Life Goes On, And Arsenal Will Be Just Fine!

Arsenal (1) – (0) Udinese
Walcott (4′)
The Emirates Stadium, London

After the turbulent few weeks and months with the Cesc Fabregas transfer, and Arsenal legends such as Emmanuel Eboue, Carlos Vela and Denilson leaving the club, the most important thing was for the players still wearing an Arsenal shirt to show what they were made of. And on the whole, Arsenal did excellently I thought.

Arsenal started brightly and within a few minutes a great cross from Aaron Ramsey picked out Theo for the opening goal, which is exactly what was required. After that both Arsenal and Udinese had spells throughout the game which was so open that it was amazing that neither side actually added more goals to the game.

Udinese were impressive considering their domestic league hadn’t started yet and their build up play was excellent. The only criticism you could have against them was that they were to Arsenal-like. They got into dangerous positions but when they got in front of goal, they were wasteful. And it was the same for Arsenal.

Walcott took his first goal well but in all honesty could, and probably should, have bagged a hattrick.

But the main aim was to score a goal and not concede so it depends on how you look at things. You can either be positive and say were lucky not to concede so a 1-0 lead is great, or you can be negative and say we should have won by more than one goal.

As a spectacle, the game was entertaining and both goalkeepers were made to make some important saves.

Personally, and this may surprise you, I feel positive about the result.

We kept another clean sheet, the defence worked well together (considering the pressure Udinese put on) and Szczesny looks more and more confident in goal. Song played well, and Aaron Ramsey looks like he could be the answer to Arsenal’s creative problems.

On the not so good side, Walcott aside, the attack was slightly powderpuff at times. Gervinho couldn’t get into the game and I hate to say it, but Chamakh looked lost. And I hate saying that because I want him to come good again. I know he’s a quality player but I don’t know why he’s so out of form. If he can find his form again then he could be like a new signing.

Another problem was the injury to Gibbs. He’s played well over the last week or so but tonight should be a reminder to Arsene that we cannot rely on him for the whole season and the left back position needs strengthening. And same goes for central defence too, as Djourou went off with a hamstring problem as well. He only lasted 10 minutes, did he not warm up properly?

The return leg in Italy will be another tough game but if Arsenal can nick a goal from somewhere then it makes our life a whole lot easier. On the evidence of tonight, Udinese will fancy their chances of getting a good result at home so Arsenal need to be focused and ensure they put in a professional performance.

But let’s be positive, 2 games into the new season, 2 clean sheets and we are currently unbeaten.

Onwards and upwards I say.


12 thoughts on “Life Goes On, And Arsenal Will Be Just Fine!

  1. what a joke…

    but i do agree on one thing..since the new Arsenal Way is all about majing money…we did quite ok…Chezzer and Wermy should bring in some more money…even Sagna could pocket us a nice sum..the rest was awful..nothing less…but lets be happy Gooners..we seem to be making a heck of alot money these days…great….
    spend some feckin money..ooopps sorry sell sell sell sell…..
    do the decent thing wenger just leave..

  2. My sentiments exactly. All we needed tonight was a win. We have come under severe criticism all summer, and many were tipping us to lose to Udinese over two legs. While the tie is nowhere near over, we are in a strong position going into the second leg, and I feel that one goal will be enough for us over there. Udinese did look good in parts, but I was quite impressed by our defence – Koscielny and Vermaelen look like they will work very well together, Sagna was solid as ever, Szczesny is getting better with every game, and I thought Jenkinson was steady when he came on. I am concerned by the injuries to Djourou and Gibbs, so I hope that is a reminder to Wenger that one if not 2 more defenders are still needed. Gervinho was sporadically brilliant and I predict Walcott will score 15-plus goals this season.

  3. @tomstoned

    I have been frustrated over the summer (and even during the start of this season’s off the pitch antics) but once the football starts then you have to get behind the team.

    Every player put in 100% effort tonight and that’s all you can ask. And don’t forget we’ll have Arshavin and Van Persie for the second leg.


    Completely agree, Jenkinson did well considering it was his first ever competitive game for Arsenal. Udinese will fancy their chances but know the threat we have in attack so they will be careful not to concede another.

