Back From Wigan: My Problems With Arsenal

Well I’ve just about recovered from the Wigan game.

Credit to the travelling fans – they supported and sang for the team right until the 80th minute, despite the fact that the players on the pitch hardly deserved it. I did find it amusing that the Wigan fans were completely silent throughout the game until they actually scored. That’s real support that is.

I also found it sad that Theo Walcott was the only one who could be bothered clapping the Arsenal fans after the final whistle. In fact, that got right up my nose.

Another thing was why didn’t Arsene bring on Van Persie earlier? We all sat there saying that once Arsenal went 2-0 up they should have brought on the Dutchman to kill the game. At 2-0, Wigan were on the ropes and the introduction of Van Persie (who is apparently fit) would have secured all 3 points. Instead, we let Wigan back into the game and you know what happened.

I know I said this yesterday, but I have to say it again – Abou Diaby is a f*cking disgrace. Craig Eastmond has more balls and desire than him and he’s only a youngster. Diaby has flattered to deceive – he had a handful of decent games earlier on in the season and I stupidly thought that he, like Song, had turned the corner. But no, he’s still a joke of a player who doesn’t deserve to wear an Arsenal shirt. No pride, no desire and no dedication. He’s a pathetic excuse of a footballer.

He clearly doesn’t care. He strolls around the pitch in such a lazy manner it’s ridiculous. How much do you get paid a week son?

Another problem I found was the lack of defensive intelligence from the team as a whole. Players like Theo Walcott, Diaby, Nasri and Rosicky close down players but the closing down is half-hearted. There’s no real threat of intercepting the ball or making a tackle, the players are literally are just moving towards the player with the ball and making a token “tackle”. It was so easy for the Wigan players to sidestep any kind of Arsenal “challenge” and run with the ball in acres of space. The closing down resembles that of headless chickens.

And back to Diaby, his ridiculous attempt at a shot (with a lazy back-heel), right in front of the travelling supporters was so infuriating it was untrue. The lack of urgency from the guy is unbelievable. It’s any surprise he gets out of bed in the morning.

The only real positive was the performance of Sol Campbell. Watching him throughout the game was a pleasure and his desire, passion and determination was fantastic to watch. I only managed to watch him a handful of times during the 49 game unbeaten run a few seasons ago but it was like turning back the clock.

Without Sol, we probably would have lost 5-0.


16 thoughts on “Back From Wigan: My Problems With Arsenal

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Diaby has such a sh*t attitude I would’ve spat in his face if I ever meet him, that’s how pissed I am.
    This is what happens when you reward incompetent, complacent snobs with faith, fellow players will just slack off also. Wenger is really too soft on these boys its clear they’ve forgotten what a penis looks like.
    As much as I hate to compare, but look at Barcelona, they’ve got much more talented players than we have, yet they fight for every ball like angry pitbulls. Why is it our players stroll around & pass the ball like as if we’re “too good for this league” when the players are clearly too dumb to play like Barcelona?
    Besides new player injection, I think Wenger seriously need to re assess the following issues at the club:-
    1. The coaching staff with regards to defense & set pieces.
    2. The training staff with regards to our horrendous crossing & heading.
    3. The defeatist or “couldnt care less” mindset of several 1st team players.
    4. The potential buyers(if any) for some of these deadweights on the team.
    5. The physio or diet team on what they’re feeding these players.

    Good players hate to play alongside sh*t. I really fear Fabregas would leave unless some major changes are made in the summer, cos at the moment our team is really in shambles. We can’t rely on RVP either cos we know he’ll probably play 15 games at most next season, So please Wenger do something, I still have faith in you, but not the blind kind you’ve showing to these t*ats. There is a limit to mine.

  2. Tan – I dont want him out and i’ll tell you why:

    I still think he’s the man for the job. By all accounts it sounds like we finally have money to spend this summer, and if he’s kept us in the top 4 on a shoestring budget, then i think he deserves 1 summer with a load of cash to spend. I also cant think of anyone else who copuld replace him?

  3. Hi, I’m a Spurs supporter but not here to gloat. Just want to mention the following. In last year’s 4-4 draw with us Wenger took off Walcott and we scored two in the dying minutes to get an unlikely (and undeserved) draw. I noticed him doing the same thing when you were 2-0 up against Wigan, but I thought, it can’t happen again. Well it did. Just want to say the value of having a speedy outlet when you’re ahead shouldn’t be underestimated. I think Wenger is a superb manager and he has kept you lot in the CL every year, even after you took on enormous debt with your new stadium. I know you want more, but we would give our right arms to have what you have.

