Only Arsenal Wanted To Win That Game

It was an open game, end to end and Arsenal had 60% possession.

People always say it’s not the amount of possession you have but what you do with it (well, teams that play negatively anyway) and Arsenal were punished for playing an attacking game.

Sp*rs, at home, played like the away team.

They have a small club mentality, which was summed up when Gareth Bale tried to waste time by the corner flag with 10 minutes to go.

The frustrating thing for me is the better team lost. Our play was more ambitious, but we didn’t have the cutting edge. We had the majority of possession, had the same amount of shots (as the away team), more blocked shots, more shots inside the area, won more tackles, won more balls in the air and had more corners. We made almost 200 more passes than they did and almost has twice as many crosses.

What lost it for us was some shambolic defending and no cutting edge.

When Ramsey was played in by Rosicky, he had so much time to pick his spot and score what would have been a well-deserved equaliser. But clinical finishing was never Ramsey’s game.

I thought Arsenal were excellent for most of the game, and showed a hell of a lot more ambition than the “home” team.

But Arsene made big mistakes with the important decisions. Jenkinson was excellent today and why he was taken off is anyone’s guess. His defending was top class and his attacking play was fantastic too – his delivery from the wide-right position is top drawer and he should have stayed on. Jenkinson would have had a better chance of converting the opportunity Ramsey squandered.

And Podolski should have started wide on the left with Giroud up top and Walcott on the right. Podolski is no good when chasing a game and he is more effective when there’s a chance of playing on the break (which was not that often in the first half and then impossible when we went behind).

I think the best way to describe today’s game is that form is temporary, but class is permanent. The way they acted on the touchline and after the game was of a side which won a cup final and you could even see William Gallas was a bit embarrassed when he was coming on and Steffen Freund was giving “encouragement” as if they were about to win the world cup.

Gareth Bale was nowhere near this ridiculous “third best player in the world” tag every man and his dog have been harping on about for the last few months. He was hugely ineffective apart from the goal and didn’t contribute anything else. He didn’t give the Arsenal defence any problems and Wilshere was a far bigger influence than him. Before the game Bale had only scored 4 goals at home and 11 away, typifying the fact that Sp*rs play a negative football most effective on the break.

In the end, our defending was the reason we lost. Not our desire, effort or possession play. We gave it our best shot but gave ourselves a mountain to climb with a crazy 3 minutes where we lost our heads. But for the rest of the game we were the better side.


28 thoughts on “Only Arsenal Wanted To Win That Game

  1. So arsenal lose their cup final and find difficult to take. In truth they did have slightly more than half of the possession but most of if was in unthreatening areas and it appeared to amuse the Spurs fans since they knew not what to do with their possession of the football.

  2. Crap rose tinted view……… ineffective in first & third areas, yep plenty of the ball in the middle, but less shots off & on target than Spurs, all the best chances were created by Spurs, the goal Arsenal scored was deflected. Mediocre players, no champs league and Arsenal will be in decline, a little like Liverpool, its been coming for 2-3 years, and getting worse!!

  3. Proved that Ramsey is only a squad player not a first teamer. Really wanted to see the Ox or Coqulin play in this game. Anyway only ten games for Spurs to mess up again

  4. Remember boring boring arsenal winning 1-0? Today Spurs won the game by scoring 2 excellent open play goals. Bale eleven scored for you from a dubious set piece. Clearly Spurs ended up with 3 points and Arsenal with 0. Oh dear. Well Spurs are after all the only real North London club in the Premier league.

  5. Lol you gooners really are deluded 🙂 what a bunch of drivel you have written. You cant defend and dont know where the net is. We didnt even play at our best today and still won. Says it all really. We want you to keep Wenger though so please hold onto him 🙂 you lot are in decline its quite amusing reading your deluded excuses lol

    mind the gap you gooner mugs


  6. Only arsenal wanted to win that game?
    They couldn’t beat Bradford or Blackburn and will be humiliated by Bayern.
    Just a bunch of bad losers like their living on past glory past his sell by date manager,cannot stop laughing.
    Coys and come on Bayern Munich please really rub it in.

