Live From Wigan: What Can You Say About That?

Just travelling back from the game and I can’t believe it.

Cruising for 80 minutes, then we collapse. I’m too tired and gutted to post a proper review, but I will say a few things.

Firstly, Arsene needs a new goalkeeper. Almunia isn’t good enough and Fabianski clearly isn’t either. He literally “threw” away the win today, and he was hardly tested.

Secondly, Abou Diaby is one lazy b*stard. Seeing him today was a disgrace. He strolls around the pitch and for a midfielder, has no idea how to close down or defend. The player is a liability.

I wanted to run onto the pitch and give him a slap.

And finally, and probably the most damning of all, is the fact that Sol Campbell, a 35 year old no-one else wanted and a player we got for free, has more balls and determination than the rest of the squad put together. There was only one player who wanted to win today and it was the stand in captain. And if that’s the case it really is a sad state of affairs.

Campbell, Nasri and Theo played well but apart from that no-one else cared.

But on the plus side, the weather was nice.


19 thoughts on “Live From Wigan: What Can You Say About That?

  1. We’re all laughing at you, you bunch of South London Scumbags! You’re team is falling apart and you’re pathetic support astonishes all true football fans.

    It makes us all laugh that u scum gooners are coming online & calling radio chat shows about how you want to rid yourself of the best manager you’ve ever had.

    Go back down to South London where you belong! You bunch of wastemen! You aren’t real football fans, go support a MLS franchise or a Basketball team or something, you whores of babylon!

  2. Think that “Title Charge” thingymajiggy on the right needs to change. “Holding On To Third” would be more appropriate now, but you can keep the “Dodgy” status.

    Feel for you, travelling all that way. You deserve a refund mate. I went to the Sheff Utd and Liverpool disgraces in 06/07, and the Man City one last season, but this one must be ten times worse.

    We always implode – 2002 after Rooney, 2004 when the Invincibles were stopped on 49 games, 2008 after Eddie’s injury. This team/squad (club?) is lacking in bouncebackability.

    Next week – Adebayor, Tevez and Bellamy versus Silvestre and Fabianski. Happy days.

    Over the club’s long term prospects, i’m certainly no doom merchant. But the way this season is unravelling, we are in massive danger of finishing fifth now. And for all the talk of ‘crisis’ and ‘meltdown’ after losing to Barca and an upwardly mobile Spurs outfit, missing out on the CL is befitting of those two words.

  3. How many more times are we to suffer at the slippery hands of basically useless goalkeepers! What doe Gerry Peyton do to justify his wages as goalkeeping coach. Apparently he rates Fabianski and also Mannone before he also disintegrated before our eyes this season. Top priority is a Goalkeeper. Lloris, Akinfeev, Hart; a new International class goalkeeper is a priority, although it does mean paying top dollar!

  4. Cuba Montana – shows how intelligent you are when you don’t even know that Arsenal are in North London. Nice one.

    As for the more intelligent people in here, today we were just like last year. We started brightly and had good possession with no penetration. Then we finished the game by giving up and letting the other team back into it.

    I’d like to see Man U or Chelsea deal with so many injuries!

  5. Arsene is over-rated. Any idiot can do what he did at Arsenal, he should be a football guru instead of being a coach. Too many over-rated teenagers, less committed players and a manager who has been making the same mistakes for the past five years, that is why we will never have a sniff of a trophy. What arsene has being doing is wrong, you can not continue raising hope and instilling belief of fans in something that he knows is unattainable and not learning from past mistakes.
    We need direct players, all the time ball is played forever in front of the oppostion goal, yet we are told this is ”the arsenal way” I am sure he can tell that to the current crop.Time after time we are told they will mature and get better but inconstitencies shown are horrendous. AW should not be taking us for ride, he can get away with this for now but fans will be asking questions about his ability soon. You can’t live on past glories but at least show improvement. We are lucky this season because it is an inconsistant season but this is no excuse, otherwise we should be sitting fifth or sixth. Personally I do not think he should be sacked, neither we should feel indebted to his past achievements but at least show a ruthless streak towards players who do not contribute.

  6. IRISH GOONER it shows just how plastic you fake gooners are when you don’t even know your own history!

    YOU’RE FROM SOUTH LONDON, WOOLWICH BOY! just as I said, go support a MLS Franchise!! It’s more you’re style!

    It’s gone quite, it’s gone quite, it’s gone quite at the library!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nobody denies that AW has been fantastic for this club and may well prove to continue to be but only fools believe that he can carry on in this way unchecked. It’s so true what you said about Campbell being the only one that cared. Diaby is an absolute shambles, he’s just not clued into a game constantly reading the opposing player wrongly and be caught in possession. Worst of all he makes no attempt to right his wrongs.
    I’m sick of reading players such as Almunia, Walcott etc. saying how we’re going to win the league to make up for this and that. Just keep your mouths shut and do your job.
    I know – ah fuck it, I can’t be bothered

  8. im a gooner i was shocked not angry when we lost a two goal lead because we should ave won . as for you chelsea scum you cant laugh at arsenal u lost two as for you spurs you will never beat us at arsenal ever we will always will be the no.1 club in london . anybody arguing . you are right irishgooner chelskie and utd would struggle without rooney & drogba

  9. Cuba Montana, what are you doing on an Arsenal website? Seriously? Are you so sad and pathetic that you have nothing else better to do? And a coherent answer would be appreciated than the aggressive abuse that every Spurs fan seems to spout. We get you’re jealous of us, but there’s no need to make yourself look even more stupid by lacking in basic spelling and grammar. And yes, we all realise that a keyboard has a CAPS LOCK so there’s really no need to keep using it.

    I wasn’t that upset about the game, I thought the title challenge was over before today’s match. We needed to beat Birmingham, Spurs and Wigan (if we did we’d be top by now!) but alas that never happened.

  10. u cuba montana why don,t u shut up you pranny arsenal are one of the most successful teams in london & 3rd most successful teams in english football obviously we are one of the most successful teams ever by the way leave one of the faithful irishgooner alone

  11. I see the Lileyshite scum have crawled out from their drains to have a pop. Let the vermin have their laughs. Any filthy scumbag Spud under 50 has never seen them win the league. Now thats more funny than any defeat at Wigan.

  12. I can’t stop laughing!!!! Dave, you have to go and have some anger management. Why can’t you accept you you have been giving us for years. Get a life you knob!

  13. Cuba Montana, you would do well not to bring up history, Arsenal have been the best team on the Seven Sisters since the 1920’s. Here’s a piece of history for you; Arsenal have won the Premier League at Shite Hart Lane more times than you Spuds have, so crawl back into the hole you came out of after ten long years.

    By the way, you managed to spell the same word wrong three times in your post, good work!


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