My Early Predictions For The Top 6

Here are my (extremely) early predictions on the final standings for the 2013/2014 season. They will more likely than not be well off the mark, considering there is a massive transfer window yet to come, but I thought it would be interesting to have an “educated” punt anyway.

Final Top 6 Positions:

1. Chelsea
2. Arsenal
3. Manchester City
4. Manchester United
5. Liverpool
6. Tottenham Hotspur

We all don’t know what will happen in terms of Arsenal’s transfer signings, and the futures of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez.


But we know that The Special One has returned to Chelsea. Chelsea have shown over the last 2 seasons the quality they have in their squad after winning the Champions League and then the Europa League, and with Mourinho at the helm they will be a major force in the Premier League next season. Abramovich isn’t shy to spend money so you can only assume that Mourinho will be allowed to bring in players that he feels Chelsea need to win the league.


Simply put, our league position will hugely depend on what business we do this summer. The one thing you can say about Arsene is that he is consistent, and with whatever squad he has managed to assemble on a budget, he has secured 4th position or better every time. Since the new stadium move we have finished either 3rd or 4th. So one would assume that with the supposed “war chest” available this summer, we could improve on that.

We all know that Arsene will not spend £30 million on a single player, it’s not his style. What he will do however is invest around the £15 million mark on players from, I would call, the second tier teams around Europe. Partly because they are less likely to have an ego and disrupt the dressing room, and partly because he believes he will bring in a player that feels they have something to prove.

So while we might not get those “superstar” signings all the fans crave, we potentially could get more mid-range signings than usual, which will improve our performance in the league. So instead of getting a couple of £12-£15 million players, we could bring in 4 or 5 – which would improve the squad dramatically.

Manchester City

The free-spending City (who have just officially announced Pellegrini as their new manager) have already invested in Fernandinho and Navas, but I am unconvinced by their title credentials. While Pellegrini’s record in Europe is okay (with Villarreal and Malaga) he hasn’t won a domestic league in Europe. In fact, his only honour as manager since managing in Europe is the Intertoto Cup with Villarreal in 2004.

So coming to a new country, a new league and a new challenge won’t be easy for him. The main question is if he can get all of the egos in the squad playing as a cohesive unit.

Manchester United

Despite winning the league at a canter last season, I’m not sure how David Moyes will do in the United hot-seat. Many have hailed his appointment a masterstroke, but I don’t see it. He’s done okay at Everton but speaking to blue supporters some of them were glad to see the back of him. Their main problem was that they felt his tactics were too negative and in the big games he bottled it. I suppose the prime example was when Everton played Wigan at home in the FA Cup and lost 3-0. If they won that game they would have met Millwall in the semi-finals and surely made it to the final.

I have a feeling that David Moyes may crack under the pressure of the legend that is Sir Alex Ferguson and it will be interesting to see how he copes if United lose one or two games on the trot.


Sounds coming from the Liverpool camp suggest that they will mount a bigger challenge to the Top Four but I think they will just miss out. They will probably keep Luis Suarez (mainly because no-one wants to but him) and he will be chomping at the bit next season (sorry).

I could try and make up some other reason why I’ve put Liverpool 5th but the truth is that I’ve done so for no other reason than it makes Tottenham finish 6th. I could have put Everton 5th but I think they’re more likely to get relegated after appointing Roberto “What’s a defence” Martinez.

Tottenham Hotspur

Gareth Bale was immense last season and even if he does end up staying, simply put, teams will be able to work out how to nullify his threat next season. Towards the end of the last campaign, teams started to deploy ways to reduce his control on games and you noticed that he wasn’t having as much influence on games as he had done earlier on in the season.

When Bale was out injured it was shocking how much they struggled without him so that, coupled with the fact he could get injured, is the reason they won’t do as well next season.

Added to this, having Europa League football will add to their fixture list and they will probably find it difficult to attract top players without Champions League football.


30 thoughts on “My Early Predictions For The Top 6

  1. “Simply put, our league position will hugely depend on what business we do this summer” I hear nothing that convinces me that this summer will be any different to the previous summers where we have sold players and brought in lesser quality players as replacements. Wenger does not like to spend money. Period. Arsenal will NEVER sign players like Fellini, Rooney or Higuain it simply will never happen so don’t even bother hoping for it…

    • I think you have under estimated Wegner , you are basing you thoughts over the last 8 years when we cash strapped because of the new stadium
      I think Wegner will sign at least one £ 20 million plus player plus 2-3 of £ 10-15 million and I think this is enough.
      Its all very well buy 5-6 £20-40 million signing as several teams have done this over the years. and it might work for one season then after the second season its all change players and managers.
      Having owned my own company but worked with large companies they all wanted stability.

    • Yeah, but arsenal haven’t got a player whose departure would dramatically upset the team’s balance, like the past few seasons. So hopefully we wont have that period where we play sh*t at the start of the season

      • My sentiments exactly – for the first time in a while, we don’t have a big superstar player that any of the big teams (City, Chelsea and United) would actually want.

        You would assume that this summer wouldn’t be like previous ones, where we move 1 step forwards and 2 steps back. Hopefully this year, we will just add to our squad without selling any of our decent players.

