Liverpool Got What They Deserved – Nothing

Both Arsenal and Liverpool went into yesterday’s game on a high – Arsenal after they battered Spurs in dramatic fashion and Liverpool, who had just managed to beat the 6th place team in the Championship on penalties.

I jest, because we didn’t exactly light up last years Carling Cup final.

But onto the match yesterday. Overall, Liverpool dominated possession but the bottom line was that they can’t score goals. Alan Hansen commented on last nights Match of the Day that Liverpool are the 6th worst team in the entire league when it comes to scoring goals. And my friend who is massive Liverpool fan, is less than convinced about the genius of “King Kenny”.

Liverpool “deservedly” took the lead, but that came from an own goal from Koscielny.

I put “deservedly” in inverted commas because it doesn’t matter how much possession you have (and Arsenal fans should know this better than anyone) if you don’t stick the ball in the net then you won’t get results. And that man Van Persie knows exactly how to do that.

Liverpool are toothless in front of goal. They had a penalty, and not just that, they had two bites at the cherry. But what happened? They didn’t score.

Andy Carroll is a joke, Suarez is a cheat and a disgrace to the game, Kuyt runs around a lot and they are full of players that were vastly over-priced, such as Henderson and Downing.

People criticise Arsene Wenger for not splashing the cash in the transfer windows – but surely Liverpool are an example that money can easily be pissed away on complete rubbish.

Liverpool fans can feel aggrieved all they like, it’s not our fault they can’t score goals is it?

There’s no doubt that Szczesny was outstanding, and on the balance of play should have won the Man of the Match award. Van Persie was just special yet again. When it mattered, he delivered. That’s 31 goals already now this season, and with his form he should be considered for the FIFA World Player of the Year Award. But it will go to Messi or Ronaldo as usual.

When you think about the players who can turn it on on a cold, wet day at Stoke, Van Persie is the man that can!

There’s no shame in being second best in a football match, and it’s a positive sign that when you haven’t played particularly well that you still take home all 3 points. We’ve had a lot of bad luck in games this season, so to ride our luck (and produce a moment of genius) is the least we deserve.

With the win at Anfield, Chelsea’s slip at West Brom and Tottenham’s game with Manchester United coming up, it could just be the perfect weekend for Arsenal.

“He scores when he wants, he scores when he waaaaaaants, Robin Van Persie, he scores when he wants!”


130 thoughts on “Liverpool Got What They Deserved – Nothing

  1. u right we just cant score and u cant win games without goals,next season you will no when rvp goes and the rest of your team are shite

  2. that is excactly that,, the only reason Arsenal are as high as they are today,, is Robin Van Persie,, other than him,, and Song,, Arsenal are a bunch of overrated players who could not win a game to save their lifes.

  3. I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life, if liverpool had van persie yeaterday, they would have easliy won at least 5 – 0,

    when van persie leaves in summer you wont be so smug about a very very lucky win

    Liverpool are one or two men short of being a good team while arsenal are a one man team who need about 9 new players,

  4. Arse are so crap without rvp. if he was our side it would have been embarrassing scoreline with the chances we created. arse would be relegation contender without RVP. can’t wait to see milan kicking you out of CL soon.

  5. Deluded as per usual. Another year without winning anything. Arsenal are the biggest cheat factory in recent history. Deluded.

  6. Haha! Well done man, you’ve reeled in a load of bitter scousers!

    Oh if we had van persie blah blah blah. Yeah and if we had Messi we’d be brilliant too!

    Face it, your cheating scum bag of a striker ‘won’ you a penality you couldnt convert and we had to show you how to score for you!

    £60m on 2 strikers and you still cannot score regularly, what does that add up to, if not piss poor management?

    And you havent even had european football to use as an excuse for tiuredness.

    Liverpool going backwards, mid table beckons scousers.

  7. Some facts.

    Arsenal are a club of class, with a beautiful philosophy.

    Liverpool are a racist club, proven by the manager and all players wearing T-Shirts brandishing the face of a man who admitted called Patrice Evra a “negrito” several times in a match.

    Liverpool have a slobbering monster of a sleazy manager who licks his teeth and mouth constantly, trying to wet his maw after the previous night of heavy boozing, and lashing out at journalists and interviewers like some kind of repulsive troll.

    That is all.

  8. ‘Congrats’ if you get fourth place! Will allow you lot to just make up the numbers yet again in the Champions League, no chance your gonna win it . Arsenal are shit in Europe, always have been. RVP won’t be there next sea on, so make the most of him this season!

