What An Absolute Disgrace That Was!

Liverpool (1) – (1) Arsenal
Reina O.G. (89′)
Anfield Stadium, Liverpool

What an absolute farce.

I was hugely optimistic going into the opening game of the new season and I thought that Arsenal would put in a decent performance at Anfield but how wrong I was.

Arsenal have had the best part of 4 months to bring in a competent goalkeeper and they haven’t done so. Arsenal fans haven’t got much confidence in Almunia or Fabianski yet they are the two main keepers we have in the squad.

And today was just ridiculous.

The first half was cagey, and Liverpool give Arsenal a massive lifeline.

Joe Cole flies in on Koscielny in the corner and gets sent off. The tackle was reckless, and you could argue it could have been only a booking but the fact was at the start of the second half, Arsenal had a one man advantage.

So what happens?

Arsenal self-destruct.

Within minutes of the restart some amateurish defending results in half a chance for David Ngog, who is possibly the most unpopular player amongst the Liverpool fans, and from a tight angle he lashes the ball into the net via the near post.

A decent goalkeeper shouldn’t be beaten from that angle!

Manuel Almunia has never been and will never be good enough for Arsenal Football Club.

And for the rest of the half I was hugely frustrated, not just with how the game panned out, but how Arsene Wenger, with his worldwide scouting network cannot find a single goalkeeper who isn’t shit. Honestly, the mind boggles, is it that hard to find a keeper who doesn’t make mistakes in every game?

I honestly believe that Almunia might be Arsene Wenger’s love child from an illegitimate relationship and he is being blackmailed into playing him and keeping him at the club.

How many points does he have to cost us before Arsene says that’s enough?

And literally 3 minutes later, Almunia made another massive blunder to give Liverpool a free header from a set-piece, which should have been taken and we would have been 2-0 down.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen and we only had a single goal to pull back.

But without Fabregas or Van Persie we looked completely lost. We had tonnes of the ball, but nothing to show for it. Reina had nothing to do for the next 40 minutes and Liverpool were extremely comfortable sitting back and soaking up the “pressure”, not that Arsenal were particularly penetrating.

It was the same old story – the game was getting far too narrow and Arsenal refused to get the ball wide and get in behind the Liverpool defence. So essentially Liverpool just had 2 solid banks of four and sat there, which is what you would expect from a team who were down to 10 men.

And the sad thing was, throughout the entire 90 minutes you would never have know it was 10 against 11. Arsenal didn’t make that extra man count and only a handful of players should be happy with their performances.

Sagna and Clichy were energetic as usually, trying to push on at every opportunity and support the attacks, although their crossing was woeful. Vermaelen and Koscielny were solid and seemed to gel well together, and I was pleased at how the débutante performed. Ridiculously though, he was given a second booking for a handball which was nowhere near being deliberate. Torres lashed the ball onto his arm from a yard away and he was given a yellow card. The decision was even more farcical when you consider David Ngog had a clearly deliberate handball unpunished earlier in the second half!

The rest of the team however were a disgrace.

You know how I feel about Almunia, and if Arsene refuses to bring another goalkeeper in before the transfer window closes I might consider giving up on Arsenal. It is completely ridiculous, to be 1 or 2 players away from a real squad challenging for the Premier League. Does Arsene like being “close” to having a title winning squad? I don’t understand the logic!

Unfortunately, Arsenal’s other new signing Marouane Chamakh looked completely lost. His first touch was poor, and his movement was none existent. He really should have been replaced by Van Persie with at least half an hour to go, because he was useless. So it was ironic then, that he contributed to the equaliser which was a Reina howler.

Too many players were on the periphery of the game, and contributed nothing. Arsenal were powder puff, and don’t let Reina’s own goal take anything away from the extremely poor performance. Rosicky and Van Persie had their moments when they came on but overall we didn’t play as a team. The whole game was summed up when Arsenal had 6 men on the break and they managed to waste a golden opportunity to nick all 3 points. It would have been completely criminal and completely undeserved, but the chance was there.

Maybe I’m being over critical as it was the first game of the season, but Liverpool put in more effort and more of a performance today. They had 10 men for over 45 minutes, but because of our deficiencies we gave them the lead.

