The Future Of Arsenal Is In Cesc’s Hands…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you would have heard about Cesc possibly moving to Barcelona.

Depending on who you believe, he has either told Arsene Wenger that he wants to leave, or Barcelona are up to their usual tricks and trying to lure the player into admitting he would like to move, and reducing any potential transfer fee.

But whatever the exact ins and outs of the situation, it’s funny to see how Arsenal fans are reacting to the news.

The fact is Cesc Fabregas is the best player at the club. And the problem is, only Robin Van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen, Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna could be considered anywhere his level. The rest of the squad is filled with mediocre players who aren’t motivated and are over-paid. They might be talented individuals but they are not winners like the players I’ve just mentioned.

This Arsenal team is full of deficiencies all over the pitch and the biggest problem in Cesc’s eyes will be the lack of strength in the squad. We started the season excellently but as soon as Van Persie and Fabregas got injured we struggled. The rest of the squad performed admirably at times, but at others such as Wigan and Spurs away, let down the club with a lacklustre performance. There’s no doubt in my mind that with a fully-fit Van Persie and Fabregas we would have won the league, and that’s the problem.

The latest Premier League season has been the weakest in a long time. We narrowly missed out with a few games to go but with a more experienced squad we could have pushed even further. The fact that a club of Arsenal’s stature had to heavily rely on Sol Campbell is a damning indictment of how poor our squad actually is.

But with Arsenal over the last few seasons, it’s all been about ifs and buts. We could have won the Champions League with a bit more luck, we could have won the Premier League Title in 2008 and we probably could have won it this season. But our squad hasn’t been good enough, and unfortunately that blame can only be placed at the hands of Arsene Wenger.

Cesc knows the club more than most, and I have no idea what he must think about Arsene bringing in “superstar signings” like Marouane Chamakh on a free from Bordeaux. I’ve never been a fan of wasting money of superstars but how long can Cesc be sold the future based on “promising players”, especially when he has a golden chance to play for one of the best teams in the world.

And because of this Arsenal fans wouldn’t blame him if he left.

If this was Steven Gerrard and Liverpool, the fans would be begging for him to stay. I don’t think you would be able to find a single fan that would want Gerrard to leave. But with Arsenal, we wouldn’t blame him.

We see the Fabregas has to carry the team time and time again. And while he’s been at Arsenal he has been the consummate professional and extremely loyal and respectful. He’s only won the FA Cup despite playing in the first team for 6 full seasons now and Arsenal fans recognise that a player of his special talents should be winning trophies. And we also recognise that it isn’t going to happen at Arsenal any time soon.

So whatever happens this summer, we will be wishing the little Spaniard all the best.

But if he does leave, then where does that leave Arsenal?

Well it would be the final nail in Arsene Wenger’s coffin. In his crusade to prove that you can win things with talented and promising youngsters Cesc Fabregas is the icon. Cesc is the mouthpiece for everything Arsene is doing and believes in and if he leaves, then the whole project has collapsed in one fail swoop.

If Arsene can no longer sell the project to his star pupil, then how can he expect the fans to believe in it as well?

What little belief the Arsenal fans had in what Arsene Wenger is doing would evaporate. Because we know if Arsenal lose Fabregas then it would take some monumental signings to cover his absence, and we all know that wouldn’t happen.

And what would our other star players such as Robin Van Persie think?

Losing Cesc would be more than losing a very special player. We would lose our influential captain and any chance to progressing in the next couple of seasons.

And who knows what would happen with Arsene.

We can’t be told the same spin if Fabregas does go to Barcelona. After the sale of Patrick Vieira, we were all told we would be stronger than ever. The same happened when Thierry Henry left, but the simple fact was we ended up trophy-less and have done ever since.

Don’t make me laugh and tell me “we’ll be stronger” without Cesc because that just won’t cut it.


6 thoughts on “The Future Of Arsenal Is In Cesc’s Hands…

  1. Cesc’s departure, iminent or not, is not the deciding factor in the future of the club. One player does not make the team. Their prospects could be enhanced if the team had experienced players to support the young players coming through in key positions. A stronger spine to the team would result in better performances against the physical sides in the premiership. What the fans want is a team that is prepared to get its hands dirty, if necessary, to win matches. They also want a team which can compete for all 4 trophies over the whole season. I still think, though, that Arsene Wenger is the best person to manage the club up till 2013.

  2. I echo your sentiments Adrian. At some point the Arsenal experiment produced by Mr.Wenger has to come good and after 6 years without lifting an EPL title and the imminent loss of their best player, Fabergas, maybe , just maybe Mr. Wenger will revisit the Master Plan. If one looks at the make-up of the top teams in Mr. Wengers’ tenure with Arsenal, you will quickly notice a few differences between the early teams and the current group. The most significant being the mixture of style and elegance with several very, very tough hombres, led by Vierra (sp),Parlour, Petit, Adams, Keown. There was BALANCE which Arsenal haven’t had in years. And yes, there is no question that on their day the current group are more beautiful to watch but as i have said a million times, there are no points given for style in football. Balance being the operative word.
    Wenger has often spoken about the United teams that were so successful with those youngsters, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Neville etal. But what he apparently overlooks is that Fergie brought in a few tough men to give the team backbone with the signings of Keane and Cantonna. Mark Hughes was no shrinking violet nor where their defenders. The team had a balance of skill, youth, strength, power and mental and physical toughness. Mr. Wenger had similar teams but somewhere along he way I think he has lost the plot and the empty Trophy Cabinet is evidence of same.

  3. Cesc is an Arsenal player. Quite how this translates to him having the club’s future in his hands is beyond me. In the last 5 years we have won sweet f’all and he was huge part of the team.

  4. The Future Of Arsenal Is NOT In Cesc’s Hands…its in the hands of Wenger on the team side and Gazidas and his cronies on the admin side…and to a degree the fans hands who pump their hard earned cash into the club

  5. i find a fault with your “could be considered anywhere his level”. what of Arshavin? For me my list is Arshavin, RVP,Gallas, Verm & Sol – they are in d same league with cesc. Sagna isnt on the same league with top right full backs like maicon, alves etc. he cant even cross the ball well. Clichy has dipped in form of recent

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