Cesc Finally Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

Finally, someone from Arsenal has said something other than that we have “great potential” and we are “building for the future”.

Fabregas has come out and said Arsenal lack that winning mentality.

I for one am glad that the players have finally stopped spouting the same old rubbish. I used to visit the official Arsenal website on a daily basis to find out the latest news but now I can’t stand it, and haven’t visited for months. The Arsenal website is just a mouthpiece for all of the tripe that comes out of Arsene’s mouth. I finally got tired of reading how much potential this side has and most of all, all of the ridiculous excuses we’d have for throwing away games.

Arsenal have the amazing ability to blame everyone else except themselves.

Maybe if Arsenal started looking at themselves a few seasons ago we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I’ve said Arsenal have lacked that mental strength or winning mentality since 2008 (and probably before that) and it’s nice to see someone within the camp finally admit it.

I wrote this in November 2008 after Arsenal lost to Stoke:

“Giving away stupid points away this season has come from immaturity and complacency. Against Fulham it was just a general all round poor performance, but points dropped against Hull City and Spurs were from a lack of mental strength. Where is the ability to kill a game off? Where is the maturity to know that if you’re a goal ahead and can’t get another then keep hold of what you’ve got?

“There are no excuses, especially when last season we had no problem winning games by closing out the game. Giving away two goals in the last few minutes of the match would have been unthinkable last year.

“I think the big problem is that watching Arsenal this season, there are worrying signs of weakness which you just don’t see in previous title-winning campaigns. Could you see the Arsenal teams of old with Vieira and Adams in the side capitulate like we did against Spurs? When you see your side literally throw away points then you can only fear the worst.”

We play Spurs tonight who are fighting to get into the Champions League again next season. I use the word “fight” because that’s what Spurs will be doing. It’s a North London Derby and they would love to end our slim title chances.

But what Arsenal team will turn up?

The problem is even if Arsenal show commitment, desire and that “winning mentality” that has been lacking this season, it’s a case of too little too late. We’ve thrown away too many silly points already this season.

Against Newcastle last night, I just wanted Manchester United to score.

The draw last night just prolongs the agony that Arsenal fans have to suffer, until finally we know mathematically that Arsenal haven’t done good enough to win the league.


11 thoughts on “Cesc Finally Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

  1. Shame on you for rooting for United to hurt Arsenal. You cannot claim to be a supporter. I think you should change your blog name to Arsenal for the Fair-weather fans.

    I have figured out what you mean by mental strength — it means coming in first placex. Anything less is failure. So you condemn 19 teams a year as failures. Spurs are already a failure, by your logic, since they cannot achieve anything, they score fewer goals, give up more, and lack the bottle, leadership, fight and commitment to win anywhere. Right? I mean, that is your logic, isn’t it?

    Idiot. (You, that is.)

  2. Floyd be realistic,you cant really defend this rabble.Noone asks for world domination and trophies every bloody season but what we ask for is not to completely throw away a season in the Pl that is more then winnable,Manure were horrible last night like thay have been on almost all thier travels and we still cant get close to them,it really says something about lack of mental strength and determination.It wouldnt be half bad if it hadnt happened before but it has over and over and over again.we would be champions by now if they had half the winning mentality of Manchester United that is how poor the league have been and you can complain till the cows come home about plastic fan but let me tell you that i have been an Arsenal fan since 1980 and seen some real rubbish but i have never ever experienced and out of touch egomaniac completely ruining season after season because he cant be bothered to do signings in mid season

  3. Truth is that the Arsenal players including Fabregas are a bunch of big time Charlies, who dont know the meaning of winning mentality.

    Shame on Fabregas for talking now rather than being the leader he is supposed to be. Look at the penalty he gave away against Spurs earlier in the season. Worse than Eboue’s challenge? Was it Fabregas’ winning mentality that caused him to back heel the ball just outside our penalty area against Barcelona. He wasn’t even fit enough to be playing.

    Then there is van Persie, sent off against Barcelona for two stupid yellow cards, he then had the audacity to chastise Diaby for getting booked against Blackpool. Then, after scoring against Liverpool he got booked for taking his shirt off instead of getting the team focussed enough to keep Liverpool out for 30 seconds.

    Young players lack maturity and that is why Arsenal have failed, Fabregas and vanPersie should look at themselves before criticising the others. Wenger should have sorted this out some time ago!

  4. He’s the thing fake goonies, you guys claim to be the real supporters and u brand us deluded optimists, why not properly support the team? Why not help the team in this times to get them through these moments?? You are no way helping them, all you do is show them no support but doubt and pessimism and then wait for them to cock-up and then laugh at them, seems like you support spurs really. I bet none of you have ever played in a team (school team, armature club..etc). Don’t tell me you know more than Ray Wilkins about football, he was commentating on game vs Liverpool and he was disgusted around 70th minute by the attitude of the fans who were holding their faces with their hands…etc, he said that at football grounds the mood of supporters creeps in onto the pitch, again don’t tell me u know more than him about football AND it all shows up, that’s why we have a poor home form. You give the team no support, don’t expect miracles from them, even though they’re classless cunts who fight each other, manu supporters make OT a fortress and scare the hell out of their opponents. SHAME ON YOU doubters!

  5. Fact is, Fabregas has had enough. He’s courted by Barcelona who are a team full of proven winners. Instead he’s at a club that rewards failure.

    You can’t blame the lad, he’s just had enough. 7 seasons without even looking like winning a trophy. A footballers’ career is a short one so who could blame him if he went to Barcelona and won things? I wouldn’t.

  6. Arsenalisto,Arsenal is not North Corea where we all hail the great leader even though we all hate him,if we did like you suggest Wenger would never even consider changing his crazy ways.I still love the club and all it stands for but i am not gonna stop speaking up when i feel i am being lied to and told porkies.

  7. And no Arsenalisto i would rather cut of my cock with a rusty breadknife then start supporting Spurs,manure or some of the other Pl rabble but you would probably still characterize me as plastic.

  8. Danish Gooner, I’m not saying to put up with anything that Wenger or anything says or does but isn’t he doing the sensible things to do and it’s not about Wenger, it’s about supporting the TEAM in matches at the Emirates or even online where now everything that will be said or discussed will move on to the players’ minds and it will only divide the club coz supporters are what make the club, isn’t that what you’re saying? If we keep doubting our players then even the best players will fail coz they will not have to prove others wrong but their own “supporters” and when it comes from inside it’s even worse you know.

  9. How can we support the team when they make the same mistakes time and time again? Once is unfortunate, twice is bad luck, but 50 times? Enough is enough.


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