Things need to change, and fast.


85 thoughts on “What An Absolute Disgrace That Was!

  1. While 100% we need a goal keeper I thought the lads played well and vermalean and kescielny played excellent!

    Thats 2 full games together and they look solid ffs.

    Comon we do need a goal keeper but a point at anfield on the opening game with a new manager new players and torres and gerrrard on there team???

    We done well to get a point and liverpool had 10 players in there own half for almost the whole second half!!!

    Its not easy to work a way through 10 players ffs.

    I think you have been very harsh its liverpool not wigan!!


  2. you should be thankful we got a point, stop judging players on the first game of the season, if you think you can do better then prove it. I think it was a tight game and the boys did ok.

  3. No you are not Sir,we should be witnessing a mature Arsenal side by now and not the self destructing hapless rabble we saw at Anfield,i really did use to like Arshavin but with a useless performance like this we are better of cashing in.

  4. Talking crap as usual. Yeah almunia is rubbish – nothing new there. But Chamakh worked his arse off and held the ball up fantastially as a lone striker. He had zero service from the appalling crosses that were coming in. Give this guy a ball to head for f*** sake!!! But despite this he is the only player who would’ve gone for the final ball that won the goal. Chamakh won us a point – so to call him useless makes you look very stupid indeed.

    Koscielny was outstanding.

    Arshavin was terrible however and has to put a shift in. To say Chamakh was lost and say nothing about Arshavin proves how blind you are.

  5. i believe that you are being a bit over critical about the players.i agree that some of them had a bad game but we were facing a very strong pool side that too away from home and draw is not a bad resullt.

  6. arshavin was a waste of space,wilshere not ready to fill fabregas boots everyone who knows anything about football know arsenal need a top draw gk and another cb just for cover as the two we have look good . but it is the first game so lets not be too negative! a point at anfield will look good in 3 months time!

  7. The only disgrace I’ve seen today is this pathetic post. Disgrace!! What are you talking about!!! We coasted through the 1st have with Wilshere and Nasri running the show. Diaby looked short and will improve steadily. Koscielny did very well and Chamakh had a quiet debut. Lot’s more to come from him, don’t worry. I can’t remember an easier 1st half at Anfield! . . . One misplaced pass and we went a goal down just after h/t. No panic though. We have the players to turn a game now. Rosicky was that man today. Theo did his bit too. They can both play a big part this year. Cesc should replace Jack next Saturday and Van Persie may start. Yes, we could have lost this, but we didn’t. A point at Scamfield is always good. Who ever wrote this piece, hang your head in shame. You’re no Gooner!

  8. You are being over critical. The general team performance wasn’t bad, it was just poor defending and poor goalkeeping (two aspects Wenger HAS to address before the end of the month). We were playing Liverpool, with a new manager and their backs up after the sending off. A draw isn’t a bad result. The only farce is you calling the performance a “disgrace”.

    Give it more than one game before you start slating the entire team.

  9. i agree mostly wiv u, we hardly tested the keeper. i think rosicky was the man of the match 4 us. he should of scored though by keepin the ball on the ground!!! clichy and arshavin were absoloute dreadful and nasri had loads of the ball and did nothin… chamakh first touch was shit but i felt we still should of won the game!! utterly dissapointed even though we did get a point at anfield.

    new keeper and we will challange 4 the tiltle

  10. Good result, shit performance! at one stage they were down to 9 and we werent able to mount an attack on their goal. Almunia should never have been beaten on his near post yet again, the man is a clown!

  11. Am I the only person worried here that we now have 1 centreback for the Blackpool game?
    Frustrating game yeah, but least we didn’t lose!

  12. Sorry but you are talking nonsense, We dominated the first half away ay Anfield against a very motivated team. Second half they played very well and defended well. We kept going and deserved a point. Yes everyone agrees about ther ‘keeper but if we can sign a goos one and a centre half we can win the league. Incidentally i thought Diaby did ok in the holding role. He could provide cover for Song.

