What Do You Make Of Cesc’s Comments?

Well after weeks of speculation, and no word from Arsenal, Arsene Wenger or even Cesc Fabregas the Arsenal captain has come out and said he had an “inspiring talk” with Arsene, which he described as the “greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life”.

BBC Sport has the article in full, and Cesc said the following at a Spanish press conference:

“It was probably the greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life.

“I respect him so much. He told me to concentrate on my football and the World Cup and he will deal with whatever happens in my future.

“It’s not up to me any more. It’s just now about Arsenal and whoever it has to be and that’s it. I don’t want to say anything else.

“I just want to be focused for the World Cup because it’s the most important thing. The rest, the future, I’m not interested in the future.

“The only important thing is to form part of this team and play in the World Cup.

“When I play it’s always to win and help my team-mates. I will give everything to help Spain be champions.”

But the big question is what was the conversation about?

Reading in-between the lines, you could possibly make a case for a deal being made. Why else would be say:

“It’s just now about Arsenal and whoever it has to be and that’s it. I don’t want to say anything else.”

That’s the line in the interview that worries me the most.

To me, Arsene has either said he’s going to spend big, bring in top players and give Fabregas the team he deserves around him to win things. And that he will become one of the greatest players to wear the Arsenal shirt.

Or, he has decided that he will let Cesc go to Barcelona and has promised him that a deal will be done after the World Cup.

What do you think?

Update: If Arsenal Sell Fabregas… It Should Be To Madrid!


34 thoughts on “What Do You Make Of Cesc’s Comments?

  1. When the story first broke, i remember saying to a mate of mine that this was now crunch time – if AW could persuade Cesc to stay, it would ONLY be on the basis of improving the team and the squad – so i reckon that if he stays, then the team will improve, and if we sell him, then its only because it cannot improve unless we get the money we’ll get from selling Fab4.

  2. When it was mindless bollocks coming out of Barcelona it was okay because that’s what they do, try to unsettle players and drive down the price of players like Cesc Fabregas.

    I’m struggling to see why it would be the greatest conversation ever though.

    I think he’s gone after the World Cup.

  3. we are no angels also talk about players publicly when it suits us, ie wenger has been talking about chamakh for a year and a half.

  4. Well, I think Fabregas is being pressurised by some one else, probably his father. The lad doens’t want to go yet but his father thinks it’s the right timee for him to move.

  5. All of a sudden, this whole issue has become interesting.

    If I believed everything else I have read, I would have expected Cesc to say that he is 500% sure he is leaving and he hopes Arsenal won’t make it difficult. But he didn’t say that at all.

    Maybe he was feeling down about missing out on the end of the season and the fact that we fell away so badly. Maybe he felt that the team was just not strong enough and don’t forget that he will have been bombarded by siren calls from all those Barca stool pigeons in the Spanish squad. Or maybe he wanted draw out of Wenger some kind of commitment on squad strengthening for next year.

    Who knows?

    What does seem clear though is that his thinking now is not as resolute as it seemed a few days ago, at least from the reports we received.

    I guess we are not going to know for some time but it is intriguing.

    I also believe that Barca are not as keen on this deal right now as is being suggested. It seems to have caught them on the back foot and they don’t seem to have budgeted for it, which is understandable, as they clearly have other priorities. Laporta wants the deal as some kind of catharsis for letting him go in the first place but that is just his ego. Guardiola has said very little that would indicate that Cesc is an important acquisition and maybe Wenger has just pointed that out to Cesc.

    We shall see!

  6. Cesc, as a loved player and captain of Arsenal, must understand that 30 Million is far too low a price and is a slap in his face as much as it is in Arsenals face for a player they gave the opportunity and the train required to polish a zit faced teenager into one of the worlds best midfielders. But for Cesc, in his mind, he’s winning a title next year either with or without arsenal, depends on who Arsene brings in as to what Cesc will do.

  7. it seems to me reading between the lines that if we sell him, Cesc will say Arsene decided to sell me. he has managed to spin it so that its up to Arsenal now, nothing to do with him. so if up to us then dont sell him !! more sly crap from cesc. this has all been engineered by barca to undermne us

  8. I think Arsene Wenger has done some kind of deal with Cesc – if we don’t win the Premier League or Champions League next season, he will retire and let Cesc go to Barcelona next summer.

    But Wenger has assured Cesc he will sign proven quality and give Fabregas the best possible chance of winning something.

    After all, I can’t see Fabregas call a conversation ‘inspiring’ if Wenger was spouting the same old story – the same one he’s been saying for the last 6 seasons where we’ve ended up trophy-less.

  9. Cesc has so much respect for Arsene that he leaves the decision to him to choose the best outcome for Arsenal and the player. So now he can focus on his world cup. Sounds like a partnership that would be criminal to break up, he looks after him “like a father”.

    I strongly believe that Cesc is staying with Arsenal until they can win the Premier league and or the Champions League. What an accolade to captain a winning side.

    So much more impressive than winning anything with Barca, as a passenger (from the bench), in a league with only two competitors for the title.

