Congratulations Chelsea!

What a game!

When you thought Roberto Di Matteo’s amazing run of luck might end, he pulls another miracle out of the bag.

Chelsea were clear outsiders before the game at 5/2 while Bayern were clear favourites, playing at their home stadium.

And as the game progressed Bayern Munich created chance after chance after chance after chance. But Chelsea’s game plan was (just about) working by the skin of its teeth.

Robben, Ribery, Gomez and Muller all had guilt-edged chances throughout the game but failed to take them. But they got what they deserved with 8 minutes to go, when Muller scored from a fortunate header.

After all their attacking possession, Bayern thought that goal was the winner and celebrated as such.

But Didier Drogba and Chelsea had other ideas.

With 2 minutes of normal time remaining, Chelsea, from their first corner of the game, and their second attempt on target, scored with a Drogba bullet header.

The goal literally came from nowhere and with luck like that you just knew Chelsea were going to grind out some kind of result.

And when Robben stepped up to take a penalty in extra-time, Chelsea again had luck when Petr Cech made a save and the ball stayed under his body and went into his arms.

If this wasn’t going to be Chelsea’s year, it never will be.

And with the penalties, Chelsea were at one point 3-1 on spot kicks.

The Champions League Final between Bayern and Chelsea is one of the most unbelievable games I have ever witnessed.

Chelsea should have been dead and buried long before the 90 minutes were up but it goes to show what heart, determination and guts can achieve.

Congratulations to Chelsea, and when I watch big games I always like cheering for the underdog. Maybe it’s something about defying the odds, but I was pleased that Chelsea won tonight.

I know most Arsenal fans hate Chelsea, John Terry and the fact they’re the first London club to win the Champions League, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter a huge amount. Arsenal are years away from even thinking about lifting that trophy and you can’t rely on other teams in London not to win it, all we can concentrate on is trying to win it ourselves.

Ever since Villas Boas got sacked, Chelsea have been intriguing to watch. God knows how they’ve turned it around but they looked like ending up with nothing and yet have won the FA Cup, Champions League and secured a place in Europe’s top competition next season. What they have done is nothing short of remarkable and I don’t care who you support, that has to be admired.

I wonder how ‘Arry Redknapp is feeling tonight. Robbed of the England job by Roy Hodgson, and now of Champions League football by Chelsea. It’s not been a good few months for the medias favourite drinking buddy.

And how about Villas Boas? What Chelsea have achieved since he left the club shows how overrated he really was. But I’m sure he’ll still get a job at one of Europe’s top clubs.

I do feel sorry for Bayern though, they were the better team, created the clearer chances but in the end they just bottled it. They lacked composure at the vital times and had so many chances to kill the game off. In a way, it was similar to the Blackpool v West Ham play off final, where Blackpool should have been home and dry well before the hour.

But that’s football and Roberto Di Matteo has shown us all that he really is the special one.

Tactical genius? Luckiest man alive? Whatever it is, Di Matteo shouldn’t be worried about whether he gets offered the Chelsea job on a permanent basis, Chelsea should be worried about him getting a better offer from elsewhere!


20 thoughts on “Congratulations Chelsea!

  1. “Arsenal are years away from even thinking about lifting that trophy and you can’t rely on other teams in London not to win it, all we can concentrate on is trying to win it ourselves.” – Is this Chelsea team so much better than us then??

    For the past few years, I’ve had very little hope in us winning it, but Chelsea have shown with luck on your side and good organisation, it’s possible for a good rather than great team to still win it.

    Without wanting to sound bitter, Chelsea had more luck in the competition this year than we’ve had for the past 10, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of winning it in the near future. Going to get even more difficult with the likes of Man City and PSG joining Chelsea in spending silly money on players. Ah well, the joys of modern football.

  2. Years away from winning it are we? Utter BS!
    If Chelsea’s win shows anything, it’s that we could have won it this year with half Chelsea’s luck. We have been better than them this season, just as we were better than Liverpool the year they won it. If these sub-standard, inconsistent teams can do, we certainly can with a little luck.

  3. What the hell was that! Quite possibly the worst team that has ever won the Champions League… Ever!!! Is that what “the beautiful game” is all about? I’m no Bayern Munich fan, but the winner should at least play some entertaining football, right? That was such an ugly win, nothing that any Chelsea fan or any football fan for that matter should be proud of!!! Congrats to Cech and Drogba for being the only Chelsea players worthy of being crowned champions!

  4. On the positive side, does this make us more likely to sign Vertonghen? Of course he should want to sign for us, not just because Spuds are not in the CL next season.

    … and putting Vertonghen aside, surely this is a positive as Spuds seem to rely on our scouting system. always trying to gazump us at the last moment. LOL.

