The Media Should Be Ashamed – Roy Hodgson Deserves Our Respect

I’ve just watched the 25 minute press conference for Roy Hodgson as he was unveiled as England manager, and the obvious crap about Harry Redknapp was asked time and time again.

Seriously, is everyone that stupid?

Just because ‘Arry’s drinking buddies all work for the football media he was painted as the odds on favourite for the England job. And in that respect, I’m pleased he didn’t get the job.

Roy Hodgson has by far and away, the much better record in football. I don’t need to tell you how he’s done with Fulham and West Brom in the Premier League, as well as his stints at Inter Milan, and his record with the Swiss International team.

He has respect throughout Europe and is the far better coach.

I for one will be 110% behind Hodgson and for the first time I think he will give the England team some respectability for the first time in no long.

He won’t come across like a headmaster like Capello, or a star-lover like Sven.

And going back to Harry Redknapp, what has he actually achieved in football? He won the FA Cup with Portsmouth.

And that’s it.

People will point to Hodgson’s record at Liverpool, but the fact is that with a team that didn’t have £35 million spent on Andy Carroll and God knows how much on Adam, Henderson and Downing did better than they are doing right now, which is a team being lead my Liverpool legend King Kenny.

So in retrospect maybe he didn’t do too badly – considering Liverpool are a shambles anyway.

My hope is that Hodgson weeds out the jokers like John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and the other “old boys” who are well past their sell by date and goes with young players who are hungry and deserve a chance.

The public should get completely behind the new England manager and recognise that he is a man who deserves the utmost respect.

Although with ‘Arry’s mates in the newspapers that’s probably unlikely to happen.


24 thoughts on “The Media Should Be Ashamed – Roy Hodgson Deserves Our Respect

  1. Good piece Arsenal 4 Life.

    Totally reasoned and straight to the point, whatever opinions are put forth on this matter, the facts as you rightly points out show quite clearly Hodgson’s far superior career to good old arry.

    Good read, shame some of the nation’s more favoured newspapers couldn’t write a piece like this I might actually read them now and again, then again maybe not!


  2. What a ridiculous piece! Just obviously anti harry because of the spurs connection! When u mention what hodgson has done u talk about the milan etc but whats he actually won in england,…where it matters…Nothing! hes been runner up a few times in competitions. Then you talk about harry redknapp u say hes won the f a cup….more than roys ever done in the england! also hes nurtured your frank lampards carricks ferdinands j cols etc etc etc! Done ignore harrys record and talk up roy…not fair. clearly biased article lacking credibility! try harder next time! Grade = E 😉

  3. P.S. To be a successful england manager u need to handle the media! “Drinking buddies” do me a favour! Is that really the best you can do! embarrassing!

  4. Agree
    Allsvenskan (2): 1976, 1979
    Malmö FF
    Swedish Football Champions (2): 1986, 1988
    Allsvenskan (5): 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989
    Svenska Cupen (2): 1985–86, 1988–89
    Inter Milan
    UEFA Cup Runner-Up (1): 1997
    Danish Superliga (1): 2000–01
    Danish Super Cup (1): 2001
    UEFA Europa League Runner-Up (1): 2010
    LMA Manager of the Year (1): 2010

    Harry red crap

    As a manager
    Football League Division Three: 1986–87
    Football League Trophy: 1983–84
    West Ham United
    UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1999
    Football League Division One: 2002–03
    FA Cup: 2007-08
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Football League Cup runners up: 2009
    Premier League Manager of the Year: 2009-10
    Premier League Manager of the Month: April 2004, October 2004, March 2005, April 2006, August 2009, September 2011, November 2011

  5. @Joe: What has winning trophies in England got to do with managing an international team? Having experience at that level and taking teams to major international tournaments is way more useful than having won an FA Cup.

  6. well they are english players! who should be playing at a premier league pace. no english manager thus far has installed this in the players! and if u think hodgson is a motivator to do this you are amazingly naive! all weve had are tactitions same as roy! Also insulting by calling him red crap (witty btw) just proves my point that you cant be sensible about a debate because of the spurs link! LOL!