  13. Totally agree with getting a new keeper. I had myself wondering who will be replaced at half time for Kosicenly if he can’t continue!! Djouru was injured, Song clearly without match fitness…… We need another CB and GK.
    I really hope Nasri can stand up and play well when Cesc isn’t around, but ended up really disappointed.
    Chamak…….maybe he needs more time to adapt. This display surely isn’t convincing enough for a real title contender.
    But I’ll still be Gunners for Life. Just hope they’ll do better in the coming 5 or 6 games which is crucial.

  14. You don’t know what you are talking about, keeper agreed but c’mon – are you an Arsenal fan? Did you see the game? 1-1 at Anfield, first game of the season, big players out.
    Complete guff, dont bother posting anything else.. Shite

  15. I agree with most of you, it was Liverpool at Anfield. It was a reasonable performance.

    I would remember everybody about the draw of Man City. How mutch did they spend? I think more than 300 million in two seasons. Tott… was mutch better yesterday. It is not all about spending and buying.

    I think most of you do not agree with me,but we will win the title this season. I see a lot of maturing quality.

  16. Ah, the irony. A post moaning about our goalkeeper, and yet Reina, who you would no doubt give anything to see signed for us was entirely responsible for our equaliser (far more than Almunia for their goal, given the quality of the strike…)

  17. joke of a goalkeeper joke of a performance. but we know almunias crap so if wenger starts him we know how hes gonna play maybe its time we started blaming arsene after all he picks the team

  18. what are all you guys crying about
    we had RVP, Cesc, Song, diaby only match fit, denilson, arsha half injured and no real keeper

    if liverpool are real CL candidates (which they are) then a draw against them is awesome with all these players out

    Feel sorry for Kos though red carded on his opening game and cole red card was harsh but his challenge was stupid and we have lost a lot of players injured through stupid tackles and I am happy ref did something about it
    Chamak is exactly the kind of player we needed a person who’s not afraid to challenge the keeper in the air and speaking about keeper Al showed once again how stupid his positioning is he allowed the same kind of goal against Barca and here again

    We need schwarzer and should get a CB by the end of next week

    Imagine how liverpool would have done without
    Gerrad, Mash, Cole now that would be something else

    Wilshere did really well for an 18 yr player playing at anfield and diaby as a DM did I say or did say it
    I would have preferred Walcott though over Eboue although he did ok
    A Draw against pool was a good result hopefully by the end of next week we will have a new keeper, Djourou will be fit by then, and a new CB on the way

    Razz Razz Razz

    Its is funny though how many times did we dominate the games last year but didnt win, how many times did people say they controlled the game but still ended up losing it, I can think of at least 9-10 games and today we were the dominant force in the first (statistically at least) but pool were the better team overall and we still ended up drawing the match with a LONG BALL are we still Arsenal aren’t we. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

    Just saw the stats from the game
    Possession Arsenal 58% – Pool 42%
    Shots on Target – Arsenal 7 – Pool 4
    Shots off Target – Arsenal 7 – Pool 3
    Saves – Arsenal 7 – Pool 3
    Yellow cards – Arsenal 3 – Pool 1

    without those stats why does it look we were better

  19. I totally disagree with your post of the game being a disgrace, to play ur first game of the season away at a lively anfield with all the injuries and lack of fitness and comeout with a point is remarkable…we ran the game in the first half….one player i really get worried about tho is ASHARVIN! not because of ability but more of attitude ! he just seemed uninterested thruout today. Big Thumbs up tho to back four of Sag/Kos/Verm/Clichy ! Solid display….. Arsene over to you Sign up Mark Swarzer and an ecperience CB this week before blackpook gane

  20. Call yourself an Arsenal fan? Stop bleating like a girl and look at the positives. Yes, we need a keeper, and hopefully we’ll get one. However, Kos, TV5, Rosicky and Nas were all outstanding. Come May, and this point will look good. Arsenal 4 life.

  21. “I might consider giving up on Arsenal” – the authentic voice of the conceited Gooner. Lovely to see. Catch us if you can.

  22. It’s incredibly stupid to blame Almunia for that goal. If you want to place blame, you can point to Wilshere and Arshavin who fu**ed up when we lost the ball.

