Video: Do You Believe In Arsene Wenger?

I believe in Arsene, just not the board.


They need to get their act together and stop using Arsene has the fall guy. Yes, he has his faults but he is not considered one of the best managers in the league for no reason. Everyone knows he doesn’t have the money to spend and the board need to signal their intentions.

We must be the only club where the owners don’t try and please the fans by investing big in the team. I’m not asking for a £50 million player every summer, just a big buy every now and then so Arsene has a team that can compete.


5 thoughts on “Video: Do You Believe In Arsene Wenger?

  1. Yes i agree and i still believe that with 4 or 5 top players to come in with the youngsters already there Arsenal will be a top club again very soon.

  2. Dear gooner, look at are squad. We are only 3-4 quality players short of a bad ass team, so how can it be the board fault. We have 9-10 dead weight at the club, is that the club fault. Wenger is annual paid £7 Milliom plus. 4 place is not a trophy, we are bigger than that. We are Arsenal FC.

  3. Does more money help in coaching and motivating a team? Is more money required to teach a defence how to defend? Is more money required to at least look dangerous from corners? We fail season after season with different players but one constant in all of it…I don’t need to tell you who that is. Stop banging on about how it’s soooo unfair that he has no money to spend….it’s absolute codswallop. You know it I know it everyone knows it!!

  4. It’s so depressing at the moment. The team appears to get it right and then just when you think there is hope they kick you between the legs. I am an Arsene Wenger supporter but his policy of equality on wages is seriously floored. The wage bill at AFC is huge and that’s because we pay average players too much hence losing the ability to attract top players on higher wages. Lose squllaci, lose Arshavin, chamack (the list is seemingly endless) and save maybe £500k a week and we could have had a squad with real potential. What is the point in having so many reserve players and so many youth players? I met Cyrillic Regis recently and he told me that AFC pay the highest wages to youth players in the country. They are all on a grand a week. Who is to blame? wenger or the board. I give up and am going to sleep. I can’t believe I am dreading Villa coming to the emirates.

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