    As ive sed weve had managers with internation experience you moron! has that ever worked in the last 40 years?…………calling me an idiot was a great toouch btw but i have just mugged u off here mate! no charge 😉

  7. Joe, what right do you have to talk about anything England related, your grasp of the English language is pretty embarrassing! I’ve got no problem with Redknapp and would not have complained if he got the job but I think people need to lay off Roy Hodgson, he’s a decent manager and needs to be given a chance.

  8. Joe, it seems you cant have a sensible debate because of the spurs link, dont be a hypocrite. Duno who would do a better job as england manager frankly, but the bottom line is harrys friends in the media are making their feelings obvious and roy doesnt deserve that

  9. 1. I have no spurs link
    2. My grasp of the english language has nothing to do with my “right” to debate the england football teams manager! P.S. Its called slang granddad
    3. My point was the article was very one sided guys! You must see this.
    4. Roy hodgson is awesome…probs my favorite manager in the league…however in my opinion not what england need right now.
    5. and this is the most important thing guys…so listen closely!…None or very little of the criticism i have received has been in reply to anything I have posted…Just been insults really hasn’t it…or different points. But no one has actually answers the valid points i have raised.
    6. I have no problem with anyone…peace and love and all that! So theres no need to go for the low blows…i just find them amusing tbh! in all fairness I love roy and I think harrys great too! There you go…I like both of them…just making the point that this article is fairly one sided! I dont think redknapp made the press say those things did he…he just wished roy well! whats wrong with that!?!? Anyway Im ready for the barrage of hate directed towards me..but if its not related to the points raised I cant be bothered to get into it!

  10. @Errr: my grasp of language is bad?? The author has written “I for one will be 110% behind Hodgson and for the first time I think he will give the England team some respectability for the first time in no long.” WOW!

  11. Joe,get off your high horse.
    The article was about showing respect to the man who actually got the job.
    Harrys doing such a wonderful job with the best Spurs side in 50 years,hey???

  12. @Joe a fair bit of what you’ve said doesn’t actually address the points that the op made either. The point I think the op is making is that the way Hodgson has been treated by the media since his appointment is unacceptable. I think that is a fair comment and whether it has anything to do with Harry or not we may never know. For all we know he may have asked some publicists to make a fuss but then again he doesn’t seem the type to let this kind of thing bother him. Roy is England manager now and nothing will change that so we all need to get behind him or it’s going to be another disappointing summer. If the fans aren’t behind the manager, this could rub off on the players and we have already seen how the strong influence of seasoned players such as Terry, lampard and Barton can have a negative effect on the employment status of their manager. As for your point about Roy’s record in England against Harry’s yes you are right Harry has a stronger record in England than Hodgson but then again another lowly tactician by the name of guardiola

  13. @Joe sorry about that…comes to mind, he has no experience of managing in England and as a result has a record in English managerial attainment of 0 but I feel he is a better manager than both Roy and Harry combined. What you have achieved may not necessarily count for much. At one time or another every manager had no experience yet went on to great success. Le prof had no experience of managing a top level English club but look what he has done for us.
    Also you speak of credibility in blogs and articles like this but not using proper English is something that makes you an easy target for criticism. Using slang doesn’t make readers think anything you are saying is at all relevant in the world. Trust me! It wouldn’t kill you to learn English would it? I mean you must have gone to school like the rest of us…we’re managing fine. You may have very valid and relevant points to make but nobody will take you seriously unless you use a proper language. Plus it improves the image of football if every supporter doesn’t speak like a teenage Neanderthal. That’s why football is seen as a sport for the working class and uneducated because there are just too many Chelsea fans out there!
    Finally, p.s. = postscript. This is supposed to be placed post script not mid script…

  14. Rednapp got exactly what he deserved.. and all the debate and opinions in the world can not and will not alter that fact. Grammatical indifferences , clutching t straws and or splitting hairs is all well and good but, why would the fa give a job to a snarling , two-faced- double crossing illiterate hound over a respectable loyal dedicated focused and accomplished individual like hodgson ??!!.!

    Rednapp had in true ‘rednapp fashion’ already talked him seld out of a job that no one had even offered him ffs ” the england team aint good enough’ ..’ they aont got the players’ ..’ u can’t go out and buy the right players in the windows like at club level’..

    so there u have it JOe ! He got what he deserved, nothing… now the media can pack up there frenzied, partizan gossip mongering mongs and find the next mirror and smoke screens event to bluster over.

