We Don’t Want The FA Cup, 4th Spot Is The Real Trophy

So Arsenal have been knocked out of the FA Cup by Blackburn Rovers.

Cup competitions always give us shocks and today it was us yet again. Only recently Bradford City knocked us out of the Capital One Cup.

So it’s just the same old story really.

We rest some of our “regular” starters, give a few reserve players a run out and then try but ultimately fail in progressing to the next round. But wait, we can’t even use that as an excuse any more, as like the Bradford game we had a very strong side out.

And just like the Bradford game, Gervinho was the man to miss a sitter which would have made all the difference.

He might be good for the Ivory Coast but for us he’s useless. Didier Drogba he is not.

Anyway, the FA Cup isn’t a proper trophy anyway, 4th spot is where it’s at.

And look on the bright side, this paves the way for Arsenal to have a glorious Champions League campaign and life the European Cup!

One can dream can’t they?


9 thoughts on “We Don’t Want The FA Cup, 4th Spot Is The Real Trophy

  1. “treat the match like a cup final” was the pre-match mantra. we did and did what we usually do in cup finals and lost. grimandi wants shooting if he reckons gervinho is premier league standatd. abysmal.

  2. the reason why wenger claims coming fourth is like a trophy is for a few reasons, firstly because he knows arsenal are not good enough to win, secondly the monet generated does not go on new players where does it go, one has to think i the pockets that be, todays game no excuse rosisky was our best player and the cock took him off after 70mins what a prick, it has been the same old story all season and for the past five years we have deterioted as a team we are the selling club and on our books we have crap players that not even other clubs want, what does that say about wengers philosophy? his judgement is poor, tatically poor, tuesday night we will be beat, and we wont qualify for fourth place the writing is on the book this is a dead end team with only a handful of players good enough @u@k oof WENGER TAKE THE HORREENDOUS KROENKE WITH YOU AND GAZIDIS IN YOUR HAND LUGGAGE

  3. “Anyway, the FA Cup isn’t a proper trophy anyway, 4th spot is where it’s at.”

    I take it the above statement from you is you being sarcastic; that you are taking a swipe at Arsene Wenger’s 4th place trophy comment? Right?

  4. Was I at a different game,strong side ,Diaby ,Gervinho are not quality ,The Ox is not ready and may never be . AW is a safe manager as long as he makes money selling players at a profit and getting 4th and Champs League

  5. The best scenario for the rest of this season is to allow us to fail in securing wengers only achievable goal in securing 4th place. Change no matter how hard it is to accept is better than more of the same. It’s like staying in an abusve marriage for the sake of the kids. Wenger has lost his ability to manage successfully at the top of the game. From recruitment to tactics, to player contracts we are in a mess. A joke of a club that sells its best players to direct rivals and the best we can ever hope to achieve is finishing in 4th spot which our manager calls a “trophy”. I’ve actually got to the point where I don’t care who takes over as long as they action some investment and bring some new level of enthusiasm that actually aims to win a real piece of silverware. My heads hurting and that brick wall isn’t getting any softer.

  6. Arsenal are no longer a football club its Profits Profits and more Profits.The FA cup is worth £1m 4th place is worth £30m plus.Wenger does not take the domestic trophies seriously

    Wenger must resign or be sacked this summer


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