Patrick Vieira’s Return To Arsenal?

With news that Patrick Vieira has become a free agent, what money would you put on him coming back to Arsenal?

Sol Campbell and Jens Lehmann are just of the Invincibles that have returned to Arsenal over the last couple of seasons, so having Paddy back in the Arsenal squad isn’t something that would surprise me at all.

He wouldn’t cost anything and we know Arsenal would love that.

And there’s the same argument we had when Sol and Jens returned – they could be a positive influence in the dressing room.

Hopefully this could spark Arsenal into life in the transfer market. We all know what areas Arsenal need to strengthen so with any luck after Vieira rejoins we can line up Thierry Henry, Ashley Cole and Martin Keown.


12 thoughts on “Patrick Vieira’s Return To Arsenal?

  1. I agree that Ashley Cole can stay well away. But I can’t help but wonder which rival blog the needlessly aggressive ‘Jono Gooner’ writes…

  2. I found this through ‘news now’ which I read daily. I’ll leave the blogging to story makers, overseas clingons and idiots (in the main) who have nothing better to do.

    Because this is the most farcial I’ve read in some time I just had to comment, after I stopped laughing!

    Surprized no one has mentioned Upson released on a free today? Stick that up your blog!


  3. Always great to see Viera but it would be so awful if he came back and wasn’t as good – I’d rather see him in a fairly background half-player-half-coach role than as a first-team squad member. ‘Doing a Lehman’ if you will.

  4. Jono. It was a joke. I’m very confident that the Henry, Cole, Keown line was a gag. Everyone got that. Except you, because you seem to be a bit retarded. Calm Down Dear.

  5. I take it you mean in an Assistant/coach type role, and not as part of the playing staff, in which case it would great to have Paddy return.

  6. We should have brought him back at the time City signed him to have his experience & winning mentality at the club. His influence late in games such as the Liverpool home game when we couldn’t hold a lead for 2 minutes & the team was all over the place with no calmness. His nouse & physical presence in cameo sub appearances would be an asset.

  7. I was going to write the exact same comment Kipmonster has. No need now. There was talk of City giving PV4 a new deal and Paddy wanting to stay there *cough – easy money* so I doubt he’d want to return anyway.

  8. Wouldn’t surprise me if he did come back. Paddy’s return to Arsenal would be the perfect smokescreen for not bringing in the much needed quality in vital areas we actually need.

    Expect to be full of “Legend returns to grace the Emirates” type drivel for most of the close season.


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