Online Poll Result: Arsenal Fans Want Higuain Over Suarez

I posted an online poll at the weekend, asking if Arsenal fans wanted Gonzalo Higuain or Luis Suarez at the club. There were a few other options you could choose from, including; neither of them, both of them, someone else or I don’t think we’ll sign anyone.

And the winner with 44% of the votes was Gonzalo Higuain. This is interesting as it seems as if the move is now dead, and Arsenal are looking to increase their bid for Luis Suarez. The Liverpool striker was a close second in the voting, with 30% of the votes.

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Interestingly, some supporters thought that Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski would be a better option, although it looks like he is off to Bayern Munich either this or next summer.

The main reasons why people preferred Higuain over Suarez included the fact he would be suspended for the first 6 games of the Premier League season, has a history of biting people and can get himself banned for long periods of time.

But according to John Cross, it seems that Arsenal have had encouragement about a possible deal for Suarez happening.

So I’ll guess we’ll have to just wait and see.


10 thoughts on “Online Poll Result: Arsenal Fans Want Higuain Over Suarez

  1. Hmmm, back to market research school for you! You asked if people wanted one striker or the other but gave the option of both! You also left an option of ‘we won’t get either’ which while an opinion has nothing to do with preference – undermining the results.

    Your grasp of numbers is a little weak! Your total adds up to 103%! …Suarez is in no way ‘a close second’! Higuain was prefered by 50% over Suarez.

    Your key discernable findings are: (a) About than 9 out of 10 people want at least one high-profile striker to join/stregthen our attack. (b) Of the choices given Higuain is the most popular option by far.

  2. Luis suarez anyday anytime.. The only reason many voted for higuain is that he seems the most available not that he is a better CF than Suarez..but like i said i dont think we would sign any of the above..but i wish it turns out i was very wrong

    • Not with arsen we will miss both and the story will be we trieeeeed. they didnt want to seeeeeel.wenger .gazidis.the board and their crookenck are lying to the fans

  3. suarez better higual by far means why he have go sense than higual,example let look at last season game he score 23 goals and i believe that if there no inccident between he and ivanovic he will collect goalden
    boolt last summer.

  4. I think Higuain is most fit for Arsenal. I have no preblem with Suarez but the 9 match ban worries me. What do you think if we signed Higuain and Lewandoski or Suarez and Jovetic! Add Fellaini in the DM. Then the rest are optional. What do others think?


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