  4. think we need to be fair. Arsene has not had the cash flow to buy big names. But his obvious failure has been. Not replacing Jens Lehman with a serious keeper. One other major flaw is the team needs a better condition and strenght coach. Tony Colbert. You are not doing your job. Arsenal have had more injured players then any other major club over the last few years. Our player are clearly not physical or strong enough for the premier league. This we have to fix right away. We also need a serious defensive coach even Stevie Wonder could see that. We dont defend good as a team at all.In todays fottbal all players have top be able and willing to defend. just look at Barcelona and how they pressed us for 90 minutes. Wenger this is your final chance to put things right. Your youth policy has hit the wall. There needs to be a mix of youth and experience for a team to win. Sol Campbell is a testiment to that as he has been the club best player over the last two months. Now is the time to rest teh good spirt speech and tell thye players either they deliver or they can go. We showed yesterday we have no guts or balls to fight. No team can win a championship with that attitude.

  5. Shannon, it’s nice to see an intelligent Spurs supporter on here instead of one who spouts abuse.

    Maybe you have a point about Walcott, I never really thought about that.

  6. I love Arsenal and being 2-0 up then losing 3-2 has nothing to do with buying players or anything apart from 11 players on the pitch and the manager. We were playing Wigan not Barcelona.
    Yes, Arsene Wenger has done some wonderful things for the club and at 2-0 I was even thinking of spending some more of my hardened money to go to Blackburn, not happening now!
    Players have no respect for the fans and the connection between players and fans has gone, even at the away games players barely acknowledge fans at the end of the game whatever the score.
    Yesterday Arsene got it totally wrong he picked Fabianski to play in goal and when obviously some players were not performing he needed to make a change, bring on a leader like Van Persie who can inspire a team he needs the match practice give him 20 mins or so. Why bring on Merida for Rosicky, when Diaby is obviously struggling and we have a player on the bench who is a regular left wing, Vela.
    He needs to look at himself and admit he has made some bad mistakes, mental strength that’s a joke how can you do it for one game and forget the next. He is responsible for the tactics, motivation and psychology of his team (including mental strength) and if players aren’t up to it drop them. We have enough hungry youngsters who would kill to make an impression, Eastmond yesterday, Wilshere giving hi all against Chelsea for Bolton etc. Manager is too much in his comfort zone and it is reflected in the attitude of some players, bring in some coaching staff that are going to challenge him Rice and Primorac are yes men.
    This is not like me I am have never seen anything like those last ten minutes in 40+ years of watching Arsenal, we have no character anymore!
    Can someone tell me what’s going on with Vela?

  7. “I did find it amusing that the Wigan fans were completely silent throughout the game until they actually scored. That’s real support that is.”

    Lying Cunt.

  8. I will point out i am a wigan fan.

    for you to say that the Wigan fans did not sing is unbelievable, was you sat in the wigan end? i mean come on more noise could be heard from the east stand than any other, the drummer sat 3 rows behind me never stopped and the only time we heard arsenal was when they scored, then not alot again, we went quiet when silvestre scored and that was 10 mins.

    thank you for a very biased and un realistic view of the game and i will un doubtably be watching it again today but from the comfot of my living room, which i can assure you will show the same home team noise as what i head.


  9. You are Wrighty, Mr. Wenger has made some bad decisions on the outfit players, notable the decision on not to play Arshavin in the FA cup semi final with Chelsea; the reason! to my dismay because he want to proved that his youth side can beat Chelsea then….we all knew what happened.

    Mr. Wenger needs to get tough with players if they don’t perform then he must replace or drop them & replace with new signing or promote youth players into the first team.

    There is NO coincidence that, our players often got broken leg from bad tackle & i think it is because we don’t have players who dare to make hard tackle to opponent player, then we suffer the consequences of being nice to others than cruel to ourselves.

    There is NO coincidence that our players often got injured the most compare to other top four teams & i think it is because we don’t big enough squad rotate or bad decision on Mr. Wenger first team selection. Mr. Wenger needs to find tune on his selection policy.

    Last but not least, PLEASE find a decent GOALKEEPER.

  10. It can only be hoped that the players get to feel as hurt as the fans with a performance like that over the last 10 minutes. The only way to tell will be the reaction and result against Man City. Wenger’s displeasure indicates that he is learning a lot about certain players from these recently lost games. He won’t say anything now, but action should follow at the end of the season.

  11. Arsenal are in freefall.

    Losing to Barcelona hurt, losing to Spurs was even worse and now we can’t even beat Wigan!

    And I can’t even go on holiday to get away from it all because of the friggin’ Volcano!

  12. They are millinares why should they give a fuck as long as they have their supermodel girlfriends and a wide range of Aston martins,mercenaries the lot of them,no guts no glory

  13. From ur article, i agree that the whole Arsenal closing down was half hearted and crap. On some occasions during the match, i saw two players going forward to stop a wigan player. However, no one decided to commit a tackle and thus allowing wigan to pass.. but when you list those players, i cant agree with u on rosicky. in fact i saw him work hard to make some sliding challenges and interceptions during the match..


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