Yet Another Youngster – Newcastle Preview

After signing Carl Jenkinson from Charlton Athletic and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton, Arsenal confirmed the signing of Joel Campbell, a 19 year old striker from Costa Rica.

That means that along with Gervinho (who is over the hill at 24), we have purchased two 19 year olds and a 17 year old.

Is that a statement of intent for the forthcoming season?

I still have hopes that Arsene will add experienced Premier League players to the squad, but that hope is slowly dwindling as the days tick by.

I think the problem Arsenal fans have with Arsene is the contrasting statements he makes. Last season he said Arsenal would be “very active” in the transfer market and while I suppose in one way he has, most people assumed that the activity would be bringing in experienced reinforcements to compliment the young talent.

And now he’s said that signing centre backs isn’t like going to a supermarket and going to a shelf.

I think we all know that Arsene, but being defensive when fans are frustrated isn’t the best way to approach the matter.

Watching Patrick Vieira on Football Focus now, it makes you sad. He was, along with other players, epic for Arsenal Football Club. He was a true leader, fantastic footballer and most importantly a winner. How long ago do those days seem?

We face Newcastle United this afternoon and God knows what will happen. We inexplicably lost a 4 goal lead last season and today pretty much anything can happen. We could comfortably win 3-0, we could lose by the same scoreline but I suppose the only thing it won’t be is a boring 0-0 draw.

Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby are out injured and obviously Cesc and Nasri have been omitted from the squad. Fortunately the rest of the team looks in decent shape and Theo and Robin should be back in contention.

It’s hard to predict a scoreline because most of the Arsenal news has been on Cesc Fabregas joining Barcelona.

If Arsenal can perform well and get all 3 points then Arsene will keep the vultures away for a while.


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Youngster – Newcastle Preview

  1. The come back was very “explicable” The ref gave them two goals . Whats so inexplicable about that? Whats the basis of you saying we could lose by 3 today? We can not lose to New Castle today. We will win. They are a poor team. We have a good team. This is the same sort of &*^%$#@ that people say at the beginning of every year.
    We have a good team which will become a great team.. regardless of Fab & Nasri .. but it takes time to become a great team. Mark my word this shall be a GREAT team ,starting this season.

    And For Sure I trust Wenger and Wengerball!!!!

  2. It’s obvious Wenger has lost the plot. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t sign any experienced epl defender. Instead it would be some unheard of wonder kid. Well his obssession with wc kids may cost Arsenal points and he the sack.
    Of course all will be well if the gunners with kids start winning but that looks like a long shot. They need experienced guys and steel. To me too many of the kids are lightweight and could be easily swept contemptuously aside as had happened in the past.
    If Wenger is unwilling to change his strategy,and the gunners suffer because of his flawed philosophy,he should be axed to save Arsenal otherwise Arsenal could descend to the status of Bolton,Wigan,AV,etc.


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