  9. Come to Anfield and we can show your what the trophy ACTUALLY looks (WE HAVE FIVE OF THEM!) UNlike you pathetic cockney shower of shit!!!!!

  10. ‘J’ opinion is fine, but at least get a fact or two correct. Suarez admitted to using “negro” once. Evra initially claimed to have been called “nigger at least 10 times”. He then changed his evidence and said it was 5 times. The FA’s commission then decided it was 7 times despite there being no evidence whatsoever. Liverpool supported Surez based on the view that he had been lied about and had used a term innocently.If you simply base your knowledge on the media, then no wonder your views are somewhat retarded.

  11. Arsenal having their worst season under wenger and liverpool with king kenny and splash off 50 odd million pounds on new players, and you are ten points behind.
    If Arsenal are shite, then LFC are an arsehole for shite players to pass through.
    I swear Kenny is just like Hodgson,

  12. Harj, Kenny is nothing like Hodgson.

    Yesterday was like a microcosm of our league campaign.

    We’ve outplayed most teams we’ve faced but failed to finish them off and been caught by sucker-punches. Had that been the case under Roy, he’d have earned more time. But it wasn’t the case. Under Roy, we were getting rolled over every week.

    It’s true that the table doesn’t lie. But it doesn’t tell the whole truth either.

  13. What a muppet arsenal are rubbish v persie has a 2 months more then he’s gone even if u get in the champions league u can’t ever win it were on the up and ur on the down.

  14. Been quite surprised by the lack of class from Arsenal fans today! I always thought the scum supported the white wearing team of north London. Seems I am wrong. It was a foul on Suarez, but that is irrelevant. Your boys have been one of the worst or diving for years. Didn’t mind when Pires was flinging himself all over he place did you?
    I think your attitude comes down to your insecurity. You know you were shit yesterday! Apart from RVP, Arsenal were the worst team I have seen at Anfield all season. But we won you’ll say bla bla bla. Doesn’t matter, crap teams often get lucky against their betters! Yes you may get 4th and CL football, but you still wont win it! I’d rather only qualify every now and then and win it 5 times, than qualfy every year, but never get your hands on the trophy!? Sad really!
    Also you are insecure because Spurs have over taken you as. Better team in N. London! Despite recent results!
    Sid, J, and Harj – you are deluded retards!

  15. Dave N – seeing as we’ve won more than you have recently then you are living even deeper in the past! So its you who’s the mug! Cant wait for Milan to spank you a bit more! Embarrassing for English football!!



  17. ManU are playing even worse than Arsenal did yesterday. But you can bet the hacks and meejia will say how they played like champions, getting a result when not at thei best.

  18. Calm down, calm down.

    Just remember, you were good in the 1970’s but that’s not when football started. You’re just like Man U……….keep on using the argument that a team can’t be good unless they’ve achieved something you’ve achieved blah, blah, blah. Quite pathetic. Had the European Cup been around in the 1930’s and 40’s we’d have won it 5 times before you’d even got a sniff of it. Don’t be so arrogant and get used to the idea that you used to be good but your not any more.

  19. I’m sure most of the so called Liverpool supporters on here are Evertonians making the LFC fans look silly, I mean they can’t really be that thick, can they?

  20. Wind your neck in son, we are under no illusions that this is one of the worst Arsenal team in recent history and your boys are still 10 points behind us, Milan deservedly beat us and I hope they do well. Whats more embarrassing for English football is a once great club no longer (and won’t be for the foreseeable future) competing in the champions league and conducting themselves in a classless manner over the Suarez-Evra incident.

  21. Like people before have said we can all say if we had him we would be better etc. FACT 3 points went to Arsenal FACT Liverpool had more possesion. Bottom line is 3 points is 3 points no matter how you get them! I would rather that Liverpool be in the top 4 than the Scum and the Scum are only in the top 4 because Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have had dreadful seasons. I would agree with comments on here that Liverpool have wasted a lot of money on what seem to be average players when in the premier league! Say Arsenal are shite all you want but 4th is better than 7th? and as for if the league told complete true facts someone published not that long ago that Arsenal would in fact be 2nd so its about time Arsenal had a bit of luck on their side for once.

  22. I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of class too. Thought you gooners were better than that.

    Your performance yesterday was nothing to be proud of.

    Usually I’d say a ten-point gap would be insurmountable at this stage of the season but then you are notorious bottlers so let’s not rule anything out. Especially when your back-four is so easily carved open and as long as you’re totally dependent a player who is due another injury any time now.