  5. I was pulling for Bayern 100%. I was dreaming of Chelsea and all of their money playing on Thursdays. Now they are going to say they. Are the greatest team in London. And now you have Cashley Cole saying that this is why he left Arsenal for Chelsea. The only good that can come out of this is if Roman now gets bored with his toy

  6. What a load you’ve just excreted you village idiot! Drogba,Cech and DiMatteo won it but the rest were boring, frightfully mediocre and defended for 98% of the time. Bayern were useless as teats on a bull when in front of the net and shooting….more spectators got hit by their shots than the opponent’s net! If this is Football then all politicians are honest!

    Anyway, AFC is headed in the right direction and will do far better next season,provided they remove the fat from the team and aquire a good backup keeper and a few key squad players.

  7. Dom u’ve said it urself. In dis present world of futball, money and cup goes 2gether.u spend money u get d cup.u cant spend……well u can fil d gap can’t u? How hapi i wud hav been if it’s ars.but we’re not d one,we’v got2 liv wit dat.we cant blame rvp nd others if they follow d footsteps of others.SPEND WENGER!SPEND!!

  8. The last 4 English winners have all been undeserving!
    Chelsea’s luck since the Q/Fs has been bordering on voodoo!
    Totally undeserved against Bayern, who like Barcelona, battered them!
    Before that, United’s prenalty win v Chelsea was a robbery when Terry slipped for his winning kick.
    Liverpool were humiliated by Milan but a Gerard penalty dive later somehow won it again on penalties.
    And United’s outrageous 2 goals in injury time against Bayern when completely outclassed was probably the worst of all.
    4 Winners all undeserved.
    The ONLY team that actually deserved to win it in this period were ARSENAl – down to 10 men for almost the whole match v Barcelona, 3 one-on-ones to wrap up the game, but in the last 12mins, an Eto’o offside goal and a Howlmunia nutmeg stole it from out hands.
    oh well…. At least we have never sold our soul unlike the others!

  9. We are Arsenal and with this Board and Manager we will never win anything except 4th place and perhaps St. Totteringham’s Day. Interesting to see how we cope without Van Persie next season.

  10. bayern were the better team!but didnt take their chances(loads)sound familiar?.
    Chelsea sat back and played non football just like we see almost every other week at the Emirates..defend with 10 and look for a set piece or defensive f**k up! ( arsenal have plenty of them).shit game.
    Then when the luck holds plan works hail the team, coach and owners as football gods who planned it all along.
    No CL at WHL sorry SPUDS.
    The sight of JT at the end made me sick to my place in football for him Kick out Racism in Football and all walks of life!

  11. Look even though it was Chelsea who won it all I can see is positives. This was Spuds last chance of continuity. They like us had to cement a place at Europes top table with plans for the new stadium and so on. Spurs will be hard hit, cash wise and with ffp they have missed the boat for a sugar daddy alla City. Then theres the attraction of the club without CL football how are they going to attract the best players or even worse keep their own. Spurs will find it extremely hard from now on if we can strengthen in the summer Chelsea will no doubt strengthen with 2 extra competitions to play in, then theres City Manure Liverpool and Newcastle all teams who could challenge the 4 spots next season its going to be 10 times harder from now on for the Spuds and all I can say is I’m glad after the stupidity of their gloating half way through the year about being 13 points clear mind the gap spurs cause its gunner get bigger

  12. Bayern are the best run club in the world, they play good football and apart from robben have good pros at the club. Chelsea run on 100m losses a year, made up of England most hated criminal scumbags and play anti-football. how can we celebrate them!

  13. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but in knockout football you need a solid defence to build on – when we kept winning the FA Cup we had a fantastic defence. We knew that for all of our beautiful football, we wouldn’t conceded stupid goals at the back.

    Chelsea has shown that grit and determination (but more importantly excellent organisation and discipline) it can be done. It’s not the most attractive way of playing but the key is that Chelsea knew their capabilities and played to their strengths. And that’s what Arsenal need to start doing, making sure we’re hard to break down.

    I don’t think Arsenal are a million miles away from challenging for the major honours next season. We’ve seen that experience in Arteta makes a huge difference and just a bit more experience in key areas will see us right up there again. So the summer is so important, not just with the RVP situation.

    At the end of the day if you lift the trophy at the end of the season you deserve it. Whether it was because you were more clinical than the other team, or that you rode your luck then so be it. You say Chelsea played anti-football but they got passed Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

    Given the choice, would you have preferred Arsenal to defend and scrape through against those sides or play open and lose?

  14. Chelsea won ugly, just like we used to under George Graham – don’t remember anyone complaining then, I wasn’t. Don’t remember anyone complaining when we won our last FA Cup against Man Utd on penalties either, a match that Arsenal were far luckier to win than Chelsea were last night.

    We should shut up and focus on our own problems. An owner who is never there, a CEO that is fecking useless, and a manager that’s lost the plot. The club is run by fucking wankers, and the fans have their tongue so far up their arsehole it’s untrue. Sort yourselves out Gooners, we’re on the slide and next season’s gonna be fucking horrible without Van Persie.


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