Arsene Loses His Cool Before Vital CL Clash

So tomorrow, we take on the mighty Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

This afternoon, Arsene Wenger had one of the most hot-tempered press conferences I have ever seen in his 16 year reign as Arsenal manager. You can tell the pressure is getting to him and he is getting extremely irritated by people saying he doesn’t take the FA Cup seriously, being accused of not having the desire to win trophies and about “wrong information” about him signing a 2 year extension to his current deal.

In the press conference, a watching Mikel Arteta looked very awkward sitting along side Arsene, as he had a go at the reports and their questions – answering with sarcasm and anger.

The usually charismatic and charming Arsene was feeling the heat, or maybe he was having a bad day. Either way, there could be signs that things are starting to crumble.

We all know it has been 8 years since we won a trophy. But where does the blame lie? There are Arsenal fans that think Arsene should go, and bringing someone else will solve all our problems. There are those that hold Arsene Wenger up on a pedestal as a God. The truth is somewhere in between.

Admittedly, Arsene has his flaws, but so does every manager. And these are magnified the more results don’t go our way. There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger is a fantastic manager. Whatever you think of him now, he has done miracles at this club. But I just don’t think he has the support he needs, especially from the board, and Silent Stan.

Arsene doesn’t have the resources he needs – and who would say that new manager would do any better with the same financial backing. There’s no doubt in my mind the best man for the job, under the current board is Arsene Wenger.

And onto tomorrow’s massive game.

Bayern, as you will probably know, are in sensational form. They are top of the Bundesliga by a staggering 15 points, have a goal difference of +50 after 22 games and lost only one league game so far this season. And away from home, they have scored 27 goals and only conceded one.

So a simple game on our hands then.

But this is when Arsenal usually pull it out of the bag. Arsenal frustrate, amaze and disappoint in equal measure. When no-one gives us a chance, we are capable of defying the odds.

There is no pressure on us and we have nothing to lose.

Wishful thinking perhaps, but with Arsenal I always believe that on their day, they are capable of beating absolutely any team out there. I have to believe that, I am an Arsenal fan.

It’s eleven v eleven out there and we have to believe we can get a good result.


6 thoughts on “Arsene Loses His Cool Before Vital CL Clash

  1. There is no pressure on us and we have nothing to lose.

    God I wish that were true.
    Still, onward and upward. Im convinced that on its day this team can hold its own with any, so Im always optimistic. But this is a real character test. 

    Come on you Reds!

  2. To say that on our best we can beat any team is really not saying much. Because really it is possible for ANY team can beat ANY team the best over all team does not always win in football. In a One game knockout like the FA cup or a 2 leg like the CL anything CAN happen but you still expect the stronger team to win.
    As for those that feel Arsenal can pull off what Chelsea did sure it is possible. I am a Arsenal fan so I hate to say it but Chelsea have better squad then Arsenal at the moment.

  3. My heart says it will be a Braveheart like performance but my brains tell me Munich will smash and dominate us like United did in 08.

  4. You call that losing his cool? Shit you should see me! It`s high time he stuck it up some of the press and some of his players to.

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