  23. Szczesny is better than Reina
    Sagna is better than whoever your RB is
    Vermealen and Koscielny are better than old man Carragher and Skrtle
    Song is better than whoever your DM is. If its henderson, then Frimpong who is currently is better than him, right now!
    Theo is better than Downing by fucking miles! How many goals/assists does Downing have? is it 0-0???
    Wilshere is better than anyone in your squad
    van persie is better than anyone in your city

    The truth is Gerrard is the only player who would get in this shite Arsenal side. And he is injured most of the time, so would fit in nicely at the Grove!

  24. If rvp goes we will still be better than u pikey pricks all ur good at is burglary u cheating gipos Carroll 35 mill and a caravan haha Henderson how much he’s so poor its shocking would rather have bigfoot haha no teeth Adam shite Suarez cheat.u will be worse off next season bin dippers

  25. Haha never seen so many pikeys on here hahaha proper reeled them in like the pied piper and the dirty rats lmfao

  26. Awww sorry liverf*@kpool our bad you know what RVP is going to leave us and you lot can get him for free next season okay, actually do you want our brand new 60109 sits arsenal stadium as well, oh oh how about will give all our money and send AW to be king kanny number 2 no not good enough still want more…………

    You guys are so shit you can’t even bring out the best out of Downing, Adam, Henderson, Carroll, Kuyt, Rodriguez, Skrtel, Agger and Bellamy that 100m plus worth of player there, but you can do is bring out the best of a racist cheating player call Suarez.
    and yes we going to get beat by AC Millan but I can’t say that for you’s lot next season
    enjoy the mid table for another 100 years

  27. Why do you feel the need to decry our players when you have Chamakh & Arshavin (& Walcott for that matter – give me Oxlade & Chamberlain any day!) that should occupy your concerns! We cannot finish at the moment & RVP is the outstanding striker in the league just as Torres was 2 years ago so enjoy it while you can. Of course Arsenal players never cheat do they? I loved Thierry Henry but ask the Irish who is the bigger cheat Henry or Suarez and I think I can guarantee the answer. I don’t excuse Suarez taking a dive yesterday but neither do I condone the endless fouls committed against him, or the continual rolling around for any apparent reason by Arsenal players yesterday (Arteta excepted – good job Suarez called your physio on as none of your players seemed concerned – maybe they thought he was just another Arsenal faker??). From someone who actually attended the game yesterday – it was a reasonable match – Liverpool should have won, but didn’t take their chances, Arsenal should have lost but did take their chances, why say anything else?

  28. look we where cool with liverpool fan and football club but the way they handle the Suarez case beg believe. Then to see the same fool dive, I have to dat drew blood!!

  29. Theo is better than Stupot ‘no goals or assists’ Downing tho isnt he? And he didnt cost £20m.

    Clutching a more and more pathetic straws you desperate scousers.

    How many of you are even from Liverpool BTW? You sound like gutted plastics, i should know, Arsenal have a fair few of them.

  30. Its true Tino, Liverpool and Arsenal didnt have any beef previously. pretty good natured usually.

    The Suarez thing has really fucked things up. I mean, how fucking awful is it to have to side with patrice the twat Evra???

  31. oh sorry Mike the same was say about Thierry Henry, Nasri and Fabregas. now is RVP look guys just shut the fuck up!!

  32. Only thing you southern pricks reel in are your inbred nans knicker elastic after your dads trying to get her knickers off to,ya sad southern fannies,can’t even talk right ya jellied eel eating cunts,hope spurs piss all over you. How many European cups laugh my fukin head off,big club my arse,manager who looks like a trout,owners who don’t want to waste money on there own shit team and along with the blue southern faggots,Ur lagging behind a great spurs team. Long live spurs the only decent team in that bag of shit smelly city of urs. I met viera and he said I much prefer the north as southerners are pussies who suck cock,his words not mine.

  33. You feel what am saying SID and we don’t even fucking like Evra, but for liverpool to come out the way they did, and seeing that fool they love so much dive………

    we would take Evra for side for now

  34. Have all the legends you like,won fuck all for 7 years end of. I hate man u but I even want them to beat you. Mike and for Ur info toxeth Liverpool,lfc fan 35 years.assholes of the south.

