What Are Your Predictions For The Top 6?

Simple really.

Rank the top 6 teams, in order you think they will finish at the end of the season, along with any arguments why you think this is the case.

After reviewing the prediction I made last week, I’ve decided to change my mind to the following:

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Manchester City
5. Liverpool
6. Tottenham Hotspur

Let the arguing commence!


13 thoughts on “What Are Your Predictions For The Top 6?

  1. I’d like to hear your reasoning for changing your stance…

    For me:
    1. Chelsea
    2. United
    3. Arsenal
    4. City
    5. Liverpool
    6. Spurs

    My reasoning – Chelsea have genuine talent and the new man will freshen them up. City are still too negative to win a title. As for Arsenal, they just keep getting underestimated, and I think the team will find more stability at the back with Chesney and TV and more speed in attack.

  2. 1 man u
    2 arsenal
    3 man c
    4 chelsea
    5 liverpool
    6 spurs

    arsenal are always going to be underestimated, its just a fact. Those people saying we’l drop out of the top four have been saying it for years and always been wrong, and they also seem to have forgotten that we were the best team for a huge portion of the season, till we got shit. United are still huge favourites but i dont see the others as much of a threat: city are too negative and will draw too many teams, and despite people going on about their strength in depth I see barry, milner et al as average mid-table players, dzeko (if he finds form) and johnson are the only real quality they have on the bench. As for the others, chelsea are ageing rapidly and their strikers are in decline, liverpool haven’t reallu strengthened this summer despite the millions spent and if it weren’t for suarez I’d rank them even lower, and spurs are the same team as last year, only two or three genuine quality players helping an average team over-achieve

  3. 1 man u
    2 arsenal
    3 chelsea
    4 man city
    5 sunderland
    6 liverpool

    tottenham will not improve, and everyone has seen all the signings sunderland have made! and i guess it will work out well…

  4. Wishful thinking.

    Man u
    Man c

    I haven’t seen anything in pre season that suggests we will challenge

  5. @Savage

    Originally I put Chelsea first but United have impressed me and how quickly new signings Jones and Young have integrated into the team is ominous. I think United a clear favourites for the league, Fergie just knows how to get the best out of his players and give them all a winning mentality.

    I think Citeh will push but go into turmoil towards the end of the season. Chelsea are mentally stronger than ourselves and I think I overestimated how Liverpool will do this season. I think they will be good in spells but defensively they look weak, especially in central defence.

  6. Thanks Mike, but I’m wondering why your mood towards the Arsenal has changed? Just a bit of the usual new season optimism?

    On United, I want to put a massive question mark against De Gea. The keeper position has usually been an achilles heal for them, and I’d be truly amazed if they don’t feel the cost of a warhorse being replaced by an unknown from a different league. Already they’re blaming him for some pre-season goals.

  7. @Savage

    I suppose, it’s hard to gauge how Arsenal will do. Of course, I always believe – I watched every Arsenal match thinking we can win it – but without bringing in any reinforcements is not encouraging. Still, I have (maybe blind) faith we will use the Cesc and Nasri money to bring in some defenders!

    De Gea is weak but he will get better as the season goes on, and they have a formidable defence.

  8. This is my desired top 6
    1. Arsenal
    4. Man city
    5. Man U

    PS spurs are relegated and bale is sold to Real for 30 million.

    This is the real top 6
    1. Man U- Considerable amount of money has spent but every penny of it (except for De Gea horror) seems money well spent in needed areas.
    2. Chelsea- They are gonna be close to winning as well but aging squad and high expectations could be a let down.
    3. Arsenal- Money has not been spent in the right areas and there hasnt been sign of Arsene being “very active”. Defence could pose a problem and the departures of duo could also cause Arsenal some troubles.
    4. Man city- 4th for the obvious reason of having a mean defence but an even meaner Attack. Dzeko is underperforming, tevez seems to be preoccupied, Aguero is unproven and may take time to settle. Need better midfielders for the attackers to feed off from.
    5. Liverpool-May just come in 4th and have made valaubale squad additions.
    6. Tottenham- Just seem off the pace as yet to make a decent signing and struggled towards the end due to injuries

  9. 1. Manchester United
    2. Chelsea
    3. Manchester City
    4. Arsenal
    5. Liverpool
    6. Tottenham Hotspurs

    Man U & Ch$lsea will fight for top spot while Man C, Arsenal, Liverpool & Tottenham will be fighting for third spot..


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