Fabregas: A Sad Day For Arsenal Football Club

Well they think it’s all over. It is now.

Cesc Fabregas is on the brink of finally moving to Barcelona in one of the most protracted transfer stories in world football. Pretty much since Cesc broke his way into the Arsenal first team 8 years ago there has been speculation to when he would move back to Barcelona.

While most Arsenal fans will be relieved that this who affair is now (almost) over, I feel sad, upset and ultimately disappointed.

The bottom line is Arsenal have lost one of the most gifted, talented and young midfielders in world football. It obviously may be a slightly biased view but lost in the “will he, won’t he” saga year after year is the fact that Fabregas is one supremely talented footballer. He was, and still is, a phenomenal talent, and in a world where Cristiano Ronaldo can command a transfer fee of around £80 million, the reported £35 million figure is daylight robbery.

How did Arsenal let this whole thing happen? Every man and his dog knew Fabregas would be leaving for Barcelona one day. But why did it have to be like that? First of all having that in the public domain instantly reduces any transfer fee we would get. By having essentially only one bidder meant we got the shenanigans we got from Barcelona over the transfer fee and they could get away with it. I cannot remember another situation in world football like the one we had with Cesc Fabregas. Thousands of young players move abroad or to different countries but I don’t think I’ve seen a player pretty much declare that they’ll be moving back home throughout their career. Maybe at the end of their career but not all the way through it.

The biggest reason I am upset however is how much he meant to the team. The latest side Arsene has assembled was based around the talent of Cesc Fabregas and the heart of the team has now been ripped out. He made Arsenal tick and losing a player of that calibre is always going to be hard to cope with.

But the fact is that over the last 8 seasons Arsene Wenger has failed to bring in the required quality to compliment Cesc’s ability and give Arsenal the necessary resources to win major trophies. And that is the bottom line. So we end up with a perverse situation where we actually want one of our best players to leave the club so he can win things!

How messed up is that?

Do Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool or even Tottenham fans think like that?

The whole situation leaves a very bitter taste and while I’m sure we all wish Cesc all the best at Barcelona (where I’m sure he’ll win pretty much everything there is to win) the way Arsenal have handled it has something to be desired.

And worst of all, I’ll have to transfer Fabregas out of Arsenal on Pro Evo 2011 which means playing with Arsenal will be shit.


12 thoughts on “Fabregas: A Sad Day For Arsenal Football Club

  1. not being funny mate, but you sound like you are about 15 years old with this article. It says nothing we didn’t already know, and you keep going on about world football as if you are the well in the know regarding it.
    Stick to video games mate, bottom line is Fabregas is/was a Arsenal Legend regardless of the fee, we have had many great days watching him progress, and I for one wish him all the success at Barcelona and Arsenal have tried hard to keep him, but probably similar to the Nasri situation we will need to let them go as the heart has gone from them playing for us.

    whether we get 50M, or 35M makes no difference… Arsenal will carry on, and name me 3 players that Wenger has sold that have gone on to do better than the price we sold them for? and I will give you 10 that have flopped.

  2. It will be something of a transition for poor Cesc going from a pampered kindergarten were you only have to perform once in a blue moon to a raw competitive environment…….Good luck you will need it.

  3. No One Player is Bigger than Arsenal. Period.
    Thats has been the Problem since we last won anything.
    Last time it was Thierry, and more recently its been Cesc
    We need to build a Team, and not something built around an individual Player. The invincibles were a great side because they played as a team and were not always looking to one Player.
    If they dont want to Play then ship em Out
    We have some wonderful Talent at the Club and it will get Better. I for one will be cheering on whoever pulls on the Red and White
    Cesc, Best of Luck at Barcelona, I just hope youre not a benchwarmer. Thanks for All that you did in an Arsenal Shirt and the memories you’ve given us. But they are memories and we need to look forward and get behind the Team. Our Away Form Last Season was better than at Home. That Says a lot about the Support at the Emirates and Pressure the Players Feel
    Come on you Reds

  4. good luck to cesc the club have let him and us down by not supplying adequate players to make certain we won something and he would have stayed longer.Look at us now panicking to sign any tom dick or harry when other clubs have done their business early allowing the new signings to bed in.It all smacks of thetotal lack of professionalism frm wenger gazidis etc etc. 5th 6th or 7th this season????

  5. @Danish Gooner

    He was one of the very few players at Arsenal that performed on a consistent basis.


    We are not stronger for losing Cesc, so if we didn’t win anything with him there’s no way in hell we’ll turn that around without him, unless some really experienced quality happens to sign for us.


    That sentiment is true if you leave behind a great football team when Adams, Bould, Seaman, etc. left and the team is built to continue winning trophies but when players like Vieira, Henry and Fabregas leave, they depart a squad that isn’t good enough to win things. Arsenal will move on but you would have to be seriously deluded to think that we will be stronger without Fabregas. He is in the prime of his career while Henry and Vieira were heading towards the end of theirs.

    @barry the gooner

    Exactly. We’ve bargain basement shopping again at the end of the season so God knows who we have lined up. Arsene and Arsenal had a chance to bring in required talent and quality over the last 7 seasons to match Cesc’s ability but never did it. We should have made sure we were good enough to win things with Cesc in the side.

  6. Arsenal 4 Life

    What good is aplayer if his heart is not in it

    Should we hold a gun to Cesc’s Head to make him Play for us

    Cesc is a Catalan and as such will always aspire to Play for Barca. Let him go and Lets concentrate on the Good we have so thay can Develop into the Great.

    All Great Players have to Start Somewhere.

  7. @Goonerdogs

    But that’s partly my point, how did it get to this? What other player is “destined” to play somewhere else and have that so publicly acknowledged. At least keep that in house.

    And the fact his heart is not in it, along with Nasri’s, is because we failed to win anything, by failing to strengthen in key areas every man and his dog knows about. For the last 7 seasons we’ve all been saying we need a stronger defence but we made the same defensive errors over and over again. You can’t blame Cesc for not having the heart anymore, most managers would identify the problems and address them instead of being so stubborn.

  8. I for one am sad to see Cesc go but I wish him luck.

    Nasri? Hmmm, he even looks spoilt and petulant.
    Good riddance I say! Money alone will not get Man City where he wants to be.

    The whole affair has got me thinking and I’d like to throw this thought into the ring.

    Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy were important members of a team that didn’t win anything for 6 years.
    Maybe their departure is just what we need to get back to winning ways?
    Those 3 away and a couple of big defenders without 2 left feet could see us back in silverware!!

  9. @GeeCee

    I don’t really understand the logic of saying players like Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy were an “important” part of a team that was unsuccessful so by selling them we will now win things. Surely as they are some of our best players adding to that would be the way to win things.

    Surely losing our best players only makes us weaker.

  10. Well yeah, here’s the logic.
    Clichy was frequently caught out of position and very often seen to back off from big forwards coming straight at him. Funnily enough, he did that in his first game for City too!
    I think he was well past his sell by date and will do a Flamini at City!!
    I think showing him the door for 11 million was one of Arsene’s master strokes. We’ve got Gibbo to replace and hopefully Tommy if we get a couple of bigger defenders.

    The team played extremely well without Cesc when he got injured. As much as I loved him, I don’t think we’ll have a problem without him.

    Nasri? Good but difficult. Much better off without him I feel.

    Looks like we’ve bought well so far this summer. If we don’t get anyone else in by the deadline, we can wait until January.

    I think the team as it is will surprise everyone, trust me!

    And trust Arsene!!


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