    If the management at spurs are worth anything they will walk him to the door and pay for his taxi home. He has now conveniently ( hours after being blown out ) admitted (against all recent decree) that he was distracted by the ‘ england stuff’ ‘ everyone around me saays i was. s o I must have been really’ he cannot and deos not even take responsibility for the tripe that comes out of his own mouth..

    The clear winner and by every conceivable right has got the post *best man got the gig

    *goos article

    a rare piece of honesty in the light of all the garbage that is touted around in our newly found ‘ media dominated culture ‘..nice that you were capable of bringing something independently crafted to the table (especially as an arsenal man )..

    well done !

  15. @Joe, Fact England have never appointed a Manager with international experience. They have all been good and some successful club Managers who with the exception of Sir Bobby were found wanting just like other well known internationa managers. Its about tournament football and how resources are utilised effectively and having personell willing to adapt and be proud of their country. Greece proved that in 2004. Egos and bad attitude doesnt work and the same was said about the most succesful England Manager since 1966 when he was appointed because the people/media wanted Clough. How they wished Sir Bobby stayed on after 1990. Then we have the peoples choice Keegan, the media went quiet after the disaster and have never mentioned it again since. Roy has used mefiocre players to achieve much at both international and club levl taking Fulham to a european final. How many Mabagers have managed that

  16. All managers are judged on results and results alone.How do you think SAF has survived so long?He has been winning.So the same with Hodgson.
    The FA could have appointed someone from the championship. If this guy can win the 2012 Euro he will be prolaimed.Similarly if Hodgson can’t get England to the qf/sf,he could be deemed unsuccessful.

  17. Look, I dont think it matters who gets the job, it wont make a difference as the players arent good enough. But the evidence you use to suggest Hodgson is the better manager is seriously flawed. Aside from the Liverpool debacle, Hodgson has only ever been offered jobs at the likes of Blackburn, Fulham and West Brom, while Redknapp manages Spurs and has been offered Newcastle in recent years. Even Southampton was a bigger gig than West Brom, with all due respect to the Baggies. Redknapp was also linked heavily with Chelsea last summer – I dont recall Hodgson’s name being mentioned.

    Hodgson is a midtable manager at English level. You mention Inter, but dont mention that he failed there, spending a fortune and only having a UEFA cup runners up to show for it. At a time when Italian football was completely diminant in Europe, this didnt stand for much. Likewise he was a disaster at Blackburn and Liverpool. Frankly you can take all the swiss and Scandanvian experiecne and shove it up yer arse – its meaningless. What was he even doing in those minor leagues? He was there precisely because he wasnt considered good enough to be offered a decent job in his home country. Thats a fact, not an opinion. I used to live in Switzerland and can assure you, NOBODY is interested in club football there. I doubt many Swiss could tell you anything about his club record there.

    Redknapp has succeed everywhere he has been, with the possible exception of Southampton. But actually even there the team got far more points with him than they did before he got there. Everywhere else he has done very well. He took West Ham from relegation fodder to the top 5. He worked miracles at Pompey, even before the crazy spending began. And Spurs – like it or not – have punched well above their weight under Redknapp. Forget spending on transfer fees – its irrelevant. The point is a club’s wage bill. Thats the clearest measure of the size and quality of the squad. Generally clubs finish pretty much in line with their wage bill (as west brom pobably will this year). For 3 consecutive years under Redknapp Spurs have been the main outlier to this rule, finishing above Liverpool (wage bill 30% greater), Villa (slightly higher) City two years ago (wage bill more than double) and currently being ahead of Chelsea (wage bill double) and very close to Arsenal (wage bill 40% higher). That is the sign of a manager who is overachieveing, whether you like him or not.

  18. All the media have done is say what the public and players wanted – Redknapp as England manager. We wanted Brian Clough we didn’t get him, we didn’t want Graham Taylor, we got him, we didn’t want Keegan, we got him, we didn’t want McClaren, we got him, The people making the appointments should be sacked but they never are in their “job for life” FA roles.

  19. What people forget is that an international manager cannot go out and buy players, he has to make do with what is available.
    Hodgson has a track record of making run of the mill players perform on the intenational stage at a level above their abilities.
    That fact alone should make him ideal for the England job.


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