Jack Wilshere Will Join United Within 2 Years

It’s the same old story season after season.

We will compete for the trophy that matters most to the board, which is 4th place and Champions League qualification. We will have the highest ticket prices in the league, never teach defence and finally, we will sell our best 2 or 3 players in the summer.

Arsenal would like to paint the picture that these players are unloyal, selfish and mercenaries who are only after money.

But let’s get really, every footballer is like that.

Gone are the days of players like Ray Parlour. He’s said numerous times that when it came to contract negotiations, he never even looked at how much Arsenal wanted to pay him. They gave him the contract and he signed.

But these days agents are ruining the game and unsurprisingly, are trying to get as much money as they can for themselves and their “clients”.

Look at the players that have left Arsenal over the last few seasons. We have Robin van Persie, Alex Song, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, William Gallas, Eduardo, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Alexander Hleb, Mathieu Flamini, Jose Antonio Reyes and Thierry Henry.

With the exception of Thierry Henry and Eduardo, and possibly Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal fans are quick to call those players traitors, back-stabbers and pathetic human beings only interested in money.

Despite the fact that most of them have gone on to win major honours with their new clubs.

But the fact is, Arsenal are the Ajax of the Premier League.

They have to sell their best players in order to balance the books, and to please the board. Arsene Wenger is getting a lot of flak at the moment but it’s the board where we need major changes. Silent Stan is living up to his name and no-one has any idea what his plans are. Has he invested anything into the club? He must be the only major shareholder to not endear himself to the fans by spending some money.

People say Wenger must go but who else could do better under those circumstances? Most managers that would join Arsenal would demand some money to spend.

And that brings us to Jack Wilshere.

Over the last few games, and the season so far, it is obvious that Jack is our best player. He has the desire, technique, temperament and potential to make it at the very top, and he’s only just turned 21. You can see he loves the club and the disappointment he feels when Arsenal lose, he’s a fan just like us.

But there’s only so much players like that can take. Look at all the other players listed above, they may have left for money but they’ve gone on to win things and are enjoying success elsewhere. Arsene promises the future but tomorrow never comes.

And we’ve seen recently there’s no such thing as not selling to a “rival”. We’ve sold (and released) players to Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that players are leaving The Emirates to much bigger clubs. Arsenal are seen as a stepping stone to bigger things, and we’re no longer the final stop in a players career. I may be mistaken, but the last notable player I can think of that ended their career at Arsenal was Dennis Bergkamp.

So you can’t say Jack won’t be tempted by pastures new.

Manchester United seems the obvious choice because he is Alex Ferguson’s type of player. Gives 110% in every game, is special and would be a long term solution for replacing Paul Scholes. Wilshere would shine at somewhere like United where the determination levels of the team never drop. You can say whatever you like about Manchester United, but there’s no doubting that every player in their squad is a winner. Winning is all that matters and if a player is going through the motions then Alex Ferguson gives them a b*llocking and drops them. There’s no threat of that happening at Arsenal were players can do what they like.

And with United’s spending they know they could offer £35 million and Arsenal would sell him. Arsenal’s reputation as a selling club is problematic in the transfer market – Torres was sold for £50 million, Carroll for £35 million and we sell Robin van Persie for £24 million?! And Cesc Fabregas was around the same price.

You will argue that their prices were because their contracts were due to expire. But who’s fault is that? Arsenal allow their best players to wind down their contracts without any consequences – just look at the Theo Walcott debacle this season. It’s ridiculous and I don’t know another “big” side that lets this happen as much as we do.


18 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere Will Join United Within 2 Years

  1. Ricky – kindly shut the f**k up will you. Have you absolutely any idea about football at all? People like you infuriate me. Personally I think Wilshere is not far off being the best player for England.

  2. Wilshere could walk into any sides midfield in Europe… Chelsea, united, city, real, bayern… The only team he wouldn’t walk straight into would be that one with cesc, xavi, iniesta, busquets…

  3. I quite agree that Jack is a United kind of player and also- the people who currently own and run this club will sell anyone including JW to the likes of Man U. If they cash in on Jack then their business model will start to collapse-because people will stop going. I think even they would not risk it.
    When you compare Man U with Arsenal-you are looking at 2 teams-one currently playing at the top of its game and one at the bottom-the reality is that they are only about 3 key players-including the one we sold them- and a shed load of confidence and a bit of defensive organisation better than us. Thats no insurmountable gap-even with Wenger in charge. Most of all Jack will know that.

  4. G. Bale is much more of a Manu player than Wishere.
    Fergie always spends a lot of money on wingers . And more than Scholes , he needs to replace Giggs.

  5. What rubbish. Jack is a Gooner through and through. Bale maybe!

    Let me remind you that Arsenal have… since the inception of the prem league ….been in the top four. The other three up there have money that does not compare.

    The current frenzy is crap created by vocal glory hunters, gobby celebs or proactive radio presenters…and too many are listening to it.

    The teams that are consistently behind us (and I mean every bloody year) are a fairer comparison. So spuds have had a couple of decent seasons but still finish ….and will again, below us. Liverpool no where to be seen, etc etc. Yet no flack at all!! What is the matter with you.