  35. Evra,even that little Tit wouldn’t lower himself to play for u lot,he wants silverware not tuppaware,lol u mugs.

  36. mike

    I feel your pain sweety, you are obviously a very angry bitter old man. Help is at hand, have you checked out the samaritans website? If it makes you feel better to vent your spleen towards complete strngers about a football related matter, then you must really be in dire need of support, I am so sorry life has been so bad to you. Then again, Liverpool is a right shit hole isnt it.

  37. To Mike ” talk right ya jellied eel eating cunts,hope spurs piss all over you.”
    mate are you for fucking real!!!!! what else did this fool said “owners who don’t want to waste money on there own” BITCH who want to be like your team.
    MIKE seriously go fuck your yourself and say hi to your mother cunt for me don’t forget to tell her to wash as well, last time was not good…………………

  38. hahahahah SiD you kill him. Mike it’s been fun
    1-2 and we didn’t even play well.
    It’s sad I know, but you don’t have to be a bitch bout it.
    till next season bitch

  39. Sober up Nancy ya drunk and stop posted comments when your off yer head,

    one good game does’nt make Szczesny better than Renia

    No Arsenal defender would make it into Liverpool’s first team although Vermaelen would make the subs bench(if he wasn’t injured so much), dont even get me started on Koscielny.

    Song would’nt be anywhere near the first team

    Lucas is better than Wilshire.

    I’ll let you away with the RVP comment

  40. berty O’Neil Is funny you say that ………… arrrrrrrr where is liverpool postion again

    No movement1 Man City 27 50 66
    No movement2 Man Utd 27 40 64
    No movement3 Tottenham 27 18 53
    No movement4 Arsenal 27 17 49
    No movement5 Chelsea 27 15 46
    No movement6 Newcastle 27 0 44
    No movement7 Liverpool 26 5 39
    Moving up8 Fulham 27 1 36

    ohh sorry in case you miss that
    and your right none of the arsenal team will make the liverpool team cos your shit!

  41. come on guys this is easy okay, let’s just be friend again okay I proimse i will be good this time and i will bring up all your past gory oh sorry I mean glory

  42. We used to be called a one man team but now it can definately be said that arsenal are a one man team. Without van persie they would be in the bottom half of the table.

  43. Tino, you have to understand something.

    Liverpool may not have managed the Suarez/Evra thing very well but they were RIGHT to stand by him.

    If somebody accused an Arsenal player of a serous offence for which there is no evidence and no witnesses, would you expect your club to just throw the accused under the bus anyway?

    To many, it looked like an open-and-shut case of Evra made an allegation, Suarez admitted something was said and was found guilty of it. That’s how it was reported but that isn’t what happened.

    My first question to anybody who offers an opinion on the Suarez/Evra case is “have you read the 115 page report?” Because if you haven’t, the chances are you don’t have your facts straight.

  44. Joe I do understand but is the way the player and manger carry them self, that let some of down oh yeah and some of the fans. if my player was in something like that i would tell the rest of my player to where his shirt, I mean who’s idea was that?

  45. 7 years seriously,if yer gonna get 4th atleast have a go instead of rolling over and dying to over rated Milan puffs,unbelievable let’s hope the return leg isn’t televised some odd looking inbred Twats will be in that ground supporting the cheats. And you who said we didnt even play that well and still won,tell it to the queg who wrote this article,rose tinted glass muppet.never mind knees up mother brown more like cocks up her you inbreds.

  46. Tino the only reason the t-shirts were a mistake was because the verdict wasn’t then appealed.

    Wearing the t-shirts was a way for Liverpool to make it clear, very visually and in front of TV cameras, that they don’t accept the FA verdict and that they fully support their man.

    I see how to do that and then not appeal doesn’t look good. But it looks better than to continue the fight against the FA (and now also the press and public perception) by appealing but inevitably lose anyway (the FA has a ridiculous 99.5% conviction rate).

    The DMCS are already forcing the FA to reform it’s disciplinary system. When that happens, the flaws of the existing system will be laid bare and any judgments made under it can and will be questioned.

  47. 1 player team revels in his glory.

    Arsenal are pathetic without RvP. Pathetic defending, and for all the neat football it still comes down to RvP to produce something better than the remainder of the team can manage to secure 3pts on a regular basis. This time the points were nicked by a long ball over the top that RvP made into something special. Quality.

    Keep your fingers and toes crossed that his career-long injury curse doesn’t strike at any time soon. Arse could as easily find themselves battling Stoke for 8th without him.