  7. OK-Arsenal had a load of possesion.They did not do enough with it.Bale scored .Its so unfair is it not? or is it just that you are so blinkered you cannot see two teams play who are even but one manager knows whats coming and out wits the other by playing to a teams counter attacking strengths and using his team to play just so? Stop sulking and take your rose tinted specs off.Arsenal lost for various reasons but the main one being AVB had a well drilled team who did what they where told.Been a while since anyone could say that about Arsene or Arsenal.

  8. Arse carrying too many average players, notably walcott, mert, giroud ramsey. Strange tactics to play a high defensive line with the slowest defender against some of the fastest midfielders in the country.

  9. Poor defending cost us the game.Even though Arsenal are still the joint best away defence in the league! So much for other teams defences. We beat Spurs for the two seasons 5.2 at home. While we lost today, it hardly makes Spurs world class. The ‘ Cocks will crow, but there still Cocks’

  10. Arsenal will still be on top at the end of the day! Spur fans this is not the 1st time we know where u belong. The end justifies the means. Arsenal still know how to play football more than you do.

  11. Let’s see what Bayern do to your joint best away defence.
    I bet robben,ribery,Gomez,mandzukic,Muller,schweinsteiger
    Are quaking in their boots at the thought of facing the mighty
    back four that is mertasacker,vermalen,jenkinson and monreal.

  12. Spurs will always be cocks, and arsenal will always be arses, hey you knwo what shit comes out of your arse much like your analysis.

  13. Message to arsenal fans:
    Uefa are recommending you take your hard hats to the 2nd leg of c.l
    against Bayern as they are expecting it to be a demolition.

  14. OH MY GOD!!! so this is where the last of Wengers AKB’s are hiding.
    what a lot of drivel you spout. I think you need to open your eyes boy to what’s happening at the Emirates.
    Anyway if you want to hear what real Arsenal fans think, go to Le Grove.

  15. “Spurs will always be cocks”
    Yes, the Cock of North London! – that’s Spurs
    and like Bob said: you will always be Arses, and you know what happens when you get cocks and arses together …
    Yep, we fuc ked you good today!!!

  16. The yids will fuck it up they always do.There little arse twitch and they bottle it just like their supporters.WERE THE NORTH BANK WERE THE NORTH BANK WERE THE NORTH BANK HIGHBURY

  17. Your analysis is spot on! Fuck the cl this year. we will make the top 4. But we would at least be 3rd if we had played like we did today every week. Tottenham got dominated, but sometimes you still loose the game. Mertesacker should not play 1 more game in an arsenal shirt and neither should ramsey. Podolski should start as a striker!

  18. Can someone stop this idiot from blogging? He is an embarrassment to Arsenal fans with the absolute claptrap he speaks. I thought ‘another arsenal blog’ was bad but this guy takes the biscuit. Yet another fan who supports Arsene FC. Ever heard of George Graham? Bruce Rioch? Terry Neill? Don Howe? Evere been to Highbury or the Emirates? Probably not.

    I would explain why I feel like I do after reading this but I can’t be bothered because frankly anyone trying to talk sense would be lost on one eyed bloggers like this clown! Its because of people like him that Arsene Wenger continues to enjoy an easy ride from fans when most other clubs would be calling for his head on a pole by now. By the way Wilshere had no influence whatsover. He was awful today but who can blame him for having one bad game when he is carrying this team singlehandedly.And don’t even start on our so called ‘desire’.

    Unfortunately I think we are stcuk with the man until his contract expires but even Gazidis and Kroenke can surely now see it would be suicide to offer him an extension. Though I’m sure he still has his supporters…all 50 of them!!

  19. This is a great website! That Le grove site is really shit, run by a bunch of plastic, Johny come latelys so called supporters! If we do not make top 4, at least we can get rid of all the plastics, and have the real Arsenal supporters like at highbury, who support and get behind our great club. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  20. I would have to agree,I mean is there a more classy forward in world football than the mighty giroud,maybe only gervinho or not quite good enough for Bayern podolski.


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