I Predicted Arsenal Would Finish Outside The Top 4

On August 4th, before the season had started, I predicted and explained that Arsenal would finish 5th in the Premier League.

I received a few abusive comments for that from the AKB and here we are. 6 weeks later and 5 games into the new season, we currently sit 15th in the table and have a solitary victory against Premier League new boys Swansea City. And that was a shaky 1-0 win.

If you didn’t already know, in the other 4 games we’ve played so far include a draw against Newcastle United, a humiliating defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford, an “unfortunate” loss to Liverpool at home and then yesterdays 4-3 defeat to Blackburn Rovers, who are doing so well this season their own fans are calling for Steve Kean’s head.

So where does that leave Arsenal now?

However you want to look at it, we are a shambles at the moment and strangely, I’m not that bothered.

I’ve supported Arsenal since I was 5 years old which is coming up to 24 years now, followed them through thick and thin and I love the club. They have brought me so many highs, so many lows and I have Arsenal in my veins. When I think back to some of the football we’ve played, matches we’ve won and trophies we’ve lifted, they are some of the best moments of my life.

And when I believed and predicted we would finish 5th in the league (which even now looks like a distant possibility), it wasn’t to cause controversy or upset, it’s just where we are as a football club and for me that’s perfectly fine.

We all have unrealistic expectations for Arsenal at the moment and sometimes you need to have a fall before you can build yourself up again. Arsenal are currently a million miles away from competing in the Champions League so finishing 5th might change the ethos and attitude at the football club. Liverpool are an example of how a football team can miss out on Champions League football and then rebuild the foundations.

As Arsenal stand we’re not going to win the major trophies – we are far too comfortable settling for 4th every season and that has made us complacent, and that’s why you see performances like you have this year. Arsenal need a kick up the backside and not making the Champions League positions might kick start that.

It could spark changes at the club, whether it’s with Arsene Wenger at the helm or not. I truly believe that if Arsene accepted help in certain areas then we would be a much stronger force than we currently are. Can he change though?

That’s the million dollar question.

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12 thoughts on “I Predicted Arsenal Would Finish Outside The Top 4

  1. Well done. Would you like a medal now. I loathe people like you. You hope that Arsenal fail just so you can say I told you so.. Your pathetic.

  2. The gunners next play Bolton who have lost their last four games. I expect them to play anti soccer ie hit on the break.Wenger has a habit of palying with a hdl.So if the unthinkable were to happen ie Bolton win,it could be the end of Wenger’s tenure.


    Thats all what i need to say really!! All you doubters and glory supporters go support citeh or chelski if you crave instant success!! I used to think Arsenal fans were among the best supporters…helped make players legends! SUPPORTED the team thru everything! Encouraged our manager and got behind his decisions! AND never gave up!!!
    Now listen to you!! Your worse than away fans at our home games…you boo your own team, even individual players!! Disgraceful! You do realise that footy players are human?? I know sometimes they do incredible things but they are human and like all of us, have good days and bad days!! feel pressure and get hurt by negative things and abuse, especially from people they are trying to do good things for!!!
    Dont get me wrong, im just as upset at our poor performances and know that there is alot to fix!! but seriously why add extra negativity and pressure?? maybe, just maybe if you did what the term supporter means and actually got behind the team and SUPPORT them then that will go some way to HELPING things! at least then the team can concentrate on gaining confidence and working as a team! ACT as the 12th man!! and you never know we might be able to kick start the mighty arsenal!!
    Or if you get your idiotic and knee-jerk reaction ways and sack the greatest arsenal manager ever, then you will regret it!! As it will take alot longer than 6 years to win anything ever again with anyone other than mr wenger!! We will turn into a spurs!! change our manager every few years, spend stupid amounts of money on jokers and finish 5th/6th/7th/8th!
    You lot will be then saying ‘oh i miss getting spanked by barca in the champions league!! how many years has it been since we were in the top 4??’ you will say ‘i remember when it was a disaster if we didnt finish 1st in the prem! what id give to be hating arsenal for that instead of battling for europa cup!’ so WISE UP!!! and get behind arsenal and help make this club great again!!!

  4. Ha ha ha! ‘ark at the AKB’s STILL biting!

    Does the truth hurt mugs?
    Me & countless others have been calling this for 2 years now… But I suppose that makes me a plastic too does it? 7 Arsenal tattoo’s & a ST for 15 years (handed back to the club this summer thanks to pricing me out)!

    Since when does slating the manager and board make you any less of an Arsenal fan? In my eyes, people who have the back bone & balls to stand up against the mugs currently ruining our club are FAR MORE LOYAL than any of you Rose tinted cretins! It’s mugs like YOU who continue to sing “There’s only one Arsene Wenger…” when we beat the likes of Wigan and snap up both the new kits every summer that are to blame!

    Wind your neck and realise, we’re in the shit big time and only getting rid of Wenger & half the board!

  5. I just dont understand how you posting up an article about how you predicted that we would finish outside the top4 is supporting your team.

    It just seems to me that you take great pleasure in arsenals failings just so you can say you were right.

  6. @ real G Says:


    Thats all what i need to say really!!

    Sadly you didn’t take uyour own advice

    This club is fundamentally flawed and that has nothing to do with Glory Hunting

    Supporty the Club definitely – Passive blind faith however …….

  7. We have been terrible so far but if everyone knows who is gonna finish in the top four and whose going to win the league from the 5th week then we might aswell not even watch the rest of the season. Liverpool and tottenham havnt been that great either so I don’t think its impossible to finish 4th

  8. the last time I looked there were over 30 games left. how can you so smugly assume your prediction is valid? lets face it Wenger isnt going anywhere soon and to change manager now would make matters worse. Lets see where we are at the end of the season rather than coming to conclusions after 5 games.


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