    And pray that he is conned once again into believing that quality players will be purchased to elevate Arse above total reliance on him alone; when Barca and RM come knocking – or even Citeh – you better hope that Wenger isn’t parading some 14yr old from South France as the be-all-and-end-all and has some major names to convince RvP to stay.

    But he has refused to sign an extension so far because he knows what Cesc eventually accepted. Arse are second tier, as are Liverpool, qualifying for the CL is the most glory you can achieve, as has been the case for close to a decade now.

  48. Heard it all b4 “you’ll be nothing when henry leaves”, “wait til cesc goes” etc etc. Still here, always will be….next..

  49. OMG Mike is back
    Like I said MIKE we are getting beating by milan show how far we’ve gone! Mate when was the last time you guys played CL! Look if it pleased you we going to lose against milan there you go Happy now. but will still have more of a chance of making it right next Season than you guys hahahahahahaah! and talking about luck how was the game against cardiff did a dying team got luckkkyyyyyyyy lol! please bring back real fan like JOE let’s have a good dialogue

  50. wise1 Says:
    March 4th, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Heard it all b4 “you’ll be nothing when henry leaves”, “wait til cesc goes” etc etc. Still here, always will be….next..

    And they were right.

    The list of tournament wins/titles/trophies since Henry’s departure?

    Since Cecs’s departure?

    As I said, Arse are a country mile behind trophy winning teams/clubs. Continue to convince yourselves that Arsenal haven’t moved from a challenging/winning club to treading water with little chance of any meaningful achievement.

    I did it for 2 decades. Am a LFC supporter in my 40’s. We’ve won the CL since Arse’s last trophy. The Carling means nothing, and even the FA Cup – much as I would love to win it – will not put us back in the major ranks.

    But the game yesterday showed the progress we have made – albeit the squad lacks a single moderately in-form striker – and highlighted in bold colours that without RVP Arse are a club that would struggle against any well disciplined team with average-to-good (but not worldclass) players which is exactly what that LFC team and performance was.

  51. joe
    So why did Suarez refuse to shake evra Hand to draw the line under this and how come liverpool couldn’t deface the FA report! plus the way your manager which I think you should get ride off, keep make a fool out of his self over this. Look he waster a lot of money buying crap players I mean if any top club spend 100m plus could not win the PL yet alone be at the top 4 he should not be a manager at that club, look at way happen to AVB today

  52. mike you fucking retard grow up you 12 year old bin dipping anorexic cunt , the fact is arsenal always play the better football rip shit teams apart and get no fucking results so for once against your overpaid mugs we get a last minute result, just accept your a thieving bastard and no one likes you scouse even mancs aren’t as bad as you twats and thats saying something!!!!!

  53. Back and thanks for the warm reception,seriously Yeh kenny made a few dodgy buys but were better than under woy,I really believe until wenger goes arsenal will carry on living in the viera,Henry Adams Dixon days,only van persil would get in city or united,doesn’t say much.

  54. If imagining me as a 12 year old then abusing me is Ur thing then,you are one sad person,hope all gooners arnt like you. There’s a name for that.

  55. Tino, I would love to debate this with you but there’s no point because you don’t seem capable of constructing a coherent argument.

    Even if you were, I doubt it would matter anyway because I nothing I can say will change the mind of somebody who doesn’t want their mind to be changed.

  56. Now i would love RvP to stay, but u lot talk like Arsenals very existance would be threatened were he to leave. We had great players before & we’ll have great players after him. Fact is, RvP is a product of Arsenal & AWs philosophy. Hes here 8 yrs now after one productive season, hes too good for us ? I think not ! Same bitter fans who taunted us for yrs about cesc leaving are now gutted because Van.P stepped up, & so the cycle srarts again……..

  57. Ha ha you scouse shit make me laugh. Your racist dived to cheat a penalty and still you couldn’t score, even taking the lead with a fluke you were still spanked by the mighty Arsenal, we really enjoy coming to your scumbag shithole of a city and ground cos you are so easy. You are no longer a giant of the english game Man Utd dwarf you in every way and now you are way behind Arsenal City Chelsea and probably even Spurs. We won the league on Merseyside ha ha ha up yours scouse slags.

  58. Please don’t include yourself as a top club Ur just not wake up and smell the coffee you southern inbreds,arsenal are robin hom persie end of,if he’s out u ain’t got a prayer. Yossi arteta don’t make me fukin laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  59. Okay joe may be am been unfair? so tell me do you believe Suarez is not racist? and what ever you say I will believe you! cos we not getting anywhere with this. and your chatting to a black English man who’s cousin play for England under 21, so I feel strongly about this whole racist and terry situation. But true be told if any black Arsenal player was in the same postion I will stand up for them!

