Cesc Fabregas – A Tribute

Finally, Arsenal have officially announced that they have agreed terms with Barcelona for our captain, Cesc Fabregas.

We all knew it was coming, despite Arsene’s best attempts to defuse the speculation and deny Cesc was leaving at all.

At least Pep Guardiola admits that while Cesc grew up in Barcelona, he became the huge player that he is thanks to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.

But what can you say about Cesc?

He was undoubtedly the best player we’ve had over the last 6 seasons, and it is extremely sad to see him leave. I saw the photographs of Cesc being unveiled as a Barcelona player and even though it has seemed inevitable over the last few years, it was still a very emotional sight.

Don’t be mistaken, this kid (yes, he’s still only a kid) gave everything for Arsenal every single time he put on the shirt. And that’s what made him different to anyone else we’ve seen since 2005. He had immense talent, skill and technique but also had great desire, dedication and a fantastic attitude.

But the bottom line was that we failed him.

We failed to strengthen the squad to take advantage of his talent to win trophies, and we put far too much pressure on his shoulders without any support.

We came close a couple of times of winning the Premier League, and with a bit of luck Cesc might have added to his solitary FA Cup winners medal of 2005. The 2007/2008 season springs to mind, when Arsenal looked like a championship winning side until that horrible and tragic tackle on Eduardo. The victim and the temperamental captain on that day have also move on to pastures new.

Cesc gave the Arsenal fans so many beautiful moments, and here some of my favourites:

Cesc’s wonderstrike against AC Milan at the San Siro

That “tackle” on Ashley Cole

His countless goals against Tottenham

Goodbye Cesc, we wish you the best of luck and you will be sorely missed.

You came to Arsenal as a boy, and left us as a man.

And if you weren’t sad enough about Cesc’s departure, here are a couple of tribute videos I found on YouTube. I’m sorry, I’m just off to cry…


Credit to TheMcBoro.


Credit to medbouncing.


2 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas – A Tribute

  1. I havent felt such affection for an Arsenal player since Henry, but Fabregas, a true gent, a proud son of the Arsenal, I wish him all the best and every success (apart from games against us!) He will be missed.


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