Things To Take Away From The Weekend…

  1. Fabianski will always make errors sooner or later.
  2. Arsenal keep getting chances to make ground on Chelsea, but never seem to take them.
  3. Fabregas plays like he wants to be in Barcelona.
  4. The sad fact is we’ll be there or thereabouts, but dropping silly points like Newcastle and West Brom will end up costing us dearly and ultimately mean we won’t win the league.
  5. At home, we are incredibly wasteful. We usually make about 20 chance in a typical home game but only take around 2 or 3 of them.

If you want to add to this list you’re more than welcome.


6 thoughts on “Things To Take Away From The Weekend…

  1. I agree, can’t be a co-incidence that we lose twice in a week, and in the SAME week the Wenger affair story comes out.

  2. Damn all u fair weather fans. 3 weeks of outstanding performance and not a single post. we lose to a stubborn newcastle & u begin to criticise ur team!
    Shame on u all

  3. At least Arsenal are top of one table, that being the Bad Dicipline Table. The FA need to act to protect other better behaved clubs.


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