  23. 100% AGREE ,was a real poor performance,unless he signs another CB and GK we will fall short again 6 YEARS and counting……………

  24. Give it a rest with the armchair analysis. I am sick of all these whiny twats who do nothing but moan. You have no idea about supporting the team. Far too busy trying to score petty points against the manager and scapegoat players.

    It was the first game of the season FFS! Clueless plastics who think players are at full peak sharpness from the off.

    I am embarrassed to be associated with some of you c*nts. Support the team or fuck off.

  25. What an absolute disgrace is an absolutely apt title for your childish rant.
    Arsenal 4 Life? More like Moaner for life.

    And off you go from my newsnow list.

  26. You know what mate, you are living in the past. The Arsenal we used to watch that should have won that game at a canter, especially against 10 men is long gone. This is the new Arsenal my friend. The one that has sunk so low that a performance like that is considered very good by the “supporters” above that have had their expectations sunk to the level of Stoke or Westbrom supporters. Go to Anfield, be gifted a draw, celebrate wildely, never mind that they were crap and you had the chance to take all 3 points.

  27. considering we played l’pool and only let in a goal – i think we did good.

    1-1 is a great scoreline for us at anfield

  28. *and i hate ‘supporters’ that keep saying ‘we should sign few players’ – this is not Fantasy football and signing players doesnt always bring you success – as with City.

  29. relax, we have taken some beatings at anfield over the years. not an easy place to go opening day. atmosphere was white hot. we did ok. it was by no means a disgrace. calm down and analyse the game completely before posting something like that

  30. I would agree with a more than 95% of this submission. I truly understand your pain for wanting something more from a team that appears to be falling from grace to grass within a span of 5 years. Each year appearing as if we were worse off than the previous. I, for one, am an ardent Arsenal fan and find it hard to swallow that a once upon a time most feared and loved club is wavering and only seemingly be a “step up” or “average-at-best” and there are numerous supporter who still believe in the “Arsene knows best” slogan and that it will forever hold true. The man must protect himself and his job so many depend on him for there daily and if you ask me he is doing quite a good job of it off the field. Its only on the pitch that i have a problem

    I will refrain from completely summing up the season by the first match but if what was on display today’s game represent the Arsenal that we want then we supporters certainly have a divided opinion of what we want for the club albeit success. When does a coach stop giving his best – I argue, no player cannot do more than what he has been gifted with in terms of talent/skill, confidence/will-power and energy/motivation- so tell me is this the team that you want that can and will win EPL, Carling cup, FA cup, Champions league, etc My opinion is that some people do not really belong in the team but alas here we are today- accepting what has been a transformed team, waiting for them to win a trophy-any trophy so that Arsene can say “I told you so”-

  31. “I was hugely optimistic going into the opening game of the new season…”

    Really? No wonder you were disappointed then.

    “And today was just ridiculous.”


    “Arsenal self-destruct.”

    No we didn’t.

    “A decent goalkeeper shouldn’t be beaten from that angle!”


    “Arsene Wenger, with his worldwide scouting network cannot find a single goalkeeper who isn’t shit. Honestly, the mind boggles, is it that hard to find a keeper who doesn’t make mistakes in every game?”

    I think the tactic is to wait until the end of the transfer window to drive down the price.

    “If Arsene refuses to bring another goalkeeper in before the transfer window closes I might consider giving up on Arsenal”.

    And you call yourself Arsenal 4 Life?

    “It is completely ridiculous, to be 1 or 2 players away from a real squad challenging for the Premier League. Does Arsene like being “close” to having a title winning squad? I don’t understand the logic!”

    How do you know we are one or two players from challenging? Of course Arsene doesn’t like being close to having a title-winning squad. Of course, you don’t understand, you have zero knowledge of what goes on inside the club,

    “Unfortunately, Arsenal’s other new signing Marouane Chamakh looked completely lost.”

    Give him a break. First game. His persistence got us the goal.

    “Maybe I’m being over critical as it was the first game of the season, but Liverpool put in more effort and more of a performance today.”

    Yes you are being over critical. 1-1 at Anfield. I’ll take it. We never gave up.