    We all know Wenger needs to spend. We all know we need….top quality….dc, dmc, striker/winger and keeper. All achievable in the summer. If Wenger doesn’t then well maybe his days are up but tbh if we had a team that had 4-5 additions and Theo, Podolski, cazorla, wilshere, monreal, Sagna, vermaelen….with squad players such as the Ox, koz, Gibbs, arteta we would compete with the best.

    Fed up with this constant attack on Arsenal! Start supporting the club fans and editors stop publishing such ill conceived trash!

  6. Sir Alex plays a 4-4-2 which requires midfielders who cover the defence and play deep lying playmaker roles. Haye you seen Jack play? His value is now going forward and playing behind the forwards, often bringing the ball all the way to them. . I don’t doubt that Arsenal would sell him under their current business model and if they are offered enough money for him. But he would only be that valuable to United if Sir Alex was going to change his tactics and formation. He would be much more valuable to City or to Chelsea.

    And you would have to believe that Arsenal won’t invest in the club the money from the new commercial deals and the money from the stadium. The profit in owning a football club is in the capital appreciation of the club when you sell, not in taking money out of its annual revenue each year. None of the stockholders have taken money out of the club. The way to increase the capital appreciation is to invest the yearly profit back into personnel, to retain more of your better players and to bring in better players to increase your competitiveness, once you have built a large world class stadium with a lot of premium seating, which we have done. There is really nothing else that we can do with the money.

    Granted, and I am sorry to have to say this, but AW may not be able to make the transition from famine to feast. He should have invested in a striker even at the inflated prices in January. But we should be able to attract a top manager if if AW leaves, if we stay in the champions league and we are able to give the new man £100 to £125 million to improve the club, which we should have in hand by the summer. I feel sick uttering the name but the man at Real Madrid or my first choice, Carlo Ancelotti, if he doesn’t replace you know who at Real Madrid. Or Jürgen Klopp, he will never see that much money at Borussia Dortmund, an excellent tactician and man manager, he could raid the German club. Moyers is a Wenger with an more acceptable accent, but he could do if he could learn to loose the pocketbook.

    The way that you keep your best players is by investing back into the club and by winning. The way that you increase capital appreciation is by investing back into the club and by winning. The way to build a worldwide fan base is by investing back into the club and by winning. You think that the current management of the club doesn’t understand this? First the stadium, then the personnel. We are half way there. Win and put the upper decks on the stadium we will surpass United. Again.

    Sorry, I got on something of a roll there. I’ve gotten really tired of reading all of the negative comments since Saturday and Bayern day.

  7. “He won’t because he’s not good enough to play for a top four side and only stands out in a very average side.”

    Get your facts right, moron! What top 4 you are talking about?

    Besides Man Utd, Arsenal ARE the only side that has consistently made into top four. As far as Man U are concerned, they are top of the league this year ONLY because they bought RVP, an ARSENAL player. Without him, they would be competing with the QPR for the lowest position in the PL.

  8. i have a close family friend who knows jack wilshere quite well, and jack has said to him on numerous occassions he aint leaving arsenal, and that he does actually want to spend his whole career at arsenal, stop listening to idiots sayin he is leaving, cos he wont

  9. Sadly the exodus of players over these past years is all true and for the reasons you mentioned. Only the wilfully ignorant will refuse to recognise this. When you consider that we have to go as far back as Dennis The Great to look for the last top player to end his career at Arsenal, it really brings home the very uncomfortable situation our great club is now in. It’s reversible of course but that would entail major changes at board and managerial level, in the absence of which I cannot see any advisor of Jack Wilshere recommending that he should view The Emirates as a long term prospect nor indeed that our management would not be tempted by the next attractive offer that will surely come our way. There are those who have said that Wilshire it seems is committed to Arsenal. Yet there have been several who have made such claims only to have gone or be sold. What sporting ambition or future have we if we become only a selling club where the only thing that matters is profitability? If we as a football club do not have trophies as our main prize then how would we retain our key players and be able to attract others?

    In the longer term, what we need perhaps is to model the Premier League on the concept of the Bundesliga where supporters are the majority shareholders of their clubs while the clubs themselves are free to run like businesses. Then sporting ambitions may be achieved while not at the expense of survivability. It seems very much a win-win situation where prices are kept within the reach of fans and clubs enjoy continuing success.

  10. haha, Jack is a “gunner though and through”. we’ll see. this is the complacency that kills arsenal. why the hell should a fantastic talent like wilshere waste his entire career at a club that’s not interested in winning trophies? he will get increasingly fed up with wenger’s lack of ambition just like all those other arsenal players did and he will want OUT. I absolutely guarantee it. Give it another two years I reckon, tops.

  11. Im not a arsenal fan but a liverpool fan so please excuse for replying on this site.
    Jack Wilshere and arsenal remind me of Liverpool when the only class player we had was a young gerrard. Gerrard carried liverpool for years before torres arrival. Wilshere has the same ability to be a leader.
    I hope he doesnt leave arsenal because then the premier league will just end like the spl and just two clubs competing. Wilsheres pure class you cant afford for him to go to any club.

  12. Ricky 2013 at 6:10 pm
    You haven’t got a clue what your talking about.
    Jack wilshire is the best English player since Gazza, he would walk into any top club in the world, thats why Barca players are already touting him up to be their next buy.
    I’m confident Jack will stick around for at least 5 years, I can remember him saying that Cesc should be a man & stay at Arsenal lol


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