    I thought the back four coped well with the pressure, Vermaelen put in a performance which reminded us what we were missing last season. Bit disappointed he wasn’t made club captain to be honest.

  4. Are you kidding me??!!!……This team will NOT win anything this season with this group of players. We are average at best, players like chamakh, rosicky and bunch of 19 years old are NOT players you win something with. I supported Wenger with all my heart but he has clearly lost the plot. This project of youth has turned into a scam nothing else. 6 years we’ve been told to be patient for this lot to grow up and bring trophies after trophies with their magnificent potential. Now what?? the potential is now leaving arsenal (fabregas and nasri) and we are left with above average players at best. We have been paying over the odds for Wenger’s babies and now nobody is wanting to pay the kind of money we are paying them, look at bendtner, eboue and almunia. No one is prepared to give them the amount of money we did. And what did he do about that failed youth project? he went and on to buy more youth. This is getting absurd and we the fans are the ones suffering.

  5. @Mike..

    i will get behind the doubt ..however we should be honest and Gooners should care enough about Our Beloved Arsenal to demand that… current time we are being fed lies lies and nothing more than lies…
    and what i can promise You Sir is that most Gooners will not take this for much longer…
    There is a big big hole in Our Team..

    spend some feckin money !!!

  6. I’m not normally one to post, but I have to say, all this anti-Wenger stuff is really silly. I’m starting to think it’s Tottenham fans just making up nonsense to get under the skins of Arsenal fans. Gooners have I’m afraid been spoiled, I’ve been going to the Arsenal regularly since 1984 – so I think I’m in a good place to comment on the long view.

    Pre-Arsene wenger, arsenal played a pretty ordinary brand of football, and while Rioch did bring in DB10, he wasn’t going anywhere. We’d been forced to fire George Graham, because despite his successes, he was corrupt and oversaw a team of drunks – that finished in the lower half of the table.

    Arsene Wenger has rebuilt this club in the finest principles, we should (I am) proud of him, and what we stand for – winning is not a divine right, we will earn it – the right way. THis get rich quick mentality is the same malaise which hit the rioters.

    Let’s do things right – we’ve got every reason to cheer our team – it’s increasingly English, young, talented. When we spend big – it’s not always good: Arshavin, Jeffers, Nasri (leaving), Wiltord.

    We do need a striker though –

  7. @tomstoned

    Couldn’t agree more. It has been nothing but lies and it is sickening to be part of that. The number of times wenger has lied to us is just amazing and the failed youth project is completely out of order now. Arsenal is now on very steep downward slope and an investment is needed as soon as possible to stop us from being a mediocre team. Wenger is a legend but the project failed and we have to be honest to accept that and put pressure on Arsenal to re-invest in a team that is with every passing second leaning to mediocrity.

  8. @Raf

    I have felt like that before (sort of) but it’s a new season so why not get behind the team? Maybe I have the start-of-season optimism, and there’s no point getting grumpy until about March/April time.

    We’ve played 2 games and not conceded yet. And that’s been without Wilshere, Van Persie and Arshavin. Let’s just take each game as it comes.


    You make your own luck in this game.


    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt left down a lot of times over the last few years at certain points in the season but I can’t help feel positive at the moment, the new season has barely just begun! What’s to say I’ll be my grumpy self in a few weeks, but I’m going to try and stay upbeat for now!

    Honestly, I don’t bother listening to Arsene Wenger anymore. Not because I don’t respect him – he has been phenomenal for Arsenal and is an highly intelligent man – but the stuff he says to the press 99% of the time is a smokescreen and isn’t the truth. He says certain things to handle the press. I only listen to (or should that be watch) any signings (if and when they come) and the performances Arsenal put on the football pitch. The rest is just part of the Premier League circus.

    @Mark P

    It’s extremely hard to put everything in perspective, and I’ve been guilty of bashing Arsene in the past. No doubt I’ll be upset and angry in a few months and the emotional roller-coaster will start all over again…

  9. Jon Toral Harper
    Hector Bellerin
    Serge Gnabry
    Carl Jenkinson
    Joel Campbell
    Seven new players in. And six of them are under 19 years old. What does that tell us ? We have 100 million to spend, but Wenger intends to continue with the failed Project Youth. And you really thought he’d change ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”


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