How Are Arsenal In Crisis? Some Perspective Needed

For the past week, all I’ve heard is “Arsenal are in crisis” and Arsene Wenger’s career at Arsenal is at an “all time low”.

What a load of rubbish.

Despite “playing some of the worst football under Arsene Wenger” and “having the weakest squad we’ve ever seen”, we are sitting in 4th place in the Premier League.

This, despite the humiliating defeat at Old Trafford and losing 4-3 at Blackburn at the start of the season.

We are still above Chelsea, Liverpool and surprise package Newcastle United.

And that’s with crippling injury problems, to Wilshere, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Santos, Djourou and countless others that would usually be in our first team.

Added to that, we lost key talents Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri in the summer.

So all considering, we’re doing pretty well.

The 4-0 defeat to AC Milan was disastrous, but not as lethal as everyone is making out. We’ve seen some shock turnarounds on the Champions League before, and a 4 goal deficit is not impossible to overturn. The most famous being Deportivo’s 4-0 win against AC Milan in 2004 to overturn a 4-1 scoreline in the first leg.

And call me insane, blindly optimistic, whatever – I believe Arsenal can get 4 goals at The Emirates. They may not, but with nothing to lose Arsenal can just go for it, hammer and tongs, as it were.

I’ll be putting a cheeky fiver on Arsenal to make it to the next round anyway.

That fact is that no matter how much people speculate about Arsenal’s financial situation, and whether they believe Arsene has money to spend, the bottom line is he hasn’t. If Arsene had this so called “war chest” then he would have used it. I don’t see why people moan that Arsene doesn’t spend because he obviously has his arms tied. And he, nor the board, are going to admit there’s no money for transfers.

Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have spent far, far greater sums of money than we did over the summer (and previous summers) yet we’re still just about in 4th. Chelsea spent in excess of £84 million this summer and we’re still above them. We know about Liverpool’s spending recently (mostly on shite it must be said) and we are above them. So when you put things into perspective then it’s hardly a disastrous season is it?

If Arsenal finish 7th come the end of the season, then I’ll retract everything I’ve said.


18 thoughts on “How Are Arsenal In Crisis? Some Perspective Needed

  1. “Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have spent far, far greater sums of money than we did over the summer…”

    Spurs spent £5m on Parker and got Adeybayor on loan.. we spend £45m on Jenkinson, Gervinho, Arteta, Mertesaker, Santos and Park..

  2. well put couldnt agree more. i not even believe its worst team its just other have improved around us so much yet we have srayed the same. ppl dont understand if jose would never take the arsenal job cuz we dont have the money that he would like to spend. Ranagers are in crisis not Arsenal

  3. “Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have spent far, far greater sums of money than we did over the summer…”

    Spurs spent £5m on Parker and got Adeybayor on loan.. we spend £45m on Jenkinson, Gervinho, Arteta, Mertesaker, Santos, Park and the Ox..

  4. I appreciate your optimistic look on things but seriously, we’re a club in decline. If we continue the current trend we will be out the top 4 next season if not this one.

    Chelsea’s abysmal form is the only reason we’re not out the top 4 as it is.

  5. Your in a crisis and it shows,you gooners constantly whining about Super Spurs being out of reach and manufacturing figures as dave pointed out above is one of many signs I have seen.Everybody looked so happy at your fans meeting the other day as well,you gotta laugh,well i do anyway COYS

  6. Wow, we are suddenly at 4th due to Chelsea’s abysmal form!!! How about Man City, Man U and Spurs are at their current position due to Arsenal’s abysmal form and injuries to key players such as Wilshere?

    Negativity sprouts Negativity and thus now so much of it has spilled to these people.

  7. For those who failed in Maths.


    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Southampton, £11m), Gervinho (Lille £10.7m), Chu Young Park (Monaco, £3m), Carl Jenkinson (Charlton, £1m), Joel Campbell (Deportivo Sarpissa,undisclosed), Per Mertesacker (Werder Bremen, undisclosed), Andre Santos (Fenerbahce, £6.2m), Yossi Benayoun (Chelsea, loan), Mikel Arteta (Everton, £10m).


    Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona, £35m), Samir Nasri (Manchester City, £24m), Gael Clichy (Manchester City, £7m), Emmanuel Eboue (Galatasaray, £3m), Armand Traore (QPR, undisclosed), Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (Ipswich, undisclosed), Mark Randall (Chesterfield, free), Tom Cruise (released), Denilson (Sao Paulo, loan), Wellington (Levante, loan), Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad, loan), Pedro Botelho (Rayo Vallecano, loan), Henri Lansbury (West Ham, loan), Joel Campbell (Lorient, loan), Nicklas Bendtner (Sunderland, loan).

  8. Amazing. There are still people defending the status quo, after 7 years of season on season decline. 7 seasons of the same defensive errors, the same end of season collapse, the same injury problems. We’ve gone from a team that used to challenge for the title to a team that’s in a dogfight for 4th. And you’re basicaly saying you’re happy with this downward trajectory and want it to continue by defending it. Shame on you. I suggest you find another club that would more suit your loser mentality.

  9. Jekyll, couldn’t have put it better myself. Its fans like this one that made Wenger think he is indestructable. He should be ashamed of what he has done to our team since the invincibles

  10. Well tbh what can we complain about many teams go without a trophy for long periods of time, look at Liverpool for example.. won the highest division most times after Maan Utd… when did they win PL last time? we been in CL for 15 years and going for 16th hopefully… stick behind the team and manager and we will win something soon enough!

  11. I’m not going to rant and rave about how far we have fallen. Whats the point.

    Yes we are 4th. Lets see if we are still 4th come Monday.

  12. I love deluded idiots like this. So just HOW far do we need to go into decline before something is done? Our ambitions is to finish 4th, it used to be to finish top. We have been going backwards since The Invincible’s were broken up and that decline does not look like stopping.

    This is bar far the worst team I have witnessed under Wenger and one of the worst Arsenal sides I have ever seen, no fight, no passion, no heart. And for the record I am 41.

  13. I appreciate your opportunism but sorry man, you are deluded.

    Have you seen an up-close picture of Wenger in recent games? His flesh is grey and his eyes are bloodshot. The man is running on empty, and he is alone!

    He has been let down by his players and his stupid belief in them. For the most part the palyers are garbage….and for the full part, Wenger is a fool for believing in them time and again when most would not.

    The man is shatterd and if no one can see that then are foolish.

    If Wenger were a manager in my company I woul suggest a leave of absence for many, many reasons, mainly for his health and Arsenals health!

    He could be the first manager, that I am aware of, to have a heart attack during a match!

    May God bless him, but his time at The Arsenal is up.

  14. Setting aside this is 4th good enough argument (it’s not!)

    There is something that concerns me in that why are Arsenal players so fragile physically? Compare our injuries over the last 3/4 seasons with other top flight clubs and a good part of the reason we are slipping is that there is little consistency in the players Arsene can select from due to many players being crocked for long periods. What is going on (or isn’t going on) with our preparation and training regime that makes us so vulnerable to injury? A couple of unlucky seasons OK but this is now an endemic situation with Arsenal where we are lucky to have

  15. your out of your mind if you think we’re doing pretty well. The only reason we’re lying 4th is a combination of RVP carrying a fairly poor squad and Chelsea’s outright incompetence.
    4-0 second leg wouldn’t be impossible if we still had Cesc pulling the strings in midfield, but in his place we have dumb and dumber in Ramsey and Rosicky passing to the opposition.
    Martin O’Neill’s Sunderland and Milan showed how disturbingly easy it is to make everyone a non-factor. Harass our central midfielders, put a couple guys on Ox and mark RVP. Threat over, because Walcott can’t do anything. And jus catch us on the break with high balls over the top, several goals are available that way against us.
    Easily the most predictable shambolic Arsenal team, and my sympathy does not lie with Wenger (its his nonsense moves and non moves in the transfer window which has created this mess)- its RVP. He’s played his heart out, played every game scored almost every game and has literally no help. But its ok, we have Djourou signed to a new deal…we’ll be fine now!!


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