  32. Great start. Away draw at Annfield without Cesc and Alex Song. Take it every time. We’ll beat them at the Emirates and it’ll be another four points from six versus the pretenders. Only ONE Arsene Wenger!

  33. Guys – calm down. I can tell you for an absolute fact that a number of these so-called Arsenal blogs are actually wind ups by spud fans with nothing better to do. Ignore them – they think they have finally hit on a way to undermine the Arsenal project.

  34. I am amazed at the amount of deluded Arsenal fans there are on here. Liverpool, a shadow of the team they have been in recent seasons, they finished 7th for Christ’s sake!

    Arsenal were dire, and were lucky to draw today. And the fact someone crap like Ngog managed to score shows how poor we were.

    If Arsenal had 10 and Liverpool had 11, they would have battered us!

  35. let me get this straight, we play one game, yes “ONE GAME” and this joke starts to criticize wengers work at arsenal, from highbury to emirates the man still warms my heart which demostraits my love for this club, all you people from far out who dont even know what it is to be a real arsenal fan just rabbiting on like they know how to run a football team better than arsene wenger. please sir can you take one look in the mirror because im thinking you must think they are some jose mourinho at managing a football team, even he couldnt do a job anywhere near the job arsene does for us, our game was a little rusty but geez its the first game an were complaining about a draw at “Anfield”, with players that have won the champions league and are mentioned in the record books with a team capable of winning the league, i believe this joke who wrote this must think Anfield is the dw stadium like my man says further up, but again this was a game which we got a point from,which is what i’m grateful for a tough opener but solid performances from many areas, we can improve as a team because there is no i meaning( individuality) in team, they work together and if we all stick together we can win the league and take whats rightfully ours, we have the quality and enthusiasm for the fight we just need the belief which i think this team will express more of this year. i was impressed with koscielny he will progress into a fine player and this year i really think will be one of our best yet for sometime , just sit and watch people you will see what i mean in due time.

  36. Someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning…

    I understand your frustrations though, we’ve had 5 seasons of the same old story and nothing ever changes. You just have to accept that Arsenal are planning for the future and our time will come in a few years.

    Sit back and just enjoy the show.

  37. 90 mins into the new season and the doom merchants are on the web already….

    Get a life.

    a point at anfield is a decent result, with the injuries and lack of pre season (you do remember there has been a World Cup….) so I have no idea where 4 months has come from… I was under the impression the season finished Mid May, and then the World Cup…

    Writing the same articles over and over agian, and crying like a petulant child…. we need a keeper, we need a keeper… etc. reallt doesn’t help. Have you ever tried supporting Arsenal rather than just bitching?

    I’m pretty sure the club has been trying to sign CB’s and a keeper…. just a bot of patience is needed.

  38. Anyone who claims to be a fan and then says “if we don’t sign a keeper soon then I’ll consider giving up on arsenal” isn’t a real fan and should jog on and support another team. Headline saying it was a disgrace? That’s laughable, see how many other teams go there and have that much possession, yes we lacked sharpness up front but we didn’t just miss van persie and cesc, we missed song, denilson, diabys first game back. Overall it was a good first game and no doubt if we win 4-0 next weekend to Blackpool you will be number one fan again.

  39. totally agree with the article. We should have won that game. someone should tell clichy as a left back you are meant to tackle

  40. Finally proved what we knew all along, that you are no Gooner. You don’t “give up” on The Arsenal just cos we’re a bit shit..

  41. God you’re such a crybaby. No wonder our fans have the worst reputation in the league and why our players feel no loyalty to us. Our fanbase is the absolute disgrace not the team.

  42. I think this article is way too critical, but I do understand the frustration behind it. For a club like Arsenal to have the worst goalkeeper in the PL is just not understandable and completely unacceptable.
    It seems we could have signed Schwarzer weeks ago but are haggling over a differencce of about £1m. It’s more than I’ve got in my bank, but to Arsenal, they should have that in the petty cash for crying out loud.
    The trouble is that Wenger will never admit to a mistake. There are several in the squad that are now never going to be top-class eg Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner and most of all our dire goalkeepers (except Scezney) but he persists with them. They have had plenty of chances now to show their value and it just isn’t there.
    I will never give up on Arsenal, but I can understand people who will with so much mis-management going on.

