How Do Arsenal Beat Barcelona?

That’s the big question.

I’m extremely excited about the massive game on Wednesday, and like every Arsenal fan I believe that we can get a result against Barcelona. Of course, this belief is against what the rest of the watching world will be thinking.

But Arsenal on their day can beat anyone, even Barcelona.

The problem is since last season Barcelona have got even stronger, if that’s possible. David Villa has joined, replacing Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi has got even better. And I’m sure most of you would have seen the Barcelona v Real Madrid game earlier on in the season, in a game most are calling the greatest ever.

So Arsenal have a massive task on their hands.

But how can Arsenal do what only one other team has done this season and beat Barcelona?

Well Arsenal will have Van Persie who is in the form of his career, and we all know they are concerned by the raw pace of Theo Walcott. Theo’s form has improved drastically this season as well and hopefully Arsene will start him on Wednesday night.

Apart from Theo though I can’t really see how we’ll get the best of Barcelona!

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “How Do Arsenal Beat Barcelona?

  1. Agreed Barca are stronger they will crush Arsenal.

    Arsenal have no winners, a weak defense and a poor goal keeper that is why they have won nothing in six years.

  2. The only way is to keep the ball and fight for it with your lives when you don’t have it.
    You have starve Barcelona of the ball otherwise they will break you down. Arsenal CAN beat Barcelona but they’ll need to be on top form. Fabregas, Wilshere and Song have to be immense in the middle and provide balls for the three attackers.

    Stifle Messi as well and theres a chance.
    The problem is that Sagna is injured for you and I don’t know if Eboue will cope.

    But Come On Arsenal – DO IT FOR ENGLAND.

  3. The Tactics should be as follows:

    The back 4 will be Eboue, Djourou, Kos, Clichy

    They will have to be ver disiplined and not get pulled out of shape. They cant push up or they’ll get caught by the ball behind. Stay within 10 yards of the box at all times. If either of the full backs bomb forward Song HAS to drop in and Wilshere will have to sit in front.

    The midfield of Cesc Song and Wilshere, as stated above will have to play with intelligence. Jack and Song will be vital in keeping tabs on Messi. one of them should always be between Messi and the ball.

    The front 3, Walcott RVP + Nasri, if fit, or Arshavin if not. The 2 wide men will have to track back when needed. It will all be about speed of pass and movement to unlock the Barca defence. Puyol is out so Abidal will have to slot into the centre allowing Maxwell to be got at by Theo. Arsh or Nasri will cut in, and hopefully a rampaging Dani Alves will leave space.

    I think we could edge it, an early goal could be huge!

  4. Realistically, Barca will beat us. But on our day we are the equal of any team and if we just have faith in our own ability and play our game we could pull off a surprise.

    If I were a betting man I’d put money on barca, but I reckon that AFC are worth a bob or two.

    If we do win we won’t do it like boring mourinho did last season.

  5. I think it will be hard, but not impossible.

    People forget that we did ok at the Emirates last year, yes, Barcelona did not even let us touch the ball in the first half, it was bad… but who was on that pitch?

    Bendtner up front on his own, Arshavin came off early and was replaced by Eboue, Denilson came on for Gallas in the 44th min forcing Song in CB.

    Barcelona might have gotten a bit better but compared to a year ago we are going to field a team that is almost twice as good as a year ago… I think this game could be better than last year’s.

  6. If arsenal wants to win against Barca, the first 11 come beat Chelse should start. Barca have a week defence. the Gooners please capitalise on this.


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