The Rooney, Higuain & Torres Rumours Reviewed

If we believed everything the press published, we could end up starting next season with a strike force of Wayne Rooney, Gonzalo Higuain and Fernando Torres.

Here I give cast my eye over how likely these deals are:

Gonzalo Higuain: 8/10

This is a deal that I feel is realistic. We’ve heard from Higuain’s brother, father, grandmother and even his dog that he could be moving to Arsenal. For me, this deal is very much on the table but the big question is do Arsenal have the balls to follow it through and seal the deal.

Fernando Torres: 1/10

Unless Arsene has had a stroke, then this deal is how it sounds. Completely ridiculous. Fernando Torres is finished. Ever since moving to Chelsea he has been extremely poor and obviously Jose Mourinho doesn’t see him being the man that can fire Chelsea to the major honours so they want to offload him. The obvious place to link him to is Arsenal with their “war chest” and every striker that looks like moving on is linked to us. It’s no different here but the whole concept is crazy. He only scores against rubbish teams, has lost his pace, lost his touch and well, is crap.

Wayne Rooney: 1/10

Another ridiculous transfer rumour. He’s on a reported £250,000 a week which is more than double the highest paid player, Theo Walcott, is on at Arsenal. Added to the issue of wages, he is a disruptive influence in the dressing room, wouldn’t take orders from Arsene Wenger, is a liability on the pitch, doesn’t fit in to Arsenal’s style of play, would go off the rails in London… do I really need to go on?

Anyway, he’s apparently “happy” at Manchester United now and it was blatantly just yet another ploy to improve his contract at Old Trafford.


10 thoughts on “The Rooney, Higuain & Torres Rumours Reviewed

    • Michael certainly added to the intellectual debate there then. Rooney and Torres are too dear and I just don’t want them. Same with Cesar. Garnier or Felliani? different matter

      • he is right, torres is now a vegetable he lost all those qualities that made him the fearsome striker since joining chelsea, and so he cant help arsenal succed this season. as for rooney his wages is too damn much he would spoil the wage sructure, no doubt he is a fantastic player, but with that temperament he would be a virus at the emirates he is one player i have never seen wearing an arsenal shirt, but i think if he would be able to calm down and listen he would fit into arsenal style of play. as for higuain, he’s very much the finished product and would be a success at london. the players i hope wenger will add are; maroane fellani, clement grenier, julio ceser, jovetic if possible

    • Rooney and Torres would be great additions? Fuck me you obviously know nothing about football.

      Rooney would single-handedly financially cripple the club, and my grandma can shoot better than Torres and she’s in a wheelchair.

  1. Remember, if Torres, as he did last season, scored against Arsenal then by your standard, Arsenal is a rubbish team. Look before you leap.

  2. sighing of Higuain is a real after this arsenal must be sign Roony &Fellaini is very great.but roons wage is high in arsenal rule

  3. arsenal is a great club indeed but the signing of torres will be a great mistake if arsenal sigh torres arsenal is a useless club we can sign the live of fellani ,jovetic & the master of all rooney

  4. Higuain I can see. The other two? Tabloid bullshit, again. Anyroad, the Higg is the only one we need out of that lot, I can see hin and Giroud working nicely together… It’s the back what needs strengthening more, could do with cover/replacement for Sagna for a start and someone in at CB as the Verm’s gone wonky, (well, he was last season). Williams would be nice…


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