  43. Would you have been happy if we had bought a worldclass keeper like Pepe Reina? I really wish you Johnny-come-lately will take your support elsewhere.

  44. Why are there so many crap Arsenal blogs? What did we do to get these dim witted followers who feel so compelled to write this prattish stuff about the club I love?

    You dunce… why don’t you tell us how many times during even our most glorious periods under Wenger (or even in our entire history) we’ve taken maximum points as opposed to drawn games or lost games at Anfield?

    Yet you expected Arsenal to go up to Anfield and collect maximum points on the opening day of the season, even though we had these well publicised injury problems, because they finished 7th last season!!

    Seriously, Are you even a football fan never mind an Arsenal one? How can you know so little about Arsenal, Liverpool and football and yet feel bold enough to set up a blog? whatever happened to humility, self awareness, decency, respect and a little intelligence?

    Almunia is not a good enough keeper if we are to challenge for the title, that much is true, but it is idiotic to assume that either Schwarzer or Given would have saved definitely Ngog’s shot… it was a great strike. And please could some of you just stop talking as if signing players is just a question of pointing at any player and saying “YOU, come to Arsenal”… look at the drama surrounding the signing of a 38 year old keeper. 38 effing years old and Fulham are playing hard ball! And some of you lot think that we should just chuck cash at whoever. Guess who’d be loudest complainers if Arsenal were in Liverpool’s or ManU’s position with debt? Clowns.

  45. It’s also funny how no one has mentioned Jack Wilshere’s mistake as far that goal was concerned… I wonder if our fans would have made more of it if he was a teenaged foreigner. Just asking.

  46. Another utterly shite Arsenal blog – starting to see why The gunners support is so unpopular – because we’ve got so many ‘fans’ like the prick who wrote this article.

    This will be another one that gets filtered out of my newsnow results.

    So you;re gonna give up on Arsenal because they haven’t bought a keeper? Good. Fuck off and support someone else then. Maybe Tottenham, you might fit in well there

  47. Arsenal 4 life and you’re seriously talking about walking away after we draw our first game of the season????

    Do me a favour mate, take your blog and f#ck off to Mancs or Chavs with the rest of the glory seekers. You’ve got no place in the Arsenal blogspace.

  48. I dont know y people keep on talkin bout almunia n chamack, while we have people like diaby who should really improve, the guy has good footwork but to be honest he is too slow and plays with no urgency. The guy had enough opportunities to shoot but took none. He can go past 3 or 4 players but the final pass is just useless. It people like him who should be removed from th squad.

  49. Sloppy, lacking accuracy, no passion for the club, boring, undeserving of the shirt – no not the team, you pal. If you can’t objectively report on a point gained at Anfield on the first day of the season I suggest you just shut down you blog and find something else to fill your time.

  50. your sonny are the bastard child of Sinbad from Arsenal Action…. Nuff said

    Also please explain your server (see below), Wirral Design? so you’re an undercover scouser!

  51. “What a disgrace that was”-your piss poor article that is…………..hope you manage to enjoy supporting your team this season.

  52. Go and support man city if it’s all about the winning!! I remember getting spanked 6-1 by utd and still went out with my head high and arsenal shirt on!! You fair weather fans make me sick! Wouldn’t matter to me if we got relegated times I would still be a proud arsenal fan!!!! Yes I have my opinions on what should be changed and who we should sign but I doubt very much that me or you could do a better job than wenger so shut up and go support somebody else!!!!

  53. Over a season’s results a draw away at Liverpool would be OK, provided we beat them at home. Stop moaning and go support Man Ure

  54. Never have I had such dreadful, pathetic drivel subjected to me. I would present some arguments as to exactly why this is such clueless toss but you’re just not worth the time or effort.

    Now, how is it I block sites from Newsnow again?

  55. Great post, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you showed more passion for the club than any of our players showed out there with Liverpool down to 10 for a full 45 mins and their most creative player gone. We created barely anything. What a joke of a performance that second half was.