  60. One other thing, as pointed out in the article, Liverpool were wasteful not unlucky. Arsenal wern’t & therefor deserved the pts. Fact is, we had more shots on target & more goals so go figure.

  61. Arsenal fans loving it because they have a better chance of getting in the Champions League than Liverpool. The same tournement they are currently 4-0 down in and have never won and have no chance of winning soon! 7 years since your last trophy, 7 days since ours. Both average teams but one only up to an average level because of one player

  62. When did you scouse scroungers last win the premier league? Oh yeah you never have. Dalglish is a washed up has been Gerrard is finished Carroll £35m haaaaa haaaaa a pub player Adam and Downing waste of money Suarez 6 goals and a racist cheating slag. Come to think of it you ain’t got no top class players. We ain’t great but we do have some top quality Sczeszny Sagna Vermaelen Wilshire Oxlade Chamberlain and RVP, you ain’t got anyone to match them. Here’s to Utd taking another title this season to shove in your pikey scrounging whinging ugly scouse faces. I’m no Utd lover but they have a lot more class as a club than you will ever have.

  63. Who were the first two,never heard of em. Go have a pint with Ronnie and reggie,do the lambeth walk,choke on ur pie and mash and have a few chelaea pensioners mugged cus that’s Ur level u southern scrawny fucks,even David walliams said the Thames is full of shit and in that Albert square the likes of so called hardman gay Phil drinks out of the fucker,dirty southern low life robbers,rapists bums. One shit hole that. Cockney

  64. Id rather be 4-0 down after a 1st leg in Milan than not not even qualifying for Europa….lets face it, u scousers will be watching green with envy tuesday night, salivating while we dine at europes top table.

  65. lancasterred
    mate come no 7 days from been lucky to win a mik mouse cup, look we all know what count CL money not some dumb ass cup you spend 100m plus and how much of that money have you gain back??????

  66. You don’t even know where London is you thick scouse prick. By the way Sczeszny the guy who saved Kunts penalty and Sagna who crossed for RVP first goal and had Downing in his pocket for 90 minutes. Now go and nick some hub caps comb your perm and moustache you queer jobless thieving twat.

  67. Dine at the top table,Yeh like a tramp with a prince. Reality check comes to mind,oh we have a great manager who’s won fuck all for 7 years,but we love him,he helped design the ground,Yeh keep gettin the 20 million and the owner pockets will eventually hit you,oh yeh the bin dippers were right all along you will say,or maybe orrrrr yerrrrrr thaaa binnnnndapppppers werrrrr riiiiiiiiightttttt. Werrrrrrrrr shitttttttttt. Lol, 5 euro cups,3 super cups,18 league titles,3 uefa cups,8 carling cups piss all over you southern fairies any way you look at it,oh yeh but you have a nice ground,hahaha,let’s hope Milan enjoy it to and twat Ur world class players,don’t make me piss myself. Ain’t writing anymore boring the fuck out of me. Ur shit face ut goodbye and should you not get 4 th I will laugh my bollox off,see you at wembley for f.a cup,oh wait Ur out lolololololololololololol. Bye wankers.

  68. Furthermore…… How the fuQ can any LFC fan call Arsenal cheats when their entire club (fans incl.) repeatedly defend & condone the actions of the lying, cheating, snake/weasel that is Luis Suarez. That ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’ chant was ironic in its hypocrysy.

  69. mike

    Who were the first two,never heard of em. Go have a pint with Ronnie and reggie,do the lambeth walk,choke on ur pie and mash and have a few chelaea pensioners mugged cus that’s Ur level u southern scrawny fucks,even David walliams said the Thames is full of shit and in that Albert square the likes of so called hardman gay Phil drinks out of the fucker,dirty southern low life robbers,rapists bums. One shit hole that. Cockney

    I will mate, I sure will…..

    Still doesn’t change anything the fact your 7th and we beat you 1-2 hahahahahah!
    go fuck a lil kid that what you do best. and yes am black and all that shit, bitch come down ditty south and we would find out who the real bitch is you fucking racist cunt
    and pls believe am not a lil cunt pushing this keys or hiding behind my computer come find out want kind am man I am bitch. and the reason why I call you a bitch is cos i still know your bleeding for seven days. PERIOD. get the fuck out of here you fucking fool!