  2. 1.CITY
    I am being realistic in that manchester city will finish top as they only need a tricky wideman to assist tevez and aguero and a manager who is tactically sound. in my opinion they dont need cavani or another super striker. i believe buying another striker will hinder the overall team performance. A title winning team needs balance and a consistent line up. not rotating every other match. Chelsea have the special one back but it wont be like previous. He is coming of the back of a disappointing season with real madid and reagrdless of the mata’s and hazard’s chelsea’s dependables, the terrys,coles and lampards are ageing. . Man united are more likely to finish 3rd as they have the squad and individual players to cement a top three spot but the alex ferguson factor is A HUGE DEAL. They wont be anywhere near the title next season. 10-12 points from the winners i predict. And good ole arsenal. Champions league participants for god knows how long without winning the damn thing will pip whoever to the final champions league spot. Its becoming a habit of ours.

  3. 5. liverpool
    6. tottenham
    sturridge will be a revelation for liverpool next season. Suarez who? the papers will say when he bangs them in.
    tottenham will struggle once bale begins to be marked out games. he is their only outlet.

  4. Seriously guys everything in the article and the comments is just fantasy . Until we see how buys who and sells who theres no way of knowing.

  5. Look I am a true arsenal fan through and through but realistically we aren’t title contenders but we are top three contenders. If we can build a solid start to the season and defeat the top teams we might have a look at the title but I think we will finish 3rd

    • Arsene needs to realise this is probably the most important summer for Arsenal in the last 10 years. We’ve had the stadium and spent wisely for the last 8 years so now is make or break time. We’ll either make a big challenge for the title or slip out of the Top 4.

  6. I’m a huge arsenal fan but if you think we’ll finish top 2 let alone 1st next season you are delusional.

  7. I’m an Arsenal fan. I have been all my life -I live in Highbury too.
    Let’s be realistic.. we’ve struggled to finish in the top 4 for the last two seasons.

    We haven’t been any higher than 3rd for a few seasons. Every year we hear ” we have funds”. Who have we bought? Gerviniho? Nacho Monreal? Hardly World beaters.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1 or 2 players come in this season, but not any of the names that have been banded about. Players who are mentioned in the press are signed by Chelsea, and City. So expect Higuian and Jovetic to go there.

    How long were we linked with Hazard, Mata, and Cahill? Only to baulk at the wages which Chelsea paid with ease? In fact that’s Chelsea’s transfer strategy: wait to see who Arsenal are talking to then Hijack the transfer!

    We WILL NOT PAY HUGE WAGES. Not unless we get free transfers so expect players on the 50-80k wage bracket to come in, and only if Chelsea and City are not after them.

    With that it mind I do not expect any trees to be pulled up with our transfer activity, and the best we can hope for is to finish fourth again behind the big three financial clubs (City , Chelsea, and Utd) maybe a little more comfortably this season.

    To win the title we need at least 6 top class players(Stars) .. How do I arrive at this number? Just ask yourself this question. Out of our current squad how many would you pick to go straight into the first team? I don’t think you could even make a Starting XI….
    Ask yourself this also… in Van P stays fit he will bag at least 25 -35 goals.. enough for a significant points haul – We never should have sold him because we basically handed utd the title.

    If we buy the usual…
    1. Man U
    2. Chelsea
    3. City
    4. Arsenal
    5. Spurs
    6. Liverpool

    If we buy 6 Top stars (defensive players who add spine and steel, who are not afraid to get hurt in the challenge, and a goal scorer and someone who adds width)
    1. Man U
    2. Chelsea
    3. Arsenal
    4. City
    5. Spurs
    6. Liverpool…

    2014-2015 add to that again and maybe we will then be ready to launch a sustained challenge and not be out by January

    Be realistic think with your head not your heart.
    I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, although I don’t think so, so come on you gunners!

  8. For the first time in 7 yrs, Arsenal’s players look like they’re staying which will give room for consistency.
    Again, 2 classic players could join d present squad to provide more fire.
    So, in my opinion Arsenal could finish 2nd or 3rd. But, I’ll really be glad seeing us lift the EPL’s trophy.

  9. Omg! every year the same morons come out saying arsenal will win the league, we’re buying this and that, odds on you sign a couple of mediocre players and finish 4th again – and that’ll be only because Spurs fuck it up again.

  10. Your prediction next year & prospect arsenal finishing 1 or 2 in view is illusions. The reason why we have summer & transfer period is allow managers go back to drawing table & evaluate the club’s performance in just ended season. As transfer window open managers will either offload non-playing players or strengthen squad so as to contend for top. Arsene is not known to go for top players & seems not to this time either. Arsenal struggled in the last minute to clinch number 4, clubs like chelsea, man-city & liverpool have already signed some top players and will definately out-muscle arsenal which is likely to maintain status quo. Manu will maintain their last season’s squad which are likely to understand each. So my reasonable prediction —- chelsea- man-u– city- liverpool- arsenal

    • Liverpool are the perennial under-achievers so I would be shocked if they finished in the Top 4, and added to that I don’t think Brendan Rogers has the experience to guide Liverpool to the CL spots.

      Arsene has managed yet again to secure a Top 4 spot despite, in my opinion, having the weakest squad he’s had since he’s come to the club. So with some well thought out additions, we can hopefully improve on last season.


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