Arsenal’s Champions League Hopes In Tatters

Regular followers of my Twitter feed will know that Mikel Arteta has been my favourite player of the season. Dreamy good looks and elegant style, he has an eye for a pass, a killer shot and more importantly, experience. What he does in an Arsenal shirt may not be flashy or make the back page headlines, but he gives this young Arsenal team assurance and balance in midfield.

So the statistic that Arsenal have failed to win a single game without him this season is not surprising and on the flip side hugely disappointing.

And so it proved again today when we were held at home to a Norwich side that have nothing to play for.

And that draw leaves our hopes of qualifying for next years Champions League in tatters. There’s no other way of describing it.

Because we are currently in 3rd place but only 2 points ahead of both Tottenham and Newcastle who have a game in hand. Win that and we find ourself in 5th. And that’s before we play our last game of the season at West Brom, while Tottenham and Newcastle have more straight forward games against Fulham and Everton. And both challengers are in much better form than we are.

While it’s conceivable that one of them may slip up (Newcastle still have to play Manchester City), even if we manage to fluke 4th spot we could still be in trouble. Roberto Di Matteo (or John Terry) has the golden touch and it’s not a forgone conclusion that Bayern Munich will lift the Champions League trophy in their own back yard.

That’s why 3rd spot is so so important.

The biggest frustration is that going into the game against Wigan at home, 3rd was all but sealed. A sloppy performance was punished and since then we’ve been complacent and lazy.

While the Arteta stat is easy to point to, the fact is he is one of the experienced players who drives the team on and helps us see out games. But the fact we can’t win without him is a damning reflection on our team.

The bottom line now is that Arsene’s brilliant record of getting us into the Champions League year after year is no longer in our hands.


7 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Champions League Hopes In Tatters

  1. What a moron you are…what a cretin you are becoming…..what an idiot you will always be. Shite article and crap post from a poor writer AAA

    1)And that draw leaves our hopes of qualifying for next years Champions League in tatters. There’s no other way of describing it. ….Bullshit statement, there are ten other ways of describing it, and being in tatters in NOt one of them. While our future is out of our hands now, 4th is still CL and highly likely.
    2)even if we manage to fluke 4th spot we could still be in trouble… won’t be a fluke…3rd might be but you are the fluke here!

    Stick to writing porno on gaybar toilet walls.

  2. The first respondent who abused you is a right *sshole, ignore him, obviously a panicking AKB Wengerphile.
    Not exactly in tatters but its looking a hell of a lot more shaky now. I never thought we would fail to win against Norwich at home and with Arteta and now Sagna out, its looking a tough task at West Brom to seal it given our crap away form. Dismal way to end the season at the Emirates but the game sums up our last 7 years. Nevertheless, I believe Newcastle will lose one more game and spurts will draw or lose at least one of their two remaining games, probably tomorrow v Villa, but if we fail to beat Brom next week its definitely 4th place for us, and 5th place if we lose, god forbid. If we finish 4th, which is a distinct possibility now, we’ll be sweating on Bayern beating the blue mincers. Its too orrible to think about, the pain of seeing the mincers lifting the CL and simultaneously knocking us out of next seasons CL. Heads will roll.

  3. The first respondent,fuckoff or wateva u call ursef is a nit-wit…vex ur anger on Wenger or d shambolic Arsenal team who makes u lose ur mental balance rather than raining abuse on ds isn’t by force 2 read ds comment, or is itg?..i go with ds writer..our UCL dream is even worse dan been in’s up in flames!

  4. Agree with the comments regarding Arteta but I really think our problems are much more fundamental than a player here or there. From what I’ve seen when playing the “easier” teams we have a serious attitude problem. That won’t go away with new signings or getting people back from injury.
    Players have to know they will be penalised in some way if they do not turn in 100% effort.
    That I’m afraid seems not to be a management policy at the Arsenal.
    Whatever happens over the rest of this season, I can’t really see how things will be any different next season. Hope I’m wrong of course.

  5. Boo! Shame to u. weeks of outstanding performance deres no post from you. Now we hav a bad day & u re all blabbing. Negative fans!


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