Arsenal 4 Life: An Apology…

Well, my review of the Liverpool game was met with some venom wasn’t it?

Looking back on the review, it did seem well over the top. As the game went on, I was content with the performance but once Liverpool went down to 10 men, I was growing more and more frustrated that Arsenal couldn’t take advantage.

Apart from Rosicky’s shot in the 87th minute Reina had nothing to do really. And the equalising goal we did score was fortuitous to say the least.

But as many have commented, a point away at Anfield isn’t the worst result.

I suppose the difference in supporting Arsenal over the last few seasons, for me anyway, is taking each game as it comes. In the glory days we could afford to look forwards and believe we could make back points later on in the campaign. These days, I view every Arsenal game as a cup tie. The Premier League is ruthless and it isn’t like Spain and Italy, where 65/70 points is enough. In England, you need at least 85/90 points if you want to win the league.

Hence why Benitez and Mancini, successful in their leagues back home, have and will struggle with the Premier League. A conservative approach that works in Spain and Italy won’t work over here. [1]

Anyway, I’m going off an a tangent.

The last few seasons have been a roller-coaster and it is frustrating to see the obvious problems not resolved, like the lack of a goalkeeper or defensive cover in the middle.

So I promise that I’ll try and post with more optimism, so it’s a good job we’ve got Blackpool tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Arsenal 4 Life: An Apology…

  1. Why are you apologizing?

    So what if we didn’t like your article! Your were expressing your views and so were we. Move on, write another article (they may like that one). The whole point of blogging is to express your feelings and views and if people don’t agree with it that’s too bad. No need to feel guilty about that and promise to write something that is not really in your heart and mind.

  2. I want to tell arsenalfc manager that the fans are growing impatient of all these trophy-less seasons. please sign more quality players and make us happy once more.

  3. Close to get a slap on your hand after your review but this one clear it all, at least it’s nice to recognizer our mistakes, keep going your blog, it’s great to read good post.

  4. At least have the courage of your convictions and unless you’ve done something blatantly obscene or obviously inconsiderate or vulgar then why apologise? Are you selling out your beliefs for the sake of popularity?


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