  70. once again Mike F.A. and CL hmmmmmmmmm??????
    Bitch go to sleep fool you know what side of the table you want to be sitting on! good luck with the f.a. call poor souls

  71. Really scared,wetting myself you puff your black so what,big fukin deal,not suprised you made that comment thou,race card y doesn’t that fukin suprise me,am white oh wait a minute that doesn’t count for fuck all does it,you sad twat,really are. Oh and aswell as putting your this that black and the other you left out Ur a faggot,go get Fucked southern wud,black really poor that fukin embarrassing. Ain’t waisting any more time black or not,race card what a top cunt u look.

  72. Lol… Yea mike, piss off will ya ? Dont they have Liver 4 life or something ? Go discuss your clubs failings amongst ppl who actually give a shit.

  73. mate you fucking played the race card saying i should go robb and rape well fuck you bitch like you own me. get the DICK out of your fuck ass and open eyes stop hiding away you really say……….

  74. Mike
    your a fuckking cunt mate is this what it has result to i swear is past your bed time don’t you have be in School tomorrow or should i say school gate waiting for your next target you fucking child fucker! bitch i will eat you for breakfast. mate write all you want in fact go eat a dick! am black and your mum love the DICK.

  75. Rob and rape is racist,is it,well fukin news to me. Unintelligent to,goodbye fukwitts,really sad southern puffs. Cmon Milan,hope you smash the fags. End there own misery. Thick cunts.

  76. mate go read back on your comment and stop acting like a saint.

    AND TO mario delia if is not the Arsenal reds your talking about then go fuck yourself you cunt

  77. Tino,at not one point was I racist,and am only jerking yer,calm down,all good banter of course Liverpool and arsenal arnt rubbish,its games against each other that give us our passion,relax and enjoy Ur evening,u mad

  78. Arsenal have a squad of mostly talented young players who all have world class potential. Throw in kos, Tv5, sagna, song & Rvp they have quality on top of that. Liverpool on the other hand have an average squad which is trying hard, but isn’t good enough. Throw in expensive flops like Downing, saurez & carroll the futures bleak for them. However Arsenal will improve in future with or without RvP.

  79. hahaha Mike is that your way of saying sorry…….
    well if I misunderstood you then am truly SORRY
    a 100 years more to the club we love, so much even if they kill us all!!
    Have a good night mike it was truly funny and I mean no disrespect to that!
    nice one mate

  80. Firstly, nobody finds space & finishes like RvP. That being said, both his goals were the result of good teamplay, as were most of his goals this season, so….as far as being a one man team, dont believe the propaganda !

  81. Haha,Yeh man soz to,good luck with Milan hope you beat em 5 – 1 lol. Nah,we all disagree now and again,take care and the dicks gone,lol.

  82. Good spanking coming for you again in Europe Get back to jungle. Learn to speak properly. Stairs having nothing to do with a fruit bowl. Let the shitty Thames overflow and rid the country of you retarded apes

  83. Liverpool moving one way and the Arse going backwards…lol

    No cups for 7 years and rising and you see 4th place as a successful season??? If and i mean if yu make the CL next season, when you crash out of CL again and once again win no trophies the record books will show…well nothing again!!! You get nothing for 4th place.

    You’ll be all chanting again!!! Wenger out, Wenger out…lol

    Oh and by the way until last season RVP had only ever scored 11 league goals in season. Also in August he’s 29! He’s gone…lol His last chance to make real money forget the sentiment and the love of the Arse crap…he’s gone and mid table beckons…lol

  84. Vinny what a waste of fucking space you are. Typical scouse yellow coward all mouth. I bet your about 16 and a fucking queer, grow up and get a job scrounger. Like to see you call someone an ape to their face, because they would knock you out with one punch you little scumbag.

  85. With the squad we have & money spent in comparison every other top 6 club, 4th would be accepitible this yr considering the players we lost last summer. You on the other hand are happy with a league cup as your ‘sucsess’… Sad really

  86. Sorry fuckwit. You who should be in bed preserving those precious brain cells. Way older. Last cockney ranker I met got quite attached to his hospital bed. As for threats unless you want a meet keep that shit hole shut and save it for the playground

  87. Manchester United showed us today that the most important thing is being clinical. Tottenham were all over United but they lost 3-1.

