Hats Off To Arsenal… Maybe Not

If Arsenal’s season couldn’t get any stranger, it has emerged today that Arsenal have successfully won (not on the pitch it has to be said) a legal battle with a Hat Shop Owner from Seville.

The terrible woman, had the sheer audacity to name her shop after our great football club. Despite the fact she happens to spell “Arsenale” differently, and despite the fact it is pronounced differently, Arsenal decided to protect their brand and have been successful in doing so.

Reports tell us that Arsenal’s lawyers have been working since 2007 to get Alicia Simon to change the name of her shop, which would explain the lack of activity during the summer in the transfer window.

Sources close to Arsenal have said:*

“The seriousness of this case has meant we have not been able to deploy enough resources in bringing new players to Arsenal during the transfer window. Fortunately this unsavoury incident was resolved on the 30th August meaning we had just enough time to recruit players on deadline day.”

Arsenal fans have been confused to why new recruits were only brought in late in the transfer window, and now at least they know why.

* Not really.


4 thoughts on “Hats Off To Arsenal… Maybe Not

  1. This story isn’t going to go away in a hurry …. I’m sure there will be more on this one ….. like they say: it aint over ’til the hat lady sings!

  2. The Bitch! Prob a member of the Luton Town supporters club (Seville branch) still giving it large over the 1988 League cup final result


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