    This was clearly an article made in the heat of the moment after a very frustrating performance. I wonder if half of these clowns commenting would post the same drivel if Reina hadn’t fucked up and let us scrape a point which we barely deserved.

  56. I’m sorry, Chamakh “non existant”? You mean the guy who got us a point at Anfield, who made it happen?

    Bad touch and poor movement? Get a grip.

  57. “Chamakh was useless” – What game was you watching fella??

    Never read your site before – can’t say I’m going to be a regular but the only thing I agree on in this post is that we need a keeper..

  58. At last a bloggerv who is not afraid to call it for what it was – shite! With the exception of VERMAALEN and the new boy kolciency , and Rosiky when he came on we were shit, no other way to put it. Eboue,Diabolical,Glichy were poor in defence and worse in attack, Nasri,Arshavin, Wilshire in midfield looked like chickens without heads, and Chamkah in front should have stayed on he bus he was so inneffective in front of goals, and finally the idiot between the posts,Almunia would be better as a spanish waiter cause he sure is shit as a keeper. by all accounts its going to be a long championship – lock the dog , the wife and kids away , its safer for them when we have to watch this bunch of losers.

  59. Obviously we need a cb and a goalie, thats been plan to see since the back end of last season when we had to play sol and mikel, and obviously when fabianski played, i also think wenger understands what we need in tht sense but is just taking time over signings in order to get a good price, right or wrong way, its the wenger way.

    I do however feel we still miss a leader on the picth, somone in the middle to create the spirit to push forward. close players down, i think its been missing since viera left and is a massive factor in our failure to win trophies.

    As for yesterday, we did control the game from begginging to end, it was just a cutting edge upfront, i cant help but feel if van persie would hav played we would of turned possesion into more clear cut chances. i think the two lads had solid debuts, some more explosive than others but away at liverpool on the first day of the season is certianly not the time or place to judge, its one of the hardest fixtures out the way and we got apoint, i still think once the two positions are sorted we will be up there at the end of the season, more is needed from arshavin, i dont think its through lack of will, i just dont think he is happy playing on the wing.

  60. Another tosser who never goes to a game, decides to write a blog. I’m sick and tired of the armchair brigade slating the team at every oppurtunity. Fuck off, we don’t need your type of ‘supporter’.

  61. AW: “I believe (Manuel) Almunia had a good game today.”
    A GK spinning around like a headless chicken flapping 3 times after thin air never reaching a crossed or passed ball – that is a good game ??? Can I get a game ? … With 50+ of age I might not be much worse a keeper.
    Arsene, please don’t f**k up our season again, for the entire football world it is obvious that we nee a GK (topdraw) and 2 CB’s (recognized ones). We don’t need Aluminium, we need steel in the back.
    Send Alu and Flappy to the Championship.

  62. Finally Brian, someone who isn’t deluded.

    Do you noticed that the intelligent and coherent comments from Arsenal fans on this post are the ones agreeing with the original post?

    The people who ‘disagree’ get very defensive and use abusive language.

    Touched a nerve have we?

  63. The season is new but what we witnessed on Sunday was the same old Arsenal, lots of ball possession in areas that don’t matter or simply put they played all of their football in front of the liverpool defense and little to no penetration behind the Liverpool defense.
    They have become so predictable you can see it happening two moves ahead.
    Now on the other hand I have to say that Spurs look the real deal and worth the price of admission. Chelsea look the team to beat and with the new additions yet to start at City, Manchester may just yet become dominated by City. As a United fan I say that with a bitter taste in my mouth.
    Early prediction for the title:
    1.Chelsea, 2.United, 3.City, 4.Spurs, 5.Arsenal, 6.Liverpooll

  64. Why call this site “Arsenal 4 Life” when it sounds like you’re about to start crying and run off to Satnford Bridge any moment?

    I bet you were one of those who were dead excited when it was rumoured that we were in for Reina? Well let’s judge him on his most recent performance then. No, didn’t think you’d want to.

    Just let the professionals get on with their jobs and you get on with yours, i.e. being a supporter…………….that means supporting your club, not slagging them off at every opportunity.


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