Keane – he tells Ireland to get over what happened yet he brings up the FAI over something that happened 7 years ago. He then talks about Irelands defending in the 6 yard box. Rather amusing considering Ipswich’s current standing (check their goals conceded column..). Roy Keane is a bitter player who makes himself look more and more ridiculous every interview he gives.

    All in all, a bad day for football, a bad day for Henry but I guess a great day for FIFA who got what they wanted.

  16. As an Irish Arsenal fan I’ll say he made some valid points about lack of winning mentality and more importantly not taking our chances but I’ve always thought Roy Keane was a complete Douche and I still believe it. He’s a complete prick for many reasons.

  17. as roy said to mcarthy. u can shove your world cup up your hole fifa. corrupt cup run by corrupt low lives whose only interest is greed and only god is money. i,l not be watching

  18. Gotta be said too Myles Palmer is a fucking disgrace. How the hell can somebody have a blog about Arsenal but yet so obviously hates everything Arsenal. Prick.

  19. someone told me he’s actually a spurs fan… no, really! and he just does it to wind up arsenal fans… most a sensible enough to enough to know that he’s a complete twat, but he gets the odd few that think he actually knows what he’s talking about…lol

  20. marko i agree with you about Myles Palmer, i read ANR but since early last season he’s last the rag and writing things that are completly off the wall, i actually think because off his age ,mid to late60s, he is just turning into a cranky old fucker with an audience to entertain his ramblings because it was an excellent read before

  21. Jack, what are you talking about?

    This blog clearly acknowledges that Henry cheated. The point it has been making is that there are double standards when it comes to who does it. Rooney, Gerrard and Owen are all England players who have blatantly cheated and ‘earned’ penalties for their country but it’s not cheating, it’s being clever.

    I know Henry cheated, and I haven’t said otherwise. But the treatment he is getting from every man and his dog is nothing short of disgraceful. I haven’t seen a reaction like this from cheating since Maradona in 86′. The character assassination is appalling, especially when you take into account cheating happens all the time. Diving to win a penalty for me is just as bad as handling to setup a goal. Cheating is cheating, end of.

    The reactions to Eduardo and Henry cheating/diving have been way beyond anyone else has received in the last 15 years, yet there have been far worse incidents of cheating within that time. You would almost think there’s a campaign against Arsenal or something.

    While Roy Keane’s words can be pretty much discounted, just because he hates Ireland doesn’t mean he doesn’t make some valid points. When Arsenal played West Ham this season (and they scored from a freekick which was NEVER a foul) and we ended up drawing after throwing away a 2 goal lead. Did I moan about the freekick being given and the referee making a mistake? Did I hell, I was furious with Arsenal’s sh!te defending.

    And Keane has a valid point when it comes to Ireland having more than enough chances to kill off France. He also has a valid point when he mentions Robbie Keane trying to handball it twice IN THE VERY SAME MATCH but no-one ever mentions that do they?

    And it’s okay when the referee misses a clear penalty decision (Shay Given’s foul on Anelka) but not when he misses a handball. The people who condemn Henry are a bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

  22. first… shay given’s founl on anelka???? WHAT MATCH DID YOU WATCH? Anelka clearly dives, and sticks out his leg to make contact with given, but doesnt, and should have been booked for trying to con the referee! Henry and eduardo have taken the worse stick than anything you’ve seen in the last 15 years? seriously??? that’s blinkered beyond belief, the vilification of henry and eduardo is justified… whether they did it before or not, has no real relavance, of course gerrard and rooney and co, will get away with it more because they’re english, but none the less they’re cheating c*nts too… just because they english press dont treat their own like they’re henry doesnt mean that the reaction in the press is not justified! Also keane’s comments make sense do they? how you’ve worked this out is beyond me, he talks about having more than enough chances to kill off france, granted they game should never of got to extra time, but because ireland were poor in front of goal on occasion, doesnt mean, that it doesnt really matter that they reason they wont be playing in the world cup next year, is because of a blatant act of cheating you ridiculous, myopic, exasperatingly biased moron! im not trying to assinate henry’s character either, but if you dont think this will tarnish or affect his reputation within the game, and for years to come, then you’re idiotic, all id like to see is arsenal fans do what they do when they see someone else do it, ala gerrard, rooney, drogba et al, you cant very well dish it out about other clubs players, and then spit the dummy out, when one of our does the same and gets the stick they deserve!!! Right end of, am away to me bed!lol

  23. I dont think Lee Dixon was that far off the mark. Bobby pires’ comments were alot more cutting of Henry. Anyone hear Cantona, as big a moron as Roy keane.
    I have been getting messages and feeback from France as my wifes french. I amazed how upset and ashamed they are over this, with him even receiving hatemail for damaging France’s reputation.
    by the way Henry has yet to admit it was a deilberate act as he is afraid of any FIFA charges if he does. I’d watch that space..
    It’s also bound to have an effect from the WC endorsements market for him.
    I think Arsene’s comments will have hurt Henry. Saying he should have come out straight away instead of waiting before admiting I am ssuming was not the support Henry wanted from Wenger. Henry saying there should be a replay after Wenger suggested it first it shows how difficult it is for Henry. He is in a storm.
    Thierry is a sensitive soul and I have no doubt if he could turn back the clock and decide again he wouldn’t do it. I fear now after all this the player we new and love will be a shadow of his former self. It may have been a ‘crime’ of passion and pressure, but no one died. So lets hope we can get video technology introduced into professionals leagues and internationals. The Irish team may have suffered unfairly by this incident but the real crime is id FIFA dont do something to ensure it wont happen again. That should be the only legacy of all this. It should be used as a tipping point to apply pressure on FIFA to get into the real world.
    Arsenal Forever

  24. 3 refs on watching replays have said Anelka penalty claim was a dive, for which he should have booked. Where are posters getting this from as with the exception of the french manager and the FFF no says this was anything more than a dive.


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