  88. Vinny who da fuck you calling apes mate?
    by the way how was work today or tomorrow or yesterday, how can thames get rid of us that mean no tax money for you u lazy as wipe

  89. Last cockney ranker I met got quite attached to his hospital bed.





  90. Cmon guys,if we all sat down for a drink and talked footy we would all have a scream,ape shits no good for anyone,no place for it. I have been talking jarg about southerners but racism Nah,not good let’s cool it. We both support two great clubs striving to match the top three,end of. Maybe we will maybe we won’t. 90 mins had Liverpool unlucky and negative subs,as arsenal cagey and clinical. End of,let’s look at the next game,Yeh I might not have helped with banter but colour shouldn’t come into it. Cmon lads.

  91. one last thing, too many fans of other clubs are speculating on who may or may not be playing their football at arsenal next season. Personally, i dont think many Arsenal fans give a shit who leaves Spurs or Liverpool. That says alot, i think.

  92. True gentleman Mike
    true be told my club (arsenal) have a lot of fucking problem. can say less but I hate the people running it and as for AW I truly think is time in the club is over. I for one think is time to give a young manager the job!

    and yes I saw the match and we where truly lucky to win, and now for the CL if though we win the game (I know we going to lose, is only right I dream lol) who we kidding we surly not going to win the cup.

    7 years with a cup holy shit that hurts mate and that means what ever cup that is it fucking hurt so bad.

    yes I pour my heart out.

  93. Personally I don’t wisey,cus both manc clubs won’t be caught no matter wot happens,they will both buy and leave the rest for the scraps. That’s only my view mind,not saying its right.

  94. Passion,love it Tino, what about our sudden league title shut out,now that hurts. Well I hope next year we both get off to flyers and stick with the leaders,who knows hey. Am off to bed,take care good look and remember racist comments are easy for anyone. A good conversation and some may struggle,no harm meant to you all,good luck against Milan u lot.

  95. True the comp is tougher than ever than ever but no one said it would be easy….. As for AW out, dont give me that shit. Fact is Afc as a club would not be where they are today without that man. Some fans have short memories indeed.

  96. wise1 don’t jump the gun mate. am not an AW hater am just saying the men who run the club are so comfortable with hm. why they get rich fast we need someone to say I want 60m this season so I can bring the cups to the fans

  97. Wisey,all good things have to end thou. And as an outsider not as a Liverpool fan i have to agree with Tino,it doesn’t mean aw is a bad manager just maybe new blood is needed. It’s all opinions hey,time will tell he stays and wins maybe,he goes and team gets freshened up for the worse by someone else. All exciting thou ain’t it.

  98. Think back 10 yrs, we’re planning a new stadium which will give us heavy debt. The club knew there would be difficult times ahead while they repaid the debt while trying to keep the team competitive. Add to this the fact we have seen the rise of other (obvious) clubs due to unlimited resources of foreign benefactors. We were told back then that we’d miss out on champs league because of our new financial policy. So i believe AW & the board continue do a great job against all the odds

  99. dalglish needs to be put out to graze . he has wasted so much money on mid table dross yet no one seems to care. had roy or rafa bought such dross, they would have the axe hanging by now.
    we are uninspiring and the players are getting worse, not better. KD talks so much rubbish too, he has dementia.

  100. Yes you all mention 1-2 but what happened in the reverse of this fixture? Also Arsenal have no carling cup, no fa cup, guarenteed out of cl very soon. Then you stil arent gaurenteed 4th this season. You are 3 points clear. There is 12 more games. I think you all need to wait a few eeks before you really make a fool of yourselves. We may not be as high i nthe table but i dont hear any liverpool supporters saying they are definately going to have anything more. Whereas you think you are automatically in the CL next season. Just wait eh?

  101. Actually paul, nobody said we had 4th wrapped up, quite the opposite. We know it will be difficult, but at least the teams given themselves a chance to achieve it like i said b4, against all oddds. Call me paranoid but, i beleive theres an agenda against Afc. Imagine the dissapointment of the nation if we actually got 3rd lol !

  102. Crappy piece of writing. Are you jealous because we won something? or just think Arsenal are better cos they are above us? You need a reality check, even though Arsenal have had a few this season, 8-2 at Utd (shameful) and loasing 4-0 to AC Milan, not to mention a few more (and yes we did win 2-0 at the emirates when Van Persie wasn’t playing! you forgot to mention that! LIke all the others have said, Van Persie will go when Arsenal fail yet again to win anything and what will happen then? who will get a goal? At least we have a good side and are just short of a prolific striker. oh, and I should also mention TOTTENHAM are now better than you, haha.


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