    So much more impressive than joining a side that has year on year selfishly tried to unsettle his professional progress with this team.

    So much more impressive than joining a team unwilling to offer to pay his value as a young world class player on a long term contract.

  10. Dan’s right, if he was staying he would have just come out and said so to end all the speculation.

    Why wouldn’t he end all the Barcelona talk unless he couldn’t?

    He’s a goner.

  11. He’s going. It sounds like he has agreed he wants to go and Wenger told him to concentrate on his football while Wenger sorts out the deal

  12. following on from Jimmi’s comments..

    Arsene has recently criticised the state of the Spanish League and has probably told cesc all about it. Arsene had so many opportunities to go over there to manage Real and Barca but he chose to stay at Arsenal because he felt there is a more fulfilling job to be done.

    Maybe this is what he’s said to cesc and given him an insight into what’s going on at Arsenal and the plans for the years to come. Maybe he knows the state of Barca, financially and knows they have an uncertain future.

    I think Wenger’s insight and knowldge of the footballing world has caused Cesc to label the conversation as the greatest he’s ever been in.

    Wenger will obviously have to strenghthen the side accordingly and show Cesc that Arsenal are serious about winning titles again.

    I think it bodes well. An interesting summer ahead

    Up the Arse’!!!

    If Cesc

  13. Sounds to me like Wenger told him that if Barca make an appropriate offer, he will be sold.

    I think all we can really do now, since this saga is bound to take the whole summer, is wait to see what other signings are brought in. Those will be indicative of whether or not Fab is really leaving.

    Its terribly sad, but you don’t really want to have your best player wishing he could be playing elsewhere and keep him in the team.

  14. he won’t force the issue as he owes us too much, clearly he wants to go and it is up to barca to pay what we ask for, if not he won’t go this year. end of story.

  15. Strange that he says it was the best conversation he ever had etc… we can speculate a million different ways… I personally think its just what it says on the tim..

    Wenger didnt tell him either way if he would sell or keep him… He just told him to not think about it and leave it to him… if he thinks its good for Arsenal and he can get a wod of cash and free up even more to spend on quality talent, then Fabregas should not feel bad about leaving…

    …although he would have also pointed out that if he keeps him, then he will be in a proper contending team that has made the right new signings to ensure, we can REALLY compete with Chelsea and Man Utd… leaving Cesc feeling it will be OK whatever the descision… And if its the same old story next year, then Cesc will be free to go.

    And I’m sure he just had a real open conversation where the lad realised Wenger Knows whats best for The Arsenal in the long run.

    Life goes on no matter what happens… but if he gives us one more year, he will be a hero forever, win, loose or draw.

  16. Same opinion here 🙂 If he leaves it will also mean that Wenger doesn’t see the need to spend which is catastrophic to say the least. On the other hand, if Cesc doesn’t leave Wenger must have made some promises. Anyways I can’t see him playing for us beyond the next season, even if we win all the competitions we play in which is shite.

    I personally would pick Cesc over Mess, Ronaldo, Rooney or anybody else.

  17. Cesc is clearly not as Barca-inclined as he was when the news first broke out. He may have realised he could be making a mistake by allowing Barca have undue leverage and maybe a little surprised by Barca’s foot-dragging so far. If he thinks the conversation with Arsene was the greatest he ever had with someone, then it must have made him see things in a different way. But Arsene would have made some promises about strengthening, the type he must keep if Fabregas is to stay. I think he will stay because putting his future in Arsene’s hand means he will accept the boss’s decision which we all know. Well done Arsene, whatever you told him. I always knew you would outsmart those cretins at nou camp!

  18. When you watch it (in english) rather than read it… it sadly looks like he’s going… when reading it, you could take it in different ways.. but go check out the actual interview

  19. Simple get Xavi Alonso (like we should have a few years ago but Wenger didn’t want to pay 14 Million only 12) and Felipo Melo to partner Cesc in midfield move Song to partner Vermalen @ the back and with Chamack, Arshavin and RVP upfront we’ll win everything.

  20. So much anxiety over Fabergas. Relax, the boy is going back home to Barcelona and you should be fine with this. You will make a tidy profit considering you got him for next to nothing after he spent 6 years in their Academy. Oh, but I forgot, that’s what you do.

  21. i agree, if you watch the interveiw, it comes across that he wants to say, i dont want to go back to england, and he says how he was loved by the fans and the club,, if he wanted to stay, wouldnt he say is loved,,
    by saying was, that means its over surely,
    this day was going to come, thats why he was signed up on a 8yr contract, to guarantee we get a hefty price for him,
    i personally thing wenger will dig his heels in and sell him in the january window to prove a point to potential signings


  23. Wenger trying to assure Fab of strengthning d squad? How come he is admitting all of a sudden dt squad has no depth?
    Inasmuch as I would ve liked fab to stay, i wouldnt blame him for leavin. But wat i fear is dt he may end up like Hleb in Barca cos theres no space for him in midfield. He cant bench Xavi or iniesta and cant play a defensive role like yaya, busqets or keita. He cant play as a striker with Messi, Villa and